Dwayne Johnson Haircut

Dwayne Johnson Haircut: The Transformation Throughout The Years

Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock”, has one of the most prolific careers in the wrestling industry; he later transitioned to Hollywood and became one of the most renowned, highest-paid actors. He is celebrated for his charming personality and muscular physique all around the globe, which won him the title of the sexiest man alive in 2016 from People’s magazine.

He is well known for his signature bald look in recent years, but that was not always the case. He has portrayed different hairstyles while appearing regularly in the WWE and his early Hollywood career. He wore short buzz cuts to long textured hair and made a place among his fans’ hearts with his dapper look.

If you are a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and want to know about the evolution of his haircut, this article will help you immensely. I will discuss his hair transformation chronologically to help you understand his haircut evolution. 

There will also be a FAQ section which might include the information you were looking for, so stick around and enjoy!

The Haircut Evolution of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

When we think about Dwayne Johnson, we think of a 6.5 ft tall, muscular bald guy who started to sport this look in 2010. Before that, he used to wear numerous distinctive hairstyles while being a part of WWE and various movie roles.

Haircut Evolution of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Young Dwayne Johnson used to wear long afro-textured hair, which can be seen from social media that he often posts. He debuted in the WWE with medium-length afro hair and sported that hair design for a certain period before changing his persona as the heel character, The Rock.

As The Rock, Dwayne Johnson started to wear his kinky hair in a slick back style and later moved on to wearing buzz cuts and crew cuts. His hairstyle did not change much during this era except in the movie roles he used to play, like The Scorpion King, where he portrayed long hair that goes past the shoulders.

Haircut Evolution of Dwayne Johnson Right Now


Sometimes he would grow his hair and wear it in a slick back design, but that was quite rare. He started to shave his head around the second half of 2010 and has made the smooth-shaved head his signature look ever since.

11 Haircuts of Dwayne Johnson That No One Rocked Better

Dwayne Johnson’s haircut has evolved over the years, and he has worn different hair designs in different periods of his career. He has worn various hairdos to portray numerous roles in movies as well. Amongst these hairstyles, I will provide you with 11 hairstyles that are the best examples of his transformation over the years.

Young Dwayne Johnson’s Afro Blowout

Relaxed Afro Blowout

The first hairstyle I will discuss in the article is a relaxed afro blowout, a regular hair design for Dwayne Johnson during his young age. His hair is long and worn with a stylish afro style, but one side is more matted down than the other.

This image was taken when he was only 7 years old, without fame or recognition. It is not polished, but it shows his love for stylish appearance and long hairstyles. This hairstyle is simple and easy to achieve for men with type 4 hair. If you have other hair types, I will not recommend this hairstyle to you, but you can get it by changing your hair type artificially.

Rocky Miavia’s Curly Top with Shaved Sides

Curly Top with Shaved Sides

The curly top hairdo we are discussing here is the hairstyle with which Dwayne Johnson debuted in the ring of WWE, which was known as WWF then. He did not debut with his real name; his ring name was Rocky Maivia. It was a mix of his grandfather Maivia’s and his father Rocky’s names.

The hairstyle is pretty simple and still trending to this day. The hair on the sides and the back are shaved in a top fade. The hair on the top is kept longer and worn messily. This hairstyle is suited for curly hair or type 3. Type 4 or kinky hair types can also wear this hair design without much worry.

The Rock’s Afro-textured Slick Back

Afro Textured Slick Back

In the professional wrestling scene, everyone changes their persona from time to time to become a good or bad guy. The good guys are known as the face, and the bad guys are known as the heel. Dwayne Johnson debuted as a face and later changed his persona to become a heel and created the character of The Rock.

He changed his hairstyle during this time as well to better suit the villainous personality. He moved on from the long hair and started portraying an afro-textured slick back hairstyle. He had a receding hairline, and his sides were cut in a taper. He brushed the hair on the front toward the back with hair wax and looked the part of a charming heel.

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

The following hairstyle is from when Dwayne Johnson started to portray buzz cut with fade. He cut his hair short and always portrayed this design and looked neat. It is quite common and very popular among short-hair enthusiasts. The hair on the sides and the back are cut in a skin fade where the skin is visible.

The hair on the front top is kept longer and cut with a number 2 guard of a hair clipper. The front and the side edges are shaped with a razor to give him a polished look. This hairstyle suits every hair type, and people with any face shape can look striking by getting it. 

Number 1 Buzz Cut with Bald Fade 

Number 1 Buzz Cut with Bald Fade

This is another buzz cut, but it is shorter than the previous one. It is from a similar time as well, when he usually got different-sized buzz cuts. He, alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin, were two of the most popular wrestlers of the company and had numerous memorable matches during that period.

For this hair design, his sides and the back were cut in a bald fade or number 0 guard of a hair clipper. His hair on the front was short as well. It was cut with the number 1 guard of a hair clipper. His front and side hair was shaped with a razor to have a nice symmetrical appearance.

Crew Cut with Taper

Crew Cut with Taper

Dwayne Johnson often grew his hair from the buzz cut and wore it in a crew cut or butch cut. The following hair design is an example of him wearing a clean crew cut with a taper and looking polished. During this time, he was starting to branch out and thinking about beginning his career in Hollywood.

