41 Awe-Inspiring Dog Mullet Ideas To Make Your Pet Stand Out

It is said that dogs are everyone’s best friends, and we completely agree with that claim. Their never ending loyalty and unconditional love are two of the endless reasons why we will never stop adoring them back.

Wearing matching clothing items with our favorite people has been around for years. It is the most common kind of love language. It takes mirroring one’s habits to another level.

Another common love language is having the same hairstyle. Even though it’s rather uncommon these days, it’s been carried out by some of the hottest couples in Hollywood. A notable example could be Brangelina.

However, to follow the previous trend, you don’t need a significant other or another person. You can match with your pet, or better yet, a dog.

41 Clever Dog Mullet Variations for 2023

The beginning of this decade was wild. The world entered a global pandemic, which led each nation to enter a lockdown to ensure the wellbeing of everyone.
Even though it seemed painful to almost everyone at first, it really allowed some people to figure out their inner Picasso. They demonstrated their skills by giving their pet dogs a hairdo. The most favorable and preferred option was the mullet.
A mullet contains a look that has short strands in the frontal region, and long effortless hair at the back.
Moving on, here are some of our favorite forms of dog mullets!

Maltese Mullet

Maltese Mullet

A maltese is great for rocking a mullet. It meets all the requirements. It has a dense coat with curly and wavy fur. The bouncy nature of their hair will surely stun the crowd and make them outshine if it is paired up with a mullet!

Poodle Mullet

Poodle Mullet

Poodles are also one of the better contenders for pulling off a mullet. They have voluminous hair that contains natural and tight curls. They also need to be trimmed frequently in order to prevent their coat from matting. Matting might compromise their vision and make them feel heavier.
For giving them a mullet, visit a hairdresser or a stylist so that it’s effortless and glamorous.

Newfoundland With a Mullet

Newfoundland With a Mullet

Newfoundlands are known to be the friendliest of dogs. Even though they’re extremely big and may seem intimidating, they are known for showering their caregivers with immeasurable love.
Add a presentable touch to your friend and make them look even more fabulous by giving them a mullet. Use trimmers with big guards to make the whole process easier.

A Mullet With a Goatee

Mullet with Goatee

Release your dog’s inner funk like this one and give them a look that will make them second to none!
This mullet can be mimicked by dogs that are extremely furry. A notable example could be Irish Terriers.
Furthermore, even though it looks fabulous from afar, it might be very time consuming to achieve. You may have to use thinning shears instead of a trimmer with guards.

The Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet

Look at these effortless mullets with shaggy and uneven coats. This trendy look is perfect for Afghan Hounds due to the silky smooth nature of their furs. Allow your pet to make the most of this style by blending every portion besides the one in front.

Mullet with Dreads

Mullet with Dreads

Some dogs can have dreadlocks that are just as good as ours, and this photo further ensures the accuracy of that claim. This mullet is ideal for Pulis and Komondors. It can also be given to Portuguese Water Dogs due to the strong nature of their curls. Remember to bathe them beforehand so that it’s easier to trim.

A Mullet tail

Mullet Tail

Who said that dogs can’t pull off a mullet tail? Just look at this user’s creativity!
This pupdo can be given to your pet only if it’s a poodle. The uneven frizzy nature of the mullet and the bushy tail will make your dog the hottest on the block!

The Bushy Mullet

Bushy Mullet

Give your pet the look it needs! This look is bound to make them look as friendly and as approachable as they usually are. Just use a pair of thinning shears to give them this look. Give them a nice shower afterwards to add some shine to their coat.

Mullet with Fancy Paws

Mullet with Fancy Paws

Don’t just give your dog a mullet. Give their paws an adjustment too!
Terriers are one of the hairiest dog breeds in the world. Their fur is very similar to curly hair and it contains a very shiny but damp look.

To give your pet this mullet, make sure the mullet is supported by curl-enhanced layers near the paws. Use a 1mm guard to shave the rest of their fur to complete this variation.

The Laidback Mullet

Laidback Mullet

Allow your pet to battle with the heat of summertime and give them this trim. Not only will it reduce the weight that their coat carries, but it will also decrease the temperature of their body. This will enable them to adapt to harsh weather conditions and prevent their body from heating up.

The Polished Mullet Tail

Polished Mullet Tail

This hairdo can perhaps be pulled off in the greatest manner by Terriers. Make them look as affable as they are and give them this stress-free look. Use a hair clipper to get rid of the fur, and thinning shears to style the mullet!

The Two-Tone Mullet

Two Tone Mullet

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Give your pet a fresh start and help them recreate this hairstyle! Shave the coat up a bit and create a mullet above their forehead.

Furthermore, when dyeing the hair, use food color instead of actual hair dye. A dog’s skin is extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals. Using actual hair dye might make them have an allergic reaction.

