Finger Wave Hairstyles

17 Glamorous Finger Wave Hairstyles to Try in 2022

Are you a fan of super short hairstyles, but always struggle to pick the right hairstyle for your hair? Is it too much of a hassle to figure out the perfect hairstyle for your coarse and black hair that is super short? Well, if these questions exactly depict your present situation, then you are at the right place!

We often think that trying out short hairstyles is all about fun and comfort. But in reality, figuring out which short hairstyle is going to work for you can be quite overwhelming. Especially for black girls who are looking for something cozy yet chic enough for glam occasions, the trouble is real!

This is where finger waves come to your rescue. These hairstyles have been made quite popular by black women, and they have taken the looks to the next level by experimenting with colors and lengths. If you ask us, finger waves are indeed one of the classiest options to style your hair.

Want to know which finger wave hairstyle is going to be the perfect choice for you? Well, keep reading ahead to find out the answer!

What are Finger Waves, and Who Made them Popular?

Who Made Finger Wave Popular

Before checking out the list of finger waves hairstyles, here’s a question: do you know what finger waves actually are?

It is particularly a method of creating waves or curls on your hair with the help of your fingers and a comb. The process requires the use of water or wave solution to get those perfect waves, and the outcome is super stunning! Finger waves last around four to five days, and they can be the perfect hairstyle for any glam occasion.

Finger waves were first made popular in the 1920s by Josephine Baker, who was a dancer and singer at that time. The fame of this style remained intact for a decade, and it again came into the limelight six decades later.

At present, this style is still popular among black girls, and it can be done on various lengths of hair as well. Many celebrities have given the finger waves a proper try, and we can’t stop fangirling over their pictures.

Wondering how to do finger waves on your own? Worry no more, because we’ve got you covered. Ahead is a simple guide to doing your own finger waves, so read attentively to master the process!

How to Do Your Own Finger Waves?

The first and foremost thing about doing finger waves is starting with wet hair. Not just damp; your hair has to be wet.

After making your hair wet, take your hairbrush and detangle your hair properly. Use your leave-in conditioner and watered-down hair gel to set the hair before styling. But it’s better to use a foaming wrap that is mixed with a hair lotion for perfect consistency.

Take an all-purpose comb for the styling process. The coarse side of the comb will be used for most of the styling, whereas the fine side will basically be used for detailing. One thing that you need to remember is to use the body of your comb and not the corner. Because using the corner will not provide you with appropriate results.

For creating the waves, you need to use your middle and index fingers. The middle finger will help you hold your wave in place, and the index finger is going to help you pinch the ridge of the waves.

Start by combing your hair in the shape of a C. Hold the middle of the C with your middle finger while coming around, and do this for all the Cs you will be making. The process will start from the right side and you will work your way over to the left.

While your middle finger is holding the middle of the C, use your comb and slide it over about one or half an inch and lay your comb down. At this point, a ridge will be created because of what you just did, and you need to pinch that ridge using your index finger. Then turn your comb again and comb out of your hair.

Move over to your left and add in a little bit more hair. Comb that out again following the same process, and then repeat the process once more.

Now, instead of moving all the way to your right, just opt for dropping down. Move your middle finger into the next wave, slide over to your left, and lay your comb down. Then pinch and comb out. To make it short: slide left, lay your comb down, pinch, and then comb out.

Once you get hold of this process, you can do the styling comparatively faster. Opt for a single solid wave all the way across your head as it will help you achieve a seamless look. Make sure to move your hair over only about an inch in order to get the perfect outcome.

If it’s needed, you can add a bit more gel while styling in order to ensure proper control. Continue making the waves across your head from left to right and right to left. Once you comb it out, you will get the perfect finger waves of your dream!

Here is an extra tip to make things perfect. If you want to do some detail work but your hair isn’t laying down like it’s supposed to, just use the fine side of your comb, push right underneath the ridge and pinch it again, and then comb out. This aids in the lying down of the hairs underneath, allowing you a bit more control.

Amazing Finger Wave Hairstyles that are Totally in Vogue!

After mastering the process of doing your own finger waves, it’s now time to make yourself look like a diva with your hairstyle. Wondering what will be the right pick for you? Worry no more, because the world of finger waves is quite versatile and ready to serve you with amazing looks.

