19 Striking E-Girl Hairstyles That You Must Not Miss Out

E-girl hairstyles are the talk of the town this year. Everyone is giving this style a try. The E-girl hairstyle has been in style for more than a decade. Girls have been going in and out of this style for a while now.

The e-girl style has been adapted from the Asian culture and is influenced by k-pop, anime and manga. It is a mix of the Japanese Harajuku style and the western Emo style.

The e-girl style consists of a lot of hair dyes, highlights, and cute makeup renditions. This style has evolved and people from all aspects of life are accepting this style.

Back in the 2000s, only gamer girls and emo girls would adapt this style but that is not the case anymore. Everyone is picking up this style and doing it their way. The best way to begin with this style is to start with your hair.

There are a lot of e-girl hairstyles.These hairstyles can be separated into a broad spectrum. There are no fixed haircuts or hair colors, or fixed rules that you have to maintain to achieve the e-girl hairstyles.

The best option is to choose your favorite color and hairstyle and portray it that way. The e-girl look is an entire personality and a vibe that you need to create.

You cannot just get a haircut and become an e-girl instantly, though it is a big step towards becoming one.

If you are looking for the best e-girl hairstyles and how to do them yourself, then you’re reading the right article. In this article, we will come across the best e-girl hairstyles of this century that are perfect for you.

How To Get The E-Girl Hairstyle On Your Own?

E-girl hairstyles are probably the most popular DIYed hairstyle in the past couple of years. Adults, teenagers, kids, everyone has tried it, and I haven’t heard anyone complaining yet.

It is a very easy style to achieve on your own, and if you’re wondering how, just follow my instructions below.

Step 1: Section your hair. Part them in the middle and tie them using elastic bands. You can make these sections as big or as small as you want. If you have a fringe, part them too

Step 2: Select your hair dye. You need to select a color that is good for your style. You could choose pastel colors as these cater more to the e-girl look. The most e-girly look is when you color just the strands in the front or the back. You can try this out as a first-timer, but if that is not something you want, you can go for whatever style suits you best.

Step 3: Style your hair. You must have a specific style in mind. To get this look, you can get inspired by the styles mentioned above, and style your hair that way. It will help you narrow down the best styles and choose from what you like most.

If you plan on doing your e-girl style on your own, these are the simplest steps to follow and get your desired look with ease.

19 Awe-Inspiring E-Girl Hairstyles For Beginners

E-girl hairstyles became popular in the past few years, but their uprising happened during the pandemic. People tried out multiple hairstyles during the lockdown.

They did crazy styles and colors. Everyone experimented with their hair because of sheer boredom but the hairstyle that stayed and was appreciated a lot was the e-girl hairstyle.

People instantly fell in love with this style. The best part about this hairstyle is its versatility. Anyone, regardless of their profession, could wear it.

You could be a professional gamer girl or a human resources manager, and you could still get this hairstyle.

The e-girl hairstyle ranges from very subtle colors and styles to full-on funky, crazy, and loud hairstyles and colors. It depends a lot on you, whether you want it to be soft and sweet or loud and proud.

Below are the e-girl hairstyles that could be your next look, so don’t wait up, dig into this world of hairstyles and colors.

Pastel Blue

Pastel Blue E Girl Hair

Pastel colors are very popular in e-girl hairstyles. Because the main theme of an e-girl is to look cute and naughty at the same time, pastel colors help serve this purpose.

You could have a very sensual hairstyle but dye it in pastel blue, and you will instantly have the most e-girl looking hairstyle out there.

You will look very sensual but also very cute and adorable at the same f. Pastel blue is a very calming and soothing color. It helps you feel very relaxed, and you will look great in this hair color.

Blonde Fringes

Blonde Fringes Highlights

The beginning of the e-girl era in the past couple of years was triggered by this specific look. People were getting this hair color whether or not they were into e-girl hairstyles.

The front partitioned highlights look different, unique, and sexy. Girls loved this style as soon as they saw Charlie D’amelio rocking this style in her dance videos in Tiktok.

