Half Blonde Half Black Hair

18 Spectacular Hairstyles for Half Blonde Half Black Hair

In this age of social media, trends are not limited to the traditional approaches only. Once it was all about straightening curly hair or giving your curls a straight look, and colors were only limited to the classic options of burgundy and blonde. But with the emergence of newer trends and social media influencers introducing their own styles in front of the world, the options to style your hair are now infinite.

Going back to the days of traditional coloring methods. It was not long ago that experimenting with colors was quite limited. Women generally went for the classic blonde looks or the minimal hair colors for day-to-day wear. But in recent years, using vibrant colors on hair has become quite popular, and ladies are going all adventurous and bold while trying out such styles.

Instead of going for a head full of a single vibrant color, the dual color method has become quite popular recently. This is also known as the split-dyed style where your hairstyle consists of two different colors. Many love to pair pink with blue, whereas many like to pair their black hair with other vibrant colors such as red, brown, or green. However, one of the most classic options in a split-dyed hairstyle is the blonde and black hair in the same style.

How to Split-Dye Hair?

Split Dye Hair Guide

In this section, we will be talking about a half-blonde half-black split-dyed hairstyle. If you have naturally black hair, then half your time is already saved. But if you don’t, then you have to color one side of your hair black.

Let’s talk about a style with naturally black hair. First of all, you need to divide your hair into two parts by creating a middle part from the front to the nape. Now tie up the side that you want to keep black, and start with the one that will be blonde.

Take a mixing bowl and mix your powder bleach with your developer. Now start from the bottom of your hair. Apply the bleach avoiding the roots as the root hair processes faster. Use hair foils and apply your bleach properly so that every strand is covered.

After applying bleach for a while, the bottom hair will be processed in the meantime so now you need to go back and apply bleach to those roots. You can remove the foils from the hairs that are already developed. When the bottom roots are done, go back to bleaching the upper portion of your hair and also bleach the roots when it’s necessary.

You can leave out a section of hair at the very front and bleach it later. But before that, you need to rinse, bleach wash, and rinse again the previously bleached hair. Take your front section of hair into account now. Dry it properly and apply your bleach following the previous steps. Once everything is processed properly, rinse, bleach wash, and rinse your hair again.

At this stage, you can choose a yellow or blonde color to achieve the best results. Apply the color to your roots first and then to the rest of your hair. Once the color has developed completely, wash your hair thoroughly, and then dry and style as you want!

If you have blonde hair, then you can opt for making one side black. This half-blonde half-black hair look is super bold, and there’s nothing we don’t love about this hairstyle!

Amazing Half Blonde Half Black Hair Ideas to Try Right Now!

There is something different about a half-blonde half-black hairstyle. The process of achieving it is simple, but you will look ravishing after styling your hair. This is why many ladies have recently tried out this super trendy hairstyle. As you now know how to achieve a half-blonde half-black look easily, you might be wondering what are the options for styling your hair. Worry no more, because here we have rounded up our favorite picks for you. Let’s check them out together!

Straight and Natural

Straight And Natural

Let’s start the list with a simple yet elegant hairstyle. Your natural hair deserves a touch of coolness every now and then. So, for a change, you can switch to the half-blonde half-black hair look. Nothing too extravagant, just keep your hair as it is and you will be ready to flaunt your style.

The lady in this picture has a straight hairstyle with an amazing shade of blonde on one side. Her naturally black hair is quite beautiful, and we love how she has kept everything simple. The curly vibes at the ends are totally cute, and this style is definitely recommended for those with medium or long hair.

Curly Bob

Curly Bob

For those with curly hair, it’s always an advantage when it comes to styling hair because the curls already give off a stylish vibe. If you do not have curly hair, then you can go for perms. The half-blonde half-black look is sure to look stunning on curly hair.

For starters, you can try out a bob hairstyle with your half-blonde half-black hair. As your hair already has this amazing color, you can chop off the extra length to achieve the bob style. The curls in the picture are diffused, so they look quite voluminous. To achieve a similar style, you need to use proper products to define your curls. Then create a middle part style with your split-dyed hair, and you will be ready to roll!


V Cut

There’s always a debate on whether you should be trying out a U-cut or a V-cut at the back. Our suggestion is you should opt for a V-cut if your hair is straight in nature. It looks great after the haircutting session, especially if you have split-dyed hair.

Here is a picture to prove our point. The sleek and straight hair of the girl in the picture has a beautiful half-blonde half-black situation going on. But what we love the most is the V-cut that has been given at the back. This cut is defining everything beautifully, so we definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Long Curls

Long Curls

Apart from your regular straight hair looks, you can always go for a curly hairstyle to spice things up. And if your hair is naturally curly, then half of your work is already done! Just opting for the split-dyed look will complete your bold style perfectly.

