Genie Ponytail Hairstyles

13 Genie Ponytail Hairstyles for Super Trendy Girls

Whenever it comes to hairstyles for black girls, the options are literally endless. From wearing the curls with pride to trying out several protective hairstyles, black girls have set the bar for styling hair too high. We love the variety in each of these styles and just can’t wait to opt for the next trendy hairstyle.

Now, we know that the classic appeal of box braids and other braided hairstyles can never be denied. But in recent times, the genie ponytails have marked their own excellence when it comes to hairstyles for black girls. These ponytails are usually worn long, and they give you a sleek look in an instant.

Genie ponytails can be worn on different occasions, starting from birthday parties to red carpet events. You just need to choose whether you want to look like a baddie or a cutie based on your mood and vibe, and your genie ponytail will do the rest of the job for you.

How to Do a Genie Ponytail At Home?

You can do a genie ponytail right at home and save bucks on the go. It’s quite easy to do so there’s no need to be worried.

First of all, straighten and blow dry your natural hair and apply beeswax to set the outside of your hair properly. Use a rat tail comb to set your hair in a proper position for your ponytail, and then use a brush to set things even properly. After that, take your rubber bands and start tying a ponytail out of your natural hair.

For a genie ponytail, you need that high style. So we recommend using your rubber bands in multiple sets, taking three rubber bands together each time. After tying the first round, use some hairspray around your hair to keep everything in place. When you are done tying your hair and getting that high style, make a three-strand braid out of your ponytail and secure the end with a rubber band.

Now take your hair glue and apply it all over that braid. Then grab your styling strip and wrap it around your braid. The next step is to take your ponytail hair extension and brush it out to avoid any tangles. Take your glue and apply it on top of your braid, and start wrapping the ponytail hair extension from down the length in an upward style.

Keep on applying the glue and wrapping the hair until it reaches the starting of the braid, right where the hair ties are. Use your blow drier to set the hair at this point properly. Brush out your entire ponytail to avoid tangles, and your ponytail is now done!

Now pull some hair from the back of your ponytail, and apply glue to this piece of hair properly. Wrap it around your hair ties to hide them, as it will give your ponytail a natural look. Secure the last wrap with glue, and then apply hairspray to set your style in this area.

Brush and detangle your ponytail again, and you are all prepared to flaunt your genie ponytail like a diva!

Splendid Genie Ponytails to Rock Any Event!

Genie ponytails are so versatile that you can wear them anywhere. While some girls prefer to try out this ponytail for their birthdays, you can opt for them on a date night, a girls’ night out, or simply on any occasion that has the word ‘glam’ in it. This ponytail is perfect for the ’Gram as well, so you need to give this a try asap! However, if you are wondering which style will be the perfect pick for you, then we are here to your rescue. Ahead is a list of the trendiest genie ponytails that will surely make a statement for you. So let’s check them out now!

Basic Genie

Basic Genie

If you are all about the basic styles and always love to try out the classic options, then you can start with the basic genie ponytail. It consists of a ponytail hair extension that is sleek and straight. Just prep your hair like we have mentioned above, and you will be ready to wear this ponytail like a pro!

This picture is the classic example of our regular genie ponytail. The lady in the picture has styled her hair quite well, and she looks marvelous. A point to be noted: if you have baby hair, then leave them out while you are preparing your natural hair for the ponytail. The same goes for your side hair. You can later create slayed edges with them as shown in the picture.

Fluffy Curly

Fluffy Curly

Some girls are just all about the curls no matter what hairstyle they are going for. Because let’s face it, no one wants to miss a perfect curly hair day with the perfect hairstyle. So, for those curl lovers looking for something natural, here is a style to take inspiration from.

This fluffy and curly genie ponytail is totally jawdropping and we love everything about this style. The combination of the sleek look at the front along with the super curly and voluminous look at the back has totally won our hearts. We love the natural vibes this dominican curly hair is giving off, so you should try this one asap!