The blonde highlights are a gateway to the world of e-girl hairstyles. Once you enter this world, there are a lot more styles waiting for you to try on.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Fringe Hair

Pastel Pink is a superb hair color choice for your e-girl hairstyle. It sits perfectly well with any skin tone.

The pastel pink makes you look happy and bubbly. It makes your skin tone look brighter against your hair.

The pastel pink is such a great color for anyone with any skin tone. If you are planning to dye your hair pink for your e-girl hairstyle, you must not waste your time anymore. This is perfect for you, and you should get it done as soon as possible.


Indigo E Girl Hairstyle

We’ve seen blonde fringes, pink hair, and blue hair, but here is a very common color that we often miss out on.

Indigo is a beautiful color for your e-girl hairstyle. It looks amazing, and the hairstyle makes it look even more fantastic.

If you are running out of color ideas for your hair, you must try out indigo. It is a very subtle color that makes you look adorable, and it serves your purpose of rocking a great e-girl hairstyle.

Half And half

Half And Half E Girl

The half and half has become a very famous trend. It is one of the easiest e-girl hairstyles that you can do on your own. You will see a lot of e-girls adorn themselves with half and half e-girl hairstyles.

You could use any two colors to achieve this exciting hairstyle. It is a very high-spirited look, and it allows you to indulge in more than one hair color.

It makes you look extra stylish. If you can pull off this style, you were meant to wear your hair like this.

Though you have to make sure that you are ready to commit to your middle partition for a very long time.

Green And Black

Green And Black Hair

This hairstyle has been out there for a while but became famous when Billie Eilish rocked her songs wearing the same hairstyle.

This is a classic e-girl hairstyle, and it is very famous amongst teenagers and people in their mid-twenties.

The green and black combination is very eye-catching, and it has a very lustrous vibe to it. You can not look bad in this style even if you tried.

Pink Bun And Fringes

Pink Bun And Fringes

The pink bun and fringes are a great e-girl hairstyle. It is an e-girl hairstyle that is very feminine and looks splendid on any hair type.

If you have pink hair and you are worried about going to a formal setting, you can wear your hair like this, and voila! Your problem is solved.

This is a very classy and posh look. There is no way you will look less professional in this style. If you think that you don’t make the cut, then maybe you are made to do more great things than just a mundane job. If you can’t even wear your hair the way you want, it is not really worth your time.

Blonde With Orange Ends

Blonde With Orange Ends

Blonde orange ends are a great e-girl hairstyle. With this style, you don’t really have to mess up your entire hair.

You can just dye the ends of your hair orange and let your blonde hair be, If your hair is not blonde, you must bleach your hair to get the perfect shade.

Once you get the perfect blonde color, you can then move on to dying your ends orange. You have to be very careful here so that you don’t ruin your blonde hair by getting the orange dye on it.

Rainbow Streaks

Rainbow Streaks E Girl Hair

We have seen a lot of hair dye mix-ups for this particular look. If you are a little confused about which hair color you could use for yourself, I would suggest going for the rainbow streaks.

They are colorful, funky, and vibrant, and you get a taste of all the colors that you would like. This e-girl hairstyle can also be worn to a pride parade or can be a symbol of how you identify yourself.

This is a great way for you to let people know about your sexual orientation if you are just coming out of the closet.

Just dye your hair to announce that you are not in the closet anymore. If you are worried about looking too tacky in the rainbow streaks, then you can use pastel colors to get this style, which looks much more soft compared to these loud colors.

Hair Horn

Hair Horn E Girl Hair

The hair horn is the latest addition to the e-girl hairstyle. We have seen many versions of the e-girl hairstyle.

The hair horn is a very cutesy version of it. This adds a different charisma to the look that can seem quite captivating if worn properly.

This is not very hard to achieve either. If you want the hair horns, make sure your hair is not too long towards the top. If your hair is short you can just grab a strand and use hair wax to shape it like a horn and then spray it in place.

That’s all you have to do to get these hair horns that you want. This is a unique e-girl hairstyle, and it is on the verge of becoming famous.

So, don’t waste time and be amongst the people who are doing this style before everyone else.

