Hairstylist vs. Barber: Knowing The Differences For Improbable Styling Results!

Winging it is never the best idea when you’re hoping to amp up your appearance with a haircut. While the thrill of spontaneity is something that anyone is entertained by, going with the flow, especially when getting a haircut, can be one’s worst nightmare, to say the least.

Behind every successful person is a motivator. Similarly, behind every successful haircut is either a stylist or a barber.

Although the formerly mentioned professions sound the same from a surface level, is that really the case at the end of the day? Or is it just something our brain fails to analyse to the fullest? And if you’re feeling perplexed by the previous questions, know that this article will definitely bring an end to that.

Covering all the fundamentals of both hairstylists and barbers, this write-up takes a closer look at the pioneers behind hairstyling. To take it up a notch, it also contains a hypothetical matchup between the two, just so that you know which one to pick for your next appointment. Without further ado, let’s hop on to this article regarding the dynamics between hairstylists and barbers!

Hair Stylist: A Direct Exposure Regarding Their Profession!

Hair Stylist

Starting off the main part of this material are professionals known as hairstylists, who have more to offer than meets the eye. While they’re mostly known for dealing with long layered cuts, they’re also scholars in skin care. Since most of them carry post-graduate degrees in Cosmetology, it’s often easier for them to suggest hair care products to wearers in accordance with their skin. Without a licence, a hairstylist is rendered ineligible to gain credibility and even land gigs in their profession.

In addition to knowing their way around scissor-cutting, hairstylists are perfectionists who can bleach the hair without compromising hair health, and add all sorts of shading methods, from color melting to root smudging. They’re not known for the way they handle fades and short haircuts, which is when their counterparts stand out.

As opposed to barbers, hiring hairstylists is definitely more expensive. Getting in touch with them often requires appointments, which can be frustrating. However, since they also provide guidance to each user prior to letting their tools do all the talking, placing one’s trust in a hairstylist is considered to be the investment of a lifetime.

The selling point of a hairstylist is the fact that they can stitch braids from scratch, which makes up for the way in which they deal with short hairdos. Therefore, next time you’re seeking to install braids with hearts, don’t forget about this glorious pointer.

When push comes to shove, it’s best to reach out to a hairstylist for maintenance cuts and regular cuts if your hair carries medium to long pieces.

Barber: Basic Description And The Ways In Which They’re Different From Hairstylists!


As opposed to hairstylists, barbers have it easy, but only when it comes to requirements. They often learn on the job, and lack the insights on cosmetology that most stylists possess. All that seems minimal, however, as barbers are often the most dependable source for short haircuts.

From perfecting slick backs with fades and maintaining man buns with tapers, barbers remain relevant people in the styling industry. They often shy away from dealing with long hair, but carry themselves with confidence when giving a 2 on the sides. Due to being fearless when buzzing it out, many turn to barbers for manageable and masculine designs.

Barbers are perfect for users with a tight budget, as they’re relatively affordable. If you’re hoping to turn your hair pink and green, however, know that you might need to exchange your existing barber for a hairstylist.

Being a good barber takes tons of practice. While they’re not always best at comprehending the complexity of maintenance cuts, don’t deprive yourself from reaching out to one if you’d like to wear a short gender-neutral look or create a lightning bolt haircut alongside your fade!

Barber vs. Hairstylist: A Thorough Comparison To Indefinitely Clear The Air

With the help of what’s been covered so far, we hope you’re able to learn what the fundamentals and purpose of each occupation are. While a barber’s success is shaped by how much work they put in, hair stylists offer much more than cutting hair, providing guidance, and modifications at the blink of an eye.

Moving on, if you feel that you zoned out when reading the former portions, perhaps a recap is what you need. We’re offering more than that, however, as below is a direct comparison between barbers and hairstylists, covered in the simplest way for a better understanding.


As long as barbers are coherent enough to follow instructions provided by their clients, they’re given the green signal to shape the hair out. They’re often just facilitators who bring each client’s styling visions to life. More often than not, barbers only carry the responsibility of snipping hair using scissors, blades, and trimmers.

