Gender Neutral Haircuts

Gender Neutral Haircuts: 28 Ideas To Make Yourself More Relaxed And Confident

While finding the right haircut was crucial for enhancing one’s physical appearance back in the day, the requirements and purpose of finding the right look are eerily different in the modern era.

Although plenty measure the aesthetics of their face, take into account the density of their hair type, and even throw the dimensions of their jawline and placement of their cheekbones into the mix, it’s more about feeling comfortable in one’s own skin these days. And since expressing one’s gender fluidity is at its peak in this day and age, finding a look that is as versatile as one’s gender orientation could be the right move to make.

Moving on, if you’ve recently discovered your identity or are currently transitioning from one identity to another, using words to unveil this news might prove to be insufficient for this big occasion. And if you feel disconnected from your newfound identity due to the visuals of your existing haircut, we hope you find your perfect match among the list of gender-neutral hairstyles that we will disclose and exemplify with the help of this write-up!

28 Gender-Neutral Hairstyles That Will Embrace Your Identity With Open Arms

The shape of one’s hair was always a crucial factor for as long as we can remember. Since it remains one of the more noticeable elements that people can pick up on to carry out a credible first impression, the relevance of that factor is still as prominent in the present circumstances.

Due to the influence of gender stereotypes, people of all orientations, regardless of their prominence in pop culture, used to give in to conformity. Men were often seen with hairdos that would spark up their masculine features, whereas women would only resort to hairdos that heightened their feminine energy. However, as fashion statements became bolder and more experimental, it was easier for trendsetters to break free from the hair stereotypes that once held them back.

Most hairstyles now welcome people with unconditional kindness, regardless of their identity.  From dishevelled shags to hard-part to classic comb overs, here are some looks that will mesh together effortlessly with your energy, whether you’re non-binary or gender-neutral!

Uniform Buzz Cut

Uniform Buzz Cut

If obtaining an eye-catching look is your biggest priority, the best low-maintenance yet intimidating gender-neutral option is any kind of buzz cut, especially a uniform one.

With this look, showers will feel quick and effective. Additionally, if the guidelines around the sides are just about high enough, your cheekbones and facial structure will stand out exceptionally. Maintaining a sharp jawline should also be effortless and doable.

While a buzz cut will drastically change anyone’s impression and aesthetics in an instant, picking the right variant is mandatory for memorable results. And if you’re not wary of all the buzz cut lengths and the ways in which one can pull off a buzzed look, don’t hesitate to click the links mentioned in this statement!

Beach Blonde Pixie Cut

Beach Blonde Pixie Cut

Another option that can be worn flawlessly with your non-binary traits is this pixie cut which has been enhanced to the fullest with the help of a beach blond hair dye.

Although growing the sides out could be a great move to make if you want your pixie cut to be as messy and as dishevelled as possible, trading the grown-out strands for a neat skin fade can also be an alternative if you want your hair to have more elevation. Pairing the pixie on top with a fade will also be of great help during formal and casual occasions, as it will always stay in place.

To mirror the appearance of this look, consider using a volumizing spray or sea salt spray. To keep the strands firm yet flexible, you should always keep a container of hair wax on your shelf.

Gelled-Up Side-Part Comb Over

Gelled Up Side part Comb Over

Dapper, volumized hairdos have always been desirable. And while they initially paved way for men to look sharper and chicer in fancy outfits like suits, popular choices like comb-overs eventually became a staple in gender-neutral fashion trends.

When push comes to shove, this gelled-up side part is one in a million. It has the perfect amount of elevation, and gloss, and demonstrates just how well short-length hair can look if it’s styled properly.

While the structure is being held together with a water-based pomade in the picture, you can also seal the hold with hair mousse, especially if you want your hair to look less greasy.

Cropped Bowl Cut

Cropped Bowl Cut

A surprising entry on our list is a cropped bowl cut, which initially broke the internet because of how meme-worthy it was during its beginnings. However, as each year passed by, the layout of bowl cuts went from being a laughing stock to a groundbreaking fashion statement.

Though the creation process of a bowl cut is as simple as it always was, the ways in which one can pull off a bowl cut comprises no limit these days. When the bangs around the front are evened out, and the length around the sides is converted into a mid-fade, the overall look becomes an exceptional, gender-friendly design!

