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15 Super-Trendy Dookie Braids to Try Right Now!

While talking about braids, we often get lost in the crowd because there are so many braiding styles currently available! Each has their own name and appearance, and we always love to give these a shot whenever we are going for an upgrade.

This time while we kept searching for something new, we came across this amazing braided hairstyle known as the dookie braids. You might know what the jumbo box braids look like, so at the very first glance, dookie braids may seem like jumbo braids.

However, dookie braids surely have their own appeal. Similar to jumbo box braids, these braids carry a perfect fuller-looking appearance. Their size minimizes from top to bottom, which gives them a unique look.

We are sure many of you didn’t know about this amazing hairstyle before, but there’s nothing to worry about! We have searched and chosen the best dookie braided hairstyles for you, but before that, let’s know how dookie braids can be done at home!

How to Do Dookie Braids at Home?

As we mentioned before, dookie braids are similar to jumbo box braids in appearance. So you need to pre-part your hair in big sections for that perfect look.

Start with hair that has been shampooed, conditioned, and blow-dried. Take the bundle of your braiding hair and separate a section of your hair according to the size of braid you are willing to go for. As you have now taken the separated piece and are holding it right in the middle, attach your rubber band in this place and detangle the braiding hair properly.

Start from the bottom section of your partings. Take one section of hair and detangle it properly. Then apply hair gel to the roots and smooth everything out using a comb. Use a rubber band to make a small ponytail out of this section.

At this point, grab your braiding hair and attach the rubber band of your braiding hair to the ponytail you did out of your natural hair. Divide your braiding hair into two sections and bring them forward. Then divide your natural hair into three sections and place the side sections aside with the braiding hairs.

Now that you have only a small section of your natural hair remaining in the middle, just separate both sections of your braiding hair into two parts and join them together in the middle with your natural hair. This way, all of your sections will be similar in size.

Once all that’s done, start braiding your hair. Make sure the braid is tight, and as you go down the length, finger-detangle your natural hair and blend it with your braiding hair for a neat look.

Complete the entire braid down the length. Do your other braids in the same process. When all the braids are done, seal the ends by dipping them in hot water. After that, apply hair mousse to your ends and make sure to style your edges as well.

And that’s it, your dookie braids are ready to roll just like that!

Gorgeous Dookie Braids to Look Like a Diva!

After knowing how to do dookie braids on your own, you might be thinking about what kind of hairstyle is going to be the best for you. This is where we come to your aid! There are tons of ways to make the perfect dookie braids, so it’s quite normal for you to get overwhelmed. But worry no more, because we are here with the perfect solutions!

Ahead is a list of the best hair styling ideas for dookie braids that are going to blow your mind for sure! To figure out which one’s going to be the best pick for you, keep on reading with attention!

Middle Part Style

Middle Part Style

No matter if we are talking about braids or free-flying strands, the middle part hairstyles are surely one of the trendiest styles for women at present. This is why we are going to start our list with classic dookie braids that are styled with a middle part.

The braids in this picture are on fire! She went for only four braids and they surely look ready to roll. The braids have the perfect length with twists at the ends which is quite unique. Apart from that, we love how the hairstyle is giving her a back-to-school vibe!

With Heart

With Heart

We often see women choosing box braided hairstyles with heart-shaped braids on the side or right in the middle. As dookie braids are kind of similar to jumbo braids, you can try combining them with heart braids as well.

Here is an example of what we are talking about. The parting of her hair has been done quite creatively so that it takes the shape of a heart right in the middle. Neat cornrows are all over the partings, and they are surrounded by dookie braids.

This style is so unique that we simply want to take a moment to praise the creativity of her hairstylist. All in all, this one is a winner!

Blonde Braids

Blonde Braids

It’s always fun to switch to blonde hair whenever you’re not feeling like wearing the same black braids again and again. This is why you can pick blonde braiding hair this time. Also, make sure to go for the dookie braids in order to spice things up even more!

