40 Trendy Haircuts For Girls With Short, Medium & Long Hairs

Are you a fan of short haircuts like those of Ruby Rose? Or, perhaps you are more into the classic mid-length Jennifer Aniston haircuts? Maybe you prefer Beyonce’s long locks with some highlights!

Whichever length of haircut you fancy, there are many haircuts for girls that you can try out – be it a short bob, some feathered layers, or a long perm.

When it comes to cutting your hair, there is no limit on the size, style, color, or texture of one’s hair. No matter what type of hair you may have, we have all the trendy and diverse cuts that can help you pick your favorite one. 

You can also customize your look with some unique accessories to make your personality shine through your haircut.

Our article will give you a comprehensive idea about the hot and happening girls’ haircuts of 2022. For each length, we have covered a selection of the best styles that will suit the needs of all kinds of hair textures. 

Add some character to your hair this season by choosing one from our 40 recommended haircuts for girls! 

Haircuts For Girls: Short Length

Just because you have short hair, does not mean your fashion choices are limited. Check out our most prominent haircuts for girls with short hair! 

We have talked about a wide range of styles that you can opt for – from the popular buzz cut to the artistic afro faux hawk. These cuts can be as short as almost close to your scalp to as long as chin length. 

Some fancy jewelry, the perfect attire, and the best dye shade for your short haircut can get you noticed at any event. This article has haircuts for a formal office setting as well as a casual day at your nearest beach. 

Choose your favorite style and get to the salon ASAP!

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut


While commonly done by men, the buzz cut is among some of the very popular and trendy girl haircuts. This iconic style has been pulled off by female celebrities like Cara Delevigne, Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Amber Rose, Cate Blanchett, and numerous others. 

Almost close to being fully shaved, the buzz cut clips your hair very thinly, leaving your head as smooth as a freshly mowed lawn.  

To get your very own signature styles with this haircut for girls, color your buzz cut in a bold platinum blonde or customize your own design using the head as your canvas.

Pompadour Haircut

Pompadour Haircut

This is the ultimate elegant hairdo for women who love short hairstyles! The pompadour haircut gets its name from the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. 

You can easily achieve this look with some pomade, styling wax or hair gel, and volumizing hair spray. Style the pompadour in whichever shape you prefer, keeping the hair vertically elevated. 

You may complement the pompadour with undercuts or drop fades on either side. This will give your look more edge and chicness! 

For a more girly vibe, dye your pompadour in the lovely blush pink or brilliant rose gold shades. 

The Pixie Chop

The Pixie Chop

Are you a fan of Úrsula Corberó from Money Heist? We have just the haircut for you to try out then!

The Pixie Chop will give you a shaggy, messy, natural look while maintaining a posh hairstyle. The edges of your pixie chops can stick out like spiky bangs or soft waves, depending on your hair texture. 

This haircut for girls will look awesome with some long-winged eyeliners! Get this cut for a fancy party and complement it with dangling Swarovski jewels in your ears. 

The best attire with the pixie chop is a black or maroon strappy cocktail dress with a leg slit.

Asymmetrical Short Bob

Asymmetrical Short Bob

If you are a biker girl, the asymmetrical short bob is a must-try! 

In this style, one side of your short bob is slanted a bit longer than the other side. This kind of provides a curtain to one side of your face, giving you a cool, mysterious aura. 

Pair your haircut with a black leather jacket, knee-high boots, and classic jeans. Dark smokey eyes will certainly add to your biker girl image. 

You can use silver or golden upper lobe piercings as an amazing accessory for this girl’s haircut. Additionally, apply a blonde ombre shade to make your asymmetrical short bob pop! 

Blunt Bob With Curtain Bangs

Blunt Bob With Curtain Bangs

The sleek hairstyle that is dominating the Gen Z is the blunt bob cut. This style works best for straight hair, such as the likes of Dua Lipa.

To get this cut, you have to shape the edges of your hair in a flat blunt cut up to your chin or lower. You can also add some curtain bangs for a more schoolgirl feel.