Distressed Textured Mullet

Distressed Textured Mullet

If Joan Jett was one of your inspirations when growing up, this distressed mullet with soft textured spikes should be sufficient to honor her legacy and find comfortability in your own being.

The best part about this variation of the mullet is how easy it is to style due to how messy the natural visuals are. However, the procedure of bringing this look into existence might be more difficult than meets the eye. To bring in the textured strands, a pair of texturizing or thinning shears might be needed. Maintaining the shape of this look can also be a hassle at times, but can easily be dealt with as long as you have hair spray!

90s Middle-part

90s Middle-part

A middle-part haircut, also known as curtain-shaped hair has always been a constant hairstyle in beauty and the world of trends. While it achieved its first breakthrough in the 90s when prominent stars like Leonardo DiCaprio made the look a part of his identity, the laid-back visuals with the framing layers gradually started speaking to the minds of many, becoming an option that catered to anyone and everyone.

Creating this iconic look should be easy, especially if you take help from our article on the eBoy haircut. However, ensure you genuinely enjoy the process, as it will require you to be patient.

Greasy Mohawk

Greasy Mohawk

Before installing choppy ends and duotone hair dyes became the fan favorites in the eyes of rebellious individuals, wearing mohawks was the best way for an edgy soul to look intimidating. And although the popularity of liberty mohawks isn’t as enormous or impactful as it once was, toned-down versions with gleaming visuals are keeping the look in the market still, especially with the help of fluid minds.

To replicate this modern mohawk, securing the hold of the backside is necessary. You may do it yourself with a jar of hair putty, and a hair spray with a rock-solid hold. However, if you want your strands to look healthier and your mohawk to look less thin, consider installing babylights, highlights, or vibrant hair dye!

A-line Bob Cut With Taper

A-line Bob Cut with Taper

If you’re seeking a look that will bring out the best possible characteristics of your facial structure and be flexible enough to adjust to the requirements of any occasion, an A-line bob cut comprising a short length might be all that you’re looking for!

With the presence of this A-line bob cut, experimenting will surely be fun. Since the strands won’t go out of place regardless of how windy it gets, this variation could be perfect for you and your thick hair.

To give the roots some elevation and allow yourself to have more control over the formation of this look, you may pair it up with a taper or temple fade. However, consider getting an undercut or a vibrant hair colour to enhance the volume exceptionally!

Disconnected Side-part

Disconnected Side-part

Although the entries we’ve unveiled so far are sublime nonetheless, none of them can keep up with this disconnected side-part when it comes to convenience!

Styled with hair clay and paired with a low taper, this hairdo can be your perfect match if you’re either planning to exchange your long luscious strands for a short, more manageable hairdo or hoping to introduce more density into your cuticles.

Maintaining this hairdo should be a walk in the park as well. Since the strands barely cross 2 inches, this look will typically comprise a short washing routine and a product-free styling routine!

Ginger Faux Hawk With Skin Fade

Ginger Faux hawk with Skin Fade

Among the most popular hairdos lie the faux hawk, which is mainly admired for its effortless appearance and label-free aura. Although the strands are often styled in a precise manner to look perfectly tucked in and naturally textured, those desiring a more gender-neutral look can also go for this option, which involves a messier design with a skin fade.

In addition to creating a disconnection, the shaved sides will really come in handy if you want to give your heart-shaped face a slimming effect. However, if your cheeks are slightly on the chubbier side, consider growing the sides out by a tad bit!

Asymmetrical bob with Curtain Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Curtain Bangs

Not all of the gender-neutral options are messy and edgy! In fact, if you’re desperately looking for a variation that will give your a sought-after shape and your hair the density and presentability it needs, remember to add this asymmetrical bob with curtain bangs to the list!

The curtains that end right around the eyebrows can be the biggest highlight if your eye colour comprises a lighter hue, but it can also be just as effective if the placement of your cheekbones starts around the sideburns. Creating the look is also just as easy as any other middle-parted look. All you need is a water-based hair pomade, a round-shaped hair brush, and a can of hair mousse to seal the firmness of the look!

Bleached Textured Fringe

Bleached Textured Fringe

If looking like a bedhead is all that you’d like to obtain with your new hairdo, trim the ends up a bit and add some personality to your strands with a pair of thinning shears to create this textured fringe. To make the most of this look, you may also consider bleaching your hair.

