Emo Hairstyles For Girls

25 Stylish Emo Hairstyles For Girls That Will Define Your Aesthetics

If you’ve reached this page to get inspiration for your emo hairstyle, you must be someone who loves solidarity, and peace, and is somewhat sensitive!

Other people might even think you’re teen-ish, pessimistic, or “going through a phase”. But we suggest you let others do their job, and doll up your hair just as your precious artistic soul wishes for!

Let’s learn what exactly makes emo hairstyles for girls, and have a look at our eccentric suggestions for your next emo hairstyle that won’t just scream melancholy, but also creativity, with an FAQ section only to satisfy your queries even further!

What Exactly Makes An Emo Hairstyle?

Identifying Emo Hairstyle

A lot of people mistake emo hairstyles with goth styles. However, emo is not necessarily all black and gloomy, nor does it express anything negative or pessimistic!

Emo styles are more like a creative expression of those who wear them. It’s all about customization, experiments, and having the guts to stand out from everyone else!

Emo girls crave a touch of uniqueness in everything they do. And bringing individuality to your hairstyles is probably your favorite sport! Here are some key secrets that you need to focus on that will help you shine differently from the rest!

  1. Design your own haircut! The best way to claim uniqueness is to perform your own style rather than getting a general haircut at the salon. Get inspiration from the internet and add your own spell that suits your vibe!
  2. If you’re brave enough, you can try getting a haircut at home as well! Your haircuts will never be the same, and that’s the charm of an authentic emo hairstyle.
  3. Customize your own hairstyles by spicing them up with quirky up-dos, distinctive textures, and unique accessories to your regular styles, and that’s the key to stepping into the emo genre!
  4. Add splashes of colors! Dye your hair using all of your creative inspirations. No one cares about symmetry and perfection anymore. You can color all of your hair in a unique shade, or add multiple hues and highlighted streaks of bright colors to take your hairstyle to the next dimension!

25 Easiest Emo Hairstyles For Girls In 2022

To create a unique style, first, you need to glance at some inspirations. We’ve collected some ultra-modern emo hairstyles for girls who don’t shy away from being unique! Check out these jazzy emo hairstyles and pick your own dope emo culture!

Classic Stepped Layers With Jagged Bangs

Classic Stepped Layers With Jagged Braids

The good old emblem of being emo is this side-swooped, heavy, jagged bangs with raspy layers at the ends. If you’re trying this hairstyle for the first time, you might need to train your hair to part in the direction you want.

Part your bangs and clip them up until the roots soften in the opposite direction. Cover this step before cutting your swooped bangs, and they’ll stay at the angle you want. Train them more with a straightener, hair-dryer, and hair sprays for better results.

This is one of the popping emo haircuts for girls that will take you back to your 2000’s dream!

Emo Bangs With Natural Waves

Emo Bangs With Natural Waves

If you want a more subtle look with your emo bangs, this hairstyle is perfect for you! Instead of forging the bangs heavily over your forehead, keep them a bit longer to let them flow casually around your hairline.

Don’t forget to keep the short parts of the bangs light and see-through! That will add a certain softness to your look. Although classic emo hairstyles mostly go for dead-straight hair, adding faint waves to your layers will give an extra boost of newness to your emo hairstyle!

Your look will definitely encourage normies to go emo!

Short Mullet Cut With Long Bangs

Short Mullet Cut With Long Bangs

A mullet cut is all the rage among modern emo hairstyles! This short emo haircut has room for countless customization, and of course, no two wolf cuts look the same! That makes it THE perfect haircut that aligns with the spirit of emo girls.

This short, modern mullet cut with messy long bangs at the front will give you the ultimate care-free aura. Adding some bright-colored highlights to some streaks of your hair will make your look effortlessly singular! Get this hairstyle for rocking your fashion on a daily basis with zero struggle!

Oversized Permed Bangs With Short Hair

Oversized Permed Bangs With Short Hair

This volumized perm will give you the superlative aura of rock n roll in your journey to find emo hairstyles for girls! Although this style is slightly tricky, the end result is cool enough for a little effort.

