30 Fanciest & Must-try Dreadlock Styles For Men

If you have tried out many different modern hairstyles but none of them have succeeded in satisfying you, then maybe it’s time you try something out from the ancient era that’s still thriving in the world of fashion.

Are you wondering which hairstyle, in particular, we are hinting at? It’s Dreadlocks!!!

Even though this is an ancient hairstyle, it’s an undying trend that is still popular among both men and women.

Follow this article to explore 30 exclusive dreadlock hairstyles based on color, pattern, fusion with other hairstyles, or even accessories that you can try with dreadlocks. You’ll also find a brief history of dreadlocks and an FAQ section to quench your thirst for queries regarding dreadlocks.

Whether you want to pay a homage to history, show that you like reggae music, want to follow the hairstyle trend or simply love how dreadlocks look, then these are some of the strongest hairstyles you can try out right now!

History Of Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Poundmaker


There is a debate among historians where the dreadlocks have originated from. Some argue that they come from Ancient Egypt, while others claim that they’re based on Indian monks. Regardless of the origin, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular hairstyles among modern men.

These hairstyles began to gain popularity from the 1960s through the Rastafari movement in Jamaica. Thanks to Bob Marley’s music and cultural influence, people around the 70s started to adapt this hairstyle as a fashion statement around the world.

Fast forward to the current time, Dreadlocks are some of the most popular hairstyles among men who prefer to make a bold statement with their hairstyle!

Some Of The Hottest Dread Styles For Men

In this section, we present you 30 of the trendiest dreadlock styles for men divided into different categories, so that you can pick out the style that suits your taste the best. Also, many of these styles are flexible enough to try them by yourself in your free time.

The categories of dread styles for men in this article are:

  • Vintage Dreadlocks
  • Celebrities With Dreadlocks
  • Dreadlocks With Accessories
  • Dreadlocks With Dye
  • Fusion Dreadlocks

Some Dreadlocks have the potential to be combined with other dread styles, so we suggest you go through all of them and create a new fusion style that can become the next popular thing!

Vintage Dreadlocks For Men

These are the vanilla dreadlocks with slight modification, so they retain the originality of dreadlocks with a bit of modern touch.

Sleek Dreadlocks With Beard

Sleek Dreadlocks With Beard

We are starting the list with the most minimal version of dreads for men. With a comparatively less effort, you can achieve this style that’ll resonate with a sleek & smooth aura. This hairstyle will best compliment you if you have deep black and dense facial hair.

To apply these dreadlocks on your hair, you have to wash your hair first and then cut them to your cheek length. Make a rough estimation of how many dreadlocks you want and device the strands accordingly.

Use a rubber band to separate the strands. Also, you can use a Crochet Hook to ease your braiding process, and achieve this minimalistic dread style.

The Kraken Dreadlocks

Kraken Dreadlocks

If your preference is something bold, then you must try out the Kraken Dreadlocks. This is one of the complex dreadlock styles for men that require immense concentration and time. But the outcome will surely impress anyone, and people will know how dedicated you are to your dreads.

This hairstyle is at the edge of what people can do with their hair, and you can simply turn it into an art. Get these dreadlocks to earn others’ respect for the passion you have for your hair.

Naturally, people don’t have the length of hair required to install this hairstyle, so you will need some synthetic dreadlocks. The styling process is as follows:

  • First, divide your hair into five sections
  • While installing dreadlocks on the middle section, use a zigzag pattern
  • Now install dreads on either side, then fold the dreadlocks and form a braid with it.
  • Use these braids to tie the dreadlocks in the middle and leave the thick braided section dangling

An additional tip is that you can always use more synthetic dreadlocks to extend the length at any time.

Long & Straight Dreadlock Style For men

Long and Straight Dreadlock


Some people consider simple to be the most elegant, they identify as one with nature. If this description fits your views, then you are going to love this particular style of dreadlocks.

The interlocking process takes a long time which prevents a lot of people from daring to install such a hairstyle. With this simple dread style, you can prove that it’s not that difficult.

You’ll need longer hair for this dreadlock as well, and you can use extensions if your hair length doesn’t meet the requirement. Doing this hairstyle is quite straightforward if you know how to install dreads.

The Natural Dreadlocks

Natural Dreadlocks

Does originality & naturality bear a substantial meaning to you? As the name suggests, this is the most classic version among dread styles for men.

Installing these dreadlocks should radiate how much you value originality and show that you are not someone who only picks a hairstyle at random.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to have long hair to install these Natural Dreadlocks. To add a modern touch, you can additionally dye your hair to combine with a fading look. This way you get to wear your Natural Dreadlocks with a tinge of modernity.

