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15 Remarkable Heart Face Shape Hairstyles for Males in 2024

When getting a hairstyle, three factors play the most significant part in deciding whether it will suit you: face shape, hair type and personality. Out of these factors, face shape plays the biggest role, as you can artificially change your hair texture, but changing a face shape is impossible.

If the design does not compliment your face shape, you’ll be left with an unsatisfied outcome and filled with regret. It’s often hard to find trendy hairdos based on face shape, but men with heart-shaped faces are lucky in that regard, as a wide range of hairstyles suit this face shape and make them look mesmerizing.

Heart-shaped faces have a pointy facial structure with a wide forehead. Hairstyles that get the focus away from the pointed chin look better with this face shape.

This article will focus on giving you a guide to determine whether you have a heart-shaped face and provide some exemplary styles for your hair. Buckle up and keep scrolling!

How to Determine Heart Face Shape

Determine Heart Face Shape

Before getting the hair design, you must ensure you have a heart face shape. In many circumstances, people make mistakes in identifying their actual face shape and get a haircut that doesn’t suit them.

There is a simple way of identifying one’s face shape through which you can easily recognize your face shape. You’ll need a flexible tape measure, a notepad, and a pen to note the measurements.

First, you’ll need to measure your forehead with the tape. Start from one eyebrow arch and continue to the other one. Then, measure the cheekbones from one pointiest part to the other side and write it down as well.

The third step is to measure the jawline, which starts below your ear to the tip of your chin. The final measurement is the face length. To get this measure, you must begin from the center of your hairline to the end of your chin.

After taking the measurements, you can identify whether you have a heart shape. If you have a longer forehead than cheekbones with a pointy chin and narrow jawline, you have a heart-shaped face.

10 Remarkable Hairstyles for Men with Heart Shape Face

Even though heart-shaped faces are uncommon among men, a lot of fabulous styles look good on this face shape. Instead of discussing all of them here, I will focus on giving you the best styles for heart face that will make you stand out.

Disconnected Man Bun Undercut

Disconnected Man Bun Undercut

Regarding confidence-boosting hairdos for long hair, few styles can come close to a man bun undercut. Long hairstyles often look messy and complicated to maintain, but this hair design differs from the rest and looks fabulous on men with the heart face shape.

To accomplish this style, you’ll need to grow your hair to shoulder length at a minimum. The sides and back must be trimmed short with a hair clipper while keeping the hair on top long. Using a hair tie, the top hair is twisted into a bun. The disconnection between the top hair and the rest is apparent and makes the style striking.

Hard Part Pompadour

Hard Part Pompadour

When it comes to a flamboyant style, pompadour styles always rank top in terms of short hairdos. From its inception in the 18th century to this day, it has been a top-tier style for heart-shaped men, which is relatively easy to maintain. The style we are going to discuss here is a hard part pompadour.

Using a number 2 hair clipper guard, the sides and the back hair are trimmed in a hard part style where one-sided is blended in the fading technique while the other side is disconnected with a razor line. Hair pomade is used to comb the is a bloated style that looks sleek and fabulous.

Short Messy Fringe

Short Messy Fringe

Instead of always going for a clean, sophisticated look, it’s an excellent choice to get a messy hairdo now and then to mix it up. One of the best messy hair designs is the short messy fringe style I am discussing here. The messy fringes on the front will give a fabulous look for heart faces.

Even though hair clippers make cutting hair relatively easy, scissors are a better option for this style. Keeping the hair on the sides and back shorter than the ones in the front and wearing them messily with a blowout will give you this remarkable look.

Blonde Buzz Cut Skin Fade

Blonde Buzz Cut Skin Fade

Buzz cut hairstyle is one of the best designs to style your hair with for a well-groomed look. Despite popular belief, buzz cuts can look remarkable on men with heart-shaped faces. Buzz cut with a skin fade is an excellent option that you should not miss out on.

Different clipper guard sizes would provide you with a wide range of looks, but a number 3 buzz cut will be ideal for a heart-shaped face.

Low Taper Faded Quiff

Low Taper Faded Quiff

Another excellent short hairdo for men with heart-shaped faces is quiff. In order to get this design, the side and back hair need to be styled in the taper fade technique with the use of a hair clipper.

The front hair is kept longer and styled with hair pomade by brushing it and giving an upward lift. Only men with straight and wavy hair are recommended to try out this hairdo.

Minimal Mohawk

Minimal Mohawk

In terms of edgy hairstyles, mohawks reign supreme in the hairstyle industry with their radical and antisocial appeal. But some want a toned-down version of the mohawk which you’ll achieve with this current style.

Instead of only leaving long hair in the middle and spiking it with hair pomade, it’s worn like a slick-back style while the sides are completely shaved. You shouldn’t miss out on this style as it looks fire with heat faces.

