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9 Crazy Trending Hat Hairstyles That You Must Try

Wearing a hat began in Great Britain back in the 1900s. The style of the hats changed with time, but the real change in the hat industry started to take place during the 1940s.

Women were experimenting with their hats and even coming up with styles of their own. Even today, the British adorn their hairstyle with a hat when they attend any ceremonies.

The hat hairstyle was then adopted by them, and it is a worldwide fashion that a lot of people like and wear. This hairstyle is accepted now more than ever, and people all over the world are trying different ways to style and customize their look.

Hairstyles are a big deal today, but it’s an even bigger issue when it comes to adding decoration pieces or accessories to your hairstyles. Hats are amongst the best hairstyle accessories that you can get your hands on.

I am sure you have thought about accessorizing your hair with embellishments and knick-knacks, but because you do not know what to accessorize your style with, you let your hairstyle be.

If you are here to seek help from me about styling your hairstyle with hats, then you are reading exactly the article where you will find all the information and lots of inspiration about the hat hairstyles.

In this article, we will cover all the aspects of hat hairstyles including how and where you can wear these hairstyles. What type of hats will go with a certain hairstyle and what won’t.

If you want to know more about har hairstyles and collect information on how to wear them with confidence and look on point, scroll down and read the article. You will find a lot of inspiration for your hat hairstyles and may end up picking up a few of them.

9 Ways To Rock The Hat Hairstyles

Hat hairstyles are back, and people all over the world are trying out different styles catering to their needs. These hairstyles are sophisticated and charming. Women have been wearing hats for a very long time. Hat hairstyles are super fashionable, and they suit everyone with any facial structure.

Back in the 1900s, women used to wear huge hats. Some hats would come down to their shoulders. The purpose at that time was to cover up more than a fashion statement, but with time these hats got smaller and more functional.

90s Classic Hat

After the first world war, women started treating these hats as accessories, which is why we have the infamous hat hairstyles today.

Hat hairstyles may not be suitable for every occasion, but you can still wear them to a lot of events. These hairstyles come in handy in many ways, but especially when you’re having a bad hair day, the hat hairstyle saves you.

This hairstyle is also great for covering up your face with transparent or netted veils that create a very aesthetic look.

Below I have put together the best-looking hairstyles for you to choose from and get inspiration to come up with your own styles. So, do not waste your time and dive into the world of the most exquisite hat hairstyles waiting to be explored by you.

Beanie Hat

Beanie Hat

The beanie hats were first introduced in the 1900s. The word bean means head in slang. During the 1950s college freshmen wore beanie hats as a form of hazing.

Later the beanie hats became very popular amongst teenagers, emo kids, and most impressively the gay community. A group of people in this colorful community are known as the “beanie lesbians” because they are almost always spotted in a beanie.

The beanie hat hairstyle is very cute and fun. It helps to make you look refreshing and is a great way to hide your dull and plain hair from the piercing eyes of the world.

The beanie is a cute hat hairstyle, but it is also pretty cool. You can pair your beanie hat hairstyle with a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of baggy trousers, and to complete your look, you can add a Nike air force to your look.

Baseball Hat

Baseball Hat

The baseball hat hairstyle is an amazing look. It is very popular amongst young girls. This hat hairstyle is the epitome of cool and funky. This is also a very stylish look if you can pull it off with enough swag.

Usually, the baseball hat hairstyle is known to be casual or street style, but you can jazz it up. You could wear the baseball hat any way you want because it looks phenomenal in every way.

You could leave your hair down with this hat, you could make a bun, or even wear your hair in a ponytail, and each style will fit perfectly.

If you have the swagger to take the weight of this sassy and cool hat hairstyle, then there is no reason that you’re not already wearing it. Go to the mall and get yourself your baseball hat because you have a style to rock.

Beret Hat

Beret Hat

Beret hat hairstyles are very beautiful and elegant. The beret has been adopted from the French military.

They wore these hats back in 1889. The British liked the idea and proposed that these hats be worn in the Royal Tank Regiment as these will stay put when going in and out of the tank.

Later, women adopted this style and turned it into a beautiful fashion statement. This hat hairstyle has an authentic french vibe, and it looks exceptionally good, when worn with a long coat.

If you like this lovely hat hairstyle, you have to wear it. I would suggest buying a gray beret hat and pairing it with red lips. This is a fire combination, and it looks mind-blowing.

Boater Hat

Boater Hat

Boater hats are adopted from the gondoliers in Venice. These hats are made of straws, and they are very simple. The boater hat hairstyle is a lovely look for the summer, and you can wear it to a lovely brunch if you want.

This look has a summery vibe to it, and it will fit perfectly with a long flowy dress or a formal shirt with suspenders.

