29 Classy Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles to Try in 2022

We should thank Kate Middleton for this awesome hairstyle.  Worried about your hairstyle for your next party?? Or you’re confused either to go for an Up-do or Down-do?? Now give a full stop to all your worries. Try something new and take your tresses to the next level. Yes, you guessed right, we will go for the half-up-half-down hairstyles.

Now its time to flaunt your beauty with these 29 phenomenal hairstyles below.  I swear you will in love with each of them after reading this.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles For Wedding/ Brides

1. Double Braided Half up

Behold this beautiful hairstyle to get a casual vibe in your personality. An effortless hairstyle in which you need to do two french braids from either side and secure it with some bobby pins. you can have this hairstyle in any wedding occasion and grab the attention for sure.

2. Vintage Bump

This old-fashioned hairstyle gorgeous with a modern twist. Bang, Bump, and Braid is a perfect trio which results in an absolutely stunning hairstyle. Stop assuming and take an appointment at a salon right now for your next special occasion.

3. Half Up Fishtail Braid with Some Messy Locks

A stunning hairstyle every bride can choose for their wedding. I must say when it comes to messy it looks truly adorable than any other hairstyle in the list. The messy vogue is now a day very popular among youth. Do a fishtail braid diagonally and end up doing by pinning it up at the back with some bobby pins. Leave the rest of the hair flowing freely to downward. Now you are all done with this stunning hairstyle.

4. Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Get glammed up with the most beautiful hairstyle from the list. Brown highlights look absolutely enchanting falling down freely like a waterfall. And the curls give a glamorous vibe to the hairstyle. Worried about how to recreate this? Get the tips here.

5. Braided Rose Hairstyle

This hairstyle is beautiful to look at and difficult to do too. This is one of the most common bridesmaid hairstyles. I would suggest taking an appointment at a salon for a special occasion for this hairstyle. Two dutch braid incorporating into a rose braid looks phenomenal.

6. Half Crown Fishtail Braid

Now the question is how you are good at experimenting?? Well, the more you experiment the best you would get. As doing a half-crown is the best of experimentation over hairstyle. Start doing a fishtail braid from one side and secure it at the back through another side. You are done with this prettiest style.

7. Half  Up Messy Twist

Though it sounds weird but looks absolutely opposite. Stunning, simple and sober are some adjectives to explain this hairstyle. What you need to do is, you have to collect some hairs from the front part and twist two strands of hair and tug it at the backside with bobby pins. Tease the hairs to keep a messy look. Spray with hairspray to maintain the look as it is.

8. Side Braided for Medium Hair

Are you wondering what hairstyle to do for your medium length hair?? Well, the list is long, but this hairstyle is in my top list. Start with doing a french from one side and secure it with a band. Then pull the braid to the opposite side diagonally as shown in the picture. Secure the braid to the other side with some bobby pins and you are done.

9. Simple Back Tie

You must be giggling when it comes to this hairstyle. Yes, this is a daily do hairstyle for an almost every girl out here. Tease the hairs at the front and then collect the front hair and secure it loosely at back either with some bobby pin or a clutcher. Brush you front hair for an even look. And its done.

10. Half up Bump

Looking for a simple hairstyle??? this one is for you… Umm, though it is simple, it looks tremendously gorgeous. Middle part your hair at the front and let the tendrils roll down your cheeks. Give a bump at the top and secure the hairs with some pin. And what, it’s done!!! Pair this hairstyle with a tube dress and flaunts your beauty confidently.

11. Perfect Pull Back

Though pullback is the simplest and easiest way to groom your hair, it can look even more beautiful with different add-ons. What you need to do is to curl your hairs with a curler and pair it with an amazing dazzling earring. And see the compliments are all yours.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles For Prom

12. Half up Beachy Curls

I must say this hairstyle is an epitome of elegance and best for prom. The more long hair you have the more beautiful you will look in this hairstyle. You just need to give some sexy curls with a curler. And collect the front hair and pin up at back with some bobby pins.

13. Half up Dutch Crown Braid

This is the second hairstyle for for prom. If you are a crown braid fan then this is for you. Crowning your hair with a dutch braid is a winning choice for sure. Some grey and brown highlights are the show stoppers. This mixed hue looks absolutely stunning on this hairstyle. Have this hairstyle and grab the attention of onlookers.

14. Half up French Braid

Blonde is beauty!!! The elegance of this hue lies with the hairstyle. Simply start doing with a french braid and end with a french braid too. However, leave some down hair and comb the hair properly. You are now ready to party hard. Good Luck!

15. Roll and Tie Hairstyle

Yet another simple hairstyle. Easy to do and sexy to look at. Bring some hair from both the side to the back and tie it with an elastic band. Brush gently to keep the flowy blonde tresses lively and bouncy. Well, you will look even more beautiful if the hairstyle is paired with an off shoulder top.

