FauxHawk Fades

31 Contemporary Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Fades That Apply To Everyone!

After mullets, wolf cuts, and comb-overs of all kinds, a safe hairdo to rely on irrespective of one’s identity is a faux hawk fade, the main agenda of this article.

A faux hawk involves parting the hair with tons of texture and layers, being a great look for those seeking a way to boost the density of their hair. With any kind of fade, a faux hawk often feels lighter, denser, and more manageable to maintain.

Faux hawk fades, also known as fohawk fades, are quite easy to style and wear on a daily basis. Although the formation is quite edgy and not always perceived in the most positive light, a faux hawk fade offers tons of variants that can blend well under formal settings. To learn all about the entries that make faux hawk fades so delightful in this day and time, consider reading through this guide of ours!

Fohawk Fades For Men Of All Ages

While the impression of a fohawk fade has yet to reach significant milestones in the hair industry, its formation and aesthetics are already quite popular in men’s fashion. A fohawk fade not only minimizes hair damage and mitigates signs of baldness, but it also creates a disconnection between the hairdo and the wearer’s beard, an element that can give one’s face a slimming effect.

Whether it’s for work or a casual gathering, men can always place their trust in a fohawk fade to lead the way and amp up their social life. And if you happen to be in dire need of a look that will change your life forever, give the following list of entries a chance!

Short Faux Hawk with High Skin Fade

Short Fauxhawk With High Skin Fade

Dealing with ageing can be difficult when the wrinkles seem noticeable and the signs of hair loss are more apparent than ever. And while you can resort to surgical procedures to reverse that process, a short faux hawk can also be a good way to look youthful again.

On top of being easy to wear, a short faux hawk is a good way of hiding obvious signs of male pattern baldness. With enough texturizing powder, this faux hawk can also help thin hair to carry the visuals of coarse hair with ease.

Faux Hawk Fade with Short Caesar

Fauxhawk Fade with Short Caesar

The summer breeze is quite refreshing at first, but it can feel unbearable at times, especially when the temperature starts to act up. And although a buzz cut can resolve multiple problems around that time, an option that can equally be effective is the mix of a faux hawk fade and short Caesar.

This duo can be a bit demanding in the eyes of many, as the structure requires weekly trims to stay sound. However, the pair also requires the help of zero tools to stay in place and form, which can be an incentive if you’re often late at events.

Textured Faux Hawk

Textured Fauxhawk

While most faux hawks are renowned for bringing more density to the shaft, certain options, like this textured faux hawk, can prove to be more beneficial for one’s facial structure.

This faux hawk is quite ordinary on top, with choppy layers that are often enhanced with hair clay and texturizing powder. The bald fade is the star of the show, however, as it is an expert at sharpening the jawline, decreasing face fat, and increasing the prominence of one’s cheekbones.

Puffed-up Faux Hawk With Taper Fade

Puffed-up Fauxhawk With Taper Fade

While a faux hawk does seem better with the help of hair products, the structure can also be implemented naturally with fingertips when the strands are damp. And if you’re searching for a look that is easy to implement and wear, this puffed-up faux hawk can be your answer.

The look might require a volumizing hair brush for a better structure, but it can also be implemented using fingertips. A finger-combing technique won’t just make the faux hawk look more natural, but will also reward the roots with some organic elevation.

Dishevelled Faux Hawk Fade with Rattail

Dishevelled Fauxhawk Fade With Rattail

If your hair has finally entered its awkward period, wearing a hat can be an accessible solution to save yourself from all the shame. However, if you’re not the biggest fan of headwear, solve the issue with this dishevelled faux hawk with a tail.

This dishevelled fohawk is quite effective in bringing out tons of texture and volume, both of which can improve one’s confidence. At the base of the backside is a rattail, which can be a component to add if you’re all about having fun.

Choppy Faux Hawk With Triple Zero Fade

Choppy Fauxhawk With Triple Zero Fade

Faux hawks are often in their element when paired with bright shades of colour. However, the hairdo also makes room for neutral colours, especially when the hue is as magnificent as the shade of jet black.