Skin Fade Spiky Hair

Skin Fade Spiky Hair

Here is another simple hairdo for your heart-shaped face that will look sleek. Using a hair clipper, the side and back hair are shaved and blended with the top strand. The longer top hair is spiked by brushing them upward, and hair pomade is used to achieve it.

To have this spiky hair, you must have straight hair; other hair types will not provide the consecutive spikes needed for this design.

Slick Back Undercut

Slick Back Undercut

Slick-back hairstyles are undoubtedly sophisticated and the perfect choice for corporate jobs, but you can easily make them into an edgy design. Look at this style, where the side and back hair is trimmed short with a clipper to create an undercut.

Regarding the top hair, pomade is used to brush them backwards to create this sleek but edgy appearance.

Relaxed Mid-Part Style

Relaxed Mid part Style

Few to no styles can give you a relaxed look like this mid-part style if you have a heart-shaped face. Getting this style is easy, and it requires little to no maintenance. I recommend this style only to men with straight hair.

Scissors are used for cutting the hair, and different areas are trimmed in various sizes. The top front strands are the longest, while the sides and back hair are shorter. For casual hangouts, there’s no style better than this one.

Shoulder-Length Mane Hair

Shoulder Length Mane Hair

Long shoulder-length hairstyles are only suitable for some, but those who can pull them off should try them out. Regardless of your hair type, it’s an excellent option for men with heart-shaped faces, especially the lion’s mane hair design.

Getting this style is challenging, as you must grow your hair and care for it regularly. But once you have it, you will feel accomplished for its allure.

5 Male Celebrity Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape

For styling hair, many people mimic celebrities’ hair designs, which is undoubtedly an excellent way to revamp oneself. If you are of the same belief, this section will help you immensely. Here is a list of 5 celebrities with heart faces whose style you can mimic and look remarkable.

Tom Brady’s Crew Cut

Tom Brady's Crew Cut

When it comes to becoming a living legend in NFL history, there is no one close to the accolades that Tom Brady has achieved over the years. He is a prime candidate for you to mimic if you are looking for a clean celebrity hairstyle for your heart-shaped face.

A short crew cut with the taper on the sides will be ideal for any occasion. Whether you have thick hair or a receding hairline, it will look fabulous with straight and wavy hair.

Ryan Gosling’s Ivy League Side Part

Ryan Gosling's League Side Part

Another celebrity with a heart face shape to mimic their hairdo is Ryan Gosling. Over the years, he has worn some of the trendiest hairstyles, but the most notable is the ivy league side part that he often gets.

To get this hairdo, you’ll need to trim the side and back hair with a hair clipper in a tapered cut while keeping the hair on top longer. By combing the hair in a side part using hair pomade, you will achieve this style.

Bradley Cooper’s Messy Middle-Part

Bradley Cooper's Messy Middle-Part

If you are looking for a messy hairstyle from a celebrity with a heart-shaped face, this messy middle-part hairdo worn by Bradley Cooper is a good choice. Cooper wore this style at the met gala 2022 and where he has medium-length hair.

After washing your hair, blow dry and make a slight middle part with your fingers. This relaxed design might not suit a corporate job, but you can easily make it a professional style with hair wax.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Short Curly Shag

Jesse Eisenberg's Short Curly Shag


For a curly celebrity hairstyle, I recommend this short curly shag cut worn by Jesse Eisenberg. This design is his go-to hairstyle, which he often gets and looks quite good with. You can use flat iron or perms to get the curly texture despite your wavy or straight hair type.

Using scissors, the whole hair is cut with specific measures. That gives the style a similar length all around and makes it look clean. If you have a corporate job, you should avoid it.

Nicholas Hoult’s Relaxed Side Part

Nicholas Hoult's Relaxed Side Part

Nicholas Hoult is another celebrity with a heart-shaped face who is known for having marvellous hair designs. The styles he incorporates are usually good for straight and wavy hair and give a polished but relaxed look.

He’s wearing a relaxed side-part style that is ideal for most occasions. Combining the hair with hair wax will make it look more polished.

Bottom Line

Even though most men encounter difficulty finding a good hairstyle that suits their face shape, men with heart faces don’t go through the same adversity. Multiple trendy hairdos look phenomenal on men with this facial structure, making their life easy in many ways.

While finalizing the hair design, you must remember there are two other essential aspects. The style must have synergy with your hair type and personality as well. No matter how otherworldly one design is, it won’t improve your appearance otherwise.

Once you have made sure about those aspects, you can be sure that the styles discussed here will make you stand out in any crowd. You’ll be able to go to any crowd and not feel out of place but rather be the focal point.

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