33 Short & Long Crochet braids Hairstyles 2021 + How-To Video

When we discuss crochet braid, it is natural to think of curls, dreadlocks, afro American styles etc. Well, do you guys know what crochet is ?? If the answer is no, I am here to tell you the meaning. And if the answer is yes, keep scrolling to explore all the Crochet Braid Hairstyle.

Crochet braids are Simple synthetic extension attached to the natural hair. This amazing hairstyle helps us to show our creativity with different texture, color, and length as well. You can recreate any style out of a crochet, let it be a ponytail, a top knot, bun or simply leave it loose. All the individual styles have their own charm. Crochet is very stylish and protects your natural hair too. So, have a sneak peak of all the hairstyles for crochet braids below and give a go to the crochet braid. Keep scrolling !!!

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List of Top Crochet Braids Hairstyles This Season

1. Short Cropped Curls

Take a break and go carefree. Keep the curls lively and give it swag look. Dress up with a pair of dangling earrings and a choker. This hairstyle is a darling for women in summer. This hairstyle looks amazing with jeans and t-shirts.

Short Cropped Curls

2. Long Micro Braid Crochet

This stupendous micro braid is absolutely enough to steal the show. You would look way more beautiful than you casual hairstyle. Well, the best part is, the hairstyle which you cannot achieve with natural hair can be done with a crochet braid. Give it a try.

Long Micro Braid Crochet

3. Piled-Up Crochet Braid

No matter how it is done, this hairstyle will definitely give you a royal feeling. The piled of crochet braid at the top looks just like a crown up there. Keep some braid fall freely on the shoulder. An off-shoulder gown and a choker is a perfect match for this hairstyle.

Piled-Up Crochet Braid

4. Long Twisted Crochet Braid

Ahan!!! Simply gorgeous. Well, you can achieve this hairstyle in no time. And you do have also an option to tie this twisted braid at the back for a new look. Keep exploring new styles out of a simple hairstyle. It can be side swept, middle-parted, top knot or a simple pony.

Long Twisted Crochet Braid

5. S-Shaped Wavey Curls

I could say this is one of the simplest hairstyles of all. The S-shaped curls framing the face gives you a new look which is perfect for any special event. Give it a try with a contrast lip color and dress. I swear you will look like a supermodel. Keep shining!

S-Shaped Wavey Curls

6. Curly Bob Crochet

Crochet hairstyle is something you can experiment it with long and short hair as well. So, girls give yourself a stunning black hairstyle look. Middle part or side part your hair according to your wish. This hairstyle gives an extra volume to the sides.

Curly Bob Crochet

7. Waterfall Micro Braids

This multiple layered waterfall micro braid will sure to take you to the next level. This is a sophisticated hairstyle, well you can try this in a salon. Flaunt this unique hairstyle proudly. Pair it with a long gown to give an extraordinary stunning look to your style.

Waterfall Micro Braids

8. Side Swept Crochet

Side Swept is a style which never fades its charm. This would give you a voluminous look and never forget to set your hair with hairspray to keep it alive whole day. Try it out at party or friends get together, this hairstyle will never upset you.

Side Swept Crochet

9. Red Messy Curls

Wanna to try something sexy in Crochet?? Yeah, this one is for you. The hue of red to add a spice to your style. Middle part your hair and give a messier look to the hairs. And you are done. It’s upto you to experiment with some other accessories on this hairstyle. Bang on !!!

Red Messy Curls

10. Red Black Bohemian Braid

I could say red black is a deadly combination. The highlights of red crochet over black must be a eye candy for everyone. Try something different with crochet is truly adventurous. So, buy a pair of crochet today and try something extraordinary.

Red Black Bohemian Braid

11. Wavey Hairs with Front Braid

Well, this is something different from all other crochet hairstyles with braids. Yeah, these wavy crochet hair romantic lock falling freely over the shoulder looks truly amazing. The front tiny braids add the beauty even more. The best part of this hairstyle is the roots from where the braid is formed along with designed scalp looks stunning.

Wavey Hairs with Front Braid

12. Omber Bob Braid

Things that you cannot achieve with normal hair, you can get that from crochet. Yes to try something extraordinary style and experiment with your look with these crochet hairstyles. Well, this bob braided hairstyle with ombre look is stupendous and can be tried on any occasion.

Omber Bob Braid

13. Long Spiral Crochet

Long hairstyle is a dream for many girls. And if you cannot achieve that with natural hair, then you can definitely get that out of a crochet. Spiral braid gives a bouncy and fluffy look to the hair. A deep middle parted hair with an equal volume of hair on each side is amazing.

Long Spiral Crochet

14. Short Spiral Red Crochet

Experimenting with your hair color is never a bad idea. Though you are into crochet hairstyle, you can have any hue of hair to try your look. Red spiral gives a bold edged look to your personality. Were a black choker to add some extra charm to your beauty.

Short Spiral Red Crochet

15. High Pony Crochet Braid

Well, high pony signifies your sportive nature. High pony paired with any hairstyle never go out of fashion. Let it be office or party, the hairstyle gonna to rock. Some beads in the crochet is not a bad idea. Give it a try and feel the difference.

High Pony Crochet Braid

16. Top Knot Crochet Bun

Well, enough of down dos. Give some space to an updo. My all-time favorite hairstyle which can be worn for any occasion. This is a low maintenance and carefree hairstyle which can be worn in t-shirt or gown or a suit. The choice is yours.

