Eren Yeager Hairstyle: How to Mirror The Titan’s Extravagant Man Bun

Eren Yeager is a character that is adored in the world of Anime. His fearlessness, strength, compassion as well as determination are nothing short of admirable. His work ethic and overpowering ability to overcome any adversity that gets in the way of his path are two of the reasons why he is and will always be remembered by supporters of the show around the world.

While the character solely garnered love from fans due to the actions and the decision it made, writers also started focusing on other attributes to gain new followers of the show over the seasons. As the character aged with each season, producers of the show made adjustments to his physical appearance, starting from his facial features to his hair. While most of them were insignificant and barely apparent, one physical trait hit the jackpot: Eren Yeager’s Man Bun in Season 4. 

Although Eren rarely changed his hair during the first seasons because of how much he believed in taking care of himself, the titan’s sense of purpose started declining during the final segments of season three, leading him to stop caring about his appearance. This led to Eren growing his hair out, which ultimately led to him wearing a messy man bun, which will be the main theme of this write-up.

Today, we’ll be focusing on the essentials one needs to have and the knowledge one needs to gain in order to recreate Eren Yeager’s relaxed yet messy man bun. We will also be dropping useful materials, such as a step-by-step tutorial, as well as tackling queries in hopes of making things as easy as possible for our readers.

How to Make Your Hair Like Eren Yeager’s Man Bun

Unlike Eren’s complex character development, this hairstyle is extremely easy to recreate and mimic. It’s a regular man bun, which contains some hair strands that fall near the face to shape the structure up and give the hair a messier appearance.

Without further ado, here are the steps one must follow to look just like Eren Yeager!

Grow Your Hair Out

The most important aspect of this hairstyle is the length it attains. For tying the hair up the same way as Eren does, you need to have long hair first.

If your hair is already lengthy, then you’re already done with the first part. If not, you might have to grow your hair out for at least a year before you can try to copy the look, as the hair needs to be lengthy enough to be controllable.

It also needs to look extremely uneven, which can be accomplished in an easier manner if one’s hair is longer.

On the other hand, if your hair has yet to meet the length requirements, you may use bobby pins on the sides to pull the strands back and control the awkward uneven strands. Doing so will also present the man bun with more volume, which is a crucial feature for this look.

Add a subtle amount of hydrating oil 

Before tying the hair up in a bun, make sure to apply hair oils like argan oil to the cuticles of your hair to prevent frizziness and split ends. Since most of the strands will form a bun, it is important to ensure the bun looks healthy and is easy to work with.

Grab the hair on top to create the messy texture

This bun contains a relaxed look, which can easily be created as long as the bottom of the hair is underneath the bun. So, pull the hair on top backwards to form the bun, but leave the bottom section alone to create the careless look. Use a hair tie to seal the look afterwards. To add more volume to the frontal region, gently push the strands that are present on top.

Use hair wax or hair pomade to create the layers

To achieve the uneven framing strands across the hairline, you can definitely improvise and pick the strands as you please. However, to attain the positioning and keep it steady for longer periods of time, using hair wax to the strands will do the trick! To further seal the look, use hairspray near the edges and the ends of the hairdo.

Bonus Tip: To fully recreate Eren’s iconic look, give yourself a shave. To successfully recreate and pay homage to the character’s look to the fullest extent, we have also attached a tutorial that will definitely make the process easier!

More Haircuts of Eren Yeager for Die-hard AOT Fans!

While Eren had to go through multiple phases and character development throughout AOT, the protagonist turned antagonist didn’t change the way he presented himself as much as we had hoped for.
Regardless, here are the very few hairstyles that Eren wore in the anime that can also be incorporated and pulled off effortlessly in real life!

Short Shag with Subtle Middle Part

Short Shag with Subtle Middle Part

This was worn by Eren during his early years till his early teens. It contains a polished short shag with subtle m-shape curtains. It’s a great hairstyle for those that are trying to get more control of their hair and beat the awkward phase. It is also a good hairdo for those that are seeking a sophisticated and flexible look.

Medium Length Shag with Face Framing Layers

Medium Length Shag with face framing Layers

This medium length shaggy look is an excellent choice for those that need a simple yet effective change in their hairdo. It contains face framing layers, which can favor those with unfavorable face shapes. The grown out sides can further give one’s face a flattening effect while bringing out the best facial features the wearer has.

Chin Length Weighed Choppy Shag

Chin Length Weighed Choppy Shag

This hairstyle was worn by Eren during the final stages of season 3, right before he started wearing his hair in a bun. The shag haircut is grown out and parallel to the chin, which can definitely benefit an average Joe if they want their face to look more narrow. The shine is added to the hair through the use of water based hair pomades, which also ensures the firm hold of the hairstyle.

Messy Shag with Thin Mustache

Messy Shag With Thin Mustache

Eren eventually kept growing out his hair, which is evident here as it is much more lengthy as opposed to the previous three hairstyles on this list. To further support his new look, Eren even grew a thin mustache, which also gives his appearance a wiser and more mature appeal.

Additionally, with this overall look, the titan looks just like his father, making this hairstyle our favorite one amongst them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your concerns are always our priority. In order to ensure that, here are some queries regarding Eren Yeager’s hairstyle that we have solved. Do leave a comment if you have more questions!

Why did Eren grow his hair longer?

By the end of season 3, Eren seems more restless and his intentions change drastically. He also stops following his haircare routine at the end of season 3, which might explain the man bun he eventually wears in season 4. In short, perhaps Eren let his hair grow and tied it up in a bun to embrace the change in his characteristics, the good ones, and the bad ones.

Furthermore, Eren had a lot on his plate during the transitioning seasons, so it’s normal that he became inconsistent, dropping his grooming routine as a result.

What is the color of Eren Yeager’s hair?

Eren’s natural hair color is dark brown, which is evident during the first season, when he wears a shaggy hairstyle with a subtle middle-part.


We hope this article is above mediocre for Attack on Titan fans around the world, and useful for those who are solely invested in the show for his hair! We also hope the guide we noted down allows you to copy and pull off his look in an easier manner.

That’s all for now, folks! Which hairstyle do you want us to cover next? Comment below to let us know!

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