The Beanie Dreadlocks

Beanie Dreadlocks

If you are not someone who is afraid of pushing your styles to the edge, you should definitely try out the Beanie Dreadlocks. It should give you a high top dread look.

Also, the erected beanie on top of your head won’t fail to attract people’s eyes. So the Beanie Dreadlocks can be your first step towards the attention that you’ve always desired. Not only this unique dreadlock style for men will be your point of interest, but also will give you an elite look.

In order to apply this hairstyle, you must roughly divide your hair strands in a way so that you get dreadlocks with lower-medium thickness. Once you’re done with making the dreadlocks, it’s time to shape it like a beanie, and roll out on the streets with this fabulous hairstyle!

Zigzag Braided Dreads

Zigzag Braided Dreads

We have a natural connection to patterns, as our brain remembers things with the help of finding similarities. This comfort with patterns arouses a craving for styling with patterns as well, and this Zigzag Braided Dread style for men is among one of them.

These patterns are easy to do and they look super cool upon completion. The patterns should be kept to a minimum to make it look even more attractive from the spectators’ point of view.

For doing this hairstyle, make sure to keep the strands thinner so that you can get some fine dreadlocks. Now divide your hair into three sections of right, left, and middle.

Pull the middle section towards your back and use your right and left dreadlocks to braid over the middle dreadlocks. Let some of the middle dreads flow to complete this stupendous hairstyle from the world of fashion.

Threeway Dread Style

Threeway Dread Style

This is one of those short dreadlock styles for men that can be done with relatively shorter hair. When you’re finding little time for styling your hair, this Threeway Dread style is a time friendly blessing.

This particular dreadlock hairstyle will give you a garnished look. You can be the living epitome of “simple things that can also be creative“.

It’s called the Threeway Dread Style since it causes the dreadlocks to fall in three different directions – left, right & back. You’ll let the left & right sides fall naturally, but the remainder of the hair should be combed backwards to add a dauntless vibe to it.

Installing these dreadlocks is quite easy – you’ll just have to simply divide your hair into three sections and install dreads accordingly.

Futuristic Dreadlocks

Futuristic Dreadlocks

Human beings are ever-changing, and with them changes the culture, styles and their perceptions. And if you are someone who thinks beyond the current time and prefers futuristic fashion trends, then this is the most fitting haircut that you can give yourself.

This specific hairstyle is one of the most futuristic dread styles for men you can find in the market. For doing this style, you’ll make braids with your dreads close to your scalp. The type of pattern you get will depend on the dreads you are using to install the braids.

The Hooded Dreadlocks

Hooded Dreadlocks

Do you want a hairstyle that is simple but also bulky? You should consider this Hooded Dreadlocks hairstyle if your answer is yes!

This hairstyle utilizes long dreadlocks over your head to form a hood-like figure. This hooded dreadlock style for men has an undeniable originality to it. You should definitely consider this hooded variant for a low-maintenance & authentic dreadlock style.

Once you’ve selected this hairstyle, then start separating your hair strands roughly to the thickness of your desire and install dreadlocks on them.

Afterwards, divide the back section of the dreads into three parts. Pull the sections left & right a bit higher than the middle part till each side of the dreadlocks start to render a round, hooded shape. To finish it off, just tie the dreadlocks with your middle strands.

Dreadlocks Style For Men With Bun

Dreadlocks with Bun

Having a bun with a loc hairstyle is quite a common sight. Should you prefer to have a bun on the top of the head with your curly/kinky hair, you won’t be missing it either with dreadlocks.

It is just as easy to install as any locs hairstyle. If you previously have installed any bun with loc hairstyle but want to explore dreadlocks then this could be your stepping stone in that transition.

Bun styles are very simple to carry out and you’ll be needing longer hair to do it right. And in the case of dreadlocks, doing this is dead easy.

To install this dreadlock style with a bun, you must first install the dreadlocks and pull the dreads toward your back. Wrap a couple of dreadlocks around the pulled portion to make it into a messy & modish bun on top.

The Curly Dreadlocks

Curly Dreadlocks

Is your hair naturally curly and you are exploring avenues for some fancy dreadlock styles for men? This particular dread style should serve your needs in the most interesting of ways!

With this style, you can install dreadlocks on your hair and still maintain the curly look that you’ve always had! Due to the dreads being quite thin, it makes the curl more visible and gives it an interesting texture.

You can consider it as minimalistic dreadlocks that have curls and it’ll surely give you the most polished look. So, have your minimalism requirements fulfilled with this remarkable dreadlock hairstyle!

