Haircuts for Receding Hairline

17 Confidence-Boosting Haircuts for Receding Hairline

Men developing receding hairline have a higher chance of happening than someone playing soccer at least once in their lives. It is a result of male pattern baldness and is not as rare as commonly thought. And when it happens, it does not mean you have to wear a full-on bald haircut for the rest of your life.

There is also no age for it to happen. A school friend of mine developed male pattern baldness in his early twenties. He noticed it on a fine summer evening and right away, he started to think that it was the end of his world. At that moment, it was not his receding hairline but his sadness that was making him look well into his fifties.

It was until I showed him how his receding hairline was rather an opportunity and he could get some spectacular haircuts he would not have gotten otherwise. His chirpy self showed up again. His confidence reached sky high, and he looked forward to trying out all the amazing haircuts that I showed him. He now considers his receding hairline to be a blessing rather than anything else.

We are going to share with you those confidence-boosting haircuts today. They have stood the test of time and are outright favorites among our clients who have receding hairlines.

Let’s dive in!

A Quick Look into the Receding Hairline

A Quick Look Into The Receding Hairline

A receding hairline is a process of thinning and eventual loss of scalp hair. It is a direct result of male pattern baldness. Age, genetics, and hormones like testosterone play roles in the development of it.

There are usually eight stages of male pattern baldness where the hairline recedes in the first three stages. Ultimately, it leads to complete baldness in the eighth stage. There is no fixed age when it would happen to a man. 30s and 40s are more common although even teenage boys too may encounter this.

So, let’s not let it be seen as something strange. Let’s acknowledge it and get some extraordinary haircuts that go hand in hand with receding hairlines. This is why we are here to take you through this amazing journey.

17 Dynamic Styles for Receding Hairline

You may not have any control over your receding hairline. But you surely have the control to work it in your favor and get some charming haircuts to make others go WOW! When others lose courage in your situation, it’s time for you to be the one to show a strong conviction.

Wear your haircut like a king and let others get jealous of you. We are going to discuss 17 brilliant styles that are absolutely perfect for men with receding hairlines. Let your ability to pull off these haircuts with a natural touch make others wish that even they had had receding hairlines!

Let’s begin.

Super Comb Over

Super Comb Over

A super comb over haircut is a perfect choice for your receding hairline. It is easy and looks very clean. It is also one of the classiest looks you can get for yourself. The naturally created corners work as guides to comb your hair over seamlessly.

For the sides and the back, you can get a taper fade or even a classic fade. Having trimmed sides and the back will enhance the overall look. You also do not need to worry about whether you would fit in with this style in your workplace. Super comb over is a great professional haircut to have.

This is also a top haircut for those with medium to long hair.

Taper Fade Undercut

Taper Fade Undercut

A taper fade undercut is a well-celebrated modern haircut. It is hugely popular among clients of all ages. However, the younger fellas prefer it more to the previously discussed super comb over. Our experience says that it is specifically the marvelous undercuts that draw them towards this complete beauty.

In a usual undercut, the sides and the back are shaved. But in this style, the undercut having a taper fade makes the receding hairline look a natural part of the haircut. This does not draw attention to the hairline even if the corners of your hairline are big. The blending of taper fade into the undercut at around the height of your hairline’s border makes it look super smooth.

A sensational style to wear!

Flaky Textures

Flaky Textures

It is impossible to not discuss flaky textures when we are talking about haircuts for receding hairlines. It is an exceptional look that goes under the radar far too often. In this, your textured hair creates an artistic wave that works with the flow of your receding hairline.

You also have the freedom to try out any kind of style for your sides and the back. The hair must be long on the top for this. The textured hair is let loose to the front which gets into a dance with the hairline. Meanswhile, the sides and the back are faded, making the overall look so naturally effortless.

Some of our clients go the extreme way and make it into a textured undercut. We suggest this option as well if you are up for it.

Cool Curtains

Cool Curtains

Time to talk about a style that is an apple of the eye for our clients with long hair. The cool curtains are such a fun, showman’s haircut. It reflects your party-loving nature that you may have thought went extinct the moment you discovered your receding hairline.

One of the biggest advantages this haircut has is that it can be styled simply any way that you want. Your hairline will stay safe while your hair is out partying. If you feel like the curtains are interrupting you, you can turn it into a comb over style. You can even try out a pompadour on a good day!

Don’t forget, those cool powerful curtains are there to help you be a magnet and stand in all your glory!

Pompous Messy

Pompous Messy

Messy haircuts are one of the most popular natural-looking styles. This can be done with any type of hair. The length just needs to be at least medium. For a receding hairline style, this pompous messy haircut does excellent to accommodate the hairline and looks to be on spot.

