Half Up Half Down Pigtails

20+ Half Up Half Down Pigtails To Look Playfully Glamorous!

Are you looking for a hairstyle that is trendy, low-maintenance, and practical all in one? Then you have come to the right place. Because the hairstyle I am about to discuss today, the half-up half-down pigtail, possesses all of these qualities and more.

For those of you who want a look that will make you feel young and bold, the half-up half-down pigtails are for them. The oh-so-stylish relaxed playfulness of this hairstyle can change and upgrade your mood from 0 to 100 in an instant.

Moreover, for this hairstyle, versatility and convenience go hand in hand. Its quick and easy styling techniques can be achieved at home without the help of anyone in just a few minutes.

The accessorizing options are limitless that can transform the hairstyles in any way you prefer while making it your go-to hairdo for every occasion.

Get ready with your favorite flavor of tea and let the scrolling begin!

23 Ways To Wear Half-Up Half-Down Pigtails

The half-up half-down pigtail hairstyles will provide you with every good thing that you might expect from a good hairdo. It never failed to amaze me and I can assure you that this hairstyle will always meet your expectations in every way as well.

So, let’s get acquainted with some of the hairstyles that might pique your interest.

Half-Up Pigtails With Micro Bangs

Half -Up Pigtails With Micro Bangs

Have you always been playing it safe with your hairstyle? Then it’s time to switch it up and get bold and edgy.

To get this style, I will suggest half updo pigtails with micro bangs. Because the first time I tried it on myself, I turned heads each time I went out.

Micro Bangs itself is a bold hairstyle with a rebellious energetic aesthetic. Adding half-up pigtails with it is like adding more spice.

You can create thin braids on both sides of your bangs and put accessories on them to customize your look.

Not anyone can match this hairdo’s vibe. So take up the challenge and pleasantly shock everyone.

Zigzag Part With Pigtails

Zigzag Part With Pigtails

Aren’t you already bored with your usual straight side or middle parting in pigtails? Then you should definitely try out zigzag parting with your pigtails.

This tiny detail can change your whole aura making you appear bold like a fashionista. I primarily used to do this hairdo for my clients who wanted to look intimidating.

And let me tell you, all of my clients left my salon with a smile. This hairstyle can keep up with almost any aesthetic. However, in my experience, this looked best paired with Gothic fashion.

Let your bold inner queen shine with this hairdo.

Pigtails With Blonde Streaks

Pigtails With Blonde Streaks

Pigtails with blonde streaks hairstyle are inspired by the renowned 90s girl band “Spice Girls”. The band’s super catchy songs and the member’s stunning fashion sense are what made thousands of people fall in love with them.

I am still amazed by their fashion sense which was way ahead of their time and so I have tried this one out way too many times. Moreover, this hairstyle is a blend of both vintage and trendy which makes it more appealing.

To make this striking hairdo, all you gotta do is have blonde streaks on both sides. And these streaks will automatically show themselves when tied up into pigtails.

To bring a twist, rather than keeping the back-half part of your hair down you can let the front half down.

And voila! You are now a trendy prima donna!

Cross-Braided Half Pigtails

Cross-Braided Half Pigtails

Are you looking for something super quick with a tinge of flashy aura? Then you should definitely opt for cross-braided half ponytails.

I usually do this for clients who want their hairdo to look effortless, neat, and stylish. And it’s an easy one so you can also try it at home.

For this hairdo, you have to create four neat box partings and braid after securing the starting. Then cross both the braids and secure their end while letting the rest of your hair down. That’s all there is to it!

Embrace your inner diva and get this hairstyle today!

Half-Up Pigtails With Long Bangs

Half-Up Pigtails With Long Bangs

Creating pigtails is like having a walk down memory lane for me as this one was my favorite go-to hairdo.

To remind me of the good old days and feel young, energetic, and fresh I do this hairstyle and pair it up with my long bangs.

The half pigtails can put a bit of volume and the long bangs help with enhancing facial features. Moreover, this one has a bit of an innocent look to it making you appear like an angel from heaven.