Teenagers are particularly loving this style as their go-to short haircut. Your blunt bob can be parted in the middle or on one side, depending on the formality of your occasion. 

The best part is that a little blow-drying and some hair spray are all you will need to set your hair for the entire day!

Mushroom Haircut

Mushroom Haircut

The mushroom haircut style was widely popular in the 80s and 90s but has recently made a comeback in 2022. You can look very contemporary and charming with this low-maintenance and easy-to-do haircut!

By playing around with the length, color, undercut, and sideburns, a mushroom haircut can allow you to be really creative and experimental with your appearance.

This is a great style during the summertime when you wish to stay sweat-free. It is versatile in the sense that you and your little kid can both do it. 

You can get your hair tips colored with the dye of your choice to match your personality.

Finger Waves for Short Hair

Finger Waves for Short Hair

Do you have short hair but want to get Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala wet look? In that case, be sure to try out the finger waves for your short hair!

To do this, you need to make the s-shaped waves with your fingers and a rat-tailed comb. For a more permanent getup, apply some edge control and hair gel to keep the waves long-lasting. 

This hairstyle carries a very vintage 1920s or 30s energy, something that was also used by Rihanna, Zendaya, Missy Elliot, Madonna, as well as Tyra Banks.

With this haircut, you can get a mix of traditional and modern at the same time!

Short Layers Haircut

Short Layers Haircut

Similar to the length of a short or blunt bob, for this style you simply have to create layers with your hair instead of creating a straight blunt bob. 

This is a fitting hairstyle for office settings as well as cocktail parties. For a more formal dress code, go with a turtleneck full sleeve top. This will allow your layers to stand out without looking too fancy. 

Change up the look with a simple cold shoulder or sleeveless georgette blouse. The layers will give your hair some volume and a little bounce as you strut into a party in your matching Louboutin pumps!  

Scissor Tomboy Crop Cut

Scissor Tomboy Crop Cut

Much shorter than the Pixie Chop, the Scissor Tomboy Crop Cut is neat, sharp, and refined! It is also known as the ‘Caesar Cut’.

Among all the haircuts for girls, this one is the most unisex style. There are no bangs with this cut, instead, your roughly chopped hair is side swept and kept very short. 

If you prefer a natural vibe, then keep your hair as it is with some light blow-drying after a fresh wash. To achieve a sleeker outlook, apply some pomade or gel and pull back all the short baby hair away from your hairline. 

Popular actress Natalie Portman pulled off this boyish look gorgeously at the 2006 Golden Globes with a strapless black lace dress.

Side Parted Afro Curls

Side Parted Afro Curls

Show off your type 3 or 4 afro curls proudly with this girls’ haircut! 

Unlike thin, straight hair, Afro hair is much more voluminous and textured. To style your Afro curls, you can use products such as the Curling Jelly and the Setting Mousse from Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Collection. These soften, elongate, and moisturize your natural curls. 

Create a side part and apply these to your hair in small sections. Extend your hair up to the length you want them to be. 

Customize your edges with some edge control glue and finish your look by applying a beige shade of makeup.

Afro Buzz With Tapers and Fades

Afro Buzz With Tapers And Fades

The Afro Buzz is a very low-maintenance haircut for girls. If you want your hair to stay frizz-free under the Miami sun, go for this style with some tapers or fades!

In this haircut, the middle portion of your hair is chopped into very fine, short curls with a single shaved line on either side. The rest of the hair is trimmed into low or high fades and tapers of your choice. 

For those of you who do not want to use external products, this style is definitely for you. Match your new beach bikini with a stylish polarized Ray-Ban!

Experimental Afro Faux Hawk

Experimental Afro Faux Hawk

The Experimental Afro Faux Hawk can take your basic Afro Buzz to the next level!

For this girls’ haircut, grow your natural afro curls to a moderately thick yet short size. This will help to create the volume necessary to make the front brushed faux hawk. 

