32 Perfect Goddess Braids Hairstyles 2022 Updated

Goddess Braid?? Exploring what does that mean?? Hold on, I am here to explain you everything about that. Well, the name only suggests the gravity of this braid. You must be feeling something like royal, goddess, huge etc. Yes, it exactly means that. I won’t confuse you any more to let you know the meaning. Here I go with the answers.

What is Goddess Braid??

These are some oversized braids or thicker cornrows which defines Goddess Braid. You can experiment with any hairstyle with goddess braids like an updo, ponytail, Mohawk or any of your innovative hairstyle. These are the hairstyle which is very tightly woven with some hair and you can go for any multiple styles with the rest of your hair. Braids in this hairstyle are braided very close to the scalp with natural hair. If you don’t have enough hairs to achieve this hairstyle then you can achieve it using hair extensions. Goddess Braid is the perfect way to showcase your thick and black hair with some defined artwork too.

Still in doubt??? Let us dig into the article and get the answer to all your unsolved questions.

1. Segmented Braids with a Braided Bun

Your love for goddess braid will give you the interest to explore and experiment with your hair. You can opt for this hairstyle for any occasion. This simple and straight cornrow looks stunning and sassy. Just you need to section your hair into four parts and braid it accordingly incorporating all the braids into a braided bun. That’s the end… and you look a real bombshell.

2. Curved patterned Goddess Braid

This is just the look-alike of the above hairstyle. The difference lies only in the pattern. The curved patterned goddess braid looks damn sexy. Inbetween the goddess braids there are small thin braids which are finally incorporated into a cute braided bun.

3. Goddess Braid into a Braided Ponytail

Aww… so Beautiful. I must say this is the best way to were your hair for any special occasion. Your tresses are modified beautifully into braids and then into a long sexy braided ponytail. The thin and curve cornrows with some baby hairs on the forehead look so stylish and sassy.

4. Zig-Zag Goddess Updo

Perfectly separated braids that show a prominent pattern of cornrows. A real treat for eyes. The shiny braids are made in a particular zig-zag way and finally fed into a big bun at the back. Gent a sexy gown to were in this hairstyle. Girls get ready for the complements showering on you.

5. Huge Half up Goddess Braided

The hue is what makes this hairstyle different from other hairstyles. The pop of purple makes the hair even sexier. Make different sections of hair and braid them all. Afterward, take some of the braids at the crown part and make a top knot, leaving the rest falling freely down.

6. Back Swept Colored Braid

Ahan!!! it’s beautiful. And all the beauty lies in different colored tresses. A simple combination of youthful elegance and sassy style. It consists of four woven goddesse braids from the crown till back. The colors make the style even more lively and playful.

7. Upswept Braided Crown

Get this hairstyle on your fine textured hair. The one braided goddess braid incorporated into a braided crown. Aww, the style gives an eternal sanctity to your personality. Your love for goddess will keep you drowning with lots of compliments.

8. Multiple goddess braids with hair cuffs

I must say a perfect geometry..! The hair is patterned in perfect cornrows. The braids are incorporated into a cute bun at the nape of the neck. The hair cuffs add some spice to the style. Recreate this hairstyle for any casual occasion.

9. The Gaint Goddess

Loved this hairstyle in any way… Who doesn’t likes such a thick and long braid like this? Well if you have black n long hair, then you should never miss the chance to were this hairstyle. Don’t have long hair?? Worry not extensions are there for your rescue.

10. Goddess Braid with a low Braided Bun

Parallel cornrows fed into a sexy low bun hairstyle will give an instant boost to your personality. Bestie’s marriage?? Well, this hairstyle could be the perfect one as a bridesmaid. So, go and get a sexy off shoulder gown to pair it up with this hairstyle. Keep your make up ready.

11. Modern Goddess Braid with Curls

Experimenting could give you a lot of options for a perfect hairstyle. The perfection comes when you try it. This is one of the modern and most innovated hairstyles of all. So girls get a back two braided strand to the crown that is fed into some sexy curls at the crown.

12. Parallel Ombre Godesses Braid

Six upswept parallel braid is the best decision you have made for a casual outing. Brown hue to the black natural hair gives a perfect ombre style to rock. This is an effortless and no time hairstyle which you can achieve in minutes. Were it in any outfit for a fashionable look.

13. Curvey Black Goddess Braid

Goddess are braided is something that gives a new dimension to the modern hairstyle with a variety of pattern with the hair. Get this done in a perfect way from your hair stylist to get a different yet edgy look. Tug the braids into a braided bun and tug some bobby pin to keep it intact.

14. Sophisticated Goddess Braid Bun

This is a modern and sophisticated hairstyle to solve all your hair dilemmas. All the goddess braid from all the side of the head are incorporated into a goddess crown along with some of the micro braids garnished over the crown. Yes, a perfect treat for your eyes.

