Cornrow braids

43 Stylish Cornrow Braids For Women & Kids in 2024

Having a unique hairstyle does not just simply make a fashion statement. It will more or less reveal an individual’s personality, identity, beliefs and sometimes it works as a cultural and spiritual representation as well.

Braiding hair has always been a popular style for men, women, and kids. Among versatile versions of braids like a French braid, Medium Box braid, Fishbone braid, Dutch braid, etc., one of the most culturally rich braids is known as cornrow braids.

To depict your individuality more vividly you can customize your cornrow braids using accessories, hair colors, and a diverse styling pattern.

This stunning hairdo suits men, women, kids of all ages. With cornrows, anyone can skillfully create a unique hairdo on their own by spending little time and understanding of your face shape.

To help you discover the right hairstyle to your liking we present this article. It includes hairdos for women, kids, DIY guides, hair care routines, and many more.

It will also give you a tour of the versatile world of cornrow braids. It will give you an idea about your required products, answer some of the FAQs, and the cornrows of your favorite celebrities.

Hence, in short, you can just sit back and relax while reading this article as it takes you on a journey giving you proper insights on Cornrow Braids 101. So don’t stop till you reach the end!

Sneak Peek Into The Origin Of Cornrows

Origin of cornrows

Cornrow braids can turn you into a fashion icon as well as depict individualism. It can help its possessor to ooze confidence.

Cornrows started becoming popular only from the 1960s but they originated almost 3000 years ago. This remarkable hairstyle was named in this way because of its similarity to neatly lined up corps in the field.

In the Caribbean sometimes known as “cane rows”, the hairstyle was used by the enslaved Africans as a code to communicate as well as to indicate their tribe. The number of cornrows implied a specific message to the receivers.

This intricate yet long-lasting protective hairstyle is now back in style. However, its maintenance might take a little bit of your time.

Therefore, we are here with all the information in this article so that it’s less time-consuming and you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Cornrow Braids: A Brief Intro

Cornrow braids are aesthetically and visually pleasing and worth all your time and energy.

You can wear cornrows whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight providing it is long enough for your grip to braid.

Primarily you have to make sections in your hair and then just start braiding in those sections one by one. As you braid you have to keep adding hair and after finishing a section secure it with a band. Then do it all over for the next section.

With proper customization, cornrows can bring out your personality.

Are Cornrows Good For Your Hair?

Cornrow braids are quite durable and low maintenance that are famous for their cost-efficient yet protective quality.

As braiding cornrows result in less manipulation, the hair can grow freely. For this reason, it causes less breakage and hair retention. Moreover, if you can maintain it, this can be a perfect solution for your hair fall.

Washing cornrows is super easy as you have access to you can get easy access to your scalp.

Hence, with proper care cornrows remain stable for a long period allowing you to properly maintain your hair effortlessly.

Cornrow for Beginners: Easy DIY Tips and Guides

Cornrow braids might take a little bit of your patience and energy, but you can easily achieve these spontaneous braids on your own at home.

In this article, we will provide you with extensive information on tips, guides, and tools you might need while creating this hairstyle.

So keep scrolling and be an expert on cornrows with us!

Recommended Products For Cornrows:

For healthy cornrows, you only have to keep them moisturized and properly cleaned. The products that will help you keep them healthy are listed below for you:

  • 3 Packs Rat Tail Comb is suitable to help style your cornrows.
  • Diane Large Butterfly Clamps will help section your hair.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil will help keep the moisture in your hair soothing your braids.
  • Black Panther Twist Controller helps keep cornrows in place for a long time.
  • Nafaboig 200PCS Beads will help you customize your braids.
  • [optional] SheaMoisture Itch Relief Serum will help with the itchiness of your hair.
  • Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie can be used to keep your cornrows hydrated throughout the day.
  • [optional] Awefeel Double-Layer Satin Sleep Cap will help keep the moisture in your hair.
  • [optional] GOT 2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray will help set up your braids.

Preparing Cornrows 101

After reading this part of this article you will know that styling your cornrows has never been this easy. The simple process for preparing your braids is divided into 5 easy steps. The steps are as follows:

Steps To Follow

Before sowing the cornrows on your head, cleaning and deep conditioning your hair is recommended as it will stay for a long time.