When it comes to the experiment part, you can form creative and artistic designs with your side tapers. You can make zig-zags, heart shapes, waves, stars, or even more complex and intricate patterns if you wish.

Color your faux hawk a bright shade of burgundy for the finishing touch it needs! You can add some shiny lip gloss and dark mascara to complete the final look. 

Mullet With Shaved Sides

Mullet With Shaved Sides

The 1980s trend – Mullet Haircut – has been making a comeback recently. Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, and Cara Delevingne have adopted this wolf-like style which blends excellently with dark smokey eyes and chiseled contouring!

To modernize this old-school, traditional hairdo, you can put a spin on it by incorporating shaved undercuts and sides, which will bring this style in sync with the current times. 

Another way to play with the look is to go for spiky hair ends instead of the typically long back tail. Use hair gel to set your spikes in cool, unkempt angles, and apply a vibrant hair dye.

Check out this Modern Mullet Haircut Tutorial to achieve this hairstyle for short hair!

Short Rainbow Spikes

Short Rainbow Spikes


If you have a flamboyant personality, this is undoubtedly your must-try girls’ haircut! The Short Rainbow Spikes are the brightest and most vivid style you can pull off.

Chop off your locks into cool asymmetrical patterned spikes by an experienced hairdresser. You can choose as many funky tones and electric shades of color as you want. The key is to apply the colors in such a way that they merge nicely when the final look is complete. 

To ensure that the style lasts for a while, use the Aveeno Blackberry Quinoa Protein Blend Shampoo to protect your color-treated hairs.Note: Make sure you have a sufficient amount of money and time to maintain this captivating yet expensive haircut!

Haircuts For Girls: Medium Length

The medium length haircuts for girls go as long as your shoulder or up to your upper arm. It allows you to stay in that sweet spot between very short or super long hairstyles. 

Girls with medium length hair can tie their hair in numerous ways, experimenting with a series of styles like braids, buns, ponytails, and whatnot. 

We have the top trendiest medium length girls’ haircuts for you to select from. The following list also provides suggestions on how to decorate your hair with multiple ornaments and style your look according to the occasion.

So, get reading and tell us which haircut you would like to go for next!

Long Blunt Haircut

Long Blunt Haircut

For silky, shiny, smooth, and straight hair textures, the long blunt haircut is a great choice! Actress Kerry Washington and singer Alesha Dixon have pulled off this haircut brilliantly in past events.

The long blunt cut looks awesome with your hair dyed jet black. If you have got brunette color hair, then blonde highlights are a fantastic choice for your blunt ends to contrast any darker dresses. 

This haircut can match really well with a see-through net dress or tops, with some long dangling earrings. Bright bobby pins can add color and style to your hair when pinned at different angles against your hairline. 

V-Shaped Layers

V Shaped Layers


Do you know who has got some beautiful V-Shaped Layers in their hair? It is none other than Penelope Cruz!

Just like her, the V-Shaped layers can elongate your look, making your hair appear much longer than they are. There is a gradual flow to your hair with this girl’s haircut. 

This type of layer cut is suitable for occasions like weddings and quinceaneras. Prep your hair with a gorgeous feather braid along the direction of the crown of your head and let the v-shaped layers hang slightly below. 

If you are not a fan of braids, no worries! Etsy has a wide collection of flower crowns and tiaras for you to choose from. For a more Christmas-y feel, try out this boho headpiece.

Feathered Layer Cuts

Feathered Layer Cuts


Have you ever wanted to take a beautiful close-up shot of a snowflake being caught against your locks? With the Feathered Layer Cut, you can do just that!

Haircuts for girls with medium length hair include the soft, nuanced, and flowy feathered layer cut. From the sides, this cut gives your hair the image of a bird’s wings. 

This feather cut goes perfectly with a white tank top, jeans, and some long, colorful, multilayered beaded necklaces. Simply put on a blazer to transform your style from casual to formal. 

Popular Indian celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, and Anushka Sharma have rocked this haircut at many award ceremonies and mainstream ads. 

