Feed in Braids with Heart: 19 Hairstyles to Dazzle Everyone!

If you are a braid enthusiast looking for a braiding style with intricate design to change your look, feed-in braids with hearts might be the best hairdo to tick all the boxes. It is an evolved variation of the original feed-in braids where heart-shaped braids are created to make the style more alluring.

Feed in braids with heart is popular for its versatility and fabulous design. It is a great choice for women looking to add some personality and a playful look that can be worn on any casual occasion and more formal ones.

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about heart-designed feed-in braids alongside the amazing hairstyles you can achieve with them.

I will also provide a DIY guide so that you can get it by yourself and answer FAQs to quench your thirst for knowledge about it from this article instead of browsing all over the internet.

Happy reading!

What is Feed in Braids with Heart

To understand feed in braids with heart, you will first need to know what feed in braids are. Do not despair. I will tell you everything you need to know about this braiding style.

Feed-in braids are an innovative way of braiding your hair using hair extensions to make the braids look healthy and thick. The hair extensions are fed into the natural hair with stitches so that the braids hold. The natural hair is seamlessly braided with the extensions, and you can not distinguish them. It is an excellent choice for any braid enthusiast as it will suit all hair types but looks best with kinky hair.

Heart-shaped braids are created with the feed-in technique, resulting in the feed-in braids with heart designs. The number of heart-shaped braids and the braiding pattern depends on the wearer’s preference.

19 Feed in Braids with Heart Hairstyles To Try

There are different hairstyle ideas that you can get with feed-in braids that have a heart design. I do not want to burden you with too much information by describing every one of them one by one. Therefore, I will provide you with a list of 19 hairstyles that are the best options to wear feed-in braids with heart.

Straight Back Braids

Straight Back Braids

The first feed-in braids hairstyle with heart design we will discuss is straight-back braids or cornrows. It is the most simple hair design in this article, but it is not less beautiful than the others. The edges are not woven into the braids; rather, they are styled using hair wax with an edge styler.

The heart-shaped braids are created on the sides using hair extensions. Straight cornrows are built on the middle hair, starting from the front and going straight back. Using colorful hair extensions can give you a vibrant, cheerful look, while black extensions make you appear classy.

6 Feed in Braids into Low Bun

6 Feed in Braids into Low Bun

The low bun is another great option to wear your hair with 6 feed-in braids. The hairstyle is pretty simple and can be done easily. The hair is braided from the front in 6 straight-back braids that will go straight toward the back. The heart-shaped braid is created on one side.

All the braids are gathered near the nape to create a low-braided bun. The edges or baby hair are not included on the braids as they are styled with an edge styler. This hairstyle will give you a mesmerising look, so try it immediately.

Black and Bronze Feed in Braids

Black and Bronze Feed in Braids

One interesting way to wear your braids is to use different colored extensions. Everyone will wear trendy hairstyles to look on fleek. For that reason, getting a fabulous hairstyle that only you can wear is almost impossible. But there is a sideway to achieve it by making the hairstyle with unique colors.

This hairstyle uses black and bronze hair extensions to create the braids in the feed-in technique. The braids start from the front and go toward the back. The heart-shaped braids are formed on the sides and go straight back as well.

Feed in Heart Designed Box Braids

Feed in Braids Designed Box Braids

The following hairstyle is a unique feed-in braid created in a box braids pattern instead of cornrows. The hairstyle is excellent to look at and has unique features that are very rare to see. The hair is divided into small sections, and heart-shaped braids are created by combing two arched braids into a single one with a zigzag pattern.

For the box braids, it is better to get them in the knotless technique. It is a unique hairstyle that will effortlessly make you the center of attention. I recommend this hair design to anyone who desires a playful look.

Zigzag Braids with Heart

Zigzag Braids with Heart

Zigzag braids are very popular among the young generation food their intricate design, and combining them with a heart design will be the perfect scenario for any braids lover. This hairstyle is mostly suited for casual settings, so be aware!

The braids start from the front, but instead of going in a straight line, they are woven in a zig-zag pattern, giving the wearer a unique look. The heart-shaped braid is done on the sides, while the zig-zag braids are incorporated in the middle front hair.

Heart Shaped Black and Blond Feed in Braids

Heart Shaped Black and Blonde Feed in Braids

As I have said earlier, there are different ways to style your hair with feed-in braids by using colorful hair extensions that will help you to get a unique look. Look at the following hairstyle, where black, blond and bronze hair extensions are used to create the straight-back braids in the feed-in technique.

The braids start from the front and go straight back, while the heart-shaped braid is woven on one side. The edges are not used while braiding; rather, they are styled with an edge styler.

Lemonade Feed in Box Braids

Lemonade Braids in Box Braids

Lemonade braids have been very popular since Beyonce wore them for her album, and their popularity is only increasing. You can wear lemonade braids in many ways, but feed-in box braids are the most unique way.

The heart-shaped feed in braid is created on one side, and the rest of the hair is weaved in box braids. The box braids are swept from one side, which makes the hairstyle a unique lemonade box braids hairstyle. I recommend this hairdo to everyone who wants a distinctive look.

