15 Top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts You Should Try

Cristiano Ronaldo is worlds most famous football player, Period. With massive fan following, Ronaldo never dissatisfy his fans in terms of play or style. Normally most of the hair styles comes from football players and Ronaldo is the king. CR7 has many football fans but you know many style enthusiasts follow him? His dedication towards the game, fitness or style making him youth icon. As our blog covers about hairstyles, we will talk about top Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts for every style enthusiasts.

We already covered Barcelona Player Neymars Hairstyles on our previous article. We believe football players are the best hairstyles in the world. But why ? Because they have to maintain it for 90 Minutes and running all the time. Its not easy, a small wind can ruin all your hairstyle. So if you want to try new hair cuts, football players can be your great inspiration.

Best Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts & Hairstyles

Most of the Ronaldo hair cuts are with medium hair. Cristiano Ronaldo is a fan of medium & short hair.  The most noticeable thing in Ronaldo’s hairstyles is the bending of the hair. Ronaldo loves to try variations on same length of hairstyles. To get haircut like him, you will have to use much gels on your hair. Ronaldo has tried almost all variation of hair styles like Curly & Spike etc. We already know Neymar’s classic Mohawk style. Ronaldo also have Spiky Fohawk hairstyle just like it.  In this we will show you how to get look like Ronaldo also tips to do it in better way.

But after Ronaldo left Manchester United, his haircuts are almost sae kind.

Side Part Cut With Spiky Faux

Ronaldo Haircut

This hairstyle consists of faux hairstyle on the top having spiky variation. The spiky hair making the top as crown. On the side is parted with razor cut with inches width. The back side of this hairstyle will have medium length hair with sleeked & gelled. The sides need to have low fade so that the razor cut will have good visibility. You have to use hard hold gel to hold the spike.

ZigZag Razor Cut with Faux Top

Ronaldo hairstyles

This Haircut used by Ronaldo during 2014 United States-Portugal match. Here Cristiano Ronaldo made “Ziggy” Or “ZigZag” razor cuts in side. This hairstyle is almost same as  previous but here Ziggy cut replacing classic razor cut. Also the back hairs are low faded. You can go for “V cut” or “parallel cut” for back but V cut will suit more.  As the sides are low faded, you need to have clean shaved beard.

Sleek Pompadour with Low Side fade

Ronaldo Slick hair

Do you know Pompadour hairstyle was a women’s haircut?  Yes, this hairstyle started being used by men until Elvis Presley made it famous.  However Ronaldo’s Pompadour variation is a little twist to original one with sleek top. Also, the sides will be temple fade. Ronaldo is mixing blonde color hairs but you can go without colors too.

Twisted Faux Hawk

CR7 Styles

Faux Hawk is a common hairstyle for Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has wide range of variation to this haircut. In twisted faux hawk, Ronaldo twisted the top hair to give a crown look. The sides will have minimum fade & thin strip of Sideburns. A hair gel or wax can be your good friend here. For this look you have to do the twists manually with hand & wax. If you have diamond shaped head, you can go for this style.

Side Swept With Razor Cut

Ronaldo Portugal Style

Faded sides are common in most of the Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts & a lot variation in the top. Ok but how to get this style? All you have to do is temple fade the sides & side part the top with sweep style. Apply gel to get good hold on side swept hairs. you can see between the sides there is a inch of razor cut.

The Gentle Man’s  Cut

CR7 gentleman

Strict rules in College, Office?  This hair style is is what you can try in any occasion. Ronaldo’s gentleman look have longer top with side swept hairs. Remember, you should have proper fitness to look best with this haircut. Also, wearing formals or a nice suit can add more charm to this style.

Curly spikes

ronaldo curly

This haircut is suitable for the youth for college annual functions, parties etc. You need to manually curl spikes with your hand. Equipments can’t give the perfect look as your hand can give. Gel is a necessary thing here. Don’t apply gel on full head from the beginning as curling takes time & in that time may be other hairs will get tight. Just apply gel on specific portion & curl them then repeat.

Ronaldo Mullet Hairstyle

ronaldo mullet

Normally Mullet hairstyle is having short hair at the front & long hair in the back side. Ronaldo given a little twist by making front hair spike. Also the back hairs looks like gelled down. This hairstyle is best viewed with black hairs.

Side Fade Brush Back

ronaldo brushback hairstyle

Here wax will be your best friend. Simply wax your hairs and simultaneously comb hairs to back continuously till you get the effect. Put your hands over the hair & dry with blower.

Ivy league

IVY hair

In ivy league haircut, top hairs need to have long length to be side parted.  This hairstyle also known as Harvard Clip. This hairstyle is suitable for office, Classrooms, meeting etc. It can surely boost your personality.

SkinHead Haircut


It was a big news recently when Ronaldo tried something new in Hairstyle unlike his traditional mid haircuts. The top hair is medium trimmed where as sides are low trimmed. The forehead hair has been given a round look.  If you have hair fall problem then you can try this style. This style is suitable for Diamond or Triangular faces.

Retro Look


You must have wavy hair for this or go saloon & make your hair wavy. Little long at back and traditional medium wavy on top. This hairstyle look more sophisticated with formal dress.  As the picture suggest, aviator glass will perfectly suit with this. Your hand and gel can make this look.

Messy Top

messy top

Ronaldo used to have little longer hairs during his stay at Manchester United. Like a perfect teenager he had swag in his style.  In this style he has messy top  with highlights in between. The messy hairs slicked to back in loosen manner. This haircut is not recommended in serious occasions such as Interview, Seminars etc.

Slick Side With Razor Part

ronaldo sidepart

This style was appeared during his commercial for Nike. We know how gentleman Ronaldo is & his haircuts making him more nicer. In this cut, one side hair is slick parted with thin razor line. The sides will have very low fade. We all have seen his styles in Real Madrid days are unique & short.

High Top with Highlight

high top

Longhair with curly in the top & front hairs are little wavy. This is another example of CR7’s long hair during Manchester United days. You need a perfect hairstylist for this style. Don’t DIY too much if you are unable to do it at home. However to maintain the style you will need wax on daily basis.

So these are the styles & haircuts by most handsome football player of the world. Try some styles between this and let us know by comment.

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