George Clooney Haircut

The George Clooney Haircut: Reviewing Each Hairstyle Of The Hollywood Heartthrob

One of the veterans in Hollywood to this day remains George Clooney. Although he initially gained recognition in the film business getting acting roles on ER as Dr. Doug Ross, he eventually rose to stardom between the late 90s and the early 2000s, specifically after landing the role as Batman in Batman & Robin, Out Of Sight, and being the leading crew member in the Ocean’s franchise.

These days, while he’s easily regarded as one of the best actors out there and seen as a role model in the eyes of many up and coming artists, he’s also sought-after by hair enthusiasts as well as the hairdressing industry.

Even though the 61-year old rarely switches from his gentleman’s comb over these days, the American actor was a major heartthrob in showbiz during his early years because of all the hairstyles he had experimented with around that time.

Moving on, if you’re curious to find out just how adaptable his luscious head full of hair was back in the day, and how generous it is in this day and age, buckle up to gain knowledge on all the hairstyles that George Clooney’s haircut allowed him to showcase! 

George Clooney Haircut: 14 Must-Have Hairstyles Of The Hollywood Actor To Recreate Today!

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that George Clooney has been the recipient of good fortune throughout his life. He has multiple individual accolades under his belt, is tremendously loved and respected by his peers, and was gifted with a head full of hair that allowed him to try out various hair trends over the course of his career.

From rocking the 90s curtains to wearing one of the best modern slick backs in the history of mankind, here are all the hairstyles that George Clooney has effortlessly rocked since making his debut in Hollywood!  

French Crop

French Crop

Before the French crop became a go-to look in the fashion scene in mid-2020, it wasn’t really a sought-after look in the eyes of a majority of the people. However, George Clooney was not one of them.

George Clooney wore and rocked this look in the early 90s. Although it is often paired up with a high and tight fade these days, George chose to wear the look with blends, which went well with his oval-shaped face.

His idea of showcasing this haircut with a casual getup was also a remarkable one that many can also take into consideration. However, keep in mind that it can also be a great sidekick to suits during formal events.

Relaxed Pompadour

Relaxed Pompadour

The 90s really allowed George Clooney to obtain the breakthrough that he always wanted as an actor, but also made him one of the most stylish actors in Hollywood at the time due to the relaxed pompadour he wore.

Whether you’re getting ready for a meeting or spending a weekend with friends, this relaxed pompadour could be all that you need to showcase your sense of style. The framing locs around the edges aren’t just used as volume enhancers, but typically give one’s face a slimming effect around the jawline.

An additional bonus that this relaxed pompadour comes with is an effortless procedure. To create this messy look with unevenly framed locs, all you need is a dime sized amount of hair mousse or hair wax. To give it a polished hold, you may spray the edges with hair spray.

Short Side Part


If you’re seeking an option that will only be of use during memorable occasions and formal events, then an easy look to for is this short length side part that was worn by George Clooney when his hair started going grey in 2009.

Despite looking a bit flat on top, this short side part could be a great design to take into consideration before leaving for a date night. The hairdo usually requires a detangling hairbrush to create the presentable quiff; which is typically cemented with hair wax.

The Butch Cut

The Butch Cut

Once Clooney landed the role of Batman and became one of the leading cast members on the American tv show, ER, he resorted to a much shorter military-esque look to carry a masculine energy.

The butch cut not only looked exceptional in terms of density, but was also a signature hairdo around that time due to its laid back appeal. The procedure of it is just as simple to this day, as it is time-friendly and requires the use of zero products in order to be implemented.  

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Another hairstyle that George Clooney marvellously introduced into his arsenal was the crew cut that he had. The short messy quiff on top looked sublime thanks to the density of his hair. The widow’s peak also gave his hair a distinct appearance and made his cheekbone more prominent.

Similar to the previous entry, getting a crew cut could be a smart decision to make if you’re seeking something that is simple to create, maintain, and pull off through the help of any and every outfit.

90s Curtain

90s Curtain

If you have always been a fan of the eBoy look, this 90s curtain or middle-part that was a go-to look of George Clooney’s could very well be an option you too could have a go at.

The elements that make this eBoy look so special are the length and the unbeatable amount of volume. The hairdo caters rather nicely to the occasion and looks extremely natural at the same time. Although the actor only needed the help of a hair dryer to create this look, one can easily replicate it by following one of the 5 available techniques available to create the eBoy look at home; a segment that we’ve thoroughly covered in one of our articles.   

Modern Slick Back

Modern Slick Back

Handling awkward phases could be difficult, but should be easy if you maintain the excessive growth through the help of this modern slick back.

This haircut of George Clooney can be replicated in a very easy and time-friendly manner. Unlike most entries on this list, this look can cater to every occasion with ease. It can pair well with suits, but can also look exuberant when worn with baggy and comfy outfits.

The Bro Flow

The Bro Flow

Sometimes, letting your hair grow without any manipulation can be extremely beneficial in the long run; a fact that George Clooney figured out when he created his very own bro flow.

The bro flow is a middle length hairstyle that has tons of flexibility and uneven streaks of hair. The messy yet perfect locs are stunning to look at from afar, and can even be experimented with in limitless ways.