A combination of perming and teasing the hair will achieve this look on your short hairstyle. Make sure to tease your hair as much as you can for extra volume and fluffiness. Brush them out a little to tame the teases but be careful not to flatten them too much.

Get this super dope hairstyle to go bold with your inner emo!

Short Shaggy Layers With Heavy Bangs

Short Shaggy Layers With heavy Bangs

Classic heavy bangs with short layers at the back can be your unique emo hairstyle! Bangs with heavyweight swooped to one side and covering the forehead brings the archetypal emo style back with a modern touch.

Short shaggy layers at the back will look exceptionally better if the wispy ends are curved slightly upward. This hairstyle will shine the most if paired with fiery hair dye like orange, red, and fuchsia.

Try one of these daring short emo haircuts to outshine everyone else around you!

Short Bob With Colored Bangs

Short Bob With Colored Bangs

Short bobs are rarely associated with emo hairstyles, but tell that to the emo girls who love experimenting with their hair! Spice up your regular bob with a colorful fringe at the front.

Just the addition of an e-girl tint at the front will give you a distinctive aura. You can try keeping your bob straight, jazz them up with curls and waves, or leave them be for different looks every day. The colored bangs will single-handedly carry your style every day!

Get these emo haircuts for girls to easily achieve a universal charm!

Celestial Blue Hair With Bangs

Celestial Blue Hair With Bangs

If you look carefully, this hairstyle is basically long hair with over-the-eyebrow fringes and is as basic as it sounds. But the surreal hair color surely spices it right up to the emo world!

A mixture of metallic blue, turquoise, and purple will give your hair the most satisfying shade of blue to ever exist! With this supreme hair color, you would look good even if you’re in your pajamas!

So get this hairstyle to make everyone worship your celestial being 24/7!

Pure White Short Wolf Cut

Pure White Short Wolf Cut

Wolf cut is the embodiment of modern emo hairstyles! Jagged ends with lots of layers is more like a contemporary version of the 00’s emo haircut.

Short wolf cut with wispy bangs is exceptionally popular among emo girls but adds a little flair to your look with pure white-blonde hair. You will surely turn heads with the bold, yet blissful vibe this hairstyle will wrap around you!

Get these emo hairstyles for girls if you want people to think you’ve come out straight from an anime!

Messy Cruella De Vil Hairstyle

Messy Cruella De Vil Hairstyle

Yet another basic and casual haircut that you can vogue up into an emo appearance! Dye half of your hair pitch black while lightening the other half into pure white blonde to achieve this classic Cruella de Vil look.

This half and half hairstyle is a perfect mood for all the emo girls around the world! You can do this style with the haircut you already have. And of course, when you dye your hair, no need to be concerned with extra styling.

So, invest in your childhood dream of idolizing Cruella’s fashion!

Short Black Hair With Azure Curtain Bangs

Short Black Hair With Azure Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are the definition of elegance and sophistication, but for the sake of grunge, they can be edgy as well! Short, layered black hair goes particularly well when coupled with curtain bangs. But if those bangs are dyed in bright azure, they’ll pop up your look with an instant boost!

These low-maintenance, short emo hairstyles for girls will be ideal for you if you don’t want to try too hard for a grunge look but want a flash of seasoning as well. Go for this easy yet dapper hairstyle for your next grunge guise!

Short Bob With Long Sidelocks

Short Bob With Long Sidelocks

Long sidelocks with short hair at the back is another iconic emo haircut for girls! You can try this with a short blunt bob with flat fringes at the front. Keep a visible distinction between your bob and sidelocks to make the style even edgier.

Making the side locks rounded will soften the look a little and it will frame your face with a certain refinement. Of course, dying your hair with bright colors like turquoise will add a spazz to the style.

Go for this futuristic hairstyle to set this as your very own funky vibe!

Feathered Pixie Hair With Long Sidelocks

Feathered Pixie Hair With Long Sidelocks

This creative emo hairstyle will instantly make you stand out in a crowd! A feathered pixie haircut with two long sidelocks gives an edgy and unparalleled boldness to your look.