There are also rooms to implement your own customizations. You can begin with how you want your sides to look. Getting a skin fade will be an excellent choice. Your messy beauty will get the center spot. Alternatively, a buzz fade is a good choice among those who think a skin fade might be too much.

You can easily make this pompous messy haircut your own style by giving it a personal touch.

Classic Slicked Back

Classic Slicked Back

Who doesn’t love slicked-back styles? Well, we are yet to find anyone who has not fallen in love with this classic piece of beauty. There are even clients whose fathers rocked slicked back in their time. Purely a timeless style that has seen it all and will see it all.

You only need a medium to long-sized hair on your head for this. This works exceptionally with a receding hairline. While most haircuts will attempt to hide your hairline, this elegant slicked back wears your hairline like a crown. The brushed-back hair exposes the hairline and announces that you are not afraid to show yourself.

Almost nothing else will boost your confidence as much as this masterpiece will!

Perky Pompadour

Perky Pompadour

Pompadour styles deserve their plaudits for being a style for everyone. It does not matter how old you are or how your hairline looks. This perky pompadour always comes in to save your day. The pomp at the front represents your outgoing personality while handling your receding hairline like a boss.

How you are going to treat your sides and the back hair determines how much focus your pompadour is going to have. Usually, a classic fade or even a drop fade seems an excellent choice for a pompadour. However, people with receding hairlines love a high taper fade. It presents your high fade gradient across the corners of your hairline as something natural.

This perky pompadour is one of the top choices among our clients. We are sure you will love it too!

Fade with Short Hair

Fade With Short Hair

We understand that medium or long hair is not preferable for everyone. Some of our clients with short hair look for some good haircuts for their receding hairline. A simple fade with short hair is that solution. And it is certainly one of the best short haircuts for people with early stages of male pattern baldness.

The short hair on the top can be of any length. Keeping it in a medium-short size is the preferable way to go. Meanwhile, a mid fade keeps the game going. It ensures that your receding hairline looks naturally accompanied by the gradient of the fade. A drop fade or a high fade also looks great with short hair.

In any way, this fade with short hair is a gorgeous-looking option for men with a receding hairline.

Bossy Buzz Cut

Bossy Buzz Cut

Bossy buzz cut has been a great receding hairline style. It is pretty uniform and straightforward. If you are looking for a haircut that will last you long, this is the one to get. You can even go ahead and do it yourself if you are feeling like it!

This bossy buzz cut is a desirable option because it is a flawless haircut for some reasons. First of all, it is good for any place and situation. Second, it does not need much effort to maintain. Third and final, it is a haircut that makes your receding hairline an essential part of the whole haircut.

We know you like bossy things. Why wait? Go get it right now!

Side-Parted Comb Over

Side Parted Comb Over

We have seen over the years that some classics always tend to be in style. Even when we are talking about receding hairline specials, this side-parted comb over makes its way into the list. This haircut is tremendous from any angle you look at it. Age? It suits everyone. Time? It lasts long. Look? It’s so slick.

Now, why is it a good receding hairline style? Notice the line in the picture where side-parting happens. This plays right into the middle of the corner of your hairline. It looks so natural and silky that it has always been a favorite. Whenever a client seems confused, we suggest this one and they seem to always love it.

Our experience says that you too will love this beauty!

Crispy Crew Cut

Crispy Crew Cut

A crew cut is a slightly modified version of a standard buzz cut. A buzz cut has the same length of short hair all over the head. Meanwhile, a crew cut is a buzz cut that has shorter sides than the top. If you love buzz cuts but it seems too plain, get some fades for your sides and you have a crispy crew cut!

Now, a crew cut is different from a Fade with Short Hair which has been discussed in a few styles above. In crew cuts, the hair at the top is much shorter than in Fade with Short Hair style. And a taper fade is preferred in crew cuts while the Fade with Short Hair variation can have any kind of fade.

It’s simple but has some great powers to it!

Wondrous Widow’s Peak

Wondrous Widows Peak

Remember at the beginning when we said that some of your haircuts may make others envy you? This wondrous widow’s peak is at the top of the list. It may even come naturally with your receding hairline depending on genetics. The widow’s peak is a V-shaped hairline centering at the front of your hairline.

To make your hairline work in a way which would make it look intense, ask your stylist to do a widow’s peak for you. Afterward, you can ask for a semi-pompadour to enhance your widow’s peak appearance.

This is a highly recommended haircut from us based on great feedback.

Uplifted High Fade

Uplifted High Fade

This haircut is a prime style for those looking for a touch of glamor. The high fade is slightly different from a regular one. It is a mixture of a standard high fade and a drop fade. The fade starts close to your receding hairline’s corner and gradually goes lower as it reaches the back.