This is what blonde dookie braids will look like when they are done to perfection. You can give them a bob shape if you want to. Using gold hair rings or strings like the one shown in this picture can be a great way to make your style look even better, so give this style a definite try!

Medium Bob

Medium Bob

Although dookie braids generally have the classic long-hair appeal, you can also try out a bob style with these braids. For that classic ‘90s vibe, this one can be a banger!

Here’s a picture to make your task easier. This medium-length bob is surely rocking because of how neat the braids look. We love the use of gold hair rings for making the style even classier. From regular wear to fancy occasions, this hairstyle will be a solid pick!

Ombré Dookie

Ombre Dookie

What better way to elevate your braided hairstyle than choosing an ombré style? It always looks classy when you opt for the black to brown to blonde ombré look. However, we suggest you try out something different and fiery this time!

By fiery, we literally meant hair colors that represent the color of fire. Red and yellow braiding hairs are going to do the job perfectly. Just add them as you braid down the length as shown in this picture, and you will get the hottest dookie braids of your desire!

If you want to recreate this hairstyle, we suggest going for the super cool parting style as well. The S-shaped partings totally complement the vibe of the entire style, so we suggest you keep this style on your radar.

Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes

Let’s take a look at this super cool hairstyle that we think can channel your ‘90s vibes quite effortlessly. Obviously, our dookie braids are present in this style, but you just need to add some extra touches to make it look even chicer.

First of all, choose braiding hair in different colors such as burgundy, brown, and blonde to go for this look. White braiding hair can also add that element of vibrancy. You can do the braids in a side-parted style to give them the proper look of a bob.

We suggest adding hair rings and strings to the braids for an added touch of glam. The retro vibes of these braids will surely take you back to the earlier days!

With Hair Ties

With Hair Ties

Going back to our childhood days may not be possible, but it’s quite possible to recreate the amazing hairstyles from our childhood days. From ponytails to braids, many women have given newer meaning to our childhood hairstyles. So what’s stopping you from doing that as well?

As we are talking about dookie braids, we suggest you pick colorful hair ties in different styles that will portray the look of your childhood hair. Part your hair in a creative way as shown in this picture, and make four amazing dookie braids out of your hair.

Make sure to use those colorful hair ties in order to complete your look. You can add them at the ends of your braids as well for the perfect appearance. And, don’t forget to style your edges for the ultimate outcome!

Triangle Parts

Triangle Parts

Creative partings are always an important thing about braided hairstyles. This is why we have seen many hairstylists creating zigzag parts as well as heart-shaped and more complex ones. Apart from those, the triangle-shaped partings are also quite famous when it comes to box braids.

For your dookie braids, we suggest going for the triangle partings this time. In fact, this particular style is quite common when it comes to dookie braids. You just need to pre-part your hair in the shapes of triangles, and then do your dookie braids normally. Trust us, it’s going to look amazing!

Red Braids

Red Braids

Once again we are back with one of our favorites, which is the red braiding hair. You simply cannot go wrong with red braids whether they are box braids, cornrows, or simply the dookie ones. Just pick your perfect shade and you will be good to go.

You can dye your hair red or choose red hair extensions to create your dookie braids as shown in this picture. Make sure to go bold because red is a color that portrays love and passion. If you want long braids then style them accordingly. Make sure to use gold strings in order to make your braids look even more exclusive.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights

Well, it’s just a classic thing to give your braids the touch of blonde highlights. No matter which style you are going for, blonde highlights are always amazing. So why leave your dookie braids behind?

This time when you go picking hair for your dookie braids, make sure to grab your pack of blonde braiding hair as well. Incorporate the blonde hair into your style as shown in this picture, and you will get that classic highlight effect. You can make a side-part style similar to this hair look, and you will fall in love with your hair instantly!

Blue Highlights

Blue Highlights

Whenever we are talking about highlights, we generally refer to the blonde shades against the darker base color. But why not choose something unique and pretty at the same time? Wondering what’s on our list? Well, we have blue hair for sure!

You can opt for a head full of blue dookie braids and no one’s going to complain! But for the subtle and cool style lovers, incorporating blue braiding hair into black braids will do the job of creating those highlights.