Steal the show with this hairstyle today!

Intricately Braided Pigtails

Intricately Braided Pigtails

Lately, I have become such a fan of pigtails that I come up with all kinds of variations to match the event I am attending.

So, I did this intricately braided pigtails in one of the red carpet events and I could tell that all the eyes were on me.

The part that makes these braided pigtails so special is taking one of the three strands of the braids thinner than the rest and its charming juxtaposition of neat and messy.

This one might be a bit too hard to pull off on your own. But you can always show the sample photo to your trusted hairstylist and I am sure they can help you out.

Beach Waves In Pigtails

Beach Waves In Pigtails

Beach waves always scream out retro. And this aesthetic has currently taken the whole internet up by storm.

So pairing the retro and cottage-core vibe of the waves with pigtails will turn you into a trendy diva for sure.

I am not really good at creating beach waves. So I haven’t done beach waves in pigtails. But the striking result makes me want to try it out right now.

If you have natural beach wavy hair then you should go for this hairdo and let your inner retro girl out with this hairstyle.

Middle-Parted Braids In Pigtails

Middle-Parted Braids In Pigtails

Two Straight middle-parted braids in pigtails are enough to change anyone’s whole aura and jazz up one’s style.

For this hairstyle, you will have to create a straight middle part and select some of the hair from both sides of the parting and start braiding.

Depending on the variation in braiding style you can switch up your look easily and effortlessly. And with a little practice, you can do this hairstyle in under 2 to 3 minutes.

I haven’t tried this one myself but I can’t wait to do this one! So, look and feel drop-dead gorgeous with your middle-parted braids in ponytails.

4 Strand Knot Braided Pigtails

4 Strand Knot Braided Pigtails

Are you looking for a hairstyle that screams graceful idol-like divinity? Then I got you, girl!

I did this on my clients with the help of my colleagues as it requires a lot of help. To create this hairstyle, you have to start from the back French braid with 4 strands and when you reach the top of the head divide it into and twist them into pigtails.

The pigtails can further be turned into bubble braids to jazz up the whole look.

You will need extra help and patience with this one. So visit your favorite salon today and be the fashion goddess you were always destined to be with this hairstyle.

Pigtails on Curls

Pigtails On Curls

In my opinion, girls with curls look divine in any hairstyle and ooze an alluring aura. And curls in pigtails provide additional volume and a bouncy effect making the hairstyle appear fun and cheery.

This authentic look helps celebrate your natural features even more. You can sleek the top part of your hair with hair gel to have a well-groomed fun look.

Moreover, you can personalize your curls with different accessories to let your energetic playful spirit shine.

Make everyone stunned with the heavenly aura of your pigtails on curls.

Dutch Braided Pigtails

Dutch Braided Pigtails

Dutch braids are known for their immaculate boho energy. With minimal styling skills, you can recreate this gorgeous hairstyle yourself.

For this hairstyle, all you have to do is create two Dutch braids in the middle and turn them into pigtails. To jazz it up you can cross the braids as well.

After coming across this hairstyle, I felt genuine happiness. But I have yet to try this one out for myself.

But you should certainly go for this hairstyle and embrace your inner bohemian spirit with this hairstyle.

Pigtails In Dead Straight Hair

Pigtails In Dead Straight Hair

Slick hairstyles have been in trend for a while now. If you want to opt for slick pigtails then this is the hairstyle for you.

Moreover, if are tired of washing your hair every day but still want to maintain your stylish image then I urge you to opt for pigtails with dead straight hair.

This is best for unwashed hair because you need to make the top of your hair appear slick. Then back brush them and create pigtails with a straight middle part.

Let your baddy era begin with this hairstyle.

Heart Braided Half Updo Pigtails

Heart Braided Half Updo Pigtails

I have always been a fan of everything heart-shaped. So, naturally, when I came across this hairstyle I felt thrilled.

For this hairstyle, you have to start from the back and create two braids and make a heart shape by tying elastic bands in the middle and the ends in pigtails.