After showering, you can use moisturizing products to smoothen up your hair and help it get detangled. Using oil or butter can help lock in this moisture in your braids.

You can always shampoo with your cornrows, so shampooing your hair before the process is not a must. But applying a leave-in conditioner will keep your hair healthy, detangled, hydrated, and easier to braid.

Step 1: Sectioning Hair For Cornrows

Sectioning hair is the first major step of the process. Use the end of your rat-tail comb to make the sections to your liking.

Thicker sections will result in bigger braids while the smaller sections in smaller braids. You can create these sections from any side you want.

After sectioning them, secure them with butterfly clamps or bobby pins. After finishing this step we are now going to proceed to the next one.

Step 2: Braiding

Start creating three separate sections left, middle, and right for normal braids from the hairline of the first row.

To make the first stitch of the braid, take the left or right section and place it on top of the middle one, replacing it with the other side. Then, take the opposite section and place it on top of the current middle section and switch the current middle one on the other side. This is also known as the straight back technique.

Step 3: Growing Cornrow Braid

Keep adding small sections of hair from the same row to grow your braid. This will attach the braid to your scalp giving a sleek look.

Add an even amount to keep an organized elegant look. As you keep growing your braid, try detangling the bottom part to make it easier for the next step.

Step 4: Finishing A Row

Keep growing the cornrows till you reach the nape of your neck. Continue to do so if you want a regular cornrow braid. Secure the end of the row with a band to your liking preventing the braid from unraveling.

Step 5: Finishing Cornrows

You are almost at the end now! You just have to follow the same steps from 1 to 4 for all your sections. Repeat the same process all over your head and secure each of the sections after finishing it.

Good maintenance is the way to make this ideal protective hairstyle long-lasting. Use protective caps or scarves to preserve the braids. As an additional help, you can watch this video.

Cornrow Hairstyle To Showcase Individuality

Cornrows can be diverse depending on the braiding pattern, hair length, accessories, etc. A beautiful juxtaposition of other hairstyles with this one can make an iconic fashion statement.

Just because of the title these hairstyles are not exclusively for women. Anyone can choose from this list of hairdos.

We are going to provide you with some examples that will give you a thorough idea of the cornrow hairstyle.

Cornrow Braids For Women

With a creative mind, the styles you can come up with cornrows are unlimited. Moreover, you can easily mix it all up or just do the regular straight back.

These spontaneous hairstyles will make you look like an elegant queen no matter what you do with them.

Let us help you envision your next creative hairdo with the 17 hairstyles of this article so that you can properly bring out your inner self.

Cornrow in Buns

Cornrow in Buns

You can never go wrong with Cornrows in buns. If you are a beginner, you can try out simple buns like High Bun, Smaller Braids with Twists and a Bun, Braided Hairstyles With Multiple Buns, Half-Up Space Buns, etc. with your cornrows to have an easy yet elegant start.

Depending on your desire and preference cornrow buns are a great choice to glam up your casual appearance.

Cornrow Bob

Cornrow Bob


Regardless of your hair length, cornrows are forever dedicated to giving you a bit of pizzazz. Cornrow bobs are effortless to achieve and easy to maintain.

So if you were confused about whether you can turn your bobs into beautiful cornrow braids, then we are here to inform you that you can effortlessly rock this look.

Cornrows Going Back

Cornrows going back

This is a sharp, classic look that goes well in a professional as well as casual setting. It helps accentuate the beauty of the skull elevating any attire one might wear.

This style might require hair extensions to heighten its sleekness. If you haven’t tried out this yet then do it now QUEEN!

Half Cornrows

Half cornrows

Do you have a sudden invitation to a party but don’t know how to jazz up your hair? Then, we have the perfect time-saving hairstyle for you!

With half cornrows, you can showcase your creativity with different patterns on half of your hair while leaving the rest hanging. This relaxed look turns you into an icon in no time.

Two Cornrow Braids

Two cornrow braids

Two, three, or four cornrows- the number is not important as long as you can express individuality. Cornrow braids are powerful enough to change your entire fashion statement. This style is highly recommended for fashion enthusiasts with limited time in hand.

You only have to create two cornrows and let the rest of your hair flow. This can easily make you appear as amazing as Te Fiti from the movie Moana. You can add accessories or create intricate patterns interweaving your cornrows and get your desired edgy look.