Furthermore, since the bro flow is slightly lengthy, it could be difficult to look after at times. However, if you happen to have argan oil and leave-in conditioner, the minor inconveniences that this hairstyle usually bring to the table will surely be light years away!

Classic Comb Over

Classic Comb Over

As the years passed by, George Clooney’s hair changed in terms of colour, but still had enough thickness and density to pull off this one-of-a-kind classic comb over; a look that hasn’t been recreated ever since.

While George only rocked this look once at a high-profile, red carpet event, this look could be your regular pick if you have straight, thick hair and happen to have a flat iron at home. However, before pressing your hair with a flat iron, make sure to use a heat protectant product to prevent the ends of your hair from becoming frizzy. To create the comb over, use hair pomade to manipulate the strands, and hair wax to add the shine.

80s Mullet 

80s Mullet

George Clooney was always meant to be a star in Hollywood. The proof? This 80s mullet that he wore so alluringly during his early years!

This mullet had the right amount of volume, elevation and texture to make it a trendsetter in the early 80s, and definitely has enough potential to be brought back in this day and age. The poofy-like texture is typically created using volumizing hair cream and some hair spray, but can also be created effortlessly with the help of some texturizing powder and dry shampoo.

Surfer Hair

Surfer Hair

Growing hair requires loads of patience. However, if you’re able to wait long enough, you might just be able to wear this surfer hairstyle of George Clooney.

While the length of this hairdo is without a doubt the star of the show, the amount of layers on this tousled look is also a highlight that can’t be dismissed about this hair. It contains an ample amount of fullness, and can be a great way to showcase your hair growth journey in effortless fashion.

Creating this look can be a bit difficult due to the layers, but could be as easy as pie if you use sea salt spray as the pre and post-styler, and a matte based hair pomade to create the formation of the look. 

Elephant’s Trunk

Elephant's Trunk

Before Alex Turner became the reason behind the ever growing success of the elephant’s trunk, George Clooney was the only actor who was carrying the look.

If you’re looking for a design that will give your face a slimming effect and give your hair a slight boost in terms of volume, this look could be a suitable option to look into.

On top of being a great pick to wear at all times, an elephant’s trunk is adored in the hair community due to its flexibility. Those that create this look typically apply a fair amount of water based hair pomade to create the formation, and usually seal the look when needed with the help of hairspray.

Outgrown Buzz Cut

Outgrown Buzz Cut

Taking care of your hair could be a difficult task to carry out when you’re working around a tightly packed schedule. However, that problem of yours will only exist in theory; especially if you give this variation a chance!

As the name suggests, this hairdo can only be created when a buzz cut is slightly grown out from all sides. Although leaving it be and letting it grow naturally could be an ideal move to make, you can even get a fade haircut around the temples to create a favourable disconnection between the sides and make the hair less monotonous. To give the hair more life, you can even install shades like platinum blonde; especially if you want your hair to look a bit thicker.

Uniform Buzz Cut

Uniform Buzz Cut

Masculine hairstyles are very much on trend right now, and easy to create options such as a uniform buzz cut is definitely one of them.

A uniform buzz cut could be a great look to incorporate if you want a look that is easy to look after, and even easier to style. Since the length is usually even from every single angle, you don’t even have to use anything to manipulate or change the formation of the hairdo.

On top of being an excellent look for those with a diamond shaped face, a uniform buzz could be the perfect variant to resort to if you’re hoping to beat the heat of summer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

George Clooney had to give into various hair trends and wear his hair in limitless ways before he found the right haircut that suits his hair type and meshes well with his personality traits.

However, since making things easier is one of the many priorities that we have, here are some questions related to George Clooney’s haircut that will surely be sufficient for answering all your queries and make your experience even more stress-free! 

Q: What’s George Clooney’s secret to having good hair?

A: Although the actor never revealed the hair care routine he follows, George Clooney did talk about the habit he has of cutting his own hair using Flowbee, which is his key secret to having a head full of hair.

Flowbee is a piece of equipment that has the same build as a vacuum cleaner, but is mainly used to cut piles of hair at the same time. While the production of Flowbee came to a halt within 2000, Flowbee was rather successful and sold around 2 million copies. 

Q: Did George Clooney have a hair transplant?

A: Since George’s hair rarely changed in terms of density over the years, many people were under the assumption that the actor of Batman had gotten a hair transplant in the mid 2000s. However, taking into the fact that he never had underlying symptoms of hair loss, that claim remains baseless as of 2022.

On another note, if you do happen to be a victim of male pattern baldness, and are seeking a useful way to embrace your receding hairline, rejuvenate your confidence with the help of these 17 different hairstyles!


Whether you’re looking to grow your hair out or change up the look entirely through the help of a short hairdo, George Clooney’s haircut is an asset that you should definitely invest in,, even if you’re in your 50s!

Furthermore, if his current signature look, which happens to be the short side part, doesn’t resonate with you or pair well with your facial structure, you can definitely look into the visual aspects as well as the convenience of the other entries mentioned in the upper half of this article to find your perfect match.

On a separate note, if one of the buzz cut variants intrigued you, but you happen to have very little understanding on the length that will suit your face, be sure to check out our article on all the buzz cut lengths that are currently trending on the market.

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