Tease your shaggy and short pixie haircut in a slightly messy way to create a volumized, feathered look. Curl up your long side locks to match well with the scruffy hair at the top.

This haircut will look particularly well if it is chopped with a razor for extra ruggedness.

Go creative with this super snappy emo hairstyle and have fun with your renewed intimidating aura!

Toga Himiko Buns With Heavy Fringes

Toga Himiko Buns With Heavy Fringes

If you’re an anime fan and belong to the My Hero Academia fandom, then this is a hairstyle you must consider getting! Toga Himiko is one of the most grunge anime girls to ever be created. From her personality to her hairstyle, it defines the new generation’s emo attitude!

Her signature hairstyle is blunt fringes with chin-length sidelocks and two messy buns. The blonde hair upgrades this simple hairdo into a sassy echelon!

So, if you have blonde hair like her, don’t miss out on such villainous emo hairstyles for girls!

Black And Pink Braids With Hime Bangs

Black And Pink Braids With Hime Bangs

Going a little Harajuku can also be your personal grunge style! Colored, long hair with Hime bangs, also known as the Japanese princess cut will define your uniqueness in a creative way.

Heavy, blunt bangs at the front with straight, blunt, sidelocks of cheek length give off a traditional, yet avant-garde image when paired with long hair at the back. And if you dye your hair in bright pink and put them up into braids, this classic Japanese aristocratic hairstyle will give you the most psychedelic vibe!

Go for this cool Harajuku-inspired look if you want to avoid shaggy layered hairstyles!

Red And Black Wolf Cut With Flying Ends

Red And Black Wolf Cut With Flying Ends

Red is probably the national color of the emo nation! Because of its versatility, the combination of black and red is one of the most popular palettes among girls who want to have fun with their hair.

Highlighted red streaks on layered black hair will give a sinister, grunge vibe to your look. And if you pair it with a short wolf cut, you might as well become a red-eyed wolf yourself! Get these emo haircuts for girls to bring out your inner daredevil attitude!

Black And White Messy Stepped Layers

Black And White MessyStepped Layers

Such slightly messy, yet surprisingly neat emo hairstyles for girls will turn every head right at you! Several stepped layers are combined with the concept of Japanese Princess cut to create this.

This hairstyle might seem tricky but it’s easier than it looks! Dye your hair platinum blonde and paint some of the ends of every layer and some of the bangs to get this dope hairstyle. Don’t forget to curl and set some of the hair upward, and some strands inward to get a wolfy impression.

This cute emo hairstyle will definitely break your personal record of being creative!

Nymph Shaded Shaggy Layers

Nymph Shaded Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers could not be more popular in the emo girl community these days! And if you add your unique-themed shades to your shaggy layers, that could be your ultimate emo vibe check!

A hue of greenish gray with pink roots and pink ends is a combination that will add a magical aura around you. Blow dry or curl your hair upwards to get extra volume and to bring a focus to your wispy shags.

Now go off walking around looking like a real life nymph from the forest!

Alternative Half And Half Dyed Hair

Alternative Half And Half Dyed Hair

Whether it’s a split hair style or a peeking-through hair style, emo girls love adding colors to only half of their hair! Dying only the under section of the hair like the famous Narcissa Malfoy has done justice to the grunge fashion genre.

Split your hair horizontally around your head and dye only one of the halves to get this look. You can try two different colors to create your perfect combination.

Now go surprise everyone with a single hair flip of similar emo hairstyles for girls!

Lavender And Black Jellyfish Hair

Lavender And Black Jelyfish Hair

This lavender and black jellyfish hair is the ultimate haircut for you if you are an anime fan! Short bob on the top and longer shaggy layers at the bottom section will make all the difference in the world!

A fine combination of black and lavender will enhance this hairstyle more than you expect. For the best result, curl the bottom section outward and the top section inward for a perfect balance. A clear contrast between the top and bottom parts will give you double the charm with this emo hairstyle!

