Hairstyles for Men with Big Ears: An Effective Guide To Camouflaging Insecurities!

At the end of the day, confidence is key. However, since focusing on the negatives is easier than working towards a positive, having minor flaws, such as big ears, can leave a huge mark on one’s esteem.

Overall, it is believed that 5% of the world’s population; most of which are found in men. A spokesperson from Guardian also suggests that men with big ears aren’t born with them, but eventually grow into them as they age.

Moving on, due to being an anomaly, having a pair of big ears can be tough to work with for men. But since artificial measures isn’t an option, here is a guide that provides top notch hairstyles known to cater men with big ears!

14 Mind-boggling Hairstyles For Men With Big Ears!

While the list is limited, below features some ideal ways in which you can find more comfort in your physical appearance, and welcome your big ears with open arms instead of hiding them using hats and accessories.

From hairdos as flamboyant as mullets to wave-infused bro flows that seem as natural as they come, here are all the designs that can rejuvenate your esteem issues and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin!

Modern Curly Mullet

Modern Curly Mullet

Finding comfort in uncomfortable situations is pivotal for character development. Likewise, if you’ve been ashamed of the size of your ears for way too long, exposing them to the public eye can be a good way to come to terms with it, preferably through a modern curly mullet.

A modern curly mullet comprises enough texture to add density to the hair, and add to one’s confidence. With shaved sides, the elevation around the roots is plentiful, while the visuals are no short of natural.

Platinum Slick Back with Temp Fade

Platinum Slick Back with temp Fade

Using dyes can be a great way to add more personality to your look. Additionally, if your aim is to grow the strands out, resort to a slick back with a temp fade to establish a sense of organization to your appearance, and give your hair more density to adapt to.

Bleaching is required to bring this look into existence, which can be done at home with enough confidence. You may also ditch the fade for longer sides to cover the top half of your ears if necessary.

Textured Mullet with Disconnection

Textured Mullet with Disconnection

If you fancied the curly mullet mentioned previously, but don’t have natural waves or the density to pull it off, here’s an alternative that will satisfy your cravings, and hide the prominence of your ears.

A textured mullet comprises shorter strands on top, which gradually increases in size as the hair reaches the napeline. While a disconnected fade can increase the obviousness of your hair, doing so will also sharpen your jawline, which can be a consolation prize.

Frizzy Two Block Haircut

Frizzy Two Block Haircut

By maximizing texture, you can easily hide signs of thinning. Additionally, if the strands are outgrown, allow a two block haircut to compromise the shape of your face, and restructure the shape of your ears.

Adding to the fullness will only make things better, so don’t shy away from using sea salt spray to prepare and seal the visuals of your new haircut.

Mid-part Wolf Cut with Natural Taper

Mid-part Wolf Cut with Natural Taper

Transitioning to a wolf cut can be an immediate way of hiding the shape of your peculiar ears. However, if you feel that the texture involved on a wolf cut is too loud for your styling preferences, start with this clean-cut wolf cut, paired with curtains.

A natural taper should suffice if you’d like the silhouette to maintain a sophisticated energy. Once the strands grow in size, they should effortlessly be able to cover your ears.

Polished Viking Bun with Undercut

Polished Viking Bun with Undercut

With big ears, finding contentment can prove to be a chore and a half, especially if you have yet to stomach the fact to the fullest. During that time, a masculine look, such as a Viking bun, can actually be effective enough to flip the script!

Regardless of which pattern you add, including an undercut can be more advantageous than expected for the bun. If this styling option sticks around for a prolonged time period, the undercut will make the cuticles lighter and easier to carry.

Sunkissed Angular Bro Flow

Sunkissed Angular Bro Flow

Working with waves can directly put you miles ahead of the rest, especially if hiding your ears is part of the agenda. If so, don’t forget to look into a bro flow, one of the best hairdos for 3a to 3c hair.

Adding some angles won’t just sharpen your facial features, but also hide the dimensions of your ear accordingly. To ensure stability, use hair mousse after finalizing the structure of your new haircut.

Prolonged Curtains with Wispy Mane

Prolonged Curtains with Wispy Mane

Remaining calm is the best way to deal with a storm. Similarly, in order to cover your ears, you might have to preserve your composure to grow your hair. If you succeed, you might just be able to mimic this layout, led by curtains and a frizzy mane.

This option requires minimal effort to stay sane, and can be formed without needing styling products. For the volume, you may either plump your hair, or use a blow dryer.

Familiar Faces In The Same Boat: 6 A-List Celebrities Turned Fashion Icons With Hairstyles Ideal Enough For Big Ears!

While the previous segment provides tons of ways in which you can deal with being one of the very many men with big ears, this portion mentions a list of celebrities who, despite not having large-sized ears, provide hairstyles that can be effective enough to trim the dimensions of the organ like an expert.

The main purpose of this list is to prove to you that you’re not alone. Additionally, due to the prominent faces mentioned over the upcoming entries, we also hope that this segment gives you the push you need! From involving athletes like Bryce Harper to including veterans like Keanu Reeves, here are the faces with styling solutions that can work wonders for men with big ears!