Corkscrew Mullet

Corkscrew Mullet

Help your pet with showcasing their natural curls through this option. We all know how blends are very effective at displaying the wavy nature of hair. Incorporate that to your pet’s hairdo and give them a mullet that will bring out the best in their coat type.

Long Mullet with Bushy Paws

Long Mullet with Bushy Paws

You don’t always have to chop off a lengthy amount of fur to give them a mullet. Look how cute they look when their curls are long and defined. Moreover, look at the tiny springy curls near their paws.
Give your bundle of joy a much needed trim and enhance the look with a mullet. For best results, take them to an experienced hairdresser so that the right tools are used.

Mullet With an Updo

Mullet with an Up Do

Normal Golden Retrievers are adorable, but this one tops the list by a mile. Recreate this look through the help of your own pupper today!
To achieve this style, you may need to use a hair dryer to give the strands of the mullet a significant lift. You may even use a comb to create the messy shape or use your fingertips instead.

The 90s Mullet Floof

90s Mullet Floof

This pupper lives in their own world. Just look at the elegant mullet that they’re wearing. Not only does it look shiny and voluminous, but the subtle lift that the hairless portions are giving makes the overall hairdo one of the greatest mullets a dog can wear.

Mullet With a Mohawk

Mullet with a Mohawk

Mohawks have never looked this good! The black and gray dye of this dog truly makes this one of the more intimidating looks on this list. Perhaps the texture received a boost through the use of a hairdryer, but you can easily give your dog the same hairdo by using scissors.

Mullet with Highlighted Tail

Mullet Highlighted Tail

This puppy should have a film based on themself just because of the hair it has! The highlights at the ends of the mullet are extremely impressive.

This look is also very easy to mimic. All you need is some food coloring to add the highlights and let your pet’s coat air dry. You may also use a hair dryer if your pet is sensitive to the current weather condition.

The Two Layered Mullet

Two Layered Mullet

This pup-do is very similar to a shaggy mullet. However, this look contains two mullets instead of one, which makes dogs look gentle and neat.

Also, this look can be a top choice if your dog is having a tough time with adjusting to their environment. The weightless nature of this option will really keep their body temperature in check.

Long Mullet Tail With Frosted Tips

Long Mullet Tail with Frosted Tips

Dogs were literally created to help us change for the better, and become more creative as well!
Show the appreciation you have towards your pet and give them this retro mullet-esque look. Use a hair clipper with a sizable guard, and a wide tooth comb to enhance the strands of this curly mullet.

Straight Mullet with Ash Blond Dye

Straight Mullet with Ash Blond Dye

Afghan Hounds are always the best dogs to have if you want to improve your barbering skills. They can pull numerous hairstyles off and look fabulous at the same time! Just look at this variation for reassurance.

Furthemore, to give your dog the same hairdo, you might need the right equipment. In short, you’ll need a pair of thinning shimmers for cutting the ends, a wide tooth comb for styling it, and a diffuser to give the coat a natural appearance.

Mullet with M-shape Curtain

Mullet with M-Shape Curtain

Allow your dog to hop on the eBoy haircut bandwagon and give them this m-shaped mullet! This haircut will also help your dog feel lighter and give it a boost during activities of high intensity.

To create the curtains, you may use your fingertips to gently part your pet’s hair down the middle. To maintain the consistency of this look, apply a conditioner to their coat every now and then. Doing so will make the furry coat softer.

Grown Out Mullet

Grown Out Mullet

A terrier can be your perfect companion if you need the support of your pet to discover your inner Michaelangelo. Their coat is fluffy, uneven and contains a lot of volume. The breed itself is also very resilient and giving them frequent trims is not as problematic for their skin.

To give your pet this look, use a pair of scissors to gently trim off the uneven nature of the coat. To create the mullet, remember to chop off a subtle amount of hair from the body. This will also amp up the volume of the mullet and make it more visible.

More Photos of Dogs with Mullets

Here are some more pictures of adorable puppers with the fanciest mullets, ‘cause we know you’re just as fascinated as we are!

This dog with a flawless 80s mullet

Dog with flawless 80s Mullet

This pupper who is not too impressed by your Mohawk

Mohawk Mullet Dog

This creature that’s truly living in the moment

Gorgeous Dog Mullet

This Doggo that is extremely happy with their new change

New Mullet dog style

This Puppy that is Ready to start a new life

Adurable Mullet Puppy

This elegant creature that is definitely the star of the show!

Star of the Show Mullet Style

This pup that’s ready to go back to the 90s

90s Mullet Pup

This dog that’s ready to star in Tiger King’s Remake

Mullet Tiger King Style

Which Dog Breed Can Get a Mullet?

This portion of the article is very important. It is our responsibility to take care of our pets and make sure that none of our actions makes them the bearer of our consequences.

Although research suggests that dogs should be groomed on a regular basis to reduce shedding, quite a few of them should stay away from trimmers and scissors. Failing to do so might result in frequent sunburns, coat damage, and skin problems.
On the other hand, as opposed to the previous paragraph some breeds can actually benefit from trims due to their furry nature. Here is the list of dog breeds that can indeed receive a mullet!