Celebrities With Dreadlocks

Celebrities are and have always been our inspiration for trying out newly baked hairstyles. We bring you some of the most mind-blowing dreadlock hairstyles that celebrities around the world have dropped into the trend train in recent times!

Killmonger Dreadlocks

Kilmonger Dreadlocks

After the premiere of Black Panther film back in 2018, Michael B. Jordan’s character Killmonger’s hairstyle has turned into one of the most iconic dread styles for men. Many of the dreadlock hairstyles are bulky in nature, but this lanky Killmonger Dreadlocks hairstyle stands out for more than one reason.

Installing these dreadlocks consumes less time as they are shorter in length. To achieve this fancy dreadlock style, you’ll have to do high fades on either side of your head. Then install dreadlocks that are around 4-5 inches long.

While installing the Dreadlocks, keep the dreadlocks brushed over to the left or right side of your head. Once finished, you’ll carry an authentic Killmonger Dreadlocks look from the marvel superhero movie & be part of the contemporary fashion trend.

Bob Marley Dreadlock Style For Men

Bob Marly Dreadlocks Style For Men

Let’s take a closer look at the very person who popularized this hairstyle worldwide – Bob Marley. His dreadlocks are very close to the vintage dreadlocks and are rather thick in volume.

If you are someone who prefers bulky-looking hairstyles, you can pay your respect to Bob Marley by getting these stylistically significant dreadlocks!

Lenny Kravitz Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Lenny Kravitz Dreadlocks

Singer and songwriter Lenny Kravitz started his career in 1989. Unlike Bob Marley, his dreadlocks are simple and less bulky. It’ll do you justice if you want less weight on your head.

The heavier dread styles are not only difficult to install on but also to maintain. With Lenny Kravitz’s dreadlocks, you don’t have to worry about the challenges of installing the dreads or even maintaining them afterwards.

To do this dreadlock style for men, keep your side hair long till they reach your chin. Don’t keep any dreadlocks at the front, instead, spread them apart so your face remains visible with this wondrous hairstyle!

Jaden Smith Dreadlocks

Jaden Smith Dreadlocks

The Jaden Smith dreadlocks have flooded the internet as the most desirable dread style for men. This particular style is not popular simply because it’s worn by a celebrity, but because it’s a creative masterpiece.

Knotted on the top with multiple bands and rings added as decorations, the dreads should hang loosely over the top of your head. Regardless of your like or dislike for Jaden Smith, this hairstyle is so unique that it demands a try at any part of your life!

Dreadlocks With Accessories

You can do the following dreadlocks with the help of different accessories as they add extra zing to the existing dreadlocks. If you like playing with accessories then these hairstyles are a must for you to check out!

Short Dreadlocks With Rings

Short Dreadlocks with Rings

If you prefer rings on your locs, then trust me you are not alone. They are not only for Micro Locs or other locs hairstyles as you can try them on with short dreads as well! This is the perfect hairstyle for your short hair as you won’t be needing any synthetic dreadlocks.

Short dreadlocks generate a bold look, and these types of dreadlocks really help in getting rid of the blandness of a face. The short and bold look brings focus to your face and gives your face a fresh paint.

To install these locks you have to keep some of the hair strands longer than the others. You will put these rings on these strands after you’re done installing the dreadlocks. The variation in size totally depends on your taste, and when everything is in order, you’ll be flaunting the new and voguish dread hairstyle for men!

Dreadlocks With Comb Over

Dreadlocks with Comb Over

Everyone of us has a different taste and that’s what makes us unique from one another. Keeping that uniqueness in mind, we present this specific dreadlocks style for men as an astoundingly phenomenal hairstyle!

With this hairstyle, you will emanate a badass essence without needing to apply a fade on one of the sides of your head. You can also add accessories like raids rings to customize it further or dye the braids according to your liking

For this hairstyle, the dreadlocks need to be thicker, so having denser hair will greatly help in achieving the girth of the dreadlocks. In the case of braid rings, I suggest you use as few rings as possible to achieve a cleaner look.

Pineapple Leaf Dreadlocks With Bandana

Pineaple Leaf Dreadlocks with Bandana

Pineapple leaf is a sleek and clean version among the dreadlock styles for men. The dreads are skinnier which renders the locs much softer. A bandana is used on the forehead and the dreadlocks come out of the bandana, giving it the pineapple leaf-like look.

Whether you’re a fan of pineapples or not, this type of dreadlocks complements people with a long face and long hair. So if you feel that your facial features fit the descriptions, then you should definitely try the Pineapple Leaf Dreadlocks and wrap a cool bandana around them.

Tip: You can also fuse this hairstyle with dye to produce something new, but it generally looks good with natural hair color.