Cornrows and Goddess Braids

Cornrows and goddess braids


Cornrows with intricately woven goddess braids are bound to make you feel like a goddess. This gorgeous classy braid can be your red carpet look as well as your go-to for the party at your friends’.

The hairstyle juxtaposes straight cornrows and zigzag micro braids to formulate a magnificent hairdo. The massive cornrows represent the crown of a goddess. So, wear your classiest outfits to complete this look.

Jumbo Stitch Cornrows

Jumbo stitch cornrows


Jumbo cornrows accentuate your braiding technique like no other. This hairstyle gives a lift to your braids while weaving them into thicker pieces.

This extravagant hairstyle fused with a low bun will charm anyone’s heart. Ideally, you can use extensions to further elevate your jumbo stitches.

Mohawk Cornrows

Mohawk cornrows

Mohawks arouse the inner rebellious self. Incorporating it with cornrows draws out the bold goddess from the heart.

This extraordinary hairstyle is sure to turn everyone’s head and leave an impression.

Cornrow Braids Into A Faux Hawk

Cornrow braids into a faux hawk

Faux Hawk itself is a stunningly bold hairstyle. Turning your cornrows into faux hawk will create an unconventional fashion statement.

To beautify your cornrow fauxhawks you can add accessories of flowers to make it a more feminine edgy flare.

Half Box Braids, Half Cornrows

Half Box Braids, Half Cornrows


Half and half hairdos are very popular in styling cornrows.  For a festive bold look use both box braids and cornrows to create a unique style.

You can make cornrows in the front part and take the braids to your nape and make the rest of the hair at the back into box braids. This diver and convenient hairdo will surely create an unforgettable impression.

Ghana Cornrows

Ghana cornrows

Ghana Cornrows are the best kind of hairstyle to protect your hair and make you feel like a goddess.

This intricate hairdo requires extensions to colonize the braids. If you are anxious about your next meet-up try this hairstyle to boost self-confidence.

Fishbone Cornrow Hairstyles

Fishbone cornrow

Fishbone cornrows are a low-maintenance sleek hairstyle. This hairstyle requires extensions like the previous hairstyle as well.

Get in touch with your inner aesthetics and speak out your personality through the sophisticated fishbone cornrow weaves.

Cornrow Crown Braids

Cornrow crown braids

Cornrow crown braids create an elegant halo around your crown while forging detailed designs in the middle.

The sophistication of halo braids can make anyone speechless. You might have to take a visit to the salon and face a little hassle. But let us assure you that this hairstyle is worth all the work and patience.

Micro Cornrows

Micro cornrows

Micro Cornrows are an easily achievable hairstyle that you can fuse with other unique styles to build a style that suits your personality.

Micro Cornrows are very small in size so they stay tightly on your head making you appear chic.

Thin And Thick Cornrow Braids Combo

Thin and thick cornrow braids combo

In the case of bringing out eccentric individuality, cornrows fuse braiding techniques to create beautifully woven asymmetry.

You can drown in innovative ideas while creating patterns with these two types of braids. So, don’t be scared and go crazy with your cornrows!

Cornrows Braided Hairstyles With Baby Hair

Cornrows braided hairstyles with baby hair

Styling with baby hair has made a comeback in the trends. People now use stones with the baby hair to flair it up. Maintaining a 70’s look with this hairstyle looks sophisticated.

Accent Cornrows

Accent cornrows

Accent braids work well with any kind of cornrows. This hairstyle will complement your bohemian attire and turn you into an aesthetic BOHO Queen. Embrace your inner-self with this charming hairdo.

Accessorizing Cornrows

Accessorizing cornrows has always been part of history. Now you can easily create a diverse and distinctive hairstyle by adding a little flair to your cornrows.

We have picked some of the best hairdos with accessories that will make you look iconic!

Cornrows With Gold Embellishments

Cornrows with gold embellishments

People with a warm skin tone can easily elevate their style using various types of gold embellishments in their cornrow braids. This customization is sure to make you feel powerful like a queen.

Cornrow With Cuff Beads

Cornrow with cuff beads

This is a classic accessory to personalize your hair. You can use extensions to your natural hair and create unique patterns while adding cuff beads to your braid.

You can rock a cornrow ponytail with cuffs as casual wear looking like a student straight out from the series “Euphoria” or in an event as well.