If you are going to keep your half-blonde half-black hair curly and cute, then we recommend adding bangs at the front and giving them a straight look. This will create two different styles in the same hairstyle, and split-dying the bangs will add the ultimate touch of coolness. You can take this picture to your hairdresser, and your hair will be all set to rule!

Box Braids

Box Braids

For those with protective hairstyles, trying out a half-blonde half-black look is even cooler. This is because the addition of vibrant braiding hair makes the braids look super cute, and blonde braids are always our favorites right after the classic black ones.

If you are going to the salon for getting your braids done very soon, then take a look at this picture before deciding on your next style. These medium-sized box braids have been done using both blonde and black braiding hair. The half-blonde half-black style of the braids is quite stylish, plus the entire styling is quite effortless. Giving this a try is a must!

Curly Top Bun

Curly Top Bun

Whenever you do a top bun out of your curly hair, it looks quite beautiful because of the added volume of the curls. So for your split-dyed curly hair, trying out a top bun can be a great option. However, this time you can dye your hair in a different way.

As seen in this picture, the girl has split-dyed hair but the splitting has been done through an ear-to-ear parting rather than a middle parting. So when she turns her hair into a bun, the contrast seems pretty nice. This hairstyle is trendy, smart, and stylish. So if you have similar hair, try this out at least once.

Messy Updo

Messy Updo

Once you go for the split-dyed hair, there’s literally no coming back. This trendy hairstyle has won the hearts of many ladies out there, so newer hairstyles with split-dyed hair are popping up every day. If you are looking for something glam yet cute, then here is a picture to get you started.

The lady in this picture has styled her half-blonde half-black hair in a stylish and elegant way. Instead of going for the classic untied look, she has made a messy bun out of her hair. Apart from that, her bangs are left out of the bun to enhance the glam-mess vibe. We love everything about this style, and this can be a perfect pick for extravagant events.

Split-Dyed Bangs

Split Dyed Bangs

Opting for a half-and-half look with your hair is often a challenging decision to take, but the outcome is always worth your time. However, if you are still not sure whether you should be going for the complete split-dyed look, then you can start with your bangs for test and trial.

Trust us, this style is no less bold than the complete split-dyed look. Rather it’s a great pick if making a statement by doing something small but extra is your goal. All you need to do is get bangs at the front, and then make half of your bangs blonde while keeping the other half black. Pair this up with a trendy bob haircut, and your hair will do the talk for you!

With Bandana

With Bandana

If you are going to get your braids done, then this time add a bandana to your style while making sure that you are choosing both blonde and black braiding hair. This is because the half-blonde half-black braids will become the epitome of coolness just by the addition of a stylish printed bandana.

Choosing the bandana should depend on your vibe. You can choose a simple print like shown in the picture, or go for something extra. The material of the bandana can also change based on the occasion. No matter what you choose, your braids are going to look fire!


Half Blonde Half Black Undercut

In recent times, undercut has become one of the most popular hairstyles for all the bold women out there. The undercut is generally hidden under the regular long hair on the top, and it looks best when the hair is tied up into a bun. For all the adventurous souls out there, trying an undercut with a split-dyed style is a must!

Here is an example of how bold and fearless it looks when you try out an undercut with your half-blonde half-black hair. The style in this picture is super cool and we love that both the undercut and the longer hair have the same split-dyed style. For women willing to stand out from the crowd, this hairstyle is a major inspiration.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Probably one of the most common hairstyles that you will find many women wearing with their split dyed hair is the ones with blunt bangs. When you split-dye your entire hair including your bangs, it looks super chic. Especially the blunt bangs are our favorite in this case.

Here, the woman has long and beautiful half-blonde half-black hair. She has added blunt bangs at the front which totally complements her vibe. Just like her, many other women have also tried out this style with half-ups and updos, and we love every single one of those styles!

Half-Up Pigtails

Half Up Pigtails

The plus point with split-dyed hair is that if you try out even the simplest of hairstyles on such hair, they are bound to look bold. This is why opting for your regular pigtails is always a good option if you have split-dyed hair. However, you can also try out a half-up pigtails style, and trust us, everyone’s going to love it.

It often becomes a hassle to find out a cool hairstyle while hanging out with your friends. If you are on the same page as well, then here is a styling idea that you should try. The lady in this picture has long half-blonde-half black hair. She has tried out half-up pigtails with her split-dyed hair and used regular black hair ties to secure the style. We love the use of a black hair tie on the blonde part as it looks visually charming, so this clever and stylish hairstyle should be on your radar for next time.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Although most of the half-blonde half-black hairstyles consist of honey or golden blondes, you can also try out a platinum blonde hairstyle to leave your mark. Platinum blonde is always a sophisticated color for balayage and ombré, so why not give it a try for the split-dyed style as well?