I have not gotten myself to try this one out. But I sure am excited to recreate this look for my next client.

Make your adorable inner Barbie come out with this hairstyle!

Deep Wave Curls In Pigtails

Deep Wave Curls In Pigtails

If you have natural deep-wave curls then in my opinion you are one of the lucky ones for sure. Because no matter how you style your hair it will always turn out good making you look like an absolute goddess.

I have done this hairstyle on my clients several times and each time I used something a bit different may it be in the parting or the accessories to customize the look.

Remember to use your hair from the pigtails to hide your rubber bands and give it a smooth appearance.

If you don’t have naturally wavy curls then you can always buy extensions and remake this hairdo with ease.

Feel like a radiant star with your deep wave pigtails.

Long Pigtails

Long Pigtails

Having thick long hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Long hair will make you look like a Disney princess but at the cost of your convenience.

So if you want to keep the hair out of your face and make your life fashionably convenient then I suggest making pigtails out of them.

I used to do this one a lot when I had long hair and this saved a lot of time and effort.

So let your long hair turn into pigtails and make everyone swoon.

Pigtails With Box Braids In Front

Pigtails With Box Braids In Front

Do you want to enhance your facial features but getting bangs is not an option?

Then pigtails with box braids in front can provide you with that solution and help you make a fashion statement.

If you opt for box braids all over your head then it might be time-consuming and you will definitely need some additional help.

But with this hairstyle, you will only have to make two box braids and that’s it.

These box braids look best with curled pigtails and to enhance the look I suggest you accessorize your long front box braids.

Next time I am doing pigtails on my curly-haired clients I am going for this one for sure.

Chinese Bangs With Pigtails

Chinese Bangs With Pigtails

Chinese bangs can make anyone appear young and fresh regardless of their age, hair type, face shape, and any of the factors that might prevent you from getting bangs.

Moreover, Chinese bangs with half-updo pigtails just add to the playful refreshing vibe.

Whenever I got bored with my hair I just took a pair of scissors and cut these bangs myself and wore this hairdo.

It helped me feel good about my look and made me feel energetic. So if you want to change your mood then I suggest you go for this one.

Rainbow Colored Pigtails

Rainbow Colored Pigtails

I am a die-hard fan of dyed hairstyles. I can not imagine what it must be like to have all the colors of the rainbow from the shades of purple to green on one’s hair.

For this hairstyle, you can make two short braids at the front with your pigtails to give a y2k vibe and accessorize your hair.

Your hair will turn into a canvas of self-expression and the vibrant colors will help you express your individuality while enhancing your overall fashion.

So, I look forward to the day I finally get to do this.

Fishtail Braid In Half Pigtails

Fishtail Braid In Half Pigtails

Fishtail braids are loved by everyone for their attention-grabbing appearance, versatility, and classic and timeless appeal.

I have done this hairstyle on a lot of my silence as it provides a freedom to experiment with different variations.

The mind-blowing blend of two of the most trendy aesthetics, bohemian and retro, makes this hairstyle unique.

To personalize you can add colorful ribbons in between your braids and make your pigtails visually appealing.

So get your fishtails in pigtails and align your aesthetics!

Jumbo Braided Pigtails

Jumbo Braided Pigtails

Do you see people with extra-looking hairstyles that make them look like the main character of everyone’s story? Jumbo braided pigtails are one of them.

For this hairdo, all you gotta do is have two jumbo pigtails that start out big and then near the end gets extra small.

To make your braids extra thick at the top you can add on extensions and easily get this high-end look.

And voila! You will feel like a runway Goddess!

I only did this on one of my clients for a special occasion and she couldn’t take her eyes off of herself.

Be the extra queen making everyone turn their heads at you.

4 Style Combo

4 Style Combo

If you want a touch of drama on your hairstyle then this 4 style combo hairstyle is the one for you.

This hairdo has all your favorite ones such as bubble braids, buns, french braids, and half-up pigtails all in one coming together to create an eccentric look all over.

To create this look I start with a French braid and then when it’s time to make pigtails I secure the braid and then go on creating the buns. And then secure it again to bubble braid with the rest of the hair.