To make it a dynamite, you can even bring a V-taper fade into the mix. But if you want to keep it simple, we suggest only getting a simple high fade.

Mini Mohawk

Mini Mohawk

For those who have receding hairlines but are looking for some flamboyant styles, this mini mohawk is a breath of fresh air. It can be short yet the prominence of the mohawk is there with full force. Besides, natural semi-spiked hair is excellent  for creating a flawless mohawk.

For this explosive style, the whole of the sides is not shaved or faded. Rather, only the temporal areas are faded which makes the corner of the receding hairline non-existent. A skin fade is preferable to make the overall look more astounding.

Fancy Faux Hawk with Texture

Fancy Faux Hawk With Texture

If a mohawk seems too much, a faux hawk is always there as a great alternative. In this case, we are talking about faux hawks with texture. The sides have low or mid taper fade to create the fancy faux hawk look. Meanwhile, the hair on the top is given a texture to make it even more pronounced.

This haircut’s specialty lies in how the taper fade is done to accommodate the deep corner of the receding hairline. The gradient makes a seamless transition while the texture on the top exhibits energy.

Frosty Half-Shaved

Frosty Half Shaved

Having a receding hairline should never stop you from having fun and rocking fearless styles. This is why we come bearing a present for you called the frosty half-shaved haircut. It is well-known that any half-shaved style is a bold style that displays a great level of confidence.

For this style to work with receding hairline, you can go with shaving your side clean. However, the alternative method of trimming the side has been popular lately. You now have the options to choose from. But we must mention that if you have a receding line where corners go deep, you should go with the trimming option.

Either way, let its boldness get to work and show the real you behind that hairline!

Clean Shaved Head

Clean Shaved Head

Behold! The king of all haircuts is here! It is easy to shave off your head when you are not facing any forced situation with your hair. That is what we see every day. But when there is something like a receding hairline, it takes a huge amount of confidence and grit to choose this style.

A clean shaved head gives a message that you are comfortable in your skin with this look and are happy to show off. This is a big ego booster matched by nothing else.

Needless to say, this is one haircut that fits absolutely any place and situation. This is both professional and casual at the highest of levels. It is like the shade white in a color spectrum that contains all the colors.

This ain’t the king of all hairstyles for nothing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reaching the end of the article, we understand that you might have questions that need answering. To make this a complete guide for you regarding haircuts for receding hairline, we went ahead and collected some of the most asked questions. To keep everything in one place, we are now going to answer them below.

How does a receding hairline start?

The factors are age, genetics, and hormones. Usually, receding hairlines start to happen when a man’s puberty ends. From there, the level of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone plays a big role. With age, the possibility of a receding hairline gets bigger. If a man is carrying AR genes on his X chromosome, there is a high chance of developing a receding hairline.

Is there a way to stop a hairline from receding?

There is no way to stop the progress of a receding hairline. However, you can slow it down by consuming some medications. We suggest that you consult your GP for further information in this regard.

Does receding hairline mean complete baldness?

No, and yes. It is about how fast the receding hairline is moving backward. As we mentioned in the section of this article “Receding Hairline Haircuts: What and How”, there are eight stages of male pattern baldness. Receding hairlines are in the first three stages. It may simply just stop at one of the stages and you will not become completely bald. It is also a matter of genetics and age. So, nothing is certain.

Will shaving my head off restore my pre-receding hairline?

No, shaving all your hair will not restore your earlier hairline.

How do I know if I just have a big forehead or a receding hairline?

A big forehead usually has an unmoving and even-looking or pure V-shaped hairline with strong hair. Contrarily, a receding hairline’s corners get thinner and move backward.

Final Verdict

Every day, we witness the struggle of clients about what is the perfect haircut for them. It even gets tougher when they have receding hairlines. Based on what we have seen, we picked simply the best 17 hairstyles for you to choose from. We hope you have found the style your personality resonates with.

We have seen that all the styles work excellently with receding hairlines. For a simple and professional look, we would recommend you to get one from the Super Comb Over, Classic Slicked Back, and Side-Parted Comb Over haircuts. They are clean and versatile. For a blazing look, Frosty Half-Shaved, Perky Pompadours, and Fancy Faux Hawk with Texture are the favorite choices. The first three haircuts mentioned here are for the calm and collected ones while the last three are for those who want to show their adventurous and energetic sides.

Last but not the least, the Clean Shaved Head option goes with all. It is cool when the surrounding is cool. It is a raging monster when you are in a concert’s mosh pit. It is one in everything. The mightiest of them all.

Let not receding hairline hold you back and pick a style that suits you best. May the power of receding hairline be with you!

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