A choppy faux hawk is the best variant for those with a head full of follicles draped in jet black, as it enhances the appearance and aura of the pieces. While a low fade can add more body to the hairdo, a triple zero fade can give more saturation to the hair colour.

Faux Hawk Mullet With Wavy Tresses

Fauxhawk Mullet With Wavy Tresses

If you finally believe that your grown-out strands need a fresh start, but aren’t quite ready to get rid of a substantial amount of length from the cuticles, try taking notes from this faux hawk mullet with two personalities.

The faux hawk is curated with a reliable hold, featuring a high skin fade around each side for more stability and fullness. The strands on top are shorter than the other regions of the scalp, which is effective in hiding thin patches around the crown.

Adding a mullet can be an added bonus for the look, as it will make the overall appeal more staggering. With curling cream, one can even mimic the wavy texture of the mullet.

Polished Faux Hawk Fade With Razor Decal

Polished Fauxhawk Fade With Razor Decal

Although the original variant is not safe for work, certain designs, like this polished faux hawk fade, are perfect in formal settings. In addition to having a solid hold, this option is also quite organized and packed with density, a duo that pairs well with suits.

While the razor decal takes away the elegance of this look, the skin fade adds a promising disconnection, which can easily sharpen the colour of one’s scruffy beard.

Greasy Faux Hawk For Short Hair

Greasy Fauxhawk For Short Hair

Regardless of how short your hair is, a faux hawk can always come to the rescue. And if you don’t believe that take of ours, try using this entry to keep yourself in check!

As opposed to many options on this list, this faux hawk can feel a bit out of place due to lacking volume. However, the structure of this is more stable than that of any other entry, which can prove to be clinical under unfavourable weather conditions.

Plumped Faux Hawk With Blended Fade

Plumped Fauxhawk With Blended Fade

A faux hawk alone might prove to be inefficient if you’re trying to cover bald patches and signs of hair loss with the look. However, if you plump the strands before you form the layers, the same head of thin hair can evolve into this plumped faux hawk.

The volume of this look is the selling point of this option, comprising tons of width and elevation. While using hairspray will surely lock the hold of it, using dry shampoo can be effective in absorbing all the natural oils in the hair, offering thicker visuals.

Frosted Faux Hawk With Subtle Shape-up

Frosted Fauxhawk With Subtle Shape-up

With enough texturizing powder and hair clay, one can also replicate the traits of this frosted fohawk, which feels rather incomplete without a natural shape-up.

Underneath this fohawk is a mid-skin fade, which creates a prominent separation between the wearer’s facial features and the visuals of their hair. Despite being clinical, the mid-fade can easily be replaced by a low taper or a custom design.

Relaxed Faux Hawk with Highlights

Relaxed Fauxhawk with Highlights

A faux hawk doesn’t always need to be glossy or texture-infused, but it can also be formed in a casual manner. And if you’re all about giving your hair enough room to feel free and look good at the same time, this relaxed faux hawk should be enough.

Plumping the hair when wet can introduce tons of elevation into the roots of this look, which can be a great element to consider if you want some volume. If you’re seeking an alternative, try installing frosted tips or highlights.

Military Faux Hawk with Mid-fade

Military Fauxhawk with Mid-fade

Low-maintenance hairdos among military cuts, which explains why faux hawks, also known as fohawks, are so favourable.

A military faux hawk contains the visuals of any other design but has shorter strands on top to offer a more organized structure. The length on top is often paired with a high skin fade, which enhances the visuals of the faux hawk, makes it more resilient, and makes the scalp feel weightless.

Slanted Faux Hawk with Edge-up

Slanted Fauxhawk with Edge-up

If your hair looks good on one of the two sides, parting your faux hawk towards one direction can bring to the table the same benefits as this slanted faux hawk.

The strands are often formed on wet hair, but are held up with the help of styling pomade. While hair clay may be used for adding some texture, one can also use gel for some gloss and mousse for some volume.