Shaggy Layer With Messy Ends

Shaggy Layer With Messy Ends


The Shaggy Layer cut is a fun, rustic mid-length style for girls. Unlike the prim and proper endings of the previous two haircuts, this one will give you messy and uneven ends. 

Kesha’s shaggy layers with roughly chopped bangs were a big hit at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards! So music lovers can definitely try out this haircut.

For a punk rock feel, you can go for an all-black ensemble. For a more girly style, compliment your shaggy layers with a maroon or navy chiffon dress. 

Enhance the rustic appearance with a few feather hair tassels that match your attire. With this haircut, you will look nothing short of chic and snazzy!

A-Line Long Bob

A Line Long Bob


The A-Line Long Bob can make you look like a charming schoolgirl in the back and a hip fashionista in the front! This haircut is also known as a ‘Lob’.

If you want to ooze confidence in your daily life, give this unique haircut a chance. The long, sharp angle of the lob can give your personality some strength and magnetism. 

Tattoos and wild hair colors are unmatched companions to this haircut. Get yourself some bold, symbolic tattoos and dye your hair a fiery orange or neon green and yellow.

Modernize the basic bob cut with this trendy and dashing haircut! You can also add a touch of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” by wearing net stockings.

Blunt Layer Cut

Blunt Layer Cut


A cold winter morning demands wearing a cashmere turtleneck sweater. And what haircut goes better with a turtleneck than the Blunt Layer haircut for girls!

This shattered layer cut twists your hairs in such a way that they look like ropes. Your ends have to be even and bluntly cut so that the layers are subtly hidden in the undercuts. 

A check scarf, shawl, or pullover will amazingly pair with your sweater. Complete the attire with beige or peach gabardine pants and a couple of Air Jordans.

While this look is comfortable and cozy, it is also practical for a morning stroll in the park as well as a lazy day in the office.

Face-Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers


Kaley Cuoco, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence – who hasn’t done the Face-Framing Layers at least once in their career?!

This is one of the most classic haircuts for girls. It will make you appear feminine, cute, and charismatic. Whether you have a round-shaped babyface or a thin chiseled face, this soft style will frame any and all types of face shapes.

The face-framing layer cut is best suited with a strappy or off-shoulder denim crop top and a skirt or shorts. Box-shaped, rectangular purses are a great accessory for this look.

Wear some low heel, ankle-high suede boots to add sass to your fashion vocabulary!

Shoulder Length Afro Coils

Shoulder Length Afro Coils

To match your bubbly personality, cut your type 3 hair into Shoulder Length Afro Coils. This haircut for girls is vivacious, lovely, and very exciting!

You need to properly detangle, soften, and moisturize your Afro Coils with hair oil or cream before stretching and twisting them into small strands to create the coils. This DIY procedure is easy to do and makes sure that your coils do not look haphazard and rowdy.

Add some color of your choice to perk up this haircut before your next brunch. You can insert some gold and silver hair cuff ornaments onto a few coils as well. This will certainly elevate the voguishness of your Afro Coils!

Voluminous Curly Afro Cut

Voluminous Curly Afro Cut

Are you wanting to let loose your stunning voluminous curls and show off the full length of your Afro hair? With this twist-out haircutting technique, you can maintain the wavy pattern of your natural type 4 locks.

The best part is that you can style this girls’ haircut while keeping it entirely open. For instance, form a few braids near the frame of your face and introduce some cowrie shell beads along the length of your braids.

For students, a simple polo or t-shirt will suffice to emphasize your Voluminous Curly Afro haircut.

Note: Make sure to air dry this haircut overnight to prevent your hair from getting frizzy!

Kinky Straight Haircut

Kinky Straight Haircut

You might have a heavy type 3 or 4 hair but want to get type 1 or 2 haircuts. The Kinky Straight Haircut is perfect for you then! 

Afro haircuts for girls are usually more about the styling and less about the cutting. But by ironing your hair, this cut helps you preserve your naturally kinky hair while you get the layer, step, or blunt cut of your preference.