John Cena’s Marine-line Uniform Buzz Cut

John Cena's Marine-line Uniform Buzz Cut

Having short hair can still be something if you’d eventually like to cover the dimensions of your ears. However, it could be challenging to solve the previous dilemma if you’ve either fallen victim to hair loss, or are battling with signs of male pattern baldness.

While there isn’t much you can do apart from pursuing surgical procedures, you may take notes from John Cena’s buzz cut to kill two birds with one stone!

Henry Cavill and his Natural Waves with a Blowout

Henry Cavil and His Natural Waves with a Blowout

Taking help from styling tools can be a good way to introduce some volume to your hair, which, in turn, can reduce the screen time of your big ears. Likewise, if your hair is of medium-length, and keeping it minimal in the styling department is your aim, a blowout can be enough. Proof? This hairdo that enabled Henry Cavill to cup his ears.

Chris Hemsworth’s Polished Framing Side-part

Chris Hemsworth's Polished Framing Side-part

Chris Hemsworth is the man to follow if you’re seeking a way to build a physique as polished as an action figure. He can also be an idol if you’ve got sizable ears, as this framing side-part of his is a specialist in changing the shape of one’s face and ears!

Channing Tatum’s Undercut with Angular Hard-part

Channing Tatum's Undercut with Angular hard-part

If your jawline can cut through diamonds, try boasting about your ears instead of trying to hide it. For motivation, you can skim through Channing Tatum’s lookbook, which features this undercut with deep hard-part side-part, known for taking up the spotlight with its glossy appearance.

Keanu Reeves and his Shoulder-length Middle-part

Keanu Reeves and His Shoulder-length Middle-part

While having compact ears is just as cataclysmic for one’s esteem, hiding the organs completely from the public eye can also be a great way to say goodbye to the issues you have with your big ears.

And if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will be of help, take notes from Keanu Reeves’ middle-part, featuring shoulder-length layers with tons of fullness.

Bryce Harper’s Slick Back with a Headband

Bryce Harper's Slick Back with a Headband

The list concludes with a slick back pushed back using a headband, which is a trick we learned from Bryce Harper’s styling routine. The headband not only keeps the hair in check, but also reduces the prominence of the helix, making it a great solution for men with big ears.

Getting Used To The Norm: The Most Effective Secrets To Styling Your Hair with Big Ears!

Whether you like it or not, running away from what you have will only make things worse in the long run. In other words, if you’ve got big ears, it’s better if you find ways to make peace with that aspect, as opposed to discovering a way to despise your above-average sized ears until your last breath.

Truth be told, you can’t really do much with short hair, especially if your main incentive is to hide the sizable ears of yours. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can very well give the following tips and tricks a read, some of which have been verified by our friends at GQ Australia!

Grow out the sides

Perhaps the easiest way to hide your elongated ears is by growing your hair, preferably around the sides. Doing so might require you to condition your hair more often, but will also give the sides enough length to cover the upper half of your ears, compromising the dimensions for a compact shape.

Use the right styling products

Ensuring your hair looks natural as opposed to overly done is a great way to let your hair down and cover the prominence of your ear. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, however, you may also use high-gloss styling products to distract the audience with the hairstyle’s visuals to hide the prominence of your ears.

Choose outgrown hair over short hair

Short hair is still the preferred candidate in the eyes of many, and we don’t blame them one bit. The strands are easier to look after, and effortless to experiment with.

However, if your main priority is to hide your oversized ears, you might need to grow your strands out, especially if you’re seeking something organic.

If all else fails, accessorise

If you’re hoping for a dramatic overnight transformation, try and let go of that thought. Sure, finding a hairstyle that adjusts the shape of your ears can be sufficient on most occasions, but not always, as a fraction of the outcome lies in the way you perceive your ears.

Furthermore, if a hairstyle isn’t effective enough for a fresh start, try wearing bucket hats, headbands, and baseball caps to readjust the silhouettes of your ear. You may also wear earrings to compromise the size effectively.

Frequently Asked Question

Since reducing feelings of uncertainty is a major aim of ours, here are some questions regarding hairstyles for men with big ears that can ease down the whole process and make the experience more bearable.

Q: What haircut is best for large ears?

Ans: In short, any hairstyle that carries angles as well as texture, from side-part comb overs to mullets, can be useful enough to compromise the circumference of large ears.

Q: How can I hide my big ears with a pompadour or slick back?

Ans: On another note, if you’re more into voluminous hairdos, add some framing layers across each side to sharpen your facial features, add to the components of your hair, and take away the spotlight from your ears.

Final Takeaway

When push comes to shove, it could be normal to feel vulnerable with above-average sized body parts, especially if the organ is easily noticeable, such as your pair of ears. Likewise, if you do have large ears that are currently taking a toll on your self-confidence, know that there are effective ways to subside the gravity of that scenario.

Though you may reshape your ears with surgery, you may also resort to changing up your hairstyle if you happen to be working around a tight budget. From wolf cuts to mullets, various options remain available when all your problems lie behind the visuals of your ears. For best results, you must also assess the structure of your face.

Moreover, if you’ve sided with one of the longer hairstyles in our guide, make your hat your companion until you reach your target. Learn how to appreciate your flaws for what they are, though, especially if you don’t want them to define you in the long run.

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