Curtain Bangs For Round Face

20 Stylish Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs for Round Face

Bangs are always in trend. No matter how old you are, you can always try out a hairstyle with bangs to give your hair a touch of classiness. From our childhood days, the most common hairstyle that we have been getting frequently is the bangs. And let’s face it, bangs have their own phases in our lives too!

Many hairstyles have come and gone with the passing years, but bangs are one of those popular hairstyles that are still in style for their versatility. But before getting bangs, it’s important to ensure that the style will be matching your face shape, or else you will not end up having your desired look.

That being said, if you have a round face shape, the most suitable bangs haircut for your face will be the curtain bangs. These bangs lay perfectly on both sides of your hair, which allows your facial features to be perfectly defined. This is why many women have chosen curtain bangs for their round faces in recent times.

Now that we have established why you should get curtain bangs done for your hair asap, it’s time to know how you can cut your own curtain bangs at home. It’s completely alright if you want to visit the salon to perfect this style, but for those who are confident enough with their scissors, here is a simple guide to get the perfect curtain bangs on your own!

How to Cut Curtain Bangs on Round Faces?

First of all, gather all your essentials together for a smooth DIY session. Take a pair of sharp scissors for cutting your hair, a rat tail comb for ease of sectioning, a round hairbrush, some water in a spray bottle, hair rollers, and a blow dryer.

Now take your comb and create a precise middle part. This is important because your hair will be laying like curtains on both sides of your face, so the shape needs to be perfect. When the parting is done, take the end of our brows as the guide and separate hair on both sides at the front measuring two inches away from your forehead. The hair for the bangs should be separated in an inverted U shape. Don’t forget to secure the rest of your hair with clips after each parting.

Tie up the rest of your hair with a hair tie and take your separated hair for the bangs. Spray some water on your hair and create a precise middle part within your separated hair. Now, take the middle of your brow as your guide and separate some hair from both sides again. Cut this section of hair up until your nose level. Wet this part of the hair to see if the cut has been precise and uniform.

Now with the longer separated part from before, bring them in the front and cut them up until your lips level. Spray water and check again. On both sides, take the separated hair together and give the ends a proper and precise angular cut so that the curtain shape is achieved. This means the middle part will have shorter hair and the length will increase down the sides.

Check if the lengths are similar on both sides. Now bring out some extra pieces of hair on both sides right beside the end of your brows, and cut these hairs in a longer length to adjust with your previously cut hair so that it gets the perfect curtain shape.

Take your blow dryer and round hairbrush to dry out the hair and give it a volumized look. When done, comb out your hair and take your hair rollers. Section off your hair into three parts in the right, middle, and left, and use the rollers to curl your bangs. When the hair is perfectly curled, take out the rollers and adjust your bangs with the rest of your hair.

This is how you can get the perfect curtain bangs right at home. You can style the rest of your hair to match your bangs, and leave your hair untied to witness the beauty of your perfectly cut bangs. It’s as easy as that, so if you are confident enough, do give it a try!

Cutest Round Face Curtain Bangs Hairstyles to Look Total Adorbs!

So it’s declared that if you have a beautiful round face, you need to try out a curtain bangs hairstyle right now. But are you confused about which hairstyle will be the perfect match for you? Worry no more, because we have selected the best styles out there only for you. So let’s jump into the list of our favorites for you!

Bob Hair

Bob Hair

Let’s start our list with a short hairstyle, as keeping things short is a preference for many ladies out there. Most of us think that the styling options with short hair are limited to regular bob styles only. But you can add a touch of elegance to your hair just by adding a fringe bang at the front.

Take this hairstyle as an example. The lady in the picture has a beautiful round face. To define her features, she went for a shaggy bob hairstyle with curtain fringe at the front. This style is so classic and trendy because this look is certainly making a comeback. It has a messy and modish vibe at the same time and has worked well to compliment her face shape.

Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob

A head entirely full of beautiful blonde hair requires the perfect style to stand out. Especially if you have a round face and your hair is shorter in nature, you can try out a bob look and add bangs at the front to give it more definition.

As you can see in this picture, the lady previously had overgrown blonde hair, which has been styled to perfection by adding a perfectly cut curtain bang along with a straight bob cut. Her previous hairstyle didn’t compliment her facial features, but the new one with the bangs and bob has definitely succeeded to define the beauty of her face shape.

Straight Lob

Straight Lob

If you are neither a bob fan nor a long hair fan, there is nothing to worry about because lobs are all the rage now! You don’t have to be a fashion enthusiast to know that many celebrities and influencers are all about the lob cuts right now, so if you ever wanted to try out this hairstyle, now is your time to shine!