Though this look won’t necessarily be eye candy at your regular 9-5, the layout of this fringe cut will make you the person of the hour at a high-profile event.  And while the strands might seem impossible to control and maintain on a regular basis, all those concerns will disappear in a second if you invest in a good container of hair mousse!

Furthermore, if you’d like to mimic the vibrant hair colour, consider visiting your hairdresser. However, if your busy schedule renders you incapable of visiting a salon, you can always bleach your hair at home with the help of our thorough guide on bleaching!

Polished Slick Back

Polished Slick Back

If you’re more into comb-overs and updos, a great gender-neutral look that will cater to your preferences is this polished slick back which has been formed with an undercut around the sides.

In contrast to most options, the creation process of this look is quite simple. The slick back is usually created with a round brush while the cuticles are wet, which can bend even the thickest head of hair.

Once the strands are a bit less runny, and the design is complete, the slick back is styled with either a greasy pomade to establish a firm hold with shine or a matte paste for a more natural look with tons of flexibility.

Choppy Bob With Wispy Bangs

Choppy Bob with Wispy Bangs

Chin-length hairstyles could be perfect if you’d like to provide your flat-looking hair with wispy layers, bouncy waves, and healthier strands. And if you don’t believe us, humble yourself with this choppy bob with soft yet laid-back bangs.

On top of being low-maintenance, this choppy bob is also like a chameleon, mainly because it can adjust to any scenario without a hassle. With a little bit of colour, the layers of this look seem brighter, better, and fuller.

For best results, try to maintain the length of the layers at all times. Try investing in a wide-tooth comb and a pair of cutting shears if you want to maintain the shape at home. On another note, if you do visit a hairdresser, consider visiting them once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Textured Shag With Highlights

Textured Shag with Highlights

Despite being almost 3 decades old, the impact that shag cuts have created still remains as enticing as it once was. While the shoulder-length shag with grungy fringes have fallen off the radar, a texturized shag is a gender-neutral look that is taking the town by storm!

The distressed visuals of the hair surely carry this shag cut to the upper echelons of hairstyles. However, if you do want your cuticles to look a little more dense and edgy, consider installing a vibrant or light-shaded highlights or hair dye.

Additionally, if you want to introduce some elevation around the roots, consider replacing the grown out sides with a low taper or burst fade.

Relaxed Side-part With 3 On The Sides

Relaxed Side-part With 3 On The Sides

We always mention how beneficial and successful hair transformations are when you keep it light. Similarly, if your mantra falls in the same category, a gender-neutral hairdo that will match that energy of your is this relaxed side part that is accompanied by a 3 on the sides.

On top of being easy to create and keep up with, this relaxed side part is also free of any chemicals. Since the strands are no longer than 2 to 3 inches, the most you need is a comb to bring this look into existence. Additionally, if you’d like to change up the visuals in a subtle manner, you can very well use hair putty for some gloss, hair pomade for a polished appearance

70s Wolf Cut

70s Wolf Cut

If vintage fashion is your ideal cup of tea, then the 70s wolf cut is a look you must try out when skimming through the pool of gender-neutral hairdos.

Although the styling process might require you to use hairspray (lots of it!), the fluffy visuals in addition to the subtle curtain-shape fringes in the front will be fun to explore your wardrobe and artistic visuals with.

If you’d like to give the strands a bit more energy, you may add bleached or highlighted streaks. For a dramatic transformation, however, consider matching the funky energy levels of the 80s mullet. Do so by using a water-based styling product to enhance the texture or applying an edgy and bold color scheme of blonde and black!

Blunt Cut With Soft Fringe

Blunt Cut with Soft Fringe

A great gender-neutral look that will rejuvenate the density of your thinning hair is this blunt cut which is accompanied by evenly-cut fringes.

While the look might seem like a dealbreaker to many due to the volume and hold it lacks, we believe that this variation is the perfect solution to cover your forehead and introduce a leaner face shape.  The layers are typically soft and won’t stand a chance against the wind.

However, to enable the strands to be more resilient, help them out by applying sea salt spray. On top of securing a firm hold, the strands will look thicker and be more compatible with elevated hairdos.

Cropped Shag With Messy Curtains

Cropped Shag with Messy Curtains

If you feel that shorter hairdos resonate best with your personality, a pick that you must incorporate into your hair game is this cropped shag with messy curtains.

