Drake’s Heart Shaped Haircut

Drake’s Heart Shaped Haircut: One For The Ages

An artist like Drake doesn’t need a brief introduction. Known for his heartfelt lyrics, the artist never fails to go unnoticed. His effortless musical ability mixed with his timeless beats is one of the reasons why he’s one of the best musicians that the world has to offer today.

Throughout his career, the renowned musician has shattered records that one can only dream of. With nine number 1 albums, six number 1 songs, and a record 232 songs on the Billboard charts, no one can claim that the Canadian Artist is undeserving of the trophy and take away the shine that he’s achieved through years of hard work. He is also the most-streamed artist of all time and has a whopping 27 Billboard Awards under his belt, a record that has yet to be surpassed.

Apart from his consistent career in music, he is known for his flashy outfits and his questionable hairdos. While his signature look often involves a buzz cut with a high fade, Drake doesn’t shy away from trying out different variations from time to time. He is known for adding different patterns to his high and tight buzz cut, frequently including curved lines.

Although he has showcased multiple variants of the buzzcut over the past decade, one of his haircuts surely garnered all the attention and took the spotlight: His CLB haircut.

Drake’s Hairstyle: Simplicity at its finest

Drake Heart Haircut

Throughout his career, Drake has widely been recognized for the measures he took in order to promote his latest albums. For promoting the teaser of Certified Lover Boy, however, he took a rather minimalistic approach: a new haircut!

While the haircut gained a massive amount of attention from the public when it was first showcased on social media, it looks rather low-maintenance appearance-wise. It involves a regular buzz cut with a high fade, but includes a heart shaped pattern on the left side of the hairline instead of a plain design. The heart is drawn on the hairline with a barber pencil to prevent a botched haircut.

This hairstyle became an overnight success solely because of the simplicity it carried. It could indeed adapt to any outfit without hampering the overall impression of the total look. The disconnected buzzcut can also work wonders for those with a beard and shape up their face in an advantageous manner.

Tutorial on How to Achieve Drake’s Heart Shaped New Haircut

Another reason behind the hairdo’s success is due to simple steps one needs to follow in order to recreate the look. While it is favorable to those with afro hair, it can be mimicked by all hair types as long as the right stylist is involved in the process.

Moving on, here are the rules one needs to follow to achieve the perfect CLB haircut!

1. Trim down the area where the heart will be drawn.

This will make things easier for the stylist to understand the layout of the haircut and reduce the chances of having a botched haircut. You may use a 2 guard or a 3 guard to prevent too much hair from being shaved off.

Moreover, since Drake has waves and his hair type is mainly afro-textured, implementing designs on the hair might be a bit more difficult as opposed to other hair types.

2. Use a pencil to draw in the heart.

Edge the heart in with a barber pencil to make the design more visible. Doing so will allow the hairdresser to follow the pattern of the heart in an easier manner, resulting in a sharper design. It is also a safer method as opposed to a freehand one, and should be incorporated by the stylist if it’s their first time recreating this hairdo.

Furthermore, use the edge of a 0 mm trimmer to carefully draw the pattern of the heart onto the line up. You may also use a razor blade to achieve a sharper shape.

3. Apply shaving gel right after.

This will soften the hair and the skin, which will allow the hairdresser to make the pattern more precise through the use of a razor blade without causing razor bumps or acne on the skin.

4. Repeat the process until the perfect heart shaped pattern is achieved.

If the pattern still seems a bit off, you may keep using the edge of a trimmer to clean up the edges of the heart, and switch to using a razor blade if the strands are on the thicker end. Remember to use shaving gel before implementing the razor onto the skin to reduce the chances of inflammation.

Outside of Pop Culture

Outside of his prolific career in music, Drake is acknowledged for his humbleness and his giving personality, which was showcased when he took all his friends and his family members on stage during his  speech at the BMA 2021. He is also recognized to be a workaholic and always works towards self-improvement.

Drake is also a prominent face in the fashion scene. While the previous statement was rarely applicable years ago due to the questionable choices that he made, it didn’t take long before his taste in fashion evolved and became something to regularly keep up with. Nowadays, Drake is noted for his subtle approach in fashion and his neutral colored outfits. He is also known for his expensive taste in accessories and regularly involves them in his subtle fits.

Heart Shaped Haircut Inspired By Drake

Heart Shaped HairCut Inspired By Drake 1

Heart Shaped HairCut Inspired By Drake 2

Heart Shaped HairCut Inspired By Drake 3

Heart Shaped HairCut Inspired By Drake 4

Heart Shaped HairCut Inspired By Drake 5


When covering each topic, our main priority is to make sure our readers attain enough knowledge on the subject instead of feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, to make things easier, we have addressed some queries related to Drake’s infamous haircut that are frequently wondered about.

Question: Why does Drake have a heart shaped into his hair?

Answer: The “Hotline Bling” artist implemented a heart onto the left side of his line up in order to subtly promote his sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, which was released in September, 2021.

Question: What kind of haircut does Drake get?

Answer: Drake is prominent for his haircut, which involves a buzz cut with a low or high fade, and a line up near the hairline. He often involves various patterns to the look to give the hairdo some originality.

Question: What type of hair does Drake have?

Answer: While Drake usually keeps his hair extremely short, when grown out, his hair is more on the afro-textured end due to his heritage.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article consists of all the information one needs to acquire in order to successfully incorporate and recreate Drizzy’s “Certified Lover Boy” Haircut. When working on the groundwork, you may also install different kinds of patterns to give it your own touch. Team it up with a cuban chain and a neutral color outfit to effortlessly mimic the Degrassi star.

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