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40 Funny Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time!

The importance of having the right hairstyle is huge. When incorporating the right hairdo, one tends to feel younger, better, and have a better physical appearance. While there are loads of hairstyles in today’s world that have made the benchmark and have been welcomed with a positive reception, there’s another list of options on the other end of the spectrum that are met with laughs more often than not.

In today’s article, we will present to you a list of funny hairstyles that we have come across that you too should take a glance at. Although the main objective for this list is to enable our readers to crack up a smile, one can also skim through the options and examine them thoroughly to prevent the variants from entering their arsenal. We hope the segment mentioned below also helps you feel better about some of your past hairstyle regrets.

40 Funny Hairstyles On The Web That Will Make Your Day!

This is it. The moment you have been waiting for. While we strongly believe in the art of individuality and always encourage the act of experimenting with your wardrobe, we can’t help but stand against it when one decides to experiment with their hair. Sure, coloring is always beneficial and allows one to look younger, but changing the length of the hairdo and mirroring weird shapes and patterns with your hair? Yeah, that’s a no from us.

Regardless, we hope the hairstyles below allows you to have a better understanding about why you shouldn’t always mirror every look that you come across.

Put A Ring On it

Put A ring On It

Curly hair has been a staple amongst the fashion industry for decades now. The main attraction of it is surely the disorganized texture it comprises, and while each curly hairdo does have multiple distinct features, if your variation has the same visuals as this entry, perhaps you should change it as soon as possible. Not only will you save yourself from becoming a laughing stock, but perhaps you’ll even be taken more seriously if you resort to a better hairdo.

The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges

Having the same haircut as your best friends is definitely something that will definitely be a moment to look back to, but make sure it’s more eventful by going for a hairdo that is versatile. Don’t go for bright hair dyes and bowl cuts. Go for a flexible haircut that can be switched up as much as you please, like the fade haircut.

The Alien Spacecraft

The Alien Spacecraft

 Regardless of how obsessed you are about space and UFOs, you should never give yourself, or your child a haircut as absurd as this entry. Sure, it does look like an alien spacecraft, but it won’t necessarily help you if your main aim is to gain recognition.

The Abomination

The Abomination

We appreciate the boldness of this look, but this too has to be one of the funniest hairstyles to ever exist. The glossy mohawk combined with the patterned fade and thin patches of beard is a great trio to roll with if you’re going to a circus.

The Angry Bird

The Angry Bird

Gaming has been an activity that releases a lot of dopamine and is rather easy to pick up as a hobby, but no gaming enthusiast should ever compromise their hair to showcase the love they have for any game. Not even when the game is as enjoyable as angry birds.

Flattop Tail

Flattop Tail

Okay, we admit, this hairstyle would have easily been a LOOK TO REMEMBER if the tail would have been shortened by a tad bit. The faux hawk flat top looks amazing. However, the rat tail? Yeah, that could have been avoided.

The Real Jack Sparrow

The Real Jack Sparrow

Even though we’re not sure about what this person was charged for, if he was prosecuted for his ridiculous hairdo, perhaps we can side with the law for this one.

The “I Got You, Bro” Hairstyle

The I Got You Bro Hairstyle

A hairstyle with 2 additional eyes and an extra beard, this look will surely help you if you need someone to watch your back, literally! You may also replace the beanie for a snap back to give your partner some extra flair.

Shades For Days Or For…ever?

Shades For Days Or For Ever

Beat the unbearable heat of summer by not just wearing sunglasses to cover your eyes, but also incorporating a hairstyle that involves a print of an extra pair of shades. It will definitely sweep everyone off their feet, if it’s the opposite day.

Ludacris’s Buzz Cut With A Goatee

Lodacris Buzz Cut With A Goatee

Ludacris definitely carried the genre of rap in early 2000s and definitely played a crucial role in the successful franchise of Fast and Furious, but some of the hairstyles the rapper pulled off were ridiculous, or dare we say, ludicrous. The buzz cut would surely have looked better and more sophisticated had he removed the weirdly shaped facial hair; which honestly looks more like a racing track.