In addition to having short strands that are easy to look after and experiment with, this cropped shag is also an excellent choice if you want to trim some weight from your facial structure. Since the hairdo looks best when it’s messy and easy-going, it would be best if you keep certain styling tools away from this option.

However, since it is known for being versatile, don’t hesitate to try out an array of voluminous and presentable hairdos with this shag cut!

Curly Bro Flow

Curly Bro Flow

Once your hair grows to a certain length, not manipulating the natural pattern and formation of the layers can go a long way. And if you’re currently growing your curls out but tired of looking after the strands due to their high-maintenance and time-consuming washing routine, don’t give in just yet! Embrace the bounce instead, preferably with the help of this bro flow.

Although the structure will naturally come together once the layers gain a bit of size and length, you can enhance the visuals of this design with some curling custard. To ensure the curls stay healthy at all times, remember to keep the ends moisturized and hydrated.

Moreover, to prevent your strands from becoming too heavy for your scalp to fathom, put your money in a conditioner that is free of silicone.

Mushroom Haircut With Mullet

Mashroom Haircut with Mullet

Mushroom haircuts first came under the spotlight due to how affordable it was. To replicate the structure of this look, all one needed was a ceramic bowl, a pair of scissors, and a whole lot of courage. However, as the years passed by, the appearance of this haircut lost its crown against trendy hairdos.

After spending a decade or two behind closed doors, the mushroom haircut finally made a remarkable comeback, and is currently stronger than ever! While it is no longer acknowledged as being financially feasible, the mushroom haircut remains a top choice amongst the LGBTQ+ Community due to how adaptable it is!

Toned Down Wolf Cut For Fine Hair

Toned Down Wolf Cut for Fine Hair

In recent years, the wolf cut has really risen above to become one of the best hairdos out there. One of the reasons behind its success is the structure and elevated nature of its appearance. The other main component? Its gender-neutral appeal!

Since most variations of the wolf cut comprise layouts with thick layers that have been compromised using thinning shears, it could be difficult to mimic a texture-infused wolf cut if you have thin or fine hair. However, if you’d like to hop on the bandwagon of wolf cuts anyway, consider taking notes from this subtle-shaped wolf cut with relaxed curtain bangs!

Karen Cut With Framing Undercut

Karen Cut with Framing Undercut

Although it mainly rose to prominence due to becoming an internet sensation in early 2020, this vibrant-coloured bob cut, also known as the Karen cut, can be another ideal hairdo to experiment with if you’re seeking a gender-neutral design.

Featuring straight-cut layers over an undercut, this Karen cut can be an ideal match for those with a knack for organized hairdos. While the undercut gives more saturation to the hair dye, the strands are usually manipulated with a detangling comb and a blow dryer to create the straight-cut formation.

Hard Part Pompadour With Temple Fade

Hard Part Pompadour with Temple Fade

For those that prioritize volume-oriented options, a comb-over might just be sufficient. However, if your hair is fine, it could be difficult for the strands to stay in place, which could prove to be a liability during high-end events and formal occasions. That’s where this hard-part pompadour comes in!

Comprising a polished appearance, this pompadour is the perfect option to experiment with during meetings and casual kickbacks. The option isn’t just gender-neutral, but is also versatile enough to form into different variations like fauxhawks, textured looks, and more!

Although using a post-styling product is a no-brainer for this option, you might also need to use a pre-styler if you want to recreate the sheer amount of volume that this hairdo contains. Pre-stylers such as sea salt spray might be effective if you want the elevation to be monumental. However, if you want the visuals to look a bit more natural, consider using texturizing powder before sealing the look with hair clay or hair wax!

Skrillex Hairstyle With Blends

Skrillex Hairstyle with Blends

When the emo subculture was at its peak, lengthier hairdos like the fringe cut were a common find. However, as the movement garnered more attention and expanded its fanbase, people started experimenting with the fringe cut, preferably by adding supporting hairdos around the sides, which is when the sidecut was discovered.

Also known as the Skrillex hairstyle, this hairdo became a massive sensation in the early 2010s. While the excessively lengthy strands stole the spotlight more often than not, another aspect that allowed this look to propel to stardom is how distant it was from all the previous styling trends. The impact it created is very much alive to this day, as the Skrillex hairstyle is still considered to be an ideal gender-neutral hairdo!

