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4 Devin Booker Haircut Ideas for Revamping Your Styling Routine

Another NBA player’s haircut has taken the hairdressing industry by storm, and it appears to be none other than Phoenix Suns Shooting Guard, Devin Booker’s haircut. What appears to be a burst fade mixed with his already naturally afro hair, the hairdo is rather simple to recreate for those that have authentic hair. It can also be presented in multiple ways due to the multiple existing variations it already has.

Today’s article will comprise a detailed inspection behind Devin Booker’s haircut. It will contain useful materials, such as a word for word tutorial, and minor content on the styling routine that we believe will allow our readers to mirror the look to the fullest extent. We will also have a go at some of the questions that are regularly looked into on the web regarding D Book’s haircut, which will be mentioned in the second half of this article.

Regardless, we hope you join in and stick around until the end as we make an attempt to carry out an in-depth analysis on Devin Booker’s hair.

4 Best Devin Booker Haircut Ideas

Although Devin Booker’s haircut hasn’t changed drastically over the course of his career as a professional NBA player, the star did make subtle readjustments to change the outlook of his hairstyle every now and then. From rocking simple patterns to having a contrast oriented hairdo, here are the chic hairstyles that the Phoenix Suns shooting guard has had that definitely deserve recognition.

Burst Fade with a Line

Burst Fade With A Line

Worn by Booker during his first few years as a professional basketball player, this look features a burst fade that ends right when the temple of the sides are reached. It is at least 5 inches long on top, and excludes the involvement of hair styling products. The reverse hook design on the sides is present to establish uniqueness, and to make the visuals of the overall hairdo a bit more exciting.

To recreate this look, you may use a photo of this look of his that can be found on the web, or simply ask the barber to use a razor blade to create the sharp line around the temple.

Short Afro with High and Tight Temple Fade

Short Afro With High And Tight Temple Fade

While the hair at the top has the same visuals as the one present in the previous entry, the sides feature a temple fade. A temple fade is usually achieved to give the hair more volume, darkness, and texture. It is an excellent haircut for those that are growing their hair out as it only trims off the edges around the temple and gets rid of the excessive weight one’s hair may carry.

The two lined design also plays a major role with the final impression of this look. Not only is it achieved to make the hair stand out, but it’s also a very subtle design that contains just the perfect amount of balance, making the hairstyle suitable for any occasion imaginable.

Regular Buzz Cut with a Mid Burst Fade

Regular Buzz Cut With Mid Burst Fade

While this haircut was only worn by Devin Booker during the 2020 Olympic Games, it is by far one of the better haircuts that he has worn. It offers tons of sophistication, accxlow maintenance hair care routine as well as a minimal styling routine to the wearer.

The short length makes the haircut eligible for seasons as challenging as summer, as well as for colder days in winter.

Appearance-wise, we believe the length on top has been trimmed down through the assistance of a hair clipper with a 5 guard. While a 5 guard usually trims a significant portion of the length, it also retains a portion that prevents the scalp from being visible.

Lengthy Curly Top with Low Taper Fade

Lengthy Curly Top With Low Taper Fade

This is perhaps the haircut Devin Booker always goes for. It is a good choice for him, as it goes with the shape of his face, as well as the hair type that his scalp grows. It offers the curls on top an exceptional amount of density, which plays a crucial role in narrowing down his face shape. This in turn allows his jawline as well as his cheekbones to be apparent, giving the overall look a flattening effect.

Devin Booker and The Popularity Behind His Hair

Devin Booker is a basketball player who represents the franchise of Phoenix Suns in the NBA. His knack for the sport was always around due to his parents, who also happened to be athletes prior to announcing their retirement. The love he had for basketball also allowed him to work on his abilities as a player, which only improved over the years. After a year of playing as a shooting guard for the University of Kentucky, the 18 year old decided to take a chance on his passion and declare himself eligible for the 2015 NBA Draft.

Phoenix Suns Star Devin Booker Haircut

What seemed like an impulsive decision turned into a positive experience for the former Kentucky frontrunner, as the Phoenix Suns chose to invest in his scoring abilities, ball-handling abilities, and clinical finishing abilities as a basketball player. It has paid off ever since, as Booker is one of the best players the association has right now.

Over the past few years, not only has DBook won individual accolades, but he has also gotten a taste of what it’s like to win as a team. He did so by sharing the glory of winning the Western Conference Finals against the LA Clippers last year. While there are years left in his career still, the ceiling remains high for the Michigan-born competitor.