Add these cuff beads with feed-in cornrows to increase their distinctness. Using synthetic to these feed-in braids will give you an illusion of having longer hair.

The sophistication of this hairdo will boost your confidence making you look like a goddess attending an event from the human world.

Woven Ribbon

Woven ribbon

While creating cornrows you can add light-colored ribbons in the middle to jazz up your braids. You can use colored rope or string to customize the braids more.

Puka Shell Cornrows

Puka shell cornrows

Personalizing your cornrows depends on how much experimentation you are willing to do with the accessories. Employing puka shells is for the people who are crazy about making a bohemian fashion statement.

Puka shells are a great alternative for beads that will make you feel beautiful even when you are in your casual wear.

Intricate Cornrow Style with Beads on Each Braid

Intricate cornrow style with beads on each braid

Intricate cornrows with criss-cross braids complementing your look with braids on each end will give you a super fun bohemian look.

It might remind you of a hairdo that “Monica” from friends did, however, this is much more elegant and minimal.

Cornrows in Colors

Dyed cornrows are to die for! They make your whole fashion statement pop up.

Applying any kind of color will look absolutely amazing in cornrows. Here are some examples to help you visualize your style.

Platinum Blonde Ponytail

Platinum blonde ponytail

High ponytails have always been considered attractive. Making your cornrows into high ponytails is sure to elevate that attractiveness.

Dyeing cornrows in platinum blonde while tying it up in a high ponytail is sure to turn everyone’s eyes. This hairdo is low maintenance yet sleek and elegant.

Highlighted Cornrows

Highlighted cornrows

For special occasions, highlighted cornrows will make you unique in a crowd. The sophisticated braids with highlights will make your style iconic.

Criss-Cross cornrows with blonde or neon highlights can easily make you stand out.




Putting up a high bun seems classy and chic. However, if you are a fun-loving person with tasteful sophistication you can color your cornrows in burgundy and make it into a high bun.

Symmetrical Rainbow

Symmetrical rainbow

Adding colors already make your braids pop up. Using rainbow colors in your hair can make a fashion statement as well as make your hair look super fun.

Coloring your braids vertically can create a beautiful symmetry between colors.

Red Cornrow Braids

Red cornrow braids

Cornrow bobs are easy to maintain. To flare up this simple hairstyle, you can always color it into the red. This combination is sure to give a boost to your self-confidence.

Straight Back Cornrows with Color

Straight back cornrows with color

It might be a hassle to bleach and color your hair. Moreover, using colored extensions might seem unnatural with a normal hairdo.

However, employing bright-colored extensions like pink, sky-blue, or neon colors can flair up your style. These types of extensions can look amazing in simple straight-back cornrows as well.

Blonde Cornrows

Blonde cornrows


Coloring hair to make it as unique as you can is part of the trend nowadays. Braiding colored cornrows make them pop out in a funky yet elegant way.

People who are enthusiastic about keeping a unique hairdo to represent their individuality can use this hairstyle that has a mix of blonde and dark creating an artistic symmetry between colors.

Some Of Your Favorite Celebrities In Cornrows

Cornrows braids ooze chic as well as minimalist elegance. Depending on how you custom-make your braids they can be worn as casual wear and a red-carpet look.

Hence, it is famously worn by many celebrities. Here are some of the celebrities who rocked cornrows:


Beyonce cornrows

Beyonce has been rocking cornrows like a queen. From wearing a simple cornrow on the side to making intricate elegant buns, Beyonce has done it all.

Lemonade braids found its name from her “Lemonade” album. Taking the queen’s example with customization to your liking will turn you into a fashion icon.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys cornrows

Braiding patterns on cornrows represent the history of enslaved Africans and Alicia Keys has proudly been wearing cornrows to showcase her love and respect for her roots.

She has always been a cornrow lover and has been seen on red carpets many times wearing diverse versions of cornrows.

Bianca Lawson

Bianca Lawson cornrows

The amazing actress, Bianca Lawson showcased royal oomph by interspersing gold threads with her cornrow braids.

This royalty-like cornrow with low buns can be your go-to hairdo as well for the party you have been planning to go to.


Zendaya cornrows

Zendaya turned many heads with her complex cornrows on the No way home red carpet. Twitter broke down seeing the intricate cornrow with box braids and with her elegance.