Medium Length

Medium Length

While some of us love to flaunt the length of our hair when it comes to braids or ponytails, some also love to keep things cute and compact. You might think that the genie ponytail is all about that sleek and long look, but actually, you can also opt for a medium-length hairstyle with your genie ponytail.

If you do not believe us, take a look at this picture to clear your doubts! This amazing brown hair with the medium-length genie ponytail looks super modish. The curl pattern is quite elegant, and we love the slayed edges at the front. This hairstyle is undoubtedly perfect for any glam events, so try this one the next time!

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

We think it’s easier to get a blonde look if you are opting for protective hairstyles or ponytail extensions because, in that way, you don’t have to go through all the hassles of bleaching your entire hair. Just pick a perfectly blonde ponytail hair extension, and you will be good to go.

It looks glamorous when a blonde genie ponytail is done to perfection. Such as the one in this picture. First of all, the length-wow! And secondly, the blonde shade is totally mesmerizing. The combination of blonde and black in this entire style is so gorgeous that we can’t keep our eyes off this picture!

Deep Wave

Deep Weave

There are tons of pros when it comes to choosing curly hair for your ponytail, and one of them is the variety of options that you can choose from. Hair extensions are available in different curl patterns, so you can choose your preferred one the next time you go for a genie ponytail.

For example, here is a picture of a perfectly done genie ponytail with deep wave hair extension. We are totally swooning over this look because the curls are major goals! Also, the volume of her ponytail is surely admirable alongside the shine that her hair is giving off. For fancy events, this hairstyle is a must-try!

Middle Part

Middle Part

If you search for tutorials on genie ponytails, you will find that the appearance of the style is similar in most of them because many women like to wear their ponytail in the classic style. However, you can try out something new with your hair, and just a simple middle parting will do that job. When you are prepping your natural hair for the styling session, leave out some of the hair at the front and do a middle part as shown in this picture.

This style is quite simple. You just need to straighten out the portion with the middle part to achieve a sleek look. The rest of your genie ponytail can be done in the same classic style. This simple middle part style gives your hair an amazing look, and we totally vouch for this one!

Water Wave

Water Wave

Black girls always love to flaunt their perfect ponytail moments, because their ponytails are always on fleek. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good picture for the ’Gram when the hairstyle is slaying? We do for sure, so here is a hairstyle if you want to upgrade things on your social media as well.

This water wave ponytail is a total goal, and we are not even exaggerating. The length and shine of her hair are making us want to try out this genie ponytail right now! Plus, she looks super cute with the slayed edges and the entire polished look, so what’s stopping you from trying out this hairstyle?

Sleek and Curly

Sleek And Curly

As we delve deeper into the world of genie ponytails, more and more unique styling options start coming up. This is a piece of good news for women who always love to try out something new because styling hair shouldn’t be restrained by limited options. So here is a sleek and classy curly genie ponytail to spice up your hair game in the future!

This simple yet sophisticated hairstyle looks totally ready for the red carpet. The brown and black ponytail extension with the amazing curls is something we just can’t get enough of. Those curls are totally elegant, and we love how the slayed edges have been created keeping the curl pattern in mind. All in all, this is a hairstyle that should be tried at least once in your life!

Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly

For all the kinky curly hair lovers out there, it’s time for an upgrade! If lately, you’ve been feeling like your hair needs a change, then we definitely recommend picking up the kinky curly ponytail extension this time. Trust us, the outcome will make you so happy that you won’t stop coming back for this hairstyle again and again!

This is how marvelous a kinky curly genie ponytail looks. The entire thing is so effortless, and we love that the hairstyle has a natural vibe to it. Her natural hair has been prepped quite well with slayed edges at the front, and the kinky curly ponytail is so fabulous that it’s going to steal the limelight for sure!

Red Pony

Red Pony

We always love a fearless red hairstyle, no matter if you are opting for your regular box braids, a quick weave bob, or a genie ponytail. Red has always been the color of passion, love, and boldness. So next time you visit the salon, don’t forget to ask your hairdresser for an exclusive red genie ponytail.