Freestyle Feed in Braids

Freestyle Feed in Braids

The next hairstyle is a common braiding style that has become a trend out of nowhere. It is a freestyle feed in braids where the hair is braided in many different patterns where you will find zig zag, crisscross, straight-back etc., mixed in the same braiding style.

Look at the following image, where the zigzag, straight back and heart-shaped braids are weaved together to create a unique look. That is why this hairstyle is called a freestyle feed in braids, as it can be styled with any pattern the wearer wants.

Bronze Feed in Lemonade Braids

Bronze Feed in Lemonade Braids

I will discuss another lemonade hairstyle with a heart design, which is optimal for women who love to try out different hair colors to experiment with their looks. The hair, at first, needs to be divided into two sections, where one section will be bigger than the other.

The smaller section will be the side hair of one side, while the bigger section will be the rest. The smaller section is braided into a big heart-shaped braid. The other section will start braiding from the partition and continue toward the other side in a straight line.

Black and Yellow Feed in Braids

Black and Yellow Feed in Braids

Many of you might be shocked, but black and blue are a good combination to wear your hair in a feed-in braids style with a heart design. As I have said before, It is a great way to acquire a unique look by using different colored hair extensions.

There are three heart-shaped feed-in braids, while the rest are straight-back braids. One heart braid is at the top front, and the other two are on each side. The addition of the yellow extensions highlights the braids and makes them distinct. I will recommend you to try it.

Crisscross Feed in Braids

Crisscross Feed in Braids

Crisscross braids are another popular braiding pattern that has created a place for it in the hairstyle industry for its amazing look and the versatile ways it can be styled. Heart-shaped braids can also be combined with this hair design to create a unique look.

The number of braids done in a heart shape depends on you. You can also add straight-back braids in the mix to make it more alluring. If you go for one or two heart shape braids, get them on the sides. If you are getting more than that, you can explore other areas for a unique look.

Heart Shaped Black and Pink Braids

Heart Shaped Black and Pink Braids

Black and pink is another great color combination to wear your hair in heart-shaped feed in braids. You can choose any type of pattern for the hair design, but the one you see in the image is undoubtedly the most unique.

The hair is first parted in a side part, and braids are created with an arch to develop jumbo-sized heart-shaped braids using cornrows. Its unique hair design will make you stand out in any crowd with your dazzling appearance. I will recommend this hair design to everyone who loves braiding hairdos.

Half Braided Half Curly with Heart Design

Half Braided Half Curly with Heart Design

The following hairstyle is a half-braided half curly hairstyle that has become prominent recently and has garnered a mass following by fashionistas for its amazing look. In this design, half of the hair will be braided while half will be left in a curly state.

The hair is braided in straight-back braids except the heart-shaped weaved braid on one side. All the braids are gathered near the back to create a low knot where the curly ends are kept loose. Get this hairstyle before it’s too late.

Feed in Braids into a Top Bun

Feed in Braids into a Top Bun

Top bun hairstyles are always a go-to hairdo for braid enthusiasts who like to wear their braids in a tied hairstyle. This hairstyle follows the same trajectory: the hair is braided all around the head to end up near the crown area and tied into a top bun.

Some of the braids are straight-back cornrows, while some are heart-shaped braids. There are two zigzag braids as well. One is at the front side, while the other is at the back. It will give you an interesting look you should not miss out on.

Heart-shaped Braids into a High Ponytail

Heart Shaped Braids into a High Ponytail

A high ponytail is another tied hairdo quite popular among braid lovers. The next hairstyle is similar to a sleek ponytail, and you can call this hair design the braided version of the aforementioned hairdo.

The hair is braided in feed-in box braids where some of the braids are created in the heart shape. After the braiding is complete, all the braids are gathered near the crown area to create a high ponytail. The braids are not completely woven, and the curly ends make them more enticing.

Black and Blonde Braided Bun

Black and Blonde Braided Bun

Black and blonde hair color is a combination that has been on trend for ages. It is also a good option for heart-shaped braids, and you can create a unique look with it. The following hairstyle is a good example of its gorgeousness.

The hair is divided into three sections, one at the middle and one on each side. The sides are created into heart-shaped braids, while the hair on the front is straight and gathered around the crown to create a braided bun. You will love this hair design, I can guarantee.

Feed in Peekaboo Braids

Feed in Peekaboo Braids

Peekaboo braids are a new type of braiding style where small sections of hair are braided and hidden behind the rest of the hair, creating a “peekaboo” effect. It can be an amazing hairstyle for feed in braids with a heart design. Look at the image, and you will understand how amazing it can look.

One giant heart-shaped braid is created on one side, while a small one is formed on the back and tucked behind box braids that were weaved from the front. This braid will only be visible when the braids are moved aside.

Black and Green Heart-shaped Braids

Black and Green Heart Shaped Braids

Black and green is another excellent combination to wear your braids and be admired by everyone. Look at this amazing hairstyle, where the hair is braided in box braids with a heart-shaped pattern.

Black and green hair extensions create this hairdo, and the heart-shaped braids are highlighted more because of this color combination. You can make up to 12 heart-shaped braids with this technique. Get this hairstyle, and I can guarantee everyone will look at you twice, at least.