The Euphoria star wore cornrows on many other occasions as well simultaneously sweeping everyone off of their feet with her chicness.

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg’s wave cornrow hairdo stole everyone’s heart in the 2019 Oscars. Maybe it’s time for this elegant 1920 inspired hairdo to make a comeback. This aesthetically pleasing look will look majestic in an event.

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs cornrows

Face framing fringe and loose ends with FKA Twigs’ cornrows exudes relaxed confidence. When you want to look casual yet chic and fashionable this can be your go-to hairstyle.

Cornrow Braids For Kids

Kids are prone to mess up their hairstyles. As cornrows are a protective hairstyle it will most likely stay on your toddler’s head longer than you think.

Having these sleek hairdos on kids look adorable as well. Cornrows like Two cornrows, Half box braid Half cornrows, Three cornrows, Four cornrows, Mohawk cornrows, etc. can be done on both adults’ and kids’ hair.

So here are some suggestions to help you choose cornrows for your kid or niece or nephews.

Cornrows In Buns

Cornrows In Buns kids

Kids are always looking for ways to do their hairstyles and makeup like a grown-up. Buns come in handy at this time making them look put together and adorable at the same time.

Cornrows can easily turn into different kinds of buns like Double Bun, Curved Cornrows in a Twisted Bun, Braided Cornrow Buns,  Overlapping Cornrows in Double Space Buns, etc. These hairstyles will not unravel any time soon, keeping the toddler’s hair looking neat and clean.

Super Fun Three Cornrows Ponytails

Super Fun Three Cornrows Ponytails

This simple and fun hairstyle is a good way to showcase uniqueness through a kid’s hairdo. Feel free to use hair extensions if the hair is not long enough.

If you end the three cornrow ponytails in curls it will bring out the chicness.

Lemonade Braids Cornrows

Lemonade braids cornrows

Lemonade Braids can come with a flair if you accessorize them. This hairstyle will be loved by kids of any age.

With proper care and depending on hair type, lemonade braids can last up to three wells or more.

Half-Up Half-Down Stitch Braids with Twists

Half-Up Half-Down Stitch Braids with Twists

This versatile hairdo can make kids of any age look ready to go to any occasion. You can add a little bow or ribbon to make it cuter.

The thick elaborate braids will look glorious and beautiful. Feel free to try it any time.

Cornrows With Double Ponytail

Cornrows with double ponytail

With proper cooperation, this particular hairstyle can be done in less than an hour on a toddler’s hair. You can add some beads at the end of ponytails to make them fun yet poise.

Cornrow Updo With Flat Twists Bangs

Cornrow updo With flat twists bangs

Cornrow updos will feel comfortable and the flat twists bangs give a unique flair to this hairstyle. You can always change up the style with extensions and ribbons. This hairstyle will look good on natural hair as well.

Double Puffy Cornrows

Double puffy cornrows

This adorable hairdo with buns made into puffs looks pretty on toddlers. As you only have to create cornrows on half part of the head it takes less time as well.

You can create versatile patterns leading up to the puffy buns to jazz it up a little more. And voila! You have a unique hairstyle.

The Central Cornrow Braid

Central cornrow braid

You can hardly go wrong while styling up cornrows. Ignite your creativity in any way you want to make an eccentric hairdo. You just have to make the cornrows horizontal and take all the rows while twisting them to make a horizontal central braid.

This hairstyle is sure to make the kid stand out in public.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Cornrows

Braiding cornrows on your whole head will take a lot of time and patience. Therefore, most people want to keep this protective hairstyle for at least a month or more. However, after a few days without proper care, your braids will start to lose their sleekness and get frizzy.

This part of the article will share information about the minimal care tips you need to protect your braid for a long time.

  • Washing cornrows

While shampooing your cornrows you can use warm water with your regular shampoo to clean them properly. However, you MUST AVOID hot water, or else your hair will easily break down and increase hair fall.

Using a shower nozzle or portable showerhead will help you with the washing process. You can use a spraying bottle to spray shampoo or solution to your hair as well.

After applying shampoo, use fingertips or pads to gently clean the dirt on your scalp. AVOID using fingernails to lessen the damage. Make sure to rinse all the products from your braids and scalp to avoid leaving behind any residue.

  • Using conditioner

Deep conditioning your cornrows will help you avoid any kind of frizziness and hair damage. So make sure to apply conditioner on your cornrows equally and thoroughly.

