Frontal Ponytail Hairstyles

10 Fabulous Frontal Ponytail Hairstyles that will Leave You Awestruck!

Black girls have created their very own kingdom of oh-so-trendy hairstyles, and each of those styles is sure to make you look like a superstar! Starting from the quick weave bob to the long, sleek ponytails, there’s not a single hairstyle that black girls cannot rock. And for your information, the list of these stunning hairstyles only keeps getting bigger with time!

Box braids are considered one of the most popular hairstyles for black girls. But apart from the regular variations of braids, black girls also love to try out fancy styles such as the sleek frontal ponytails. This style has actually become quite popular, and the styling options are infinite. The most significant advantage of such a ponytail is that you look party-ready all the time!

Ponytails are undoubtedly one of the first things that we choose for regular wear whenever it comes to our hairstyles. To step up your hair game this time, you can try out a frontal ponytail on your own. It is super easy and you are going to fall in love with this style. Plus, you can determine your hair length and stuff, so the world becomes your playground!

How to Do a Frontal Ponytail?

Have we ever told you how easy it is to perfect your frontal ponytail? Well, if we haven’t, then here is a short guide to doing it on your own.

First things first, straighten your natural hair properly and make sure that your natural hair looks like the lace frontal you will be wearing. Create an ear-to-ear parting and apply your gel properly on the middle and front parts of your hair. As a sleek and shiny look is our goal, this part is quite important.

Now grab your comb and lay down everything properly. Take your brush to ensure that the hair is laid off and set all pretty, and spray spritz and brush your hair into the shape of a ponytail to achieve that gorgeous sleek look. After that, grab a hair tie and make a ponytail out of your natural hair.

The next step is to wrap up your hair and sit under the dryer to let the style dry. Then you need to grab your lace frontal and set it on your head accordingly, cutting off the excess lace. Apply spritz to the area where you will be applying the glue and all, and then take an eyeliner to create a mark around your forehead with the help of your frontal. This mark will work as a guideline, and you need to apply your glue behind the mark.

Apply the glue once properly and let it dry until it’s clear. Then go for the second round of glue application. Wait for it to turn clear as well, and when it’s done, grab your frontal and apply the lace. Press everything properly and grab your scissors to cut off the extra part of lace from your front and sides. Make sure to clean up the mark that you made earlier with your eyeliner.

The next part is quite fun. This is where you style the front part of your ponytail in a sleek and elegant way. You can create the super-trendy side swoop style, and to achieve that gorgeous look, use your hair foam and set the style in a proper way using your comb. Make sure to leave out some pieces of hair at the sides to create slayed edges later.

Now untie the ponytail you made before, and combine your frontal with your natural hair. Give it the shape of a ponytail by brushing properly, and tie your ponytail again. Use the spritz again to set the look. At this point, you can style your edges and give them a super-cool appearance. You can cut off the extra length if the piece of hair is too long.

Once the front part is styled beautifully, spray spritz again. Make a braid out of the ponytail you made earlier and tie the end in a properly secured way. Then add your favorite hair extension to the style. You can opt for a sew-in session around the braid with your extension. Around the base of the ponytail, you can wrap your extension using a bobby pin. When it reaches the end, attach a string at the end of the track and wrap the string around your ponytail to make sure it stays secure. Use bobby pins to secure everything properly as well.

Finally, take a piece of hair, apply your edge control gel to it and comb it out properly, and then wrap it around the base of your ponytail to achieve that natural look. And that’s it, your frontal ponytail is ready to be flaunted with style!

Tips and Tricks for Wearing a Frontal Ponytail

Frontal ponytails can be worn in the way we have mentioned above, or you can simply go for a wig. But as a beginner, you must be wondering what are the small tricks that will make your styling session for a frontal ponytail easier. For your convenience, here are our tips to get you started.

According to Sunber Hair, low frontal ponytails are better options for beginners as they are easier to do compared to the high ponies. So if you are just starting your journey with a frontal ponytail, keeping things low can prove to be a great choice!

If you are worried about whether the hairline will look unnatural after placing the frontal, then you can simply use hairspray so that everything looks natural and blended, according to Sunber Hair.

Emily Cottontop recommends plucking the frontal after placing it on the wig cap in order to achieve a hairline that looks natural. This is a tip that’s going to be a savior for sure!

If you want a fuller-looking ponytail with mesmerizing volume, then we recommend choosing a hair extension with the perfect curl pattern to seal the deal. You also need to buy more than one pack of hair to achieve such results.

Stylish Frontal Ponytail Hairstyles to Get You Started

After knowing the procedure and also the little tips that we have shared above, we understand that you are all set to try out a dazzling frontal ponytail hairstyle. However, choosing the right style for the first time can be a matter of great concern. Also, if you are a pro and looking for an upgrade, then you need to pick something unique to let your ponytail do the work for you. This is why we have rounded up a list of our favorite frontal ponytail hairstyles for you. We believe these will make your task easier, so let’s check them out asap!

Basic Frontal

Basic Ponytail

It’s the best option for beginners to try out something simple on the very first go, for which we suggest the simple and cutesy basic frontal ponytail. It is as simple as it can get, so trying this out as your first style can be a great choice.

The girl in this picture has a frontal ponytail with sleek and straight hair, and the style looks perfect for daily wear. To add an element of glam, she went for the perfect slayed edges at the front. Also, the hairdresser deserves extra credit for making her ponytail look so natural!

Barbie Style

Barbie Style

You can part your lace frontal in creative ways, and this gives you the option to create a super-stylish barbie ponytail. All you need to do is create the side-swoop style properly, and you will be good to go.