Barber Responsibilities

On the other end are hairstylists, who assist each client with the groundwork, take up hair coloring gigs, and correct styling mistakes and botched scenarios using scissors. Being specialists in skin care, they can also diagnose people with skin conditions, and provide them with a hair care routine without having to show any verification. Hairstylists also single handedly bring braids to life without needing any assistance.

Hairstylist Responsibilities


Since hairstylists offer a range of services, it comes as no surprise when you look into how much they charge per session, which is significantly higher than what is required for a barber. They also charge on an hourly basis, as opposed to charging a specific amount per session like barbers.

While the amount spent on a stylist is subjective based on how experienced they are, barbers often receive around $20 for one session, excluding the amount they earn through tips. On the contrary, a stylist may earn over $100 solely through one cut if they’re renowned enough.


Hairstylists are often acknowledged for how seamlessly they work past long hair with flaws, turning them into timeless pieces, and their ability to consult their clients to discover what they want and what they could have. However, alongside that skill are multiple abilities that are often swept under the rug.

While barbers only need practice to perfect their craft, hairstylists need a degree in cosmetology. They also know about skin care, and need a licence to pursue their dreams without any guilt.


Another part that we will discuss is what each specialises in, as that can be helpful for wearers.

Barbers, while requiring no qualifications, are often good with scissor work, just like hairstylists. However, they tend to be more reliable when it comes to using trimmers and clippers. Barbers are top picks for short hairdos, possessing the ability to provide buzz cuts, military cuts, undercuts, and fades.

Hairstylist Specialities

On the other end are hairstylists, who work best when creating layered cuts, bro-flows, shags, mullets, and so on. They’re also easier to count on when it comes to bleaching and coloring. The selling point, you ask? Braids. They can also form the best set of braids, from Dutch to Fulani.

Frequently Asked Question

Walking away with feelings of doubt can be tough and confusing, especially if you’re indecisive. But if you’re afraid to speak up, let us do it for you. Likewise, if you have any pending questions regarding the mix between hairstylists and barbers that went unsolved, try and find help in the questionnaire provided below.

Q: What is the key difference between hairstylists and barbers?

Ans: In short, barbers only execute and bring to life the hairstyles that they’re asked to implement, whereas hairstylists provide all the necessary skills to a client in order to not only mimic the hairdo, but also blend the look perfectly with their face shape and hair density. Hairstylists are also specialists in bleaching, coloring, and braiding, while barbers often possess one of the three formerly-mentioned attributes.

Q: Do hairstylists make more than barbers?

Ans: Since barbers only charge for the cutting session, they often earn around $20 on average. Hairstylists not only have more credibility for their degree, but also offer advice on both haircare and skincare, installing colors through bleach when required. They also charge on an hourly basis, while barbers only charge for one haircut.

Q: Should I go to a barber or hairstylist?

Ans: Barbers are often good at cutting and snipping short hair, having enough skills to trim medium-length hair on most occasions. Conversely, reaching out to a stylist is appropriate during maintenance cuts, since they only deal with long or overgrown layers through scissor-cutting techniques. They can also be relied on for braids and hair modifications.

Bottom Line: Hairstylists For Longevity, Barbers For Sharpness

At the end of the day, one’s hair is surely a part of their identity, in addition to being one of the first accessible components of the body. Having the right haircut isn’t just important for the comfort it establishes, but also important for your facial structure, frame, face shape, and more.

To get the right haircut, you have to go to the right source, which is when this article comes in. Covering all the attributes of barbers and hairstylists, this write-up enables you to make the right call in the future and allows you to bring your desired look to life without causing problems.

In short, barbers are practitioners who don’t need a licence to get by. Working well with scissors and clippers, each barber specializes in giving short hairdos, from military cuts to fade haircuts. They’re even seen as the more reliable source when getting maintenance cuts for short to medium-length hair.

On the other hand, hairstylists are professionals who hold a degree in cosmetology, specializing in skin care, colouring, and bleaching, in addition to cutting hair. Booking an appointment is necessary in order for them to make time for their clients, which can be a hassle.

However, when push comes to shove, despite costing more, hairstylists are perfect companions when pursuing long-layered haircuts. They might not always know how to deal with short hair or curate the perfect fade, but they make up for that missing element by knowing how to form the perfect set of braids!

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