The Noodlehead

The Noodlehead

If you like ramen, acquire more knowledge about all the recipes and flavors of ramen you’ll be able to cook for yourself and your friends instead of applying a ridiculous amount of hair gel to create this nightmare of a look.

Liberty Spikes With A Twist

Liberty Spikes With A Twist

This is a hairdo that would have never ceased to exist if the reverse fade was a thing. Fortunately, our fashion statements haven’t become that questionable, yet.

The Not-So-Traditional Buzz Cut

The Not So Traditional Buzz Cut

We don’t know where this person is or what they’re up to, but we hope their decision making skills have improved and are aware enough to avoid this look at all costs.

E-Boy Haircut Gone Wrong

E Boy Haircut Gone Wrong

Another reason why one should never judge a book by its cover. Even though we’re quite unsure about the backstory of this iconic look and how it came into existence, the results could easily have been avoided by shaving it all off instead of keeping the sides.

The Hee-hee

The Hee Hee

If this hairdo would have made a cameo in the music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, it definitely would have taken the spotlight. It’s just THAT TERRIFYING to look at.

The Forbidden Dump-ling

The Forbidden Dump Ling

Introduce some humor to the lives of your friends and your own by incorporating this funny haircut. It looks like someone is taking a doo-doo on your head.

The Disco Ball

The Disco Ball

A disco ball definitely stands out and lightens the mood when you’re at a nightclub or even at a party, but perhaps you should stay away from it if your ultimate wish is to rock it as a hairstyle. Please.

The Botched Fade

The Botched Fade

If you ever feel the need to give yourself a trim despite being experienced, keep this photo as reference and put the scissors down. Really. This is exactly what happens when you have no knowledge regarding haircutting and shave your head using a clipper with a 0 guard.


Mr Sausage Hairstyle

Rumors say that one can’t simply throw a sausage fest without Mr. Sausage himself! Apart from his last name that is clearly mentioned on the side of his head, the mohawk he rocks steals the show every time! Send him a message today for more enquiries! Visit for more info!

Bed Head Hairdo With A “Touch” Of Elegance

Bed Head Hairdo

Another reason why one should never give themselves a haircut at home lies in the visuals of this option. While Robert Pattinson doesn’t look too bad with this hairdo, it surely isn’t the best look to wear at a high-profile event, or anywhere, for that matter. 

Flower Power, Literally!

Flower Power Literally

We like the color scheme of this haircut and how edgy yet pleasant the visuals of it are, but don’t try this at home or anywhere unless you’re planning to stay in for the rest of the year! Really, the look is rather adorable, but it isn’t suitable for any occasion.

The Hat-Top

The Hat Top

The flat top was a great look between the 80s and the 90s for celebrities as well as people with afro hair. Apart from giving one’s face a flattening appearance, the length of the hairstyle also helped the wearer with adding a few inches to their height. Some even tried to separate themselves from flat top enthusiasts by wearing this horrendous look, also known as the “Hat-Top”, which was met with nothing but frowns and cynical reactions.

The Literal Comb Over

The Literal Comb Over

This is what happens when your barber takes everything literally, and fails to understand their assignments. Might as well call it a “comb”-over instead of a comb over since the hair on top has the same appearance as a hair brush.

The Lizard-Hawk

The Lizard Hawk

Insects look cool when they are drawn and look unexpectedly presentable when worn as a tattoo. However, don’t get patterns of them on your head. This look honestly will work more as a repellent than anything else if you wear it in real life. 

This Tragic Look

The Tragic Look

Pigtails with a mohawk? What a bizarre combo. Guess the funny looking stache and the subtle goatee were also part of the package!

The Missing Curtain Hairstyle

The Missing Curtain Hairstyle

Guess we finally know what Ronaldo would have looked like during the 2002 World Cup if he’d have grown his hair and worn a look that is eerily similar to the eBoy hair.

The Cotton Candy Pompadour

The Cotton Candy Pompadour

Since a pompadour’s main feature is to increase the fullness and the volume of your hair, refrain from using a blowdryer. Not only will it waste your time, but the final results will leave your hair looking like a cloud.