Dreadlock Style For Men With Headbands

Dreadlock Style for Men with Headbands

Are you in a weird position where you like longer hair but it has become the source of annoyance? Are they too short to tie their band but too long to fall over your shoulder? You still won’t cut them since they look good on you, and while in such a fix, what should you do?

Well, there is a simple and easy solution to this specific issue. All you need is a headband that will keep the hair away from your eyes. You can also try creative solutions such as this precise one to spice up your look while micromanaging your disobedient hair!

You can use different types of headbands in shape, color, or pattern with your existing hairstyle. It is a simple way to get rid of a nuisance and at the same time add dimension to your hairstyle.

Dreadlocks With Dye

Dreadlocks are in most cases ready to dye, both in terms of technicality and fashion trend. They look funky especially with dye, and if you are scrolling for dyeing inspirations for your dreadlocks, then you’ve landed at the right spot!

Large Box Dreadlocks

Large Box Dreadlocks

Box Dreadlocks are sleek, fashionable, and convenient dread styles for men, and with Large Box Dreadlocks you get to have a protective yet fancy haircut. If you feel your hair is prone to breakage, you should definitely consider this hairstyle as it will provide a two in one solution.

If you have installed Box Braids previously, then this should be a piece of cake to you. Instead of doing braids, this time it will be dreadlocks.

Basically, you’ll need to create large boxes as you need more hair strands to create dreadlocks. Then install dreads on the hair strands and find yourself ready to rock the world of thousands of people with your new & staggering dread style!

Ice Blue Dreadlock Style For Men

Ice Blue Dreadlock Style For Men

Let’s explore another color for your dreadlocks that should ensure your entry to the world of cool hairstyles! This one is quite similar to the ponytail version of dreads with a high fade, the dyed hair offers a completely different look.

This ice blue color is super popular among people who wholeheartedly subscribe to pop cultural artifacts and fashion trends. It represents the cool and calm nature of one personality that’s been represented in the contemporary fashion industry.

You can let your inner nerd out through this cool dreadlock style with this amazing color, and giving a comparatively minimal effort, you get to look smarter than ever!

Flaming Dreadlock Style

Flaming Dreadlock Style

Bold and fiery are two words that are perfect for describing these dreadlocks. This dread style for men should arouse those who pose the most energetic spirit.

The two shaved sides focus the hairstyle on top where the fiery-looking dreadlocks reside. If this hairstyle doesn’t earn a WOW from others then trust me, nothing else will. Channel your energy of burning passion through this peerless dread style right away!

Split End Dreadlocks

Split End Dreadlocks

If you think short dreadlocks are common among dreadlocks styles for men and you want something different, then Split End Dreadlocks can be an option for you. With this dread style, your existing dreads will split into sub-sections at the end.

You will see almost close to none with such a remarkably splitting hairstyle. This type of uncommon dread style gives a breath of fresh air in dread styles, better yet you could be the one to popularize such unconventional dread styles among styling enthusiasts!

Fusion Dreadlocks

Fusion is the bridge between time that can be achieved through connecting two different forms of hairstyling features. These dread styles for men are the best for those who want to mix and match to create something new.

Hedgehog Dreadlock Style for Men

Hedgehog Dreadlock Style for Men

Hedgehog is an adorable creature with defensive spikes. Wearing this haircut won’t render you deadly, but surely will give you a punk rockstar vibe. So if you dig such vibes then Hedgehog Dreadlocks will be a gem to you.

The Punk Rock genre inspired many young musicians back in the day. Their go-to hairstyle was long hair with spikes in different shapes as such. Fused with this dreadlock style for men, you will be wearing a similar hairstyle which is heavily inspired by this Punk Rock genre but with a modern touch of dreads.

These Dreadlocks have to be stiff so you will need hairspray while setting these dreadlocks. The dreadlocking process is similar to normal dreadlocks and all the locks will be facing towards your back. The top dreadlocks have to be shorter than the dreadlock below them.

Installing the dreadlocks in this orientation will make them look like spikes. Now spray hair gel to help them keep this shape, and rock out at any party with the snazziest of dreadlock styles!

Short Dreadlock Style With High Fade

Short Dreadlock Style with High Fade

If you have been wishing for a bolder look with dreads, then this hairstyle will surely impress you with its short dread styles. This haircut consists of a high fade which makes the hairstyle look bold and leaves you with some top hair to play with.

The high fade is already a bold hairstyle; the dreadlocks simply add a cherry on top of it. You can call it the ultimate bold dreadlock hairstyle for men in 2022. Installing this dread style will surely be an ice-breaker while giving you a confident look!

If you are someone who meets new people every day for different purposes, this hairstyle will assert your dominance which will give you an advantage in conversations.