Art Canvas Hair

Art Canvas Hair

Everything on this planet is a canvas for those who are creative enough, and that includes your hair as well! Paint on your blonde hair with your hairbrush as if it’s a blank canvas for you to make art with these emo hairstyles for girls!

You can try different patterns or even an entire painting if you’re patient enough. The only issue to look out for is that, for the pattern to be visible, you would have to always style your hair the exact same way as you did when you dyed the hair.

But we know you’re artsy enough, so just grab your hairbrush and start making prints on your head!

Pixel-Stripe Dyed Hair

Pixie Stripe Dyed Hair

Pixel stripes are another unique creation of the geniously inventive emo girls! It’s similar to the art canvas hair dying technique. You only have to maintain straight lines of two different colors.

Try to make the stripes of the same width and as parallel as possible. And your hair will do the rest of the job of making an illusion of pixel glitches.

Go creative with this technique to build your own versions of glitches with this futuristic emo hairstyle!

Four Step Hime Cut With Dyed Ends

Four Step Hime Cut With Dyed Ends

Japanese hime cut is on the rise all over the fashion world! This haircut is so versatile that it goes well with both pop fashion and high fashion.

With the neat and poised image, Hime cut gives off an elegant and avant-garde-ish vibe. So if your personal emo vibe calls for going a little graceful, try this four-step Hime cut and dye the ends of each layer to add your emo flair.

Experiment with different colors and lengths of the layers to customize it into the coolest emo hairstyles for girls possible!

Rose Quartz And Serenity In Long Hair

Rose Quartz And Serenity In Long Hair

If anyone tries to explain that being emo is all about black and shaggy, show them this perfect gradient of rose quartz and serenity hairstyle!

If you don’t feel like going for unkempt layers and desaturated colors, you can always go basic and bright! A perfect combination of pastel shades will define your emo vibe just as much as moody styles depending on how you pair it with your outfit and makeup.

Set the trend of your very own emo hairstyle with this cute and bright gradient!

Holographic Hair

Holographic Hair

Anything creative and cool is part of the emo culture, and this holographic hair can make its mark within the most prominent emo hairstyles for girls easily! Getting this hairstyle might look extremely difficult but anything is possible if you’re patient enough.

You can either go to the salon and show your stylist this image, or you can try painting small sections of lavender blonde hair each in different shades of pastels. It’s a tedious job but once you get it done, it will give you the most beautiful results.

Go off impressing everyone with this on-fleek holographic hairstyle!

Billie Eilish Dyed Roots

Billie Eilish Dyed Roots

Billie Eilish is the icon of the new generation emo fashion! Her iconic neon green-roots with black hair have been one of the trendiest baddie styles among the emo girls.

Dye only an inch from the roots of your hair in any color you fancy. You can keep the rest of the hair in your natural hair color, or you might even try making a preferred combination. Anything will look cool with this hairstyle as long as you wear it with your own sass!

So get your popping colors ready and go neon for your next emo hairstyle!


Let’s explore some of the most commonly asked questions about emo hairstyles for girls!

Q: Can I get an emo hairstyle without cutting it?

Ans: Although there is a specific haircut that is known as the emo haircut, nowadays, this hairstyle proves to be much more experimental and versatile. You can achieve an emo hairstyle by brushing your hair all over to one side to get a similar layered look.

Q: Is emo hair coming back?

Ans: Yes, emo hair is a rage in 2022 and it’s not going to leave any soon! It’s constantly evolving with the contribution of imaginative girls everywhere around the world, giving this hairstyle modernity and endless possibilities for more upgrades.

Q: Do you have to dye your hair for emo?

Ans: While dying the hair gives your emo hairstyle a splash of excitement, it is certainly not a must. After all, emo is all about doing what you like. You can definitely opt for your natural hair if you’re not up for coloring it.

Final Verdict

With the new definition of emo hairstyles for girls, fashion enthusiasts rarely find leisure in front of the infinite potential for personalized grunge vibes! After all, going emo is beyond black and ragged now. You are free to turn the unicorn palette into emo styles as well!

So, don’t shy away from expressing your aesthetics! Choose your perfect emo hairstyle and show off your personality in the coolest possible way!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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