This slanted faux hawk features an edge-up, which can be great if you have thin strands around your hairline. Additionally, an edge-up can also increase the height of the strands near the frontal region.

Neon Green Faux Hawk Fade With Babylights

Neon Green Fauxhawk Fade with Babylights

Vibrant shades aren’t just compatible with designs as edgy as a faux hawk but can also be beneficial for increasing the appeal of the wearer.

Colours like platinum blonde, baby pink, and electric blue are quite common when it comes to wearing a faux hawk. However, the shade of neon green can be equally charming, especially if the layers around the temple of the faux hawk fade are grown out by a tad bit.

Afro Faux Hawk With Mid-fade

Afro Fauxhawk With Mid-fade

Since natural hair is known for being the most resilient and cooperative hair type out there, the existence of an afro faux hawk doesn’t come as a surprise to us.

In fact, if you believe that you’ve grown your natural hair significantly over the past few months or so, an afro faux hawk can be the perfect way for you to give yourself and your hair the break it needs.

From low fades to mid-fades, almost anything can be incorporated into an afro faux hawk. The strands around the hairline often look great on their own. However, they can also be converted into a shape-up for some added elevation.

Fohawk Fade For Receding Hairline

Fohawk Fade For Receding Hairline

If your hair is slowly giving in and the dense hairline you once had is receding drastically, a fohawk fade can be a great way to embrace the remaining fullness for one last time and boost your confidence.

While fohawks are usually compatible with thick or fine hair, the look can also accommodate thin hair when a thickening spray is applied beforehand.

Adding a skin fade can be a good way to hide signs of recession and lower the impact of hair loss, while blends or a low fade can be added for a natural effect.

Professional Faux Hawk with Subtle Taper Fade

Professional Fauxhawk with Subtle Taper Fade

If you already have hair that is full of texture, a professional faux hawk can be a great look to wear at work and during social gatherings.

As opposed to the rest, this faux hawk contains tons of natural density and healthy tresses, which can easily be enhanced through finger-combing.

Although one may take help from styling products to give the visuals a bit more shine, leaving it be and curating it with a comb instead can be equally remarkable.

Duotone Faux Hawk With Low Skin-fade

Duotone Fauxhawk With Low Skin Fade

Simple upgrades can easily change the impression of a faux hawk fade. And if you’re not ready to experiment with patterns yet, consider adding flashy hair dyes into the mix to enhance the final outcome.

With vibrant colours, a faux hawk fade looks more stable, apparent, and healthy. When styled with glossy products, a duotone faux hawk tends to look more appealing and attractive than ever. While a skin fade is the perfect companion for this look, one can even replace it with a blended fade for an equally compelling variant.

Compact Fohawk With Bald Fade

Compact Fohawk With Bald Fade

If you have short hair, this compact faux hawk can be a great look for you, as it is a specialist in adding fullness.

The strands can often be created without the use of styling products, which can be an added bonus if you have sensitive skin.

This look is quite low-maintenance and flexible, being a great pick for creative minds and minimalists. With a wooden comb, this faux hawk fade can also be turned into volume-infused looks like pompadours and comb-overs.

Timeless Faux Hawk Fades For Women

Believe it or not, a fohawk fade, also known as faux hawk fades, can also cater to women’s fashion, especially if specific adjustments are made when forming the hairdo. The look is definitely more popular among androgynous beings, but some of its variants can also work wonders for those looking to transform their hair through a texture-infused edgy haircut with a manageable length.

To learn about the hottest faux hawk fades for women that are currently taking the fashion scene by storm, get a glimpse of the following entries!

Platinum Faux Hawk

Platinum Fauxhawk

If you’re tired of wearing shoulder-length or medium-length hair, getting a faux hawk can be the ultimate solution. It is easy to wear, isn’t as demanding when it comes to styling and can survive for days with a dime-sized amount of hair clay and some hairspray.

To further walk away from your previous look, you can even entertain the thought of incorporating highlights. Colours such as red can be compelling if you prefer sharp visuals, while the hue of platinum can be used to keep things as subtle as possible.