High-Fade Dreadlocks With Ponytail

High Fade Dreadlocks with Ponytail

Instead of two, let’s fuse up three distinct hairstyling features for our next one! Make yourself some dreadlocks and design them into a ponytail. Add a high fade with these because the combination will create a simple but masculine look you have been looking for all along!

If you have naturally long hair that can reach your back, then you are good to go. If you do this correctly, all your dreadlocks should be pointing towards your back. Once you’ve made your finishing touches, comes the part where you get to party all night long with the most dashing and slashing rendition among dreadlock styles for men!

Thin Dreadlock Style For Men With Ponytails

Thin Dreadlock Style For Men With Ponytail

This particular hairstyle takes the boldness down a few notches from our previous one with a ponytail. If you believe the previous one to be a tad bit edge for you, then surely this one is the right fit for you!

For this hairstyle, it’s better to have strong roots. Since the dreads are much thinner they will be under stress higher than other dread styles.

Getting this dread hairstyle will by default make you stand out from others. While styling, this hairstyle will be a bit more time-consuming compared to others as there will be more hair strands to install dreads on.

But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and as soon as your styling process is over, your next step is to kill everyone in the city with your edgy and natty dread hairstyle!

Dreadlocks Style For Men With Mid Fade

Dreadlocks Style with Mid Fade

Mid fade is the middle ground of being a bold haircut to being a minimal haircut. This type of haircut is best for people who are undecided whether they should go for a bold or minimal look, and mid fade functions as the bridge between this conflict.

Add dreadlocks with your mid fades and you get a hybrid hairstyle that can be considered as something aesthetically pleasing. So sort your indecision out with this Mid Fade Dreadlock hairstyle and see yourself become the next most desirable man in town!

Low Fade Mushroom Dreadlocks

Low Fade Mushroom Dreadlocks

Mushroom haircut is a simple yet unique hairstyle because of its modular nature and stylistic diversity, as its general principles can be applied to dreadlock styles for men as well. Additionally, it complements some faces so well that its simplicity becomes its defining feature.

If you have previously applied a mushroom haircut and it really complimented your face shape, then you should definitely want to try it out again in a different way.

Dreadlocks are well known for their bulkiness, but if you install these and keep them short & thin, they can be toned down by a margin.

Wear your thin dreadlocks as the crown of mushrooms over your head. Since you are making the dreadlocks thinner means you have to make a lot of dreadlocks.

Reverse Knot Dreadlocks

Reverse Knot Dreadlocks

Fusion haircut is always creative and brings fresh looks to the table. Fusion dreadlock styles for men take hairstyling aspects even further. The Reverse Knot Dreadlocks also create a fusion style between fade and dreadlocks.

Though they are not from the same era, they complement each other perfectly. The reverse knot helps the dreadlocks to keep in place while allowing you to show off your shaved patterns on both sides of your head.

Be it a party or a graduation ceremony, carrying this significantly decorative hairstyle should give you access to anyone’s phone number you desire!

FAQ Zone

Our FAQ Zone hopes to quench your thirst regarding the queries you might have after learning so much about dreadlock styles, so make sure to check it out right now!

Q1: How much do Dreadlock Styles for Men cost?

Ans: Dreadlocks are a wide variety of hairstyles and the styling processes greatly differ from one another. But if you’re looking for a general idea, then we’d say that Dreadlock Styles for Men can cost between $200-$800 when done by stylists.

Q2: Do Dreadlocks smell?

Ans: Any hairstyle with little to no care and proper cleaning can smell, and dreadlocks are no exception. You should regularly clean your dreads with dry shampoo to keep them fresh and fragrant.

Q3: How often should I wash my dreads?

Ans: You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week.

Q4: How do you sleep with dreads?

Ans: You can pick out a satin cap or silk pillow-case to reduce fraction between the bed and the hair. This reduces breakage in dreads and ensures you a sound sleep with nothing to worry about!

Concluding Thoughts

A good haircut not only boosts your confidence but also uplifts your soul, but it also partially determines how people treat you after your first meeting. Likewise, a dreadlock style can easily become a part of your personality, and offer people a rich first impression of you through look.

We understand the importance of dread hairstyles for men and the need for these styles to reflect your personality. Therefore we have selected the best of the dreadlocks hairstyles that are running high in the concurrent fashion industry.

Our concluding remark is, dread styles are a must to have at least once in your lifetime. Adding to it, if you’re already a subscriber of dreads, then picking any of the mentioned hairstyles should disappoint you in no way. Or you could simply mix and match between these styles to generate something exquisite & new that can easily lead the next phase of fashion trends!

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