Here we have made a list of our favorite finger wave hairstyles exclusively for you. So without any further ado, let’s check them out together!

Classic Black

Classic Black

For short hairstyle lovers, the classic finger waves are one of the most preferred looks for any occasion. This is why you will find many ladies rocking their black finger waves hairstyles with grace.

If you are looking for inspiration to try out short finger wave hairstyles, then this one can be your best pick. As a beginner, this hairstyle is going to be the safest and classiest option, so give this a proper try on your hair.

Black and Blonde

Black And Blonde

One of the classiest hairstyling options of all times, the black and blonde hair look is sure to win hearts wherever you go. And if you are looking for a style upgrade, then opt for trying out this look on your short hair for creating the perfect finger waves.

If you ask us, we totally love how the waves have been styled and the visual effects they have created. The combination of blonde and black in this style is totally eye-soothing, so this one should be tried out every once in a while.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Have you ever tried out a hairstyle where you opted for dyeing your natural hair completely blonde? If you haven’t, then now is the time to give it a shot. Trust us, you won’t regret any bit of your new look if you choose the finger waves this time.

This platinum blonde hairstyle with the perfect finger waves looks perfect for the summer, and you will feel like you’re on a vacation at the beach wearing this hairstyle. The waves in this particular hair look are not big, rather they look quite intricate. If you wear this hairstyle at any event, you are going to be the talk of the town for sure!

Red Finger Waves

Red Finger Waves

We always love trying out vibrant and eye-catching colors when it comes to our hair, so red is one of our favorites among the hair colors that you can rock at any point in your life. This time, try out the finger waves on your red hair. Trust us, you’re going to fall in love with how exclusive your hair looks.

For red hair lovers, this one is a picture that you would love to show your hairstylist for recreating. Those finger waves are giving us major hair goals, and the way the sunlight hits her red hair-totally marvelous!

With Kinky-Curly Hair

With Kinky Curly Hair

Combining your curly hair with finger waves is a process that will allow you to flaunt two amazing styles in a single hair look. So whenever you get the opportunity, don’t miss it because this exclusive hair look is going to be loved by all!

The lady in this picture has perfect finger waves on the sides, whereas the middle area of her head has the perfect kinky curly hair. The combination of curls and waves in this short hairstyle is quite glamorous, and it’s great for wearing to any formal or casual event.

With Pin Curls

With Pin Curls

Did you ever have the opportunity to try out pin curls? These are basically done by dampening your hair strands using water or lotion, coiling, and then using hairpins to set the style. Pin curls are quite popular for their unique look, so why not combine them with your finger waves this time?

This is what it will look like if you try out pin curls along with finger waves in a single style. Although the style is quite simple, those blonde strands have added to the beauty of this entire look. For women who love to wear short and pixie hairstyles, this one can be cozy and glamorous at the same time!

Brown Hair

Brown Hair

While some women are fans of small and intricate styles when it comes to their hair, some just prefer to keep things big and bold. As hairstyling enthusiasts, we always love to present you with all the options in one place. So here is a finger wave hairstyle that you can definitely try out if you prefer the latter option.

Apart from the gorgeous brown hair that she is wearing, we love how she went for the big waves to rock this hair look. The hair has hints of black as well, and it looks shiny and beautiful. So if the basic hair colors are your go-to options, you can definitely try out this hairstyle!

Bridal Style

Bridal Style

If you used to think that finger waves are exclusively meant to be for short hair, then we are here to tell you that it’s not the case. Finger wave hairstyles include super short as well as long hair, so your options just expanded!

Here is a bridal hairstyle with finger waves that’s perfectly doable on long hair, and you should definitely give it a try on your big day. The waves look gorgeous and we also love the color of her hair. All in all, this one is a hairstyle that will win hearts for sure!

Medium Hair

Medium Hair

Just like long hair, finger waves are a great choice for those with medium-length hair as well. You don’t need to stick to the traditional hair looks to rock the finger waves. Rather, go for something extra this time.

Apart from the fact that her hair has one of the most fascinating red-purple hair colors we have ever seen, the finger waves look super cool! This hairstyle looks like something straight out of a runway, and we love the vibes it’s giving off. Also, the combination of gray with the red-purple looks super exciting as well!