The words long bob combine together to make the word lob. This is a medium-length hairstyle that is in between the bob and long hair, so you get two styles combined in a single stylish hairstyle. Your lob can be straight, it can have an asymmetrical cut, or contain the trendy curly pattern that everyone is talking about right now!

But for those with round faces, we totally recommend pairing your lob with curtain bangs. This helps to give your face a slimmer appearance. Apart from that, we recommend keeping your bangs long like shown in this picture, as it will complement your face shape and also perfectly match your lob length.

Long Layered

Long Layered

If volume and shape are your go-to words, then a layered haircut is the best option for you. In recent times, girls with long hair have found their new hairstyle companion. It is the layered look that works to take away the weight from your hair. So to keep yourself updated, this style is a must-try.

When it comes to a round face, we recommend trying out a curtain bang hairstyle with your long layered hair. You can take inspiration from this picture when you visit the salon the next time. Look how beautifully the curtain bangs are falling over her face and have created a framing effect! The rest of the hair is also cut to perfection, and

we suggest you try out this hairstyle right now if you have similar hair.

Chubby Face Bangs

Chuby Face Bangs

Finding the perfect adorable hairstyle for your sweet chubby face can often become a hassle. Every face shape and face type has particular hairstyles to go with them, so when it comes to a round chubby face, you can try out a curtain bangs hairstyle this time. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Giving your bangs an extra touch of style is the perfect option in this case. For that, you can create a flipped-up style. Look at this picture to visualize the scenario. The lady here has a cute chubby face that is round in shape, so the flipped-up shape of the bangs has created a volume-like appearance to compliment her facial features. So this style is great for those of you with a similar face shape.

Straight Curtains bangs

Straight Curtains

When it comes to a round face, Selena Gomez has been our biggest inspiration for ages. Her gorgeous hairstyles have always created examples of how a round face can carry different styles gracefully, and most of us might have gone through a ‘Selena phase’ at some point in our life.

So when it comes to curtain bangs for round faces, we definitely look up to our diva for inspiration. Here is a classic style of Selena where she went for a pretty curtain bangs hairstyle along with the hair that has a beautiful length.

If you notice carefully, the bangs are straight in appearance and have sharp and precise cuts, whereas the rest of the hair has a curly appearance. This entire combination has made us fall for her style entirely, and we undoubtedly recommend you to try out this style!

Blonde and Brown

Blonde And Brown

Blonde hair with darker roots is one of the trendiest hairstyles right now, and we have seen many popular faces rocking this hairstyle with their beautiful hair. If you have long blonde hair, then trying out this style is a matter of time.

You can create a gorgeous combination by adjusting your blonde hair with your brown hair. This adds depth to your hair and gives it a beautiful appearance. Especially if you have a round chubby face, pairing this hair with curtain bangs will go a long way to meet your hairstyling needs.

For example, this hairstyle is everything we are talking about. The curtain bangs have highlighted her cheekbones whereas the hair color has made her look trendy. This one here has certainly become one of our favorites.

Blue Princess

Blue Princess

After watching all the fairytales and listening to all the childhood stories, did you ever want to be a princess? Well, we certainly have, but it’s quite not possible to complement those features in modern life. This is why you can use your hair to channel that vibe, as it will give you a cooler and dashing look without much effort.

For starters, you can color your hair blue! We understand it’s not how you imagined being a princess, but once you add curtain bangs to this style, you will be ready to take over the world with your confidence, which is an absolute princess vibe.

Apart from that, this hairstyle is suitable for just giving yourself a cool appearance. The black roots with beautiful blue-colored hair are a major inspiration for all the vibrant color lovers out there. Even if you can’t wear a blue gown every day to work, you sure can rock this hairstyle gracefully.

Updo with Bangs

Updo With Bangs

We have already talked about the gorgeous curtain bangs that Selena Gomez has flaunted. Apart from her, Cameron Diaz is also known for her round face and perfect hairstyles. Camron has flaunted her beautiful curtain bangs on different occasions, but nothing can beat her casual updo when it comes to her hairstyles.

Cameron’s blonde hair is absolutely beautiful to look at. She has styled her hair in numerous ways and has also carried casual updos to formal events. So if you are thinking of trying out an updo style with bangs, then you can take this style as inspiration.

These slightly side-part curtain bangs are flowing gracefully in front of her face, giving her cheekbones a beautiful definition and complimenting her round face. For all the classiest blondes out there, this hairstyle is sure to make a statement.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights

Brown or dark hair with blonde highlights is one of the most stylish hairstyles out there, and thousands of women have tried out this hairstyle for its elegance. Blonde highlights look gorgeous on dark hair as they define the darker base color quite well. And if your hair is long, you can style such hair in different interesting ways.

For those with round faces, trying out curtain bangs with your blonde highlights is a great option. You can add highlights down the length of your curtain bangs like this picture to give your face a framing effect. Also, if the volume is your preference then try curling the ends of your bangs as well.