This super short haircut consists of a half-blonde half-black style with platinum blonde that we totally love. The mesmerizing thing about this style is her haircut for sure. Such short haircuts can be rocked by young women as well as women over 50, so trying out this style is a must from our side!

Loose Fishtail Braid

Loose Fishtail Braid

Apart from the protective hairstyles, you can try other regular braids on your split-dyed hair. This will add an element of style because the colors on both sides can be perfectly defined through the braid. It doesn’t need to be all neat and clean, you can opt for a loose braided look and you will be looking like a stunner in no time.

Take this picture for instance. The lady here has a loosely done fishtail braid that looks quite charming. The braid is quite short and not the entire length of hair has been used for it. But the fact that we can see the clear distinction between black and blonde hair is super alluring to us. So simple, yet so beautiful!

Messy Space Buns

Messy Space Buns

For your lazy days and casual hangouts, or whenever you’re running to the grocery shop, there needs to be a hairstyle that doesn’t require much but looks super cute. This is where the space buns come to your rescue. You can give them a messy look, and your split-dyed hair will do the rest of the job for you.

These casual space buns that have been done on the beautiful half-blonde half-black hair are so adorable to look at. There is nothing extra about this style, and we totally love its vibe. The causal and messy appearance of the entire style is a total goal for those lazy days!

Bob with Dutch Braids

Bob With Dutch Braids

If you are a fan of unique hairstyles, then you might often find yourself surfing the internet in search of something new. Well, we already recommend trying out the half-blonde half-black look, but to upgrade things, you can combine these unique dutch braids with your style.

The girl in this picture has split-dyed hair with a bob haircut. She has beautiful bangs at the front, and right behind the bangs, two super cute dutch braids have been done in an interesting way. They kind of have a half-up vibe with the hair ties securing and separating the braids from the rest of the hair. The entire style is quite unique, and we feel like trying out this style right now!

Goddess Locs

Goddess Locks

If you have ever thought of getting your locs done, then now is the perfect time to give it a shot. Instead of going for your regular box braids and cornrows, this time opt for the goddess locs. Just don’t forget to pick both blonde and black hair for your beautiful locs to achieve that split-dyed look.

These perfectly done goddess locs are giving us major hair goals. Seriously, what’s not to like in this picture? The hair has great length and shine, plus the locs look perfect with the curls. If you are planning for a vacation, this half-blonde half-black hairstyle is going to be a great pick!

With Wig

With Wig

Sometimes it may feel like a lot to try out a split-dyed style on your hair. Especially if you are not a fan of bleaching your hair, then we know what it feels like. For those of you still wanting to try out this super trendy style, you can simply opt for a wig!

In this picture, the girl is wearing a lace front wig with a half-blonde half-black color. The sleek and straight hair is so beautiful that we just can’t get enough of it. Also, we love the straight look of this style, so this is a great pick for black girls who are willing to try out sleek and split-dyed styles.


Half-blonde half-black hair is totally in trend right now, so you need to try out this style asap! But before you jump into trying out the hairstyles, let’s take a look at our short question and answer session first!

What volume developer is good for bleaching black hair?

We recommend using a 20 or 30-volume developer to bleach your black hair for a split-dyed look. 40 developer can also be used, but it is quite damaging to your hair. So start with the 20 or 30-volume ones.

Can I try a half-blonde half-black style on my super curly hair?

Yes, you can. If you have afro hair, the split-dyed style will look super cool and stylish. So give this one a try for sure!

I have blonde hair. How can I get a half-blonde half-black look?

Well, the answer is as simple as the question. You just need to part your hair in the middle and dye one side of your hair black. The other one can be kept as it is, and you will get beautiful half-blonde half-black hair in no time!

Final Thoughts

Trends change with time, but some hairstyles appear in the picture to make a strong statement. Split-dyed hair is one of those styles, and we totally love the half-blonde half-black styles when it comes to split-dying your hair.

Remember to take proper care of your hair after split-dying, because your hair is precious. Always use a heat protectant spray if you are heat styling your hair, and don’t forget to use proper shampoos and other products to care for your color-treated hair.

We have mentioned our top picks for you in this article to try out hairstyles that will look super cool with your half-blonde half-black hair. Apart from these, you can always try out newer and innovative styles to make your hair look even bolder! Just carry your hair with confidence, and you will be the star of every show!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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