Celebrities In E-girl Hairstyles

Celebrities started to pick up on this style as soon as it caught their eyes. It is a very cool and vibrant way to appear on the screen, and people naturally tend to gravitate toward these colorful styles.

It was a win-win situation for celebrities to wear these styles. They are more noticed, and it adds a pinch of playfulness to their look.

The e-girl hairstyle is an iconic style, and everyone, including celebrities, is loving this style. Below are a few celebrities who rocked the e-girl styles better than anyone else. So, go ahead and get inspired.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Hairstyle

Dua Lipa is a British sensation who is taking over the world one country at a time. People love her style as much as they love her music.

Dua Lipa got bored of her hairstyle and soon she joined the e-girl hairstyle clan to bring a pop of color to it. Undoubtedly she looks amazing in this style.

She rocked her orange e-girl hairstyle like a rockstar.

Charlie D’amelio

Charlie D Amelio

TikTok famous Charlie D’amelio started the e-girl trend again using her platform. She has over a million followers, and people seem to quite enjoy her content.

She is famous for her dancing, and she has been spotted in different hair colors in her videos. People loved her style, and her e-girl hairstyle became famous overnight.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner E Girl Hairstyle

We have all known Kylie since she was a child. She is famous for her cosmetics company, Kylie cosmetics. She has also been famous since she was a kid because of the popular show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

In this show, we learned a lot about Kylie, and it was pretty clear that she would grow up to be a fashion icon.

Today people follow her style all over the world and appreciate her different styles. Lately, Kylie has been rocking the e-girl hairstyle, and there is no stopping her from looking splendid in this style.

Billie Eilish

Billie Elish Stylish Colored E Girl Look

Billie Eilish entered this industry with her neon green and jet black hair. People loved her look and thought of her as the cool kid of Hollywood as soon as they saw her.

Her style is unique and easy to pull off. It is a very casual/ street chic e-girl look. She wears her e-girl hairstyle very proudly and is always ready to show it off anywhere she goes.

Billie Eilish is proud of her style, and she is very confident in her skin. If you like her style, go to your hair colorist and ask them to give your hair a makeover.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Hairstyle

Avril Lavigne technically started the e-girl hairstyles in the ’90s. She had these crazy hair colors peeking through her blonde locks.

This is what every emo/e-girl wanted to look like. Avril became famous because of her songs but also because of her different looks.

People during that time were not open to anything that looked remotely different but Avril got lucky and was appreciated for her style. She inspired a lot of kids back in the day.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande entered her ponytail phase right when she began to gain fame. She had two major reasons to adapt to her e-girl hairstyle.

One reason was to prevent her hair from the damage caused during her Disney show, where she constantly had to dye her hair.

The second reason was to come up with her own iconic style. Ariana’s e-girl hairstyle is very famous amongst teenagers, and they love her look.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat E Girl Hair

Doja Cat came into this industry and took it by storm. People love her energy. Especially her unique hairstyles.

She rocks her e-girl look and even came to Vogue YouTube describing how easily you can achieve her style.

Doja Cat is a whole mood and if you’re able to pull off a look like her then there is no stopping you.


Kehlani Hairstyle

Kehlani is an R&B music artist who is open about her bisexuality, and she rocks her e-girl hairstyle like a queen. She was amongst the few celebrities who first wore the e-girl hairstyle and made it more popular.

She is an inspiration for the queer community. People love her vibe, and she seems pretty chill from what we learned from her social media.

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko E Girl Looks

Haley Kiyoko debuted in the world of music with this e-girl hairstyle, and people instantly loved her look.

She was inspiring the younger generation with her coming-of-age songs and music videos. She appeared in many awards shows, and talk shows rocking her hairstyle that she is very proud of. Hayley Kiyoko was meant for this style, and she looks fab.

Final Verdict

The e-girl hairstyle is one the most popular hairstyles amongst people who identify as females and femmes.

This is a very cool, funky, and vibrant hairstyle that pops up your look by a few notches. Getting this hairstyle is a good decision in many ways.

You get a new look. You are open to newer colors, and you can enjoy the compliments that’ll come your way.

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