Half-Up For Curly Hairs

16. Topknot with Flowing Curls

The topknot is the most widely used among all the half up and half down hairstyle, especially among teens. The blonde highlights with black in the roots looks truly amazing. Imitate this hairstyle for your next outing. This is the only curly hair option we have right now, check back later for new addition.

Half-Up For Short Hairs

17. Crown Braid for Short Hair

This is so simple. You need to start with a braid from the front right side and pin up the braids at the left side with some bobby pins. If you want to give some volume at the front part then tease your hair and backcomb it before start doing the hairstyle.

18. Half Up Criss- Cross

The second alternative for short hair. The simple you are the attractive you look. I think it is obvious to figure out the procedure to recreate this hairstyle. Simple pull some strands to back from the right and secure in left and some strands from left and secure in right. Repeat with the process once again. Slightly comb the hair to keep a bouncy look.

Half-Up Half-Down For Long Hairs

19. Half up Knot

Running out of time?? Well, this hairstyle is for your rescue. Simply tie the front hair at the back loosely to give a lively look to the hairstyle. Leave the rest hair freely and you are done. Aww!!! the gray highlight gives a phenomenal look.

20. Middle Parted Top Knot

Well, the top knot is widely used hairstyle in half up category hairstyle. Though we give a different twist to the hairstyle to take it to the next level. We will start by doing a casual bun at the top by middle parting your hair and end up leaving the rest hair falling down your shoulder. Ahan! undefined beauty.

21. Descending Dutch Braid

Braids are love..!!! And if you are into this category then this hairstyle is for you. Collect two strands of hair from the front and incorporate the strands into a dutch braid. The braid will be made in such a way that it would look from thicker to thinner.

22. Messy Boho Style

This is a beautiful mess. Yes, this messy boho style hair will make you even more beautiful. Beauty and elegance are the words to explain this hairstyle. Side part your hair and leave some of the tresses at the front and pin up the rest hair at back with bobby pins. Well, give some unfinished touch at the crown part by pulling some hairs with a needle comb

23. Dutch Braid Hairband

Who needs a hairband if your own hair could be the one. You can flaunt her feminine look with this gorgeous and effortless hairstyle. The Dutch braid hairband looks so cute. So, try this style the next time you go to a party. Choose your make up carefully as in go for a light makeup and keep your lip gloss.

24. Diagonal Dutch Braid

Isn’t it Funny??? No, it’s beautiful. Experimenting with something new is not a bad idea. As the name suggests, we need to make a dutch braid from one side at the front and end up diagonally on the other side. During making the braid put some strands of hair in between to keep the style intact. If you wish for more security then you can pin some bobby pins below the braid with the down hairs. Though it looks difficult in explaining, it is easy to do.


25. Double Bun

I thought to end the blog with the cutest hairstyle. And I am here with it. The most popular and trending hairstyle among teens these days. An effortless hairstyle for a carefree look. It looks so sporty and naughty. So get two elastic bands and comb to start with this. Now middle part your hair equally and make two buns. Tie it tightly with the elastic band and comb rest down hairs and keep it bouncy.

26. Top Knot Bun with Front Bangs

Well, the blond knot up there with flowing brown locks looks inspiring. Again at the end of the hair, the blonde curls look absolutely stunning. Section some of the hairs at the top and make it a knot. Leave some bangs at the front to add an extra charm to the look.

27. Top Pony with wavy locks

This effortless hairstyle is so easy to do though stylish to look at. No matter how busy you are, you can have this hairstyle within a short span of time. Collect some of the hairs at the crown and tie a pony exactly at the top in the middle of the crown and you are done. Let it be a party, college or shopping, the hairstyle gonna to rock in every occasion.

28. Side Twisted Hairstyle

Some hairstyles are so elegant and easy that, we always ponder about them. Stop pondering, here is the hairstyle for you. Collect all the hairs from the front and then twist it to make it a thick strand as shown in the picture. And then tug it at the back with bobby pins. Shocked?? Yes, you are done in such a less time.


29. Blonde Hairbow

Aww!!! the hairstyle that I love since birth. Cuteness is overloaded from this hairstyle. However, the hairstyles look better in thick hair. It looks difficult though but it is easy to do. Collect some section of hair from both the side of the head. After that take a hair elastic and tie it halfway. Now expand each side of the bow and secure it with bobby pins likewise continue for the other side. Gently comb the down hairs and you are done with the most elegant hairstyle.

Have long hair? why don’t you check ponytail hairstyles for long hair?

Girls we are at the end of the list now. Hope you all enjoyed reading and imagining your own look with each hairstyle. Now it is your turn to revert us with some of your own experimented half up half down hairstyles. And don’t forget to share your experiences about the all above hairstyles and how their recreations suit you. Stay beautiful…. Cheers!

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