Moreover, when his accomplishments on the court aren’t in the mix, his hairstyle garners all the compliments. Usually dressed in clothes that explore the side of streetwear, Devin Booker has a curly top with a burst fade that syncs rather well with his physical appearance as well his distinct preference in fashion.

Get The Look Today! An Easy Tutorial on DBook’s Burst Fade Haircut

Perhaps the most difficult part about his haircut is the amount of effort that needs to be put in for creating it in the first place. It involves the use of multiple guards to create the burst fade, and also requires a pair of scissors for decreasing the amount of weight present at the top. The latter part of the previous statement is only done to give the haircut a fuller appearance.

Regardless, here are the steps one may follow to perfectly duplicate Devin Booker’s haircut.

Part the hair accordingly 

No matter what your hair type may be, make sure to apply a considerable amount of water to the hair before starting the haircutting process. Dampening the hair will make it more manageable as a result, making it easier to form a guideline for the haircut itself.

Use a 4 Guard Clipper 

After parting the hair, perhaps reducing the bulk would be the best option. Carefully use the clipper to trim off the strands around each side. It will also form the burst fade in a subtle manner, which will come in handy when finalizing the haircut.

On another note, while this is a mandatory step that needs to be followed, you may skip through it if you have already created the fade or have sides that are relatively short in terms of length.

Use a 0 Guard Clipper on the trimmed sides 

After a controllable amount of hair is present on the sides, create the burst fade using a zero guard. Also known as a 0.6 mm guard, this tool will shave the strands to the skin, which will seal the creation of the lower half of the burst fade.

Use a 2 guard and a 1 guard 

Create the upper half of the fade through the assistance of a 1 guard and 2 guard clipper. Not only will it make the burst fade more apparent, but it will also give the hair at the top a newfound amount of high contrast, which will make the appearance of your overall hairstyle more voluminous.

Get rid of split ends 

Use a pair of scissors on the curly flat top and get rid of the ends of each strand. While the amount should not cross a quarter of an inch, completing this portion will give the cuticles a healthier presence. It will also get rid of frizzy ends, increasing the presentability in return.

Finish the look with a line-up 

Once the previous steps are fulfilled, seal the look by achieving a line-up around the hairline. A line-up involves shaping up the hairline as well as the nape line to get rid of baby hair strands. A line-up gives the hairline more density and is an effective method to follow for those whose hairline might be receding.

Tips and Tricks For Maintaining the Devin Booker Haircut

Despite how easy it will be to pull off, Devin Booker’s haircut will require close monitoring and regular maintenance after one is successfully able to mimic the look.

As the texture of it is playful and bouncy, one’s hair will definitely need the assistance of the right nourishing conditioner for retaining moisture on a daily basis. Failing to do so will reduce the density as well as the quality of the hair, which will make the hair poor in terms of appearance.

One should also invest in a moisturizing curl shampoo to control the production of sebum and eliminate the excessive amount of grease their scalp may generate from then on. It will also keep the curls healthy and the scalp clean, which will increase the quality of hair over time.

In addition to the first two requirements, people may incorporate the use of styling products such as hair custard and curl defining creams to improve the results in the aftermath. Such products will allow the wearer to style their hair as much as they please, without hampering the appearance of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

An issue that often arises when trying out new hairstyles is the amount of doubt it generates. Often, it almost feels rather risky to give a haircut a go due to the uncertainty that the outcome holds. While we can’t provide you with the visuals of what you might look like after getting one of the haircuts mentioned above, mentioned below are some common questions on the web regarding Devin Booker’s haircut that you can definitely look into for a better understanding.

Question: Who can get Devin Booker’s haircut?

Answer: While everyone can successfully make an attempt at recreating Devin Booker’s haircut through the assistance of styling equipment and notice considerable results, this haircut can work wonders for those that have afro hair.

Question: Who is Devin Booker’s barber?

Answer: Devin Booker’s burst fade was created and perfect by Toronto native hairdresser, Vince The Barber. He is known for the unique skill set he offers as a barber, and for his star studded clientele.

Alongside Vince the Barber is Davey Castillo, also known as “Davey Cuts”, a New York based barber who is renowned for being the curator of Devin Booker’s hair styling rituals.


Overall, we believe that fans around the world, especially those with afro hair, should definitely experiment with some of the hair designs mentioned in this article. Most of the variations contain uniqueness as well an immaculate amount of flexibility, which make the hairstyles suitable for everyday use. Whether you’re balancing a 9-5 or just going with the flow in life, Devin Booker’s haircut will only be as beneficial as his basketball skills are for Phoenix Suns: to the fullest.

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