Feed in Braids with Low Ponytail

Feed in Braids with Low Ponytail

The last hairstyle I will discuss in this article is a low-braided ponytail. The hairstyle is simple and easy to accomplish if an expert does it. But if you try it yourself, you will find it difficult and a lengthy process.

The hair is mostly braided in straight-back cornrows that start from the front and go backwards. One box braid is created on each side to make a curtain around the face. Heart-shaped braids are also formed on each side, and they are gathered near the nape area alongside the straight-back cornrows to create a low ponytail.

How to Get Feed in Braids with Heart

It is better to get your hair done by a professional, but some people like to get a hairstyle at home by themselves or from a close friend instead of going to a hairstylist. If you are of a similar mindset, you are in luck. In this section, I will provide a complete step-by-step DIY guide to get this at home, which you can achieve without worry.

We will focus on the half knotless and half straight back braids with heart designs for this guide. It will help you to understand the main aspect of this braided design.

You will need some tools and products to get this hair design. These are:

  • Rattail comb
  • Edge styler
  • Shine n jam hair wax
  • Hair spray
  • 5-6 packs of hair extensions
  • Needle and threads
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hair Mousse
  • Durag

First, you must section your hair in two parts, the front, and the back.  Use the rattail comb to make this partition. The back part will be braided in knotless braids, while the front part will be interwoven in the straight back feed in braids.

Make small box-shaped braids on the back section in the knotless technique. It will make sure your hair is not strained, and they are protected. Use hair wax when it’s necessary for braiding. You can use hair extensions of different colors. That will make your braids lively and colorful.

After you finish the knotless braids section on the back, you will need to work on the front part. This hairdo will have three heart-shaped braids, one at the front and two on each side.

Start from the heart-shaped braid on one side for the front section. Part the side hair in two parts and create an arch while braiding each section, so the two braids create a heart shape when they are crossed in the middle. Stitch them with a needle and threads.  Do the same on the other side as well.

After the sides are done, you can work on your middle front hair. Create straight-back cornrows that will go straight toward the back and stitch them with a needle and thread, except the one you create in a heart shape. That process is the same as before, and you should not face any issues with doing it.

You should not use the edges while doing the braids. Instead, use an edge styler to style the edges in a beautiful design. Use wax to make sure the style sticks and do not go array.

Use hair mousse on the braids and wrap them with a durag. Use a hair dryer to dry the braids, and you will be ready to rock your new heart-designed feed-in braids.


Many of you may have questions about this braiding style if you are considering getting it. I will answer frequently asked questions about this hair design that might help you identify which will suit you more. You can ask us in the comment section if you have further queries.

Question: How much does it cost to get a feed in braids?

Answer: The cost of a hairstyle depends on many factors, like the difficulty of the hairstyle, the place where you live, the expertise of your hairstylist, etc. Feed-in braids are costly due to the lengthy braiding process and the level of expertise required to get them done properly.

Considering all that, it can cost from $100 to $400 to get your hair done with feed-in braids based on the length of your braids and the intricate designs or colors you are getting.

Question: How long do feed in braids last?

Answer: Feed-in braids are known as one of the most long-lasting hairstyles. With minimum care, a feed-in braids hairstyle can last 6 to 8 weeks. But most experts will ask you to redo your feed in braids after 4 weeks to ensure you have a fresh look and the braids don’t become loose near the roots due to hair growth.

Question: Does feed in braids damage hair?

Answer: Feed-in braids do not damage your hair; rather, it is a protective hairstyle that prevents the hair from breaking. But there are some cases where a braiding style like the feed-in braids can cause damage to your scalp if the braids are too tightly near the roots. That can cause hair loss, so it is always advised to get your braids done by a professional.

Question: Are feed-in braids a protective hairstyle?

Answer: Feed-in braids are one of the most protective hairstyles that offer many benefits to the wearer. Kinky hair often breaks from friction pretty easily. Protective hairstyles like feed-in braids are often used for this hair type to protect it from breakage and moisture loss to keep it healthy.

Question: How long does it take to do heart-shaped feed in braids?

Answer: Getting feed in braids hairstyle is a lengthy process. If you are thinking of getting this hair design alongside the heart design, please free up your schedule for at least 4 hours before visiting your hairstylist. The more intricate your braiding style is, the more time it will take for you to complete it.

Final Statement

Feed-in braids are one of the gorgeous braiding hairstyles, and when you add heart designs to this hairdo, it becomes a must-have hair design for any braid enthusiast. It is a great protective style that will protect your hair for a long time from hair breakage and moisture loss.

You need to be all aboard for getting any hair design, as that will dictate your appearance for a certain period which you can not change at a whim whenever you want.

This hairstyle is ideal for women with kinky hair, as it will help protect the hair and suit their hair type for hair extensions while creating the feed-in braids. It fits all face shapes, so you will not have to worry about that. Make sure it suits your personality, and you are ready to rock this amazing hair design.

What do you think about this feed in braids with heart? Are you going to get this amazing hairdo for yourself? Tell us in the comment section.

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