Pink Beauty

Pink Beauty

Every once in a while, you should be opting for the pink hair look. Pink is a color that can give you a cute and attractive vibe at the same time, so we always suggest coloring your hair pink at least once in life. And this time, make sure to do finger waves out of your pink hair.

Before you say anything, just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this style. We love how the darker and softer shades of pink are playing out nicely with the waves. For summertime, and even for achieving a cotton-candy style, these finger waves are going to be a great pick!

Bangs Style

Bangs Style

We all love a cute bangs moment going on in our lives, no matter if it’s the curtain bangs or the blunt ones. But if you are thinking of trying out finger waves, then opt for this side-bangs style finger wave hair look this time.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you get to rock a bangs style even with your super short hair. And the glamorous appeal makes it the perfect choice for any red carpet or formal event. Before you look any further, we ask you to give this hairstyle a proper try!

Gray Hair

Gray Hair

For women over 50, short hairstyles are a great way to flaunt the beauty of their natural hair. While it’s completely fine to color the gray hair in different shades, we always encourage showcasing the beauty of your naturally gray hair once you see them peeking out.

To inspire you for the day, here is a finger waves hairstyle done with naturally gray hair that looks absolutely stunning on the lady. The waves have been done to perfection, and we love how gracefully she is wearing her hair. So lately if you have been thinking about what kind of short hairstyle to wear in order to compliment your gray hair, this one can be your pick for sure!

Celebrity Hairstyles with the Perfect Finger Waves

Our favorite celebrities have had their dreamy moments with gorgeous finger waves hairstyles, so we have to mention our favorite ones in this article to inspire your journey with finger waves.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry FInger Wave Hair

Did you know that Halle Berry was one of those women who contributed to the re-emergence of finger waves in the ‘90s? If you didn’t, then here is a beauty fact that you got to learn today!

This amazing side part hairstyle with the perfect finger waves that Halle is wearing in this picture totally makes her look like a princess! The brown-colored hair looks totally stunning, and it can easily compete with any of the contemporary trendy hairstyles. So we must say, thank you Halle for being such an iconic style inspiration!


Zendaya Finger Wave Style

If you surf through the internet for the best finger wave hairstyles inspiration, you will definitely find Zendaya’s picture on the very top.

Zendaya rocked these amazing finger waves at the GLAAD Media Awards, and we sure are glad to see her carrying it so perfectly. This side part finger wave hairstyle has become a classic choice for many ladies out there after Zendaya rocked it, so what’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

At the ‘Valerian’ premiere held in 2017, Cara rocked an amazing silver attire with the perfect blonde finger waves.

These finger waves were quite different from the hairstyles that she wears on a regular basis, so we literally fell in love with them as soon as we saw her wearing the hair look. The entire style matched her look for the day, so you can definitely try recreating it.


Beyonce Popular Finger Weave Braid Style

Did you know that you can rock a finger wave style even when you are wearing braids? Sound unrealistic, doesn’t it? Well, Beyoncé is here to prove you wrong, because she surely has rocked one such look.

At the Lion King premiere, she rocked the classic cornrows with the fabulous touch of finger waves. The braids included a combination of black and brown hair, and we loved how gorgeous she looked with the wavy style. If you are going to sit for a hair braiding session soon, take this picture as your guide to recreate this iconic look.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

At the 2015 American Music Awards, Demi Lovato rocked a classic finger wave hairstyle with her short bob-length hair. And she went for the black hair look to create this style, which we totally loved!

The side part style consisted of longer hair on one side while the other side had comparatively shorter hair. Her finger waves gave her the perfect vintage vibe, and even after all these years, this hairstyle is surely one of the most iconic looks she ever carried!

Final Thoughts

Even after all these decades, finger waves remain as one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. Women of all ages can try out this hair look no matter if they have long or short hair. These waves create an eye-soothing appearance that we totally love, so we definitely declare finger waves as one of our favorite methods of styling the hair.

That being said, we hope that the styles we have mentioned above will help you figure out the perfect finger waves hairstyles for your hair. Just wear the style with confidence, and you will be ready to take over the world with your hair in no time!

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