Top Knot Crochet Bun

17. Long Side Parted Box Braids

Ummm Yes!!! This gonna rock the party. Long and Sexy box crochet with simply side-parted style is enough to boost up your personality. However, if you want something different, then you can go for a middle part as well. The purple hue with a contrast lipstick ia a deadly combo.

Long Side Parted Box Braid

18. Blond Spiral Curls

Experimenting with a crochet is way more easy than on natural hairs. Give blonde hue to your hair and try your look in a different manner. Run your fingers through your hair to give a volume. Ahan!!! it looks absolutely amazing with a pair of white t-shirt and denim jeans.

Blond Spiral Curls

19. Cute Coil Crochet

Coil crochet is fun. This strands of coil touching the forehead are perfect as fringes. This looks absolutely stunning. you can use your fingers to set the hair from time to time and give a volume as well. Try this chin length hairstyle with an off-shoulder gown paired with a dazzling necklace.

Cute Coil Crochet

20. Dark Afro Crochet

Well, this hairstyle gives you enough volume and style to flaunt your appealing look. This chic hairstyle gives you different look as its pattern is different from all other crochet hairstyles here. A kinky earing with a contrast lip color gives an astounding Afro touch

Dark Afro Crochet

21. Mowhawk Micro Braid

Crochet is not only for Down dos or Updo Hairstyles. You can also give a Mohawk add on to it. And it all depends how creative you are in styling your crochet and taking it to a different level. This fringes sweeping the forehead looks very trendy as well. This hairstyle looks amazing in any outfit. Give a try!!

22. Pixie Cut Coil Crochet

This is a carefree crochet hairstyle which you can have in summer days. It is a less maintained and stylish hairstyle ever. Just take an extra care to give it a perfect pixie cut. And you are done with an absolutely amazing hairstyle which will give you a casual feel.

23. Senegalese Twisted High Bun

Normally Senegalese are thick and trying a high bun with these thick hair is a pretty good idea. To recreate this hairstyle all you need is a hair band. Start with a high pony on the top, and then split it into two sections. After that, twist one section of hair and tuck it around the hair band. Then divide the other part into further two sections and twist it around the hair. Secure with bobby pins and you are done with an amazing hairdo.

Senegalese Twisted High Bun

24. High Senegalese Pony with Shaved Bottom

Every Odd is a Style. This proverb proves right here. Yes, shaving the hair above your nape must be weird, but this carefree and funky style cannot be ignored. Do a high pony so that you can flaunt your shaven back at the nape clearly. Get yourself ready with this fierce hairstyle next time.

High Senegalese Pony with Shaved Bottom

25. French Braid crochet

Umm… One of my all-time favorite hairstyle. However, French braid in micro braids are unusual right?? You can try any hairstyle in a micro braid crochet. Go for this hairstyle and get noticed in the crowd for sure. Try some Indo Western outfit for some more spice.

French Braid crochet

26. One Side Dutch Braided Pony

Isn’t the hairstyle looks fierce?? ‘Of-course’ must be the answer. Well, this soothing hairstyle will give you a feminine feeling within. Take a section of hair from the front and do a Dutch braid from one side incorporating with the left out hairs into a ponytail.

One Side Dutch Braided Pony

27. Top Knot Messy Bun

Experimenting is a good idea. However, experimenting your hair, which gives you a completely exotic hairstyle is amazing. I can say this hairstyle is the blend of three hairstyles. You can say it a half up half down do, Messy bun, Micro braid, Wavey hair etc. You can figure out what I mean to say.

Top Knot Messy Bun

28. Head Wrapped High Pony

Rush! Rush!Yes, Rush to your wardrobe for a scarf. Throw your crochet pony down tied with a beautiful patterned scarf. I really love this style. Don’t forget to give your face a dusky tone with a perfect winged eyeliner.

Head Wrapped High Pony

29. Double Twisted Bun

This is one of the cutest hairstyles of all. The micro braids are twisted along the hairband as cute buns. Some of the braids are falling freely down the shoulder equally parted. This fun and funky hairstyle can be worn with a pair of loose top and jeans or with a dungree.

Double Twisted Bun

30. Lovely Long Sleek

Enough of curl, coil, micro braids etc. Break the ice and try something soft and sleek. Yes, you can understand what do I mean. Crochet Braids Hairstyles give stunning look with a straight hair as well. You can recreate your hair with a bun, braid or a ponytail. Any of the styles look amazing in a straight and sleek hair.

Lovely Long Sleek

31. Natural Black Afro

Who doesn’t love natural hairs? This Crochet natural hairstyles are to your rescue. This hairstyle looks completely natural with natural color and texture too. This kind of hair it too thick and dense. You need to moisturize and set it with a hairspray to maintain the style. Were a simple off-shoulder gown to add the spice.

Natural Black Afro

32. Side Swept Beach Curls

Beach curls look lovely on vacations with a tube dress. Throw your hair down freely by side parting them. Collect some of the hair from one side and tuck it back with some bobby pins. This an awe-inspiring hairstyle which would give an extra buzz to your fashion sense.

Side Swept Beach Curls

33. Short Faux Locs

How come we can forget about Faux Locs when discussing regarding crochet hairstyle. This side parted dreadlocks gives a cool look to your personality. You can accessorize your dreadlocks with beads as an add-on. You can give different patterns to your hair according to your wish.

Crochet Braids Hairstyles


So, here are all the Crochet braid hairstyles for your inspiration. Try some of the hairstyles and comments below how it looks. Jump into the trend and explore even more hairstyles like this. For more updates on different trends regarding hairstyles. Stay in touch with us. Cheers !!!

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