You can take inspiration from this picture if you are still in doubt. The super vibrant red hair in this picture along with the length of the ponytail has totally won our hearts. We love how polished she looks in the style, and opting for an entire red hair look has proved her boldness. This one is definitely a style that is totally approved from our side!

Bubble Genie

Bubble Genie

Opting for a genie ponytail doesn’t mean that your hair needs to be all sleek and free-flowing all the time. Rather you can try out a bubble style with your genie ponytail, and everyone’s going to admire your style. For any extravagant event, this hairstyle should be given a definite try.

The styling is quite easy for this one. All you need to do is grab a number of rubber bands. Once your genie ponytail is done styling, just make a bubble style out of the entire length. You can also keep some of your hair at the front out of the ponytail to make them look like bangs, and give them a curly appearance like the one shown in this picture.

Burgundy Glam

Burgundy Glam

Being a fan of colored hair, we always love to suggest different hairstyles that will let you experiment with vibrant colors for the best outcomes. However, in the case of black girl hairstyles, you don’t even have to go for the coloring sessions-just picking up hair extensions in your desired hair color will do the job quite well.

We have already talked about a red genie ponytail that looks totally awesome. But if you want to keep things subtle yet trendy, then we suggest trying out a pretty and cute burgundy ponytail hair extension. In this picture, the lady is wearing one and her genie ponytail looks so adorable! We love that she has chosen the burgundy color because it matches her vibe quite well. Plus, the curly appearance of the ponytail is super attractive, and she looks like a diva for sure!

Designed Baby Hairs

Designed Baby Hairs

Sometimes we focus so much on our actual ponytail that we just skip adjusting the baby hair. Some of us only try out the simplest of styles with those hairs, even though the options are infinite. So the next time you opt for a genie ponytail, you can choose a creative style for your baby hair. This simple task will take your hairstyle to the next level.

We don’t even need to describe how amazing this hairstyle in the picture looks. The edges at the front have been designed so creatively in a flowery appearance that the hairdresser surely deserves credit for her work. The ponytail has been done using curly hair extension, and we simply love every single detail of this hairstyle.


The hard part of selecting the perfect genie ponytail hairstyle for your hair is done. Now you just need to grab your essentials and start making a genie ponytail asap. But before that, we would like to answer some of your common questions regarding genie ponytails.

Why is it called a genie ponytail?

Well, the style basically gets its name from the famous movie ‘Aladin’. In this movie, the genie wears a super high ponytail. As this hairstyle has been inspired by the ponytail the genie wears, it has been named the genie ponytail.

How much hair do I need for a genie ponytail?

Only a pack of hair will be enough to perfect a genie ponytail. You can also go for two packs of hair if you want something super dashing. The choice is yours!

What things do I need for a genie ponytail?

There are a number of essentials needed for making a perfect genie ponytail. First of all, you have to blow dry your natural hair and straighten everything out. Then you need a small-tooth comb, a hairbrush, beeswax, a pack of good quality rubber bands, a hairspray, hair glue, styling strips, and your ponytail hair extension for doing the genie ponytail. Also, for your baby hair, you need a toothbrush and an edge control gel to create the slayed edges. We suggest you gather all these items beforehand to make your styling session easier.

Final Words

Genie ponytails are all the hype right now. From birthday bashes to formal events, these ponytails can be the center of attention anywhere you go. Plus, you have the option to choose your preferred style of extension, so styling your hair in different ways becomes even easier!

As we mentioned before, it’s not always about the sleek look with genie ponytails. You can opt for super curly looks, or do side braids with your natural hair and then do the ponytail. No matter what style you choose, you are always going to look ravishing. Do not forget your baby hairs while styling, because they will add the final polished touch to your look.

We have mentioned our best picks for genie ponytails in this article, and we believe you will fall in love with each of these styles. These ponytails are going to make you look like a diva, so without thinking twice, give this trendy hairstyle a try right now!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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