Poodle Dog Breed

Poodles are dogs that are extremely active. They’re highly intelligent and are very convenient to get if you want a dog that will help you with getting in shape. They were initially trained for hunting, but can also be ideal swimming and running partners.
Furthermore, poodles are extremely furry, which makes them a safe bet for trimming. Although they might require the help from a professional stylist, make them stand out and ask the stylist to give your poodle a mullet!

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Dog

The Afghan Hound is one of the friendliest and playful dogs in this list. Although they’re hesitant when greeting strangers, they’re very family friendly and offer their caretakers with unlimited loyalty.
Moreover, Afghan Hounds have magnificent and voluminous coats, and can pull off a tonne of hairstyles. They also require a lot of brushing and bathing for their elegant coat.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a breed that loves affection and gives back just as much. Their friendly and approachable nature is perfect for families with young children. They’re playful and extremely hyper. They also prefer being outdoors than staying in with their caretakers.

Furthermore, the coat of a Bichon Frise is made of hair rather than fur. This makes them a safe option for frequent trims without causing long term health problems in the foreseeable future.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs are similar to Bichon Frises, but the texture of their hair has more density. Due to this, regular trimming and brushing is needed to prevent them from feeling heavy, which gets in the way of their active and energetic personality.

Moreover, despite having a lot of hair, they don’t shed as much and are hypoallergenic, which is a plus point if you’re giving them a mullet!


Puli Dog

Pulis are Hungarian dogs that are known for their thick and defined coating. The fur that they contain looks eerily similar to braids, which makes them a great choice for pulling off dreadlocks and cornrows.
Moreover, Pulis excel in outdoor activities and are known for their agility. Get one now and start your fitness journey!


Komondor Dog Breed

Komondors are similar to Pulis and are mostly popular for their elegant dreadlock-esque fur. Due to their dense coat, they require frequent trims and are great for pulling off mullets.

Moreover, Komondors are very affable and are great around strangers and family members. This trait really makes them a great choice for people that are not experienced pet owners.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog

Shih Tzus are known to be heavily attached to their guardians. They don’t cope well with being alone and constantly need to be accompanied by their caregivers. They are also very kid friendly and welcome strangers with open arms.
Shih Tzus are always in demand. Two of the reasons could be their adorable physical appearance and their silky and shiny coat. They’re very furry and can pull off multiple puppy trims without facing consequences.


Schnauzer Dog

Schnauzers are known for their curtain-esque fur at the front. The facial hair that they contain is also eerily similar to a goatee, but it really suits them.

Schnauzers need regular grooming and trims because their bodies usually fail to adjust to harsh weather conditions. They’re also very sensitive by nature and might have concerning health conditions if the proper grooming methods aren’t carried out.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Dog

Lhasa Apsos are elegant creatures. They’re also very goofy and friendly, which makes them even more desirable.

They tend to have a thick coat with dense fur, and require regular pup cuts to maintain the texture of the coat. Because of the plentiful nature of their hair, they are indeed resilient to haircuts. However, additional equipment like conditioners, and hair sprays need to be used to maintain the consistency of their coat.


Poodles are very approachable dogs. They’re people friendly and don’t require much maintenance, which makes them very favorable. They’re also an excellent choice for novice caretakers because of how low-maintenance they are.
What really makes them stand out amongst the other dog breeds is their naturally curly coat. It looks elegant on the eye, but requires regular grooming. Failing to do so might compromise the poodle’s vision and make it sensitive to uncertain weather conditions.
Moreover, the thickness of their hair might require frequent trims, which makes the breed ideal for carrying out different hairstyles.


Cutting a dog’s fur let alone giving them a mullet is not supposed to be an easy task. Dogs require a lot of care and need to be handled in a gentle manner when receiving a trim.

To make the process easier, below are some questions we have addressed that contain bits about the dog mullet.

What is a mullet?

A mullet perfectly describes Joe Dirt’s term “Business in the front. Party at the back.” It comprises a short quiff upfront and a lengthy grown out portion at the back. The sides are usually shaved to the skin or blended with the rest of the portions to complement with the mullet accordingly.

Can dogs have mullets?

Specific breeds that require frequent trimming can most definitely have mullets. Just make sure to be very gentle when giving them the haircut.

Furthermore, make sure the dog is in a safe space and doesn’t act out due to discomfort. Failing to follow this rule might result in a botched haircut or might end up injuring the dog.

Final Verdict

We hope this article helps you with forming a closer bond with your pet dog and inspires you to rock the same hair as them. We also hope this write-up results in a few chuckles and brightens up your day!
Remember to handle your dogs with love and care. Refrain from using blades and sharp tools to prevent injuries and other drawbacks.
Leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this article! You can also help us by suggesting what we could cover next.

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