This hairstyle is trendy and suitable for a round face shape. Those with chubby cheeks can also try it out. Just remember to add the highlights throughout your hair properly, and you will be left with a beautiful hairstyle!

Curly Black

Curly Black Curtain Bangs

Those with curly hair often think that it’s not possible to rock trendy hairstyles because of the texture and pattern of their hair. But with the right tricks, you can rock many dashing hairstyles in your curly hair. So if you have a round face and a head full of curly hair, then now it’s time to try out our favorite curtain bangs.

You can take this picture as your guide to achieve the perfect results. The lady in this picture has black hair with beautiful curls down the length. Her bangs are also curly but the length has been perfectly adjusted with her curl pattern and face shape.

We love this hairstyle because it’s so simple yet classy. The hair is casually styled keeping a messy vibe, but it looks ready for casual outings and regular activities. This comfortable style can be perfect for all the curly hair ladies out there.

Full and Messy

Full And Messy

Many women out there like to keep their hair full of volume. For that, a good haircut is necessary along with all the necessary products. Achieving the perfect hair full of volume is not a difficult task if you are dedicated to maintaining the style.

If volume and messiness are your styles, then why not try out this hairstyle. The girl has beautiful long hair with shades of blonde. As it is visible, the hair on her head has a beautiful volume with a rather messy appearance, whereas the hair down the length is quite the opposite.

The curtain bangs have added to the fuller appearance of the hair, and they have been perfectly placed with the rest of her hair. This hair is giving us kind of punk vibes but in a modern way. So if that is your style, you can go for this look.

Perfect Pony

Perfect Pony

Bangs look quite charming when they are paired with a casual ponytail. We have seen many ponytail hairstyles with side bangs, blunt bangs as well as baby bangs. But the attractiveness of a ponytail with curtain bangs is quite hard to beat.

If you don’t believe us, here is a picture to let your know what we are talking about. This casual ponytail with the perfect bangs at the front has become one of our favorites recently, as it has a charming presence along with a homely vibe.

The ponytail has been done in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, whereas the bangs at the front have been cut to precision and laid out to perfection. This is a hairstyle that will take your Instagram photos to the next level. You can simply put on a ribbon hair tie to secure your ponytail and everyone will fall in love with your style!

Pretty in Brown

Pretty In Brown Curtain Bangs for Round Face

Are you looking for a hairstyle for upcoming formal events or just for a dinner date? Is your hair short, thin, and brown and do you want it to look fabulous? Well, then we have the best hairstyle for you. It doesn’t require much but this hairstyle is sure to blow your mind.

In this picture, the lady’s hair has the perfect shade of brown which catches our attention from the very first glance. Her hair has a bob style so it is compact in nature, but the cut here is everything. The front part has perfectly done curtain bangs that define her facial features, and the bangs have totally taken her style to the next level.

The hair down the length has subtle blonde highlights, and they have been curled to give a fuller look. This style is elegant and it can be carried gracefully to any formal events, so give this a try now if you want something

Wavy Long Bob with Bangs

Wavy Long Bob With Bangs

Wavy hair has earned its fair share of popularity in recent times. With social media influencers promoting this hairstyle, it has become a trend to try out this style at least once to know what the hype is all about. This wavy texture looks especially charming on bob and lob hair, and you can add highlights or keep your hair in its base color with this style.

Take this picture as an example. The lady in the picture previously had blonde hair with black roots. The unstyled hair did not complement her face shape which is visible from the picture. However, the transformation has taken her hair game to the next level. From blonde to brown, her hair surely got the pampering it needed, and the new style is totally recommended from our side.

We love the shade of brown that she has gone for as it totally matches her look. The hair has been given curtain bangs at the front to give her round face a perfect appearance. Plus the waviness of her hair is totally showcasing her elegance. This is a style that you need to try if you want a glamorous look for upcoming fancy events.

Red Hair

Red Hair

For those with ginger hair, trying out different hairstyles is always fun. If you have red hair and do not believe us, then look at our favorite celebrities with red hair, such as Bella Thorne, Emma Stone, or Nicole Kidman. The picture will be clear to you!

Now, when it comes to round faces, you can surely rock a curtain bangs look with your red hair. It may seem like too much because your natural hair is already rich in color and looks outstanding. But trust us, adding curtain bangs at the front will take your hairstyle to the next level.

Even if you have blonde hair, you can turn your hair to red and match your vibe. For red hair with curtain bangs on round faces, this picture is a true inspiration. The hair has been given a beautiful cut at the front, and the entire style is super adorable.