This amazing barbie ponytail in the picture has totally captured our hearts, and it is a winner for any fancy occasion. The double frontal ponytail has a beautiful parting at the front along with the styled edges, and we love the curly ends of the ponytail with our entire heart!

Kinky Hair

Kinky Hair

The curl pattern of kinky curly hair makes it look splendid when you make a ponytail out of that hair. It’s not like your regular ponytail with the long waves and straight styles. Rather, the kinky curly hair gives you a ponytail that looks like a bunch of flowers. If you do not believe us, take a look at this picture.

The woman with the frontal ponytail went for the kinky curly hair, and we totally love the vibe of her hair. The curls are so pretty and the hair literally looks like a bun. We love how pieces of hair have been separated from the ponytail and styled at the front, as it is giving her a complete look with all that lovely hair.

With Bangs

Frontal Ponytail With Bangs

If you surf the internet for frontal ponytail hairstyle inspiration, then you will find a lot of black women rocking their ponytails with bangs. The bangs are styled in a distinctive curly appearance, which makes the hairstyle look even more sophisticated.

This style is quite easy to achieve if you are grabbing a wig for your frontal ponytail. Once the lace is set and the edges are done, separate a section of hair from the front creating a middle part. Then do the bangs style out of this hair, and don’t forget to give them a curly look if replicating this style is your goal!

Blonde Curls

Blonde Curls

We always talk about the beauty of black curls, but how beautiful are the blonde curls, have you ever wondered? Well, they are surely as beautiful as their counterpart, and a perfect frontal ponytail hairstyle with blonde curls is everything we need right now to step up our hair game.

This totally stylish blonde frontal ponytail with double frontals has become one of our favorites for its overall appeal. We love how the hair has been curled to perfection-you literally cannot find a flaw no matter how much you try. And that’s what makes this style so special!

Fearless Red

Fearless Red

Adding a splash of colors to your hair is always the best option to upgrade your regular hairstyle. Even if you are willing to go for a protective hairstyle, you can always choose wigs or braiding hairs that are colorful, especially in the color red because it screams boldness!

If you have been inspired by our article up until this point, we believe you are already planning on getting your frontal ponytail done. For that, here is a red frontal ponytail to get you going. This amazing hairstyle with the perfect bangs at the front is so modish that we don’t even need to explain much. Just try it out already!

Braided Style

Braided Style

We know it’s always a cool option to make a braid out of your ponytail, so what is the delay for? If you are thinking the process will be somewhat difficult, then we are here to tell you it’s easy peasy because all you need to do is make a three-strand braid out of your ponytail.

To look super cute on your birthday or simply on a date night with your loved one, this hairstyle is going to be a classic. Just make a high or low frontal ponytail according to your desire, and braid it to perfection. You can also leave out pieces of hair like the style in this picture.

Bubble Pony

Bubble Pony

It’s impossible for us to talk about ponytails without mentioning the trendiest styles of them all. Yes, we are talking about the bubble ponytail. No matter if you are styling your natural hair or doing a ponytail with hair extensions, trying out a bubble ponytail is a must!

When it comes to frontal ponytails, the bubble one is our recommendation if you are looking for a classy look that will be easy to perfect. The lady in this picture has a sleek frontal bubble ponytail that looks so natural. At the first sight, anyone’s going to believe it’s real, and that’s why you should give this a try!

Prom Perfect

Perfect Porm Style

Prom is around and you still don’t know which hairstyle will be perfect for you? Well, we are here to your rescue. To make a glamorous statement with your hair, we suggest you opt for this fancy hairstyle this time.

The middle part style consists of a low frontal ponytail with amazing length and sleekness. The way these two pieces of hair at the sides have been curled and styled to complement the ponytail is mesmerizing. This will be the perfect pick for your prom, so give this a try for sure!

With Crimps

With Crimps

You might have chosen different types of curly hair extensions and tried out several frontal ponytail hairstyles from time to time. But have you ever rocked a look with crimps? Hair crimps are not something we left behind, rather they are still in style.

To achieve a frontal ponytail with that particular style, you need to choose the perfect crimped hair extension. Look at how gorgeous this long ponytail looks with the crimped style! We also love the two pieces of hair at the front that have been crimped to match the ponytail. Fancy or fun, this one can be perfect for any occasion!


When all the good things are done discussing, there always comes a time when you start asking questions. Well, we don’t want to be too philosophical here because hairstyling is all about fun and precision. But it’s true that before trying out a frontal ponytail, you will have questions that are needed to be answered. So here’s a quick guide to making your task hassle-free.

If I get a frontal ponytail, how long is it going to last? 

As suggested by Natural Girl Wigs, your frontal style is going to last for 2 to 4 weeks. They certainly last a little bit less than your box braids, and it is self-explained by the fact that you are using glue to apply the lace frontal.

What kind of hair can be used for a frontal ponytail?

Well, it depends on your choice, you can choose curly or body wave hair to make it look fuller and voluminous. And for a sleek and long look, straight hair is always the best option. Just determine what you love, and choose that hair to perfect your frontal ponytail.

Final Words

Black girls have set the bar too high when it comes to fashionable hairstyles. Seriously, we just can’t get enough of the fancy hairstyle we see our divas trying out every other day, and this is why it requires no explanation why you should try out these styles asap!

Frontal ponytails have been the talk of the town for some time, and we totally love the vibe they give off. No matter if you are willing to look like a baddie or a cutie, these ponytails are sure to make that statement for you! For birthdays or glam events, these ponytails are a lifesaver. And if you are looking for something regular, then a basic frontal ponytail is the right way to go.

We hope the styles we have mentioned above are going to become your favorite soon, because trust us, these are going to make you look super stylish. So give them a try the next time, and flaunt your ponies gracefully as you step outside!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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