Wear a striped dress with a deep plunge to highlight your newly cut and straightened locks. Some meaningful lockets on gold chains will go fabulously with your attire. 

Apply a nude makeup shade to emphasize your Kinky Straight Haircut!

Ombre Deep Waves

Ombre Deep Waves

The Ombre Deep Waves haircut can take you back to those holidays when the waves crashed on the shore and brushed up against your feet. This is because this girl’s haircut looks exactly like the deep waves of the sea, dyed in a shade of ombre with dark roots.

Your luscious curly strands will give you a sultry, sexy aura with this haircut. Keep your makeup light and breezy to achieve a natural quality.

Match this with a floral patterned halter dress and a sun hat for the ultimate pool party look! Do not forget about the fashionable pool slides or flip-flops either.

Loose Shaggy Curls

Loose Shaggy Curls

From Asian actresses like Sandra Oh to British singers like Rita Ora, the Loose Shaggy Curls with bangs are in vogue these days! 

This is a ravishing haircut for girls who want to attend high tea garden parties in boat neck dresses. Accessorize the look with an expensive jewel earring and some diamond rings.

The curtain bangs that come with this haircut look different and more textured than the basic straight hair bangs. So, this haircut is also well suited with one-shoulder casual dresses for birthday parties and fancy hangouts.

Rimless or animal print sunglasses are very much in with the Loose Shaggy Curls & Bangs cut!

Mid-Length Hair with Custom Undercuts

Mid Length Hair With Undercut

Queer women are always trying out diverse styles of hairstyles, especially with undercuts and colors. In a similar fashion, actress Natalie Dormer and singer Cassie donned their half-shaved heads with mid-length hairs on one side.

Your undercuts can be on one or both sides, fade or taper shaves, trimmed stripes, or intricate customized patterns. These can make your image sassy and eye-catching! 

Display your hair boldly with black ear studs, sterling silver helix earrings, and nose rings. Pair this with some gray ink tattoos. Your hair can also be complemented by striped eyebrows.

If you are a musician, the mid-length haircut with a customized undercuts look is definitely your style!

Haircuts For Girls: Long Length

Once upon a time, only tall girls used to grow long hair. But nowadays, height is not a factor when it comes to hair length. Anybody can grow and get sensational long cuts from the hair parlor next door!

These haircuts for girls range from waist-length heights to up to hip lengths or beyond, depending on personal liking. We have included basic haircuts such as U-Cut Straight Layers and also complicated, color-friendly styles like the Caramel Balayage Waves. 

Jewelry, Dress, Shoes, Bags, Makeup – the haircuts below have referred to all kinds of accessories to help you attain the full look to match your desired long-length girl’s haircut! 

Textured Curls

Textured Curls

Let loose your alluring and mesmerizing hair this summer by getting the Textured Curls haircut for girls!

There is an equal amount of softness and rustic naturalness to this haircut. Make your Textured Curls look flawless in golden bronze or chestnut shades.

Since this is a summertime haircut, you can dress accordingly in light, warm tones. Go for a white cotton sleeveless or half sleeve top with a knee-length sky blue or peach skirt. 

Customize your style with a crochet jute sling bag on your side. Add in colorful tassels to your liking. Bohemian handmade necklaces can be your go-to jewelry with the Textured Curls!

Long Shag With Fringes

Long Shag With Fringes

This is a breathtaking haircut for girls, be they a teenager or a fully grown woman. Our pretty little liar Shay Mitchell’s long shaggy layers frame her face brilliantly!

The curtain-style front fringes can really make an oval-shaped face shine. Change up your dressing style to make this haircut appropriate for a series of different occasions.

Let’s say you are prepping for your high school prom. You can go for a shiny golden sequin dress with a small trail and pair it up with bright red lipstick. 

If you are getting ready for a concert, put on a black tee, choker necklaces, and thickly apply some kohl. Your Long Shag with Fringes will do the rest for you!

Windy Layers Haircut

Windy Layers Haircut

Remember the hair ads with those silky tresses flowing in the wind? Well, the Windy Layers Haircut can do that for you!

