Gumby Haircut

Gumby Haircut: How to Get It and Style Variants

What a comeback the Gumby haircut is making! It’s not like it completely disappeared after the 90s. However, a lot more men are going for this hairstyle in recent times.

It is also turning out to be quite a versatile style. There is the classic Gumby hairstyle, but men are also making modern interpretations of the style. They are adding their own twists and tweaks to the style to make it more exciting.

So, this is the perfect time to go for the Gumby cut. Men with type 4 hair should definitely not miss out on this unique and interesting style. Also, it would work well with type 3 hair as well.

Stick to this article to learn everything you need to know about this haircut. We will discuss in detail the origin of this style, how you can get it by yourself, different ways of styling it, and lots more.

What is the Gumby Haircut?

What Is The Gumby Haircut

Let’s go through what this hairstyle is and its origin. The Gumby hairstyle is basically a variation of the 80s popular hi-top fade style.

Gumby cut is a style where your hair on the sides will be really short and you will have long afro or curly hair at the top. The main characteristic of this style is the slope on the top of your head.

This haircut is named after a cartoon character called Gumby from a clay-animation show. This clay humanoid character had a similarly angled head.

The Gumby haircut became a mainstream success thanks to the legendary singer Bobby Brown. He actually had this style because of a happy accident. His barber was giving him a hi-top fade, but he messed it up. And, Bobby Brown ended up with this haircut.

He then just decided to carry this style. He even appeared with this hairstyle in the music video for “Every Little Step”, released in 1988. That is how the mass audience came to know about this hairstyle.

It caught on immediately and became an instant hit. A lot of men started to adopt this style and its variations. It remained a pretty popular hairstyle from the late 80s to the early 90s. It was not seen as much in the later periods, but now it’s making a comeback.

DIY: How to Get the Gumby Haircut in 4 Easy Steps

Before we begin, you should know that you have to be a bit dexterous with a trimmer to do it by yourself. If you are a beginner and haven’t given yourself a haircut before, then you should definitely visit a professional. Otherwise, just follow the steps below to get the Gumby haircut.

Step 1: The Preparation Stage

First, you have to gather all the tools. You would need an electric trimmer, a comb, and a three-way mirror for this haircut. After collecting the tools, you need to prepare your hair. That means you have to wash your hair and then pat it dry with a towel. Keep your hair damp but not wet to make the whole process much easier.

Step 2: The High Fade

Pick up your trimmer, stand before the mirror, and give yourself a high fade. It basically means you have to start shortening the hair on the sides from way above your ears. You can keep a bit of length and not reveal any skin, or you can go skin deep. You can also go for patterned sides, which is common in a Gumby haircut. Men usually go for stripes. You can do it with the edge of the blade of your trimmer, or with a straight razor.

Step 3: The Slope

Now is the most important and tricky part. You need to be very patient and take your time. You have to brush up all your hair and then use the trimmer to create the slope. It should be a straight line from the highest peak to the lowest part. While you’re using the trimmer, use a comb as well. That will give you a much better sense of what you’re doing. Also, make sure that you have attached the correct guard on your trimmer.

Step 4: Tidying Up

When you have successfully created the slope, you need to work on your hairline. Keep everything very neat. Although, they didn’t care much about this part in the 80s or 90s, as a contemporary man you should definitely go for a crisp hairline. After you’re done with it, clean up everything. And, voilà! You now have a Gumby haircut.

6 Variants of the Gumby Haircut for Contemporary Men

The classic Gumby haircut is a really fun style and you can always just go for that. You can also try out one of its variants. We have six Gumby hairstyles for you that bring something different to the table. You can adopt any of these styles and have a fresher look.

Side-Parted Two Steps Gumby Haircut

Side Parted Two Steps Gumby Haircut

This is a really popular version of the Gumby hairstyle. It first appeared in the early 90s and stuck around for a long period. Even now, almost half of the men who go for the Gumby cut tend to go for this version.

This hairstyle is also called the “Juice haircut” by a lot of people. The reason is that Tupac Shakur appeared with this style in the movie Juice (1992) and made it popular.

To get this style, you would need a disconnected side partition. You won’t have a slope here, rather two separate steps. One will be much higher than the other one to still have that slanted look.

Triangular Gumby Haircut

Triangular Gumby Haircut

This is a much more modern version of the Gumby hairstyle. You would be slightly changing one of the fundamental aspects of the Gumby cut for this one.

As the name suggests, you would be going for a triangular look in this style. The slope will not be from one side to the other. Rather, your hair from both sides will keep going up and meet straight in the middle. So, the highest point would be in the middle.

You can add a disconnected side partition to this style as well to make it even more exciting. The high fade will also be present.

Double Parted Gumby Haircut

Double Parted Gumby Haircut

Speaking of partitions, why just have one? You can divide your top hair into three different sections and create two partitions.

So, now your hair will have three steps. Each step will be lower than the previous one. That means you would technically still have that slope. It’s just that the slope would be separated into three different parts.

We would also highly recommend visiting a professional for this style. Managing two parts would be really tricky, even if you are a pro at giving yourself haircuts. You should not take any risk. Because you need to be precise and accurate for this style, and it is very easy to mess up.

Side Shaved Gumby Haircut

Side Shaved Gumby Haircut

Do you want to know how to make your Gumby hairstyle more striking in the easiest way? Do not settle for just a fade. Completely shave off the sides.

The goal here is to create a cool contrast. In fact, you can shave off the back as well. That would bring way more focus to your slanted afro hair at the top.

As that is the central focus of this hairstyle, everyone’s eyes should be drawn to that the most. Also, a thick beard can take this style to the next level.

Two-Toned Gumby Haircut

Two Toned Gumby Haircut

If you are a fan of dying your hair, we have an awesome Gumby hairstyle for you. You can always just dye your hair entirely with one color. However, we recommend that you to try out a two-toned style.

It means that your hair will be colored only partially. That would create an exciting contrast with your natural hair color.

There are two popular two-toned Gumby hairstyles to choose from. One is where you only color the highest peak of hair. The other option is following the slope and only coloring your hair straight down that line.

Gumby Haircut with Patterned Sides

Gumby Haircut With Patterned Sides

We have already mentioned in the DIY section how patterned sides are pretty common in the Gumby haircut. However, there are no boundaries to choosing a pattern.

For example, stripes are usually seen with the Gumby hairstyle. So, if you want to try something different, you should just avoid the stripes and go for a different design.

You can go for a complex geometrical pattern or a tasteful artistic design. Be as creative as you want with the design. Choose anything that you personally like and you think would catch everyone’s eyes.


Our final verdict is that you should definitely try out the Gumby haircut. When it comes to stylistic statements, timings are very important. And, this is the perfect time for the Gumby hairstyle.

This style has already been adopted by a good number of men. That means this style is tried and tested and it has proven to be successful. A couple of celebrities have also gone for it and you would know that you are in good company.

Also, the Gumby cut has not reached a level where it is being carried by almost everyone. It still feels pretty fresh and you would definitely stand out with this hairstyle. We have also provided you with some exciting variations that would further help you to not get lost in the crowd.

So, strike the iron while it’s still hot. Make everyone take a second look at you with your brand new Gumby haircut.

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