Sleek Ponytail For Medium Length Hair

Sleek Ponytail for Medium length Hair

Another top-notch look in our book is a top knot or ponytail, which can be easy to replicate if you’re currently growing your hair out. The look is as stylish as it is laid back, and can be created in a matter of seconds with a hair tie.

When wearing this look, you can either go one of two ways. To mimic the shiny visuals of this ponytail, you might need to use a water-based hair gel during the creation process. However, if you do have fine or thin hair, we’d suggest you use texturizing powder to make the strands look dense and hydrated.

Furthermore, if you do like this entry but are open to seeing more options, don’t miss out on the list of sleek ponytails we’ve covered in another issue!

Curly Shag With Framing Layers

Curly Shag with Framing Layers

Another great gender-neutral look that you can pull off with your curly head of hair is this shag mullet, which can provide you with bouncy layers for days! The look will be the farthest thing from easy to maintain and look after on the regular, but the visuals of the hairstyle will surely make you light up any room you walk into.

If you’d like to keep this gender-neutral look around for a while, building a solid hair care routine is mandatory. In addition to showering with only cold water for moisture retention, you should also invest in a clarifying shampoo, moisturizing conditioner that is free of silicone, a leave-in conditioner, and a detangling comb. To keep the strands healthy at all times, you may also use hydrating oils like argan oil once you step out of the shower.

Cropped Dutch Braids With Shaved Sides

Cropped Dutch Braids with Shaved Sides

If you’ve been keeping up with the hottest looks in the fashion scene, you’re probably wary of how much influence braided hairstyles have had in pop culture over the past couple of decades.

While French braids are often renowned for the amount of fullness each braid comprises, variants like Dutch braids could be a great way to incorporate a gender-neutral look with tons of flair. Unlike most braided looks, Dutch braids are rather flexible and adaptable.

Regardless of how long or how short your hair is at the moment, you can always introduce Dutch braids as a main component of your aesthetics, especially if you replicate the visuals of this entry. While you can grow the sides out and incorporate a blended fade to make the strands look more natural, consider shaving the sides off completely to allow the contrast to be as concentrated as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the list above, finding the right look should be easy. While most of them comprise shorter lengths, we believe that the versatility of each option will enable you to experiment frequently, which will come in handy when you eventually become tired of your newfound hairdo.

Additionally, if you do want to explore more variations, don’t hesitate to click on the materials that are attached to each description. Although it could take up a chunk of your time, we believe the hassle will be worth every penny, especially if you have yet to come to a decision.

On another note, if your desire to try out a gender-neutral look is still up in the air due to feelings of doubt and fear, skim through the following questionnaire to obtain the push that you desperately need!

Q: Will a gender-neutral haircut suit me?

A: While the visuals of your hair on the outside will surely shape the outcome of your new look, ensure to consider your face shape, hair type, and personality traits before making your pick. If you’ve got no idea about the role that your facial structure plays when finding the right haircut, allow us to take the lead and help you find the right look for your face shape!

Q: What is the most popular gender-neutral haircut at the moment?

A: Although almost all of the formerly mentioned options could be sufficient and helpful enough to express your fluidity to the fullest, we believe that no one can go wrong with replicating one of the many designs of a wolf haircut; a look that’s had the fashion scene at the palm of its hands in recent times. To learn everything and more about how you can pull off a wolf cut, be sure to riffle through our extended article on wolf cuts!

Final Takeaway

Regardless of whether you identify as non-binary, gender-fluid, or consider yourself an androgynous being, it’s always better to have things that make you feel confident and at home.

Similarly, despite your gender orientation, you should always resort to components that will allow you to feel comfortable and at ease with your own presence.

While coming to terms with your newfound identity could be an experience with multiple high notes and obstacles, we hope this article consisting of multiple trending and contemporary gender-neutral and non-binary haircuts allows you to find your perfect match and makes the whole journey a tad bit easier.

Before finalizing your pick, ensure that the hairdo pairs well with your personality, purpose, and morals. You may also examine the look’s versatility before eventually siding with one of them, especially if you want to make a long-term commitment!

If you’ve reached this part of the article, we’d like to thank you for making time for us. Additionally, if you found this write-up helpful, leave a comment below or skim through some of our materials on our website to show us some love and explore your mind with more groundbreaking hairstyles!

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