For thin hair, this style of haircutting can help boost it and make your hair appear voluminous. The wind-like cutting technique will give a healthy and smooth texture to your hair. 

Make sure to always use a round brush to set your windy layers. If you are a fan of bangs, you can go for a heavy side bang. 

Wedding brides can put on a long veil on the back with their windy layers decorated gorgeously in vintage flower bobby pins in the front. 

Long Perms

Long Perms

Just like girls with Afro hair can try out the Kinky Straight Haircut, girls with super straight hair can do the opposite with this girl’s haircut! 

Using the chemical treatment of Long Perms, you can change the texture of your hair, creating permanent waves and curls. Perms can last as long as six months, and regular moisturizing will protect your natural hair.

There are over 30 types of spirals you can create with your long perms. Watch this tutorial on how to get the basic perms for your long hair.

You can get to look as hot as Shakira and AnnaLynne McCord, or get the girly perms of Taylor Swift from her early days!

U-Shaped Straight Haircut

U Shaped Straight Haircut

Many mothers teach their daughters how to take care of their hair with mineral enriched oils from a very young age. When they grow up, their great quality hair does not need much artificial styling or products.

For you girls, we have chosen the U-Shaped Straight Haircut. No need to tamper with complex cuts with this hairdo. Simply cut your straight hair into a U-shape and let it hang till your hip!

Box heels with criss-cross straps will add just the right amount of height needed to pull off this style. Create voluptuous dutch or lace braids and decorate your hair with fancy trinkets and seasonal flowers.

Volumizing Shiny Blunt Cut

Volumizing Shiny Blunt Cut

The Volumizing Shiny Blunt Cut makes your hair extremely glossy and reflective! The smoothness of this cut is amazing as you can pull your fingers through any part of your hair without having to detangle it.

The L’OREAL X-tenso Straightener Cream is a popular product for achieving this hairstyle. The end edges are cut into a linear blunt shape, without any layers or steps.

Your long locks are sufficient enough to grab all the attention, so keep your attire easy and simple. Pair this girl’s haircut with a long sleeve, fitted shirt with collars. 

You can put on shiny eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyelid to match the shine of your haircut!

Waist Length Step Cut

Waist Length Step Cut

Waist Length Step Cut is widely used, particularly by Indian girls and women. Unlike the merged quality of layer cuts, this one is trimmed with a noticeable distance between each step that is constructed.

A great choice of garment for this type of haircut would be a multilayered ruffle dress with polka dots! For shoes, you can go for some thin strappy flat sandals for easy movement.

Experiment with your makeup if you wish to look more glamorous for an Autumn night outing. Some smokey gray shadows with glitter matching your dress color can really bring out your eyes. 

Complete your ensemble with a cute little clutch worn cross-body style!

Super Long Kinky Coils

Super Long Kinky Coils

You are a lucky girl if you have got the naturally long kinky texture of curly hair! But this style requires a lot of maintenance to grow thick and long like the one in the photo.

This Super Long haircut looks absolutely adorable on little girls. They will glow once you put on a tropical Hawaiian flower, such as Hibiscus, behind their ear. 

Women with waist-length locks can show off their glorious hair in a deep backless dress. Wear crystal backdrop chains and pull all the hair over your shoulder, to show off both the back and the front.

You can put on a Greek-style hair clip on one side to accentuate your ample coils!

Caramel Balayage Waves

Caramel Balayage Waves

Imagine sitting at a bistro or café, the smell of coffee wafting through your nose. The Caramel Balayage Waves will remind you of such a scenario!

This haircut can make your hair appear satiny, bouncy, and lustrous. With a touch of sun-kissed highlights, the Caramel Balayage color creates the perfect balance between natural and artificial hair.  

This trendy girls’ haircut forms perfectly uniform waves that provide your hair with a classy and luxurious vibe. You can also create various knots or buns with this hairdo if you do not wish to leave it open.