For better results, keep your conditioned hair in a shower cap and keep it covered for 5-15 minutes. You can use a grocery bag as an alternative.

Finally use lukewarm or cool water to get all the conditioner out of your hair. Like the shampoo, make sure to rinse out all of the residues as well.

  • Drying your hair

These braids might feel a bit heavy after a wash, but we suggest you be a little bit more patient through the drying process.

You can use a soft microfiber towel or that never-used cotton t-shirt of yours to gently pat and get all the water out of your braids.

  • Moisturizing

Keeping cornrows moisturized is a MUST. You can spray water or some moisturizing mix to keep it hydrated.

After shampooing keep your hair wrapped up in a silk or satin scarf to set in the moisturizer. If you don’t get to shower often then you can simply spray a little water on your cornrows before going to sleep.

You can use essential oil, coconut oil, jojoba, peppermint, Shea butter, eucalyptus oil, or castor oil to massage in between your braids. But don’t use it too often if your scalp already produces enough oil.

  • Sleeping with cornrows

Covering cornrows with satin or silk bonnet or scarf helps them keep moisturized, preventing brittleness and frizziness. Secure this scarf with a simple loose knot to keep the braids in one place.

  • Renewing cornrows

Even if you have sleek and beautiful cornrows, renewing them every 6 weeks is helpful. It helps your hair to breathe better.


Cornrow braids can be diverse. Hence it might pique some general curiosity regarding its impact on hair. We have tried to provide some of the additional information you might need in this part of the article:

What is the minimum amount of hair you must have for cornrows?

Answer: Having two inches of hair on your head can make you eligible for braiding cornrows. However, it is the minimum length, so your braids would be tighter. If you want to make less tight braids than for curly hair you would need at least 5-6 inches and for wavy or straight hair you would need 8 inches or longer hair.

How often should you oil your cornrows?

Answer: Depending on your hair conditions it is best to apply hair oil 1-3 times a week. If you have a habit of applying oil daily then you must shampoo properly to avoid hair damage.

Can you shower with cornrows?

Answer: Yes, of course. However, You have to make sure your scalp is nice and clean. Moreover, you have to carefully dry out your hair and avoid product buildup.

According to the experts, washing your hair every 1-3 weeks is best depending on your hair condition. You can easily wash it once a week as well.

Can you swim with cornrows?

Answer: You can swim with cornrows but it might lose the tight effect. So while swimming, wearing a protective swim cap is advised. And after the swim, you have to properly shampoo your hair and use a conditioner.

What’s the difference between Dutch braids and Cornrow braids?

Answer: The main difference between Dutch braids and cornrow braids is in their volume. With Dutch braids, you add a little volume at the end while with cornrows the braids are tightly done against the scalp.

How long does it last?

Answer: Cornrows are known as low-maintenance protective hairstyles. So, depending on your hair care, it can last from 2 to 8 weeks.

Are cornrows painful?

Answer: Cornrows are usually not painful at all. However, if you braid yours too tightly it might become painful.

Do cornrows damage hair?

Answer: If you don’t clean your cornrows properly, then it might cause dandruff. Tight braiding can result in hair fall and push back your hairline. However, proper care of cornrows helps prevent these issues.

How much do Cornrows cost?

Answer: The cost mainly depends on the salon you are going to attend. But basically, if you visit a stylist the range starts from 25 dollars for a basic cornrow.

However, the price can go up to180 dollars depending on the customization and hair length. Using hair extensions can affect the price as well.

How long does it take to make cornrows?

Answer: The amount of time might vary for cornrows. Depending on your hair’s volume, length, type, style, customization, and stylist skill it can take 15-20 minutes or sometimes 1-4 hours.

Final Verdict

Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! From the origin story to properly taking care of cornrows, we have provided you with all the know-how of cornrows.

So the final conviction after this extensive research is that cornrow braids are indeed a protective hairstyle with low maintenance that can improve your hair with elegance and uniqueness.

Customizing cornrows to your liking will bring out your individuality with some simple steps. It can be your go-to hairstyle for any event as well as for casual wear.

Making the braids and taking proper care of them might take a little time but we can assure you that the whole process is worth it.

All in all, regardless of your hair type and length, age, or gender cornrow braids look visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

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