5 Quick and Easy DIY Self-Haircuts for Busy Men in 2021

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If there is a skillset that the lockdown has forced men to learn is how to shave. Things went south so fast that by the time we realized, barbershops were closing down. Who knows, this may be the best skill you will have learned when we are out of this crisis, especially if you are usually very busy. Plus, it’s a brilliant way to save some money.

Since most of us are still working from home, you must have a clean shave when attending those online meetings and interviews. It also feels good when your hair looks good.

It’s now the best time to take your hair-cutting skills to the next level with these simple DIY haircuts for busy men.

Quick and Easy DIY Self-Haircuts for Busy Men

Buzz Cut

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The buzzcut is a classic hairstyle that is one of the easiest to do at home. It may have started as a military cut, but this haircut has morphed into a trendy and stylish cut for the modern man. For those who want something simple, you can buzz your hair into one length. However, if you don’t want to shave all your hair, a fade buzz is ideal. This style allows you to keep some length on top, albeit short. The best thing is you only need a hair clipper to achieve this. If you don’t have a hair clipper yet, check out this post on the best hair clippers for both beginners and pros.

The key to having a fade buzz is keeping the sides very short, maybe razor bald or zero guard and then fade up to the crown. Aim to keep the length at the crown uniform to distinguish it from other buzz cuts. The best thing about buzz cuts is that it lets the jawline and eyes do the talking, and it’s considered professional.

2. Taper Fade

The taper fade is perhaps the most popular men’s haircut. Men of all ages and hair type can rock this haircut. There are tens of taper fades for short and long hair. Ultimately, you want to blend long hair on top with a high, mid, low, or bald fade on the sides.

What defines a taper fade from fades is that you do a quick fade at the neckline and sideburns. These areas should blend into your skin, with the area behind your skin clean with a defined line. A taper fade will create a streamlined hairline that will give attention to the top. It is low maintenance, and you don’t need lots of styling products.

Pompadour Fade

selective focus photography of man wearing black suirt

The Pompadour hairstyle is timeless and just as easy as the taper fade, especially if you have long hair. It allows you to highlight striking edginess to your style. Add a fade, and you go from a rock star to a serious businessman. A pompadour fade keeps the sides short and the hair on top long. The easiest way to achieve this hairstyle is by gradually fading the hair on the sides to look progressively shorter until it blends into the skin while making sure the top has significant volume.

You can choose a low, mid, or high fade combined with a razor or skin fade. The only problem is that a razor fade can be challenging to do at home because it requires a clean-cut unless you have the right clippers to achieve the high contrast.

After buzzing the sides, you can create a distinctive slick or loose top with a pair of scissors and pomade. Choose a pomade brand with a firm hold as it will keep your hair neat and clean the whole day.


Disconnected Undercut

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Unlike the fade, in which the hair is progressively shorter, a disconnected undercut keeps the hair on the sides and back short and even, making it a simple but high-contrast haircut that you can easily do at home. This hairstyle needs a bit of length on top so that you can have a disconnected effect.

Two inches is a nice start if your hair is a bit short. This way, you can take down the hair on the sides and back, allowing you to work the hair on top into a style.

You don’t need to cut the hair on top, if it’s already long. Style the hair forward into a textured crop like Tommy Shelby in the Peaky Blinders crime drama. Here, you will need a matte hair product to give the hair texture and add volume.

You can also style the disconnected undercut with the hair on top combed back with a blow dryer or side-swept.

Ivy League

This Harvard hairstyle is easier to achieve than getting into Harvard. A close cousin of the crew cut; these two styles are easy to confuse. The Ivy League haircut involves a side part such that your hair is not flat at the top like it would in a crew cut.

For this hairstyle, cut the sides into a fade, and leave 1 inch of hair at the top and 1 ½ inches at the front. Use scissors to cut the hair on top, leaving just enough for the side part. You will love this hairstyle if you have a prominent jawline because it gives you a defined appearance.

You don’t need much to maintain this hairstyle, and it looks great whether you use hair products or not. If you want it to look sleek, styling wax will do the trick. Otherwise, it’s as good for the office as it is for catching drinks.


If you are tight on time but still want to flaunt a trendy hairstyle, these haircuts are quick and easy to do. The right tools and hair products are all you need to update into a classy but easy to manage hairstyle.

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