Duotone Faux Hawk With Low Fade

Duotone Fauxhawk With Low Fade

Another favorable option of faux hawks among female candidates and those in the LGBTQ Community is this faux hawk, featuring a low fade and a duotone dye with soft colours.

This look is one of the best options on this list due to its colour combination, but is also just as compelling due to its easygoing procedure. The structure can easily be formed with damp hair, while the soft layers can be brought into existence with the help of styling tools such as hair dryers.

Faux Hawk Fade With Textured Curls

Fauxhawk Fade With Textured Curls

The elegance of curls can be showcased in many ways. But, if a faux hawk is what your heart desires, replicating this faux hawk fade should be the only option in the mix.

Carrying tons of length and volume, this faux hawk fade can easily stand out in a room full of people. While the razor decal around the sides definitely highlights the layers on top a bit more than needed, it can be left out if you’re satisfied with blends.

Using gel can be effective to add the gloss. However, you may also use hydrating cream if your curls are prone to dryness.

Faux Hawk Fade With Side-part

Fauxhawk Fade With Side-part

A faux hawk is quite versatile in the long run, as the structure can often be manipulated to form both voluminous and texturized hairdos. However, if you have your eyes set on the former, try replacing your existing look with this faux hawk fade, comprising a side part.

Due to the length that this look carries, forming a side part at the top should be easy, especially with a round comb. You may also add a new hair dye if you want to add to the volume of the hair.

Beach Blonde Faux Hawk With Mid-Taper Fade

Bleach Blonde Fauxhawk With Mid-Taper

If you want to incorporate the components of a faux hawk into grown-out layers, try taking notes from this beach blonde faux hawk, featuring a mid-taper fade.

The beach blonde hair dye really amps up the impression of this look, mainly by minimizing frizz and introducing more pieces of healthy hair. The fade, on the other hand, makes the colour more apparent and adds more fullness to the roots of the strands.

Despite being significantly grown, a faux hawk can definitely be created on top, preferably with the help of a volumizing brush, some hair pomade, and post-styling spray.

Faux Hawk Fade With Undercut

Fauxhawk Fade With Undercut

Faux hawks pair quite well with fine hair and typically eliminate damaged tresses with volumizing properties and healthier follicles. Though adding any variant of a fade haircut often adds to the previous features, none of them seems as effective as the disconnection created by an undercut.

An undercut typically involves providing a close shave around the sides and the back of the scalp. Although the component does result in some frowns, an undercut is a great companion to faux hawks, providing more fullness at the top and more flexibility to each strand.

Vibrant Faux Hawk Fades For Rebellious Kids

A faux hawk fade can be paired with a range of hair dyes for an edgy effect. However, due to its already favorable structure, a faux hawk fade can also be a great hairstyle for toddlers between the ages of 7 and 12.

From distinct patterns to bright dyes, a faux hawk fade can accommodate any component. And if you want your kid to take up all the spotlight at school, and wear a hairstyle that directly drops hints on their personality, give the following options under faux hawk fades a much-needed chance!

Crispy Faux Hawk Fade With Custom Pattern

Crispy Fauxhawk Fade With Custom Pattern

If your child wants a look that he can talk about with their friends, introduce them to this crispy faux hawk fade, comprising a custom pattern around the temple for a stronger impression.

In addition to being easy to pair with, this faux hawk fade contains a solid positioning due to being curated with pomade. The roots can also be elevated with more volume as long as thickening spray or sea-salt spray is available.

To maintain the structure of the custom pattern, obtaining regular haircuts is advised. However, if you have a clipper with sufficient hair guards at home, don’t hesitate to make use of them.

Cropped Faux Hawk Fade With Textures

Cropped Fauxhawk Fade With Textures

Shortening the length is often a smart move to make when wearing a faux hawk since it reduces split ends and adds more volume to the existing follicles, bringing this cropped faux hawk fade into life. This can be a good look for adults to wear if they have a knack for short hairdos, but the components work even better when they represent toddlers.

Almost any kind of fade pairs well with the layers on top when this option is in the mix. If we were to pick one, however, we would side with soft blends.