15. Spiral Goddess

The goddess braids wrap into a hollow tall bun in a spiral form. Yes, it is an ultimate adorable and sexy bun. Thick braids are started from the back of the head moving spirally towards the crown. At the crown, thin braids are tugged forming a hollow bun. Aww…. looks so enchanting!!!

16. Goddess Braided Ponytail

Who does loves a ponytail..? Almost everyone may be the answer. However, a ponytail with goddess braids is something that makes this hairstyle a unique one. Recreate this hairstyle by incorporating all the braids into a ponytail. It stats with thick braids ending with small braids pony.

17. Goddess Braided Side Bun

Searching for the hairstyles shows off the ultimate femininity within you. This hair gonna give you an immense satisfaction when you were it in a proper way for a party. The curved braids incorporated into a side bun is just what you need for a party.

18. Sleek and Double Braided Mohawk

Two braids swept towards back as sectioned Mohawk with sleek hairs on either side. The two braids are laid down freely. This can be for any casual occasion and I must say it would be one of your best choices. This is a spectacular look indeed.

19. Goddess Milkmaid Braid with Defined Art Work

You need some guts to were this badass hairstyle for sure. Let’s take a close look towards the hairstyle. The microbraids forming a circular artwork in a perfect symmetry. And then the huge goddess braids are surrounded by the micro braids. A perfect look.

20. Inward Zig- Zag goddess Braid

Something different and eye-catching. start doing an inward goddess braid in a zig-zag form from the front. Finally fed the braid into a tight braided low bun. It is the best hairstyle for thick natural hair. Extensions also work its best for this hairstyle.

21. Middle Parted Goddess Braid with Micro Braids

Sometimes certain experiments give you the best of its results. Two parallel microbraids middle parting the head into symmetric two parts. Two braids are formed from each part and finally incorporated a tight bun along with the two micro braids. A beautifully structured hairstyle indeed.

22. Goddess Braided Two Buns

This fashion-forward hairstyle is very popular among teens. Thin braids from all over the scalps are tied tightly into a braided bun on either side will make you stand out in its own way. The two top knot stand high in brown color looks absolutely amazing.

23. Middle parted Long Braids by Micro Braids

Ahan…What a perfect recreation of Goddess Braid! Tow long huge braid are made out of the hair along with middle parting it with a micro braid. Staring with two under braids from the scalp and finally form two regular braid. This looks simple yet stylish to look at.

24. Defined Cornrows with Goddess Braids

Some hairstyles will make you unique among the crowd. The artwork is what makes this hairstyle different from others. The two huge braids flowing down from either side from just behind the earlobe. The style give others goosebump when you were it in a proper way.

25. Curvey Goddess Braids with Pony

A contrast hue gives a special effect to your hairstyle. Out of seven curvey braids, two are colored with golden to add some spice and hotness to the hairstyle. Afterward, all the braids are incorporated into a beautiful ponytail. This is a Goddess Braids hairstyle which you can be on any occasion.

26. Double Braided Goddess Crown

Do you have thick black natural hair?? If the answer is yes, then the hairstyle is for you. Get this hairstyle done at home only. Start doing a giant braid that would surround the crown properly. The effect of the double brait at the front of the crown gives you an absolute princesses look. Don’t forget to give some thin tendrils to either side.

27. Defined Inwards Godesses Braid

One of the best goddess braids that look so elegant, clean and defined. Well, this hairstyle can wear in any attire. Some inward braids are weaved in an asymmetric form and then fed into two braids that are left to fall down freely. Though it is clean and simple, you can have it in thick natural hair.

28. Goddess Mohawk Updo

Who doesn’t love Updos?? But doing something innovative who mohawk hairstyle is what makes this hairstyle different from all other hairstyles on the list. Well, you can say the mohawk is made up of thick Nubian twist with denser at the crown and lesser at the back along with some micro braids over both the side of the scalp.

29. Wrap Up Godesses Braid

The wrap-up crochet braids give a perfect definition to the goddess braids. The sleek hair colored with brown gives it something unique that makes the braids even more beautiful to look at. If you want to figure out from all your friend at a party. Then go for this hairstyle and rock on.

30. Twisted Goddess Braid

Express your sporty nature by wearing this hairstyle. Yes, the perfect hairstyle for the gym or any other sports as it keeps the hair tight and keeps it away from the face. So, now if you wanna to recreate it then get it according to the picture by twisting the braid and leaving the braided ponytail as it becomes thinner as it reaches down.

31. Classy Top Braided Knot

The most stylish and trendy hairstyle to give a lift to your personality. The braided goddess top knot with some burgundy highlights looks absolutely stunning and phenomenal. Tightly upswept all the hair and do a ponytail on the crown. Start doing a braid and then swirl the braid around the center to get a perfect and huge goddess braid.

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