The hair on the sides is shorter than the front and is cut in a taper. The front and side edges are shaped to give him a clean look. This hair design looks good on everyone, regardless of hair type or face shape. You can get this hair design, and be sure you will look dope.

The Scorpion King Hairstyle

The Scorpion King Hairstyle

The Scorpion King was the second movie Dwayne Johnson acted in Hollywood, and it was an instant success. In this movie, he played the lead role, Mathayus, an assassin for hire. To portray this character, he wore long back-reaching hair, either loose or tied in a knot.

His fans liked this hairstyle well, and many of them started to come to the WWE arena while styling their hair in this hairdo. This hair design will look good with straight and wavy hair. If you have other hair types, it will not look as remarkable as you would expect. I suggest you try a different hairdo that will suit you more.

Casual Slick Back Curls

Casual Slick Back Curls

The following hair design is one of the rare medium-length hairstyles that Dwayne Johnson wore after leaving the WWE and becoming a full-time actor. His hair is cut in a medium length and brushed backward for a casual slick back hairdo. His curly hair looks messy from the back due to his kinky hair type.

The hair on the sides is kept shorter near the sideburns and temple area. You can only achieve this look if your hair texture is curly or kinky. You can not create this fluffy back hair with straight or wavy hair type. This hair design will suit most face shapes, so do not worry about that.

The Game Plan Haircut

The Game Plan Haircut

Dwayne Johnson played the role of a star NFL player in the movie The Game Plan. During this movie, he portrayed a lot of different hairstyles, most of them short. He has worn a buzz cut, crew cut, butch cut, curly slick back, etc. He looked remarkable in every one of these hair designs. 

In this image, he is wearing a slick back hairstyle with his curly, receding hairline. The edges of his side hair are shaped neatly with a razor to give him a polished appearance. Despite being a hairdo from the movie, it was a go-to hairstyle that he often wore on multiple occasions. It was one of the last hairstyles he sported before shaving his head.

Signature Bald Look

Signature Bald Look

Here is the signature bald look we are accustomed to seeing Dwayne Johnson with. It has been over a decade since Dwayne Johnson started to shave his head and portray a clean bald look. The image you are watching here is taken from the Fast and Fury franchise, where he plays the character of Luke Hobbs, an agent for the US Diplomatic Security Service.

The bald head alongside the goatee gave him the look of a no-nonsense militant personal, and most audiences appreciated it. Getting a beard is often considered a good idea if you think of shaving your head. You will agree with that notion by seeing how remarkable Dwayne Johnson looks with the beard.

The Hercules Hairdo

The Hercules Hairdo

The last hairdo I will discuss is not his original hair; rather, it is a hair design where he used a wig to get it. It is a long wavy hairstyle that he portrayed for playing the character of the Greek mythical hero Hercules. This hair design might not be his real hair, but it is a look loved by millions of Dwayne Johnson fans as it was one of the most-grossing movies of that year.

It is a long hairstyle that reaches the shoulder. The hair texture is wavy, but this hairstyle also looks good with other hair types, especially straight hair. In this movie, he styled his long hair with a middle part or loose slick back. If you are comfortable with long hair, this is a great choice.


It is understandable if you have questions about Dwayne Johnson’s hairstyle, as many people have, whether they are his fans or not. In this section, I will answer some frequently asked questions about this topic, which will help you quench your thirst for knowledge instead of browsing all over the internet to find out.

Question: What is the hair type of Dwayne Johnson?

Answer: Due to Dwayne Johnson’s signature bald look, many people do not know his hair type. His actual hair type is type 4, kinky or coily hair. In this type of hair, tight curls are present from the roots, which makes the natural oils pass through the hair, causing hair breakage easily.

Question: Why did Dwayne Johnson shave off his hair?

Answer: There are a lot of rumors going around in Hollywood about the actual reason for Dwayne Johnson’s shaved head. Many people believe Dwayne Johnson shaved off his hair due to the receding hairline, while others believe he shaved his head because he lost hair due to steroid usage.

But according to him, it was a choice he deliberately made. In a social media post, he said, “I’m not bald because I went bald. I’m bald because my hair is a cross between an afro and hair from a Lama’s ball sac.” 

Question: How often does Dwayne Johnson shave his head?

Answer: One of the most asked questions about Dwayne Johnson is how often he shaves his head. We have finally got an answer to that question. In an Instagram video, he said he usually shaves his head every 36 hours to keep the stubble from growing. If you want to keep your head as smooth as the Rock, there is no other way. 

Final Word

Dwayne Johnson is one of the world’s most famous celebrities and is well-liked by everyone. His charming personality is enticing and unavoidable. He is usually known for his muscular physique and signature bald head, but it was not always like that. 

He had worn hairstyles of different lengths, from buzz cut to afro blowout, and looked dapper with every one of them. His hair transformation happened over the years. In his early years, he wore long hair with an afro texture and gradually changed into the bald look he currently portrays.

You can get any of his hairstyles if they suit your face shape, hair type, and personality. For example, the bald head only fits some, and only a few people can rock this appearance, as well as Dwayne Johnson. But there is no harm in experimenting with your style and seeing if it fits you.

There are a lot of people who want Dwayne Johnson to grow his hair back. What is your take on that? Tell us in the comment section!

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