Some Versace platform pumps, a Gucci bag, and a Prada dress – these are the best accessories you could ask for to flaunt this haircut!

Platinum Blonde Horse Tail

Platinum Blonde Horse Tail

As the name sounds, this one is as long as a horse’s tail, and your hair color will be platinum blonde with dark gray undertones.

This haircut goes really well with Calvin Klein sportswear. So if you get this long haircut and want to go for sports, simply create a bun and get running in the early morning or evening. 

When you wish to go clubbing, transform your hairdo into a high ponytail like Ariana Grande! Accessorize it with a deep V suspender dress or a pleated short dress.

The best part is you can do this haircut for girls with both straight and wavy hair! Better to avoid curly hair though, as they may not achieve the same height as the other two.

Long Curls With Midnight Blue Highlights

Long Curls With Midnight Blue Highlights

From Nelly Furtado to Cardi B – many celebrities have tried out the Midnight Blue Highlights at multiple events. You cannot go wrong with this unique, vibrant shade that gives your hair the depth and intensity of the outer galaxy!

The Long Curls haircut is much more loose and flowy than the Textured Curls. This allows the Blue and Purple in your hair dye to stand out!

You can opt for darker tones to wear with this girl’s haircut. See-through black net tops with floral patterns are a popular choice among celebrities.

When it comes to makeup, navy blue eye shadows with black polished nails are a great combo for this cut!

Pastel Hair With Dark Roots

Pastel Hair With Dark Roots

Pastel Haircuts must have caught your eye on your way to the supermarket! This one-of-a-kind girls’ haircut is rare, much like a Mermaid or Unicorn.

Some of the most popular pastel hair shades are the Dreamy Lavender, Turquoise Mermaid, Rose Gold, Blush Red, and Mint Green. Applying any of these iridescent shades with darker roots can make your hair shimmer and dazzle under the sun!

If you are confused about choosing a shade, customize a personalized rainbow hairstyle with pastel color dyes.

Barbie makeup tones can look incredible with your pastel haircut. Large hoop earrings are the trendiest choice of jewelry for this style of hair.

Full Bangs in Long Cuts

Full Bangs in Long Cuts

Layers, Step, Blunt cut, or Perms – there are diverse types of girls’ haircuts for long hair that are trending this year. What makes this haircut different is the bangs that can be incorporated with your lengthy haircuts!

Full bangs are much less wispy and thicker than curtain bangs. Full fringes cover your entire forehead, very much like the Mushroom Haircut or any head cap. If you do not prefer a full fringe, go for side-swept bangs.

Your makeup with any kind of bangs should be subtle. You can apply a thin coat of eyeliner, some light pink blush, and a matte shade of lipstick. 

Colored cosmetic lenses can really bring out your eyes from under the length of the long bangs!


Tons of diverse girls’ haircuts are trending in 2022. In this article, we have chosen the 40 most popular and diverse styles for straight, curly, coarse, as well as wavy hair textures!

Haircuts for girls can range from short-length styles such as the Pompadour Haircut to mid-length ones like the Face-Framing Layers. For those of you who have ultra-long hairs, we have creative cuts like the Full Bangs in Long Cuts as well. 

Some of these styles are a little girly and subtle while others are much more loud and bold! If you are a girl who loves coloring your locks, we have also included multicolored haircuts for each length.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the type 3 and 4 hair types either! For you girls, we have chosen styles like the Afro Buzz and the Long Perms, which can be long-lasting if properly taken care of.

While most short styles are low-maintenance, some of the longer ones can require a daily hair treatment routine.

The coolest part is that no matter which haircut you choose, there are a bunch of accessories that can make your style stunning. From dresses to bags to shoes – we have it all! And hair ornaments are a must for some of these haircuts to stand out.

What’s more, we have haircuts for girls for all kinds of occasions and looks! It can be a cocktail party or a Sunday brunch – we have you covered with the right kind of hairdo. You might be a fashionista or a punk rock music lover – we have haircuts for your individual unique styles as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your hairdresser and get your favorite trendy girl’s haircut right now!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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