Green Braids with A Buzz Cut? Come On

Green Braids With A Buzz Cut

The internet never fails to surprise us. The braids look like branches, and the light green tone mixed with the black undertone surely takes the cake amongst the rest of the features that this haircut has. In short; either grow your hair out, or chop it off entirely.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

Having pineapple will surely improve your life physically and health wise, but rocking it as a hairstyle, especially with a yellow and green color combination will only make you the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

If You Can’t Beat The Game, Be The Game

If You Can't Beat The Game Be The Game

This surely was done by an expert and probably took more than an hour to create. It also probably required an additional day to install the hair dye, but we can’t help but crack up at how precise the visuals are. While it is definitely a good look if you cosplay as a chess board, it doesn’t have the ideal physical traits to woo a crowd.

Beats By Dre At A Discount

Beats By Dre At A Discount

Why purchase headphones that cost over $200 when you can use your hair and make your OWN head-phones with a hair clipper and indestructible self-confidence?

Oliver Tree’s Bowl Cut

Oliver Tree Bowl Cut

Oliver Tree surely has a way with words and regularly displays it by publishing albums that never fail to miss the mark, but his bowl cut really needs to go. It makes him look like a toddler and a 40 year old at the same time!

This Peacock Mohawk

The Peacock Mohawk

If you’re ever seeking a bold look to stand out amongst a crowd, just get a messy hairdo or a textured hairstyle with vibrant highlights or hair dye. Don’t bother to waste your time and create a peacock on your head. While you will surely stand out anywhere and everywhere, it won’t feel as iconic when you’re older and wiser.


Spider Bun

Don’t give in to this trend to display your affection towards Spiderman and its franchise, please. You don’t have to get this horrendous haircut to convince us that you’re a die-hard fan of Spiderman. Memorizing the script of the latest movie was sufficient.

This Customer Who Loves Robin Williams

This Customer Who Loves Robin Williams

Although we do love the intention behind the gesture of this haircut, we also believe that one can pay homage to an actor’s legacy by getting a tattoo or even a painting of the actor, especially when the person is Robin Williams.

The Wimbledon Fanatic

The Wimbledon Fanatic

Even if the love you have for tennis has surpassed a decade, nothing should be a good enough incentive to showcase your admiration this way. The neon green tennis ball with a slightly curved white line across the scalp will only win you unfortunate prizes for making this unfortunate decision.

This Diehard Fan Of San Antonio Spurs

This Diehard Fan Of San Antonio Spurs

When they say “Ball is life”, they use it as a phrase that represents one’s love for basketball, not to use it as an instruction for a haircut. Seriously, even Tim Duncan wouldn’t want someone to get his face printed on their scalp.

This Rare Form Of Liberty Spikes

Rare Form Of Liberty Spikes

Liberty spikes were surely popular for its edginess amongst rebels and those in their early teens, however, this option surely takes the cake. While the texture is no different than that of regular liberty spikes, the rainbow color scheme surely amps up the silliness of this look.

The Prison Swoop

The Prison Swoop

If you ever want to find out what it’s like to be behind bars, give this hairdo a go. Apart from attaining the visuals and learning what it’s like to be locked in a prison cell, perhaps you’ll also help some of your friends crack a smile.

This Man Who Was Most Likely Cut From “Transformers: Dark Side of The Moon”

Transformers Dirk Side Of The Moon Inspired Haircut

We honestly have no words for this look. The shape of a moon might look presentable when showcased as a tattoo, but is quite frankly the opposite when it’s pulled off as a hairstyle. Morale of the story: don’t ever mirror this look!

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now, folks! If you’ve ever felt bad about a poor haircut that you had to wear at any point of your life, we hope the list of funny haircuts mentioned previously allows you to embrace that phase and helps you realize how these things happen on the regular and are more common than you’ll ever know.

In addition to providing a pat on the back for the irreversible botched haircut that you had to work past, we hope the entries mentioned above make your day better.  Remember that a botched haircut is temporary, and can always be fixed. So, take it easy on yourself and the hairdresser next time you’re a victim of a haircut mishap.

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