Choppy Faux Hawk With Platinum Blonde Dye

Choppy Fauxhawk With Platinum Blonde Dye

Softer colours often pair well with faux hawks as the pair really enhances the density of the strands and adds more softness to the accessible components. And while sharp colours can also be great for wearing faux hawks, hues like platinum blonde can be a safe tone for your kid to wear at school.

With enough tools and experience, this hairdo can easily be created at home. And although installing the hair dye would be easier with assistance, consider skimming through our guide on bleaching if you’d like to complete that portion on your own as well.

Subtle Faux Hawk With Blends

Subtle Fauxhawk With Blends

Using blends instead of a skin fade can also be a good way for your toddler to enjoy their new faux hawk, as it will give the fohawk a lighter hold, and add more flexibility to the roots as well.

With the help of hair clay, more textures can be added to this look, which can be an option to try if your toddler is known for being playful and hyper. However, if they want to wear a faux hawk with a pointy structure, using a volumizing brush and hair gel should be sufficient.

Sharp Faux Hawk Fade With Hefty Stripe

Sharp Fauxhawk Fade With Hefty Stripe

If your toddler’s hair is relatively dense, with some gel and a skin fade, this look can easily be replicated.

This faux hawk features sharp visuals that won’t just leave people in awe, but also last for a considerable period of time. While hair gel can be used to incorporate the polished texture, using hairspray is advised for sealing the hold.

Frequently Asked Question

As long as you reach out to a hairdresser with enough knowledge regarding fade haircuts, obtaining a fohawk fade with zero flaws can easily be obtained. But, to avoid any miscommunication and ensure successful results, be decisive about the option you’d like to replicate.

Additionally, if you’re still struggling to experiment with the potential of faux hawk fades due to unresolved feelings of doubt, give the following segment a glimpse to eliminate the queries forever!

Q: How do you create a fohawk fade?

Ans: The structure of a fohawk should always be created with a volumizing comb while the hair is still damp. To solidify the hold and incorporate more texture into the follicles, one must use styling products like hair clay or pomade. For a glossier effect, using a water-based gel is advised.

Creating the fade at home could be possible with a hair clipper of top-notch quality and essential clipper guards. This move can also be understandable if you’re working around a tight budget.

However, if you’re still inexperienced about hair in general, consult with a hair specialist and visit a salon with experienced barbers to obtain a fade that matches your preferences.

Q: Is a fohawk fade easy to maintain?

Ans: As long as there’s a hair product and a post-styler like a sea salt spray, a faux hawk fade should survive for a healthy amount of time. Additionally, if you do want to maintain the look of your fohawk fade, visit your barber every 2 weeks to get rid of some length around the sides and eliminate awkward pieces of hair.

Q: Do fohawk fades cater to all ages?

Ans: As stated earlier, a fohawk welcomes anyone with open arms regardless of how old they are or what they identify as. While every option on the formerly-mentioned lists can be worn by adults, certain elements need to be changed if you’d like your kid to twin with you!

Instead of pairing the design with bright colours and flashy patterns, a faux hawk fade should be formed with subtlety and minimalism on kids. Doing so won’t just protect them from being judged by society, but also spare them from getting in trouble at school.

Final Verdict

In addition to being easy to style and wear, fohawk fades are quite favourable for those seeking to brighten up their facial structure. The formation of fohawk fades not only carries tons of density and enhances the fullness of the hair, but it also adds a leaning effect to the wearer’s face, making it a good option for people with round faces.

From mid-fades to skin fades, almost any design can be implemented into a fohawk fade. Making this modification won’t just provide the strands with weightlessness, but it will also create effective disconnections between the face and hair, a trait that can work wonders for those with beards. In most cases, the fade will also eliminate signs of hair loss and shedding.

Fohawk fades aren’t just celebrated as one of the safest hairdos in this modern age, but they’re also acknowledged for being work friendly. Although most variants comprise bright highlights or complex patterns, the hairdo also contains variants that can fit in sublimely at a 9 to 5.

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