The aesthetic of the boater hat is very boho chic so, you can also opt for styles that are more flowy and loose. It will look great, and you have to be confident about your look, which will pull everything together.

Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

The bucket hats were traditionally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen. These hats are made of tweed cloth, or wool felt, this makes the hat naturally waterproof.

Later this hat was incorporated into the fashion industry, and people went ballistic with this style. It is cool, funky, and edgy.

This hat hairstyle gives off a very chill and casual vibe. If this style is more your speed, then all you gotta do is just get a bucket hat and get going.

You can wear this style with pastel-colored clothes and style your hair in pigtails or a ponytail, and you will look ravishing in it.

Stetson Hat

Stetson Hat

Stetson hats are the most famous cowboy hats. This hat was created by John B. Stetson in 1886 and was initially made out of beaver felt. This hat is also known as the modern-day cowboy hat.

The Stetson hat hairstyles are super cool, and they look too good when worn with a uniform. Nicole from the show Wynona Earp wore this hat like the queen that she is.

Nicole was a police inspector in the city called Purgatory, and she fought demons along with her girlfriend Waverly Earp and Best Friend Wynona Earp.

This hat hairstyle gained a lot of popularity in this show, and all the fans loved this style so much that they picked it up for themselves and started adorning their hair with the Stetson.

Sailor Hat

Sailor Hat

Sailor hats were worn by sailors, as the name suggests. These are usually white in color, but they can be black or blue. These hats were first introduced in 1811 as a part of the Russian navy.

The sailor hat hairstyles are cool, and they have a funky vibe to them. Robin from Stranger Things was spotted in a sailor hat, and people loved her style in that show.

The sailor hat style is very easy to pull off, and you barely need to add anything else to it. You can be as creative as you want with the sailor hat hairstyles.

These cute hat hairstyles have been in and out of style, but every time they go out of style, they come back with an even greater bang.

Pillbox Hat With Veil

Pillbox Hat With Veil

This beautiful hat was invented by Milliners in the 1930s. The hat hairstyles that you can wear with the Pillbox hats are countless, but the best way is to either make a bun or let your hair down.

The other hairstyles look amazing with this hat, but these two hairstyles have made a spot on the top.

The Pillbox hairstyles are graceful, elegant, and very sophisticated. The Queen of England herself, wears this quintessential hat hairstyle and appears in public.

You can wear this lovely hat hairstyle to any formal get-together like a wedding, an award show, or any such events where you are required to look graceful.

Breton Hat

Breton Hat

The Breton hat is a lot similar to the boater hat. This hat was introduced in the 19th century. These hats were initially worn by the Breton agriculture workers. Breton hats are made of lightweight materials like straws and felt.

The Breton hat hairstyle can range from buns to braids. You can adorn any hairstyle with this hat on a hot summer day and feel confident about your look. Thus lightweight hat hairstyles are great to look at, and the wearer feels super modern and chic as well.

Not everyone can pull off the Breton hat hairstyle because these hats tend to be a bit flimsy. If you are confident that you can pull off the Breton hat hairstyle, you should give it a try.


This article has curated information about hat hairstyles and all the different ways you can style your hat hairstyles. You will find all the useful information that you may need to get introduced to this lovely hairstyle that will change your perspective about adding a hat to your hairstyle.

Below are a few frequently asked questions by readers that I answered for them. You should give them a read to not miss out on information that may come in handy for you.

Q1. Are hat hairstyles suitable for everyone?

Hat styles are suitable for everyone and anyone. You could be 90 years old and still look amazing in a hat hairstyle, or you could be 9 and rock the hat hairstyle. There is no specification as to who can and who can not wear the hat hairstyle.

Q2. Will hat hairstyles destroy my hair?

Hat hairstyles will definitely not destroy your hair, but if you wear a hat for too long, then your head might start to feel itchy because there is a high chance your scalp will sweat. It is better to not wear your hat hairstyle for too long.

Q3. Can we wear hat hairstyles during summer?

You can wear a hat hairstyle during all seasons. During summer, it will be best to limit how long you wear the hat hairstyle, or else your scalp will sweat and form a lot of sebum that will end up in dandruff on your scalp.


The hat hairstyles have been a part of the fashion industry for a very long time, and people love to adorn their hair with a hat.

The hat hairstyles have a rich history that dates back to before the first world war. Women liked wearing hats back then, and even today they would like to style their look with a hat from time to time.

If you like the hat hairstyle and are an enthusiast, you must try out the hairstyle mentioned above. There are different types of hats and hat hairstyles for you to choose from, so don’t worry about not finding your style.

With all these hairstyles you will totally find something that suits your look. So, go ahead and dive into the beautiful world of hat hairstyles and get ready to be awed at how amazing they are.

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