The hairstyle might look complicated but I assure you once you get used to it, it won’t take much time because most of the hairstyles in the combo are our go-to hairdo.

Pastel Colored Pigtails

Pastel Colored Pigtails

To embrace your feminine vibes and watch the Barbie premiere I dyed my hair pastel pink and I have never felt better about myself.

The pastel color itself brings out a warm and lively feel while giving a whimsical vibe. And when I create half pigtails, it just adds to the cheerful vibe.

It’s a fun and effortless way to elevate your overall look and add a tinge of oomph.

Remember to choose a color that best resonates with you and suits your individual quirkiness and be the trendsetter.

Pigtails In Burgundy

Pigtails In Burgundy

All types of hair look good in Burgundy as this color is often associated with warm seasons.

It is one of those colors that are common yet you can not stop yearning for it. I have dyed this color on a lot of my clients and they all looked stunning regardless of their hair type, size, shape, texture, etc.

Half-Up pigtails with middle parting can make you look visually and aesthetically appealing.

The contrast of a sophisticated and luxurious color with a fun hairstyle makes everything about it bold.

So get this hairstyle today!

Half-Up Half-Down Pigtails: Steps To Follow

Half-up pigtails are one of the easiest hairstyles that can be achieved with ease at home. If you are not aware of the know-how then I am here to let you in on 3 simple steps that will turn you into an expert.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Hair

The first part depends on which type of style you want to corporate in your pigtails after you have cleaned and brushed your hair. If you want curls, waves, or straight hair then I suggest using a heat protectant. Then style your hair by creating small sections.

Step 2:  Sectioning

After styling your hair, create the parting of your desire a straight middle part or a zigzag one, etc. Depending on how much volume you want to have in your pigtails, section your hair. Creating bigger sections will turn into bigger pigtails while creating small ones will turn them small. Use gel or spray to set your sections.

Step 3:  Tying Up and Finishing

After sectioning, secure the rest of your hair with a headband or claw clip and then tie up your sectioned hair into pigtails. Make sure to tie them as close to your scalp as possible to make them long-lasting. Lastly, smoothen up your pigtails with hair products, and voila! You’re now an expert half-up pigtail stylist!

To have visual help you can watch this video or this one as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you have been aware of the versatility of the half-up half-down pigtails, you still might have some questions regarding this topic.

Hence, in this part of the article, I have answered some of the frequently asked questions that might help you get more idea about the hairstyle.

Q: What is the difference between ponytails and pigtails?

Ans: Both pony and pigtails have the term “tail” but are quite different. The key difference between pigtails and ponytails is that to create a ponytail you need to gather all the hair together at the back whereas for pigtails the hair is divided into two sections on opposite sides.

Q: Why are two ponytails called pigtails?

Ans: The name “pigtails” came from people finding a resemblance between “twisted tobacco” and a pig’s tail. Afterward, the soldiers and sailors started creating a similar hairdo.

Q: Should I sleep with pigtails?

Ans: The most common way of protecting your hair while sleeping is making a ponytail, but it can get on your back and create an unwanted disturbance. Creating pigtails, however, will keep them off of your back and pillow with minimal contact with any clothes. This helps the hair keep untangled and you will have less damage and split ends.

Final Thoughts

The half-up half-down pigtail hairstyle comes with a lot of options and benefits. It can lift your hair and mood and give you a confidence boost.

From your gym outfit to your date outfit, this hairstyle will pass the vibe of every occasion and event with ease. It is a practical and trendy solution to all your hairstyle problems.

Moreover, with the variation of this hairstyle, you won’t have to think twice about your hair type or the face of your shape. Because you will look good no matter what.

The half-up half-down pigtail hairstyle will provide you with the freedom to accessorize and personalize. So don’t forget to let your personality shine through your hair.

With minimal maintenance, this hairstyle can make you look like the queen of fashion and awestruck even yourself.

So all the trendy beauty queens, are you ready to take on the world with this hairstyle?

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