The dookie braids in this picture look super bold. Nothing is too extra, yet the style is amazing. So we definitely recommend trying out this look at least once!

Top Bun

Top Bun

Enough about the classic untied styles. Let’s now talk about something we all love: it’s the top buns! Seriously, the versatility of top buns makes them the perfect choice for regular wear as well as fancy events. So this time, try out a top bun out of your dookie braids.

As you can see, brown and black braiding hair has been used to create the dookie braids in this picture. After perfecting all the braids, all you need to do is simply gather them together and make a perfect top bun style out of them. Super easy and stylish, this style is going to become your favorite for sure!

Grey Hair

Grey Hair

Many women love to wear their natural grey hair as they age with time and we find it absolutely amazing! Your grey hair is a symbol of your maturity and experience, so you should always style them with pride. Also, grey hair is especially stylish because natural grey hair creates a highlight effect that looks totally stunning.

If you notice the appearance of grey hair, you can opt for doing dookie braids and choose grey braiding hair for the length. This way your hair will get a new look and the grey hair will work as highlights against the dark base. This style will give you the confidence to embrace the beauty of your grey hair, so we definitely suggest giving it a try!

Halloween Style

Halloween Style

You can change your braided hairstyle this Halloween and go for the dookie braids for an upgrade. However, make sure to match your makeup with your hairstyle for the perfect outcome. We also recommend picking up braiding hair in different colors to give your braids dimension.

In this picture, the lady is wearing amazing dookie braids that are sure to steal the limelight of any occasion. She chose black, brown, and blonde braiding hair for her amazing braids. For any themed event or spooky vibes, this style will surely stand out from the crowd.

Rihanna Style

Rihanna Style

Well, we saved the best for the last! For British magazine i-D’s music issue, Rihanna rocked a perfect look with stunning dookie braids that became fan-favorite instantly. This hairstyle inspired many women to try out dookie braids, so thanks to Rihanna!

As you can see in this picture, Riri is totally slaying the look with her perfect hairstyle and makeup. Her classic black dookie braids look super stylish, and we love how the length has been kept neither too long nor too short.

The braids are secured with rubber bands and the excess length has been cut off. The entire vibe of this hairstyle is screaming beauty, so you should definitely try recreating this look!

How Should I Sleep With My Dookie Braids On?

First of all, take a head wrap and tie it around your edges. Secure it by tucking the end in. After that, take your silk hair scarf, fold it in half, and tie it around your braids. Take another head wrap, and wrap it underneath your braids by turning it towards the long way. Make a knot out of it to secure it.

Finally, for the ends, take your silk bonnet and place it over the braids covering the second head wrap. Tie up the bonnet using a scrunchie, but make sure it’s not tight. And that’s it, your work is done! Following this system will ensure that your dookie braids remain proper while you sleep at night.

Why Choose Dookie Braids Over Other Braids?

Well, that’s a trick question. You simply cannot choose one braided style over others because they are all amazing. But what you can do is go for upgrades when your previous braided style looks like it could use some fun touch.

The plus point about dookie braids is that they take a lesser amount of time to be done compared to your small or medium-sized box braids. As the braids are big in size, they also look fuller and super-cool!

For those who love their jumbo box braids and that similar kind of vibe, we definitely suggest trying out dookie braids for once. Also, these braids are classics from the ‘90s, so for all the ‘90s hairstyle lovers out there, dookie braids can be your new best friend!

Final Words

We always love a proper braided style. No matter if it’s the regular box braids or the amazing tribal braids, you are sure to look pretty wearing any of them. Dookie braids are totally modish in this case, so trying them out should be a matter of time now!

Make sure to adorn your dookie braids with accessories if you are going to try them out soon! Apart from the gold hair rings and strings, you can choose different colors of braiding hair to make your dookie braids stand out. And the length, well, you are the decider on that!

We hope you have found the perfect style to try out with your dookie braids from the list we have mentioned above. Make sure to give them a proper try, and wear your dookie braids with style like never before!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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