Asian Black Hair

Asian Black Hair

Curtain bangs do not know any boundaries. You can try out this hairstyle on blonde hair as well as hair that is black or dark, and the style will look stunning as it was meant to be. So for all the stylish Asian ladies out there, trying out curtain bangs is just a matter of time now.

You can take inspiration from this hairstyle to visualize how curtain bangs are going to look on your Asian dark hair. In this picture, the lady has a perfectly round face, and she has been given a precisely done curtain bangs style at the front with a side part. The way her bangs lay at one side so gracefully is giving us major hair goals!

Also, as you can see, the dark hair has been uplifted by a peekaboo style. This means highlights have been added to her hair which is hidden underneath the dark top layer, so it creates a peekaboo effect. This choice is bold and fun at the same time, so next time you visit the salon, don’t forget to give this style a try!

Red Money Piece

Red Money Piece

Doing a money piece is always a good option to upgrade our hairstyle. Generally, when we talk about dark hair with blonde highlights, we think of adding money piece to give the hair an expensive outlook. But it doesn’t have to be shades of blonde all the time. You try out vibrant hair colors as well to create that look.

Just like the hairstyle in this picture. The lady here has a cool and fierce hairstyle with a vibrant shade of red. Her style is a combination of money piece with peekaboo style where the red color has added absolute elegance to her black hair. The face-framing cut is all you need if you want your round face to be defined.

Apart from that, the rest of the hair has been given a wolf cut which is a combination of the shag and a mullet. If you are a fan of Billie Eilish, this hairstyle is undoubtedly perfect for you. We also love the curly pattern of the hair which has added to the beauty of this style.

Elegant Warm

Elegant Warm

Sometimes your hairstyle can be quite simple but styling it in the proper way can add that hint of elegance. It doesn’t require much, and the outcome is gorgeous. You can try out this hairstyle within your regular hair colors, and add some twists such as highlights or curtain bangs to make the style more captivating.

In this picture, the entire hair has been given a boost of beauty by adding simple elements. This is a warm hairstyle with red tones and brown base hair. The side part hair has curtain bangs at the front, whereas the hair down the length has been made wavy to perfection.

We love how the style has defined her face shape. For those who want to keep things natural but sophisticated, this style is a great one. You can easily carry it to formal events or date nights, and your hair will definitely be the show stopper!

Long Black

Long Black

Black hair with a beautiful length is always our favorite, as the beauty of such hair is beyond any description. If you have long black hair, you already know that there are so many styling options available. However, most of the ladies out there love to keep their long hair flowing gracefully. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for exclusive styles in this case.

Just adding bangs at the front is a good way to elevate the look of your long black hair. Many women also opt for the layered look, whereas some love to make a ponytail or half up style out of their hair. If you are a fan of bangs and your face shape is round, we recommend you try out curtain bangs on your long black hair.

Look at this picture and you will have an idea of how exclusive it looks when a simple curtain bangs style is done on black hair. The length of her hair is amazing and the hair is so shiny and healthy naturally. Plus, the bangs have been chopped to perfection, so this style is a must-try for all of you having such hair out there!


So as we have talked all about the hairstyles for curtain bangs on round faces and how you can perfect one on your own, you might think that the session has come to an end. But we haven’t yet answered all your questions regarding this hairstyle, so let’s check out the answers to some of the questions we always get when it comes to round-face curtain bangs.

Why are curtain bangs specifically suitable for round faces out of all the bangs out there?

Well, the answer lies in the face-framing effect. When you have a round face, you will naturally love to go for a hairstyle that defines your facial features. Curtain bangs create a framing effect that makes your round face appear slimmer and defines your face shape in a great way. This is why ladies with round faces love to try out this style frequently.

Which length is suitable for curtain bangs when it comes to round faces?

We suggest you keep your bangs longer in size to properly complement your round face shape. As it’s all about creating the visual appeal of defined cheekbones, you can keep the bangs a little bit longer to go well with your round face shape.

How often should I trim my curtain bangs?

It is recommended to trim your curtain bangs every 5 to 6 weeks to keep your style in its best condition. So always keep track of your trimming to have the perfect curtain bangs that you can carry with grace along with the rest of your hair.

Final Thoughts

As your questions now have solid answers, it’s time to try out curtain bangs for your round face! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed after you try out this hairstyle for your round face, rather you will thank us for all the modish styles we have mentioned here. Curtain bangs will surely define your features, and you will look pretty gorgeous in no time with this hairstyle.

So lately if you have been thinking of visiting the salon for upgrading your hairstyle, this is your time to do it! Or you can simply opt for a DIY session if you have the confidence, and rock your perfectly cut curtain bangs that are suitable for every occasion.

Last but not the least, always use the best products and go for timely trimming to keep your style as good as it should be. Don’t forget to protect your hair from heat damage and pollution, and carry your style like a diva wherever you go!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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