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15 Helen Mirren Hairstyles for Mature Modern Women

The film industry has been blessed with numerous profound artists, who have captured the heart of their audience for years through their remarkable performances. Whenever we are talking about celebrities we admire the most, names like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Monica Belucci, and many others always make on top of our list.

Helen Mirren is one of the most sophisticated actresses in the industry who has marked her brilliance through her phenomenal acting. The beautiful presence of the famous actress has made her the queen of many hearts, and her signature style has always been praiseworthy.

The thing we love most about Helen’s style is her way of accepting her natural hair color. She has created her own fanbase when it comes to rocking natural gray hair, and we just can’t get enough of her beautiful hairstyles! So for those who are willing to go for a haircut like our diva or simply want to start their journey with gray hair, Helen is supposedly the best inspiration one can ever get!

What Kind of Haircut Does Helen Mirren Have?

Helen Mirren Hair Type

As fans of Helen, we have often found ourselves wondering and surfing through the internet and looking at her gorgeous pictures in awe. Helen’s beautiful gray hair has always been an epitome of beauty, and she has inspired many women out there to embrace their natural hair with grace. But have you ever wondered what kind of haircut she has?

Basically, Helen has a sophisticated pixie haircut. If you look up Helen Mirren haircuts on the internet, you will also find her carrying a short bob with a bangs haircut. Being a blonde, Helen’s hair turned into a beautiful shade of silver with her age, and she really knows how to style her hair to win everyone’s heart!

Apart from Helen’s amazing pixie haircut, here is a fact that will surely blow your mind. Helen loves to cut her own hair quite often, and she is not all about the cost and expenditure when it comes to her hair. So if you think that opting for all those glamorous looks is going to cost you a fortune, Helen is surely here to prove you wrong.

Fancy Hairstyles of Helen Mirren that Every Woman Should Try!

As a woman of great style and charm, Helen has marked her excellence through her acting skills as well as her style and personality. Her silver hair has inspired many women over 50 to try out elegant looks without thinking twice, so we cannot just go on with our day without talking about the best hairstyles that Helen has flaunted from time to time. Ahead are some of the most gorgeous Helen Mirren hairstyles that we have hand-picked for you. So without any further ado, let’s check them out!

Short Pixie

Short Pixie

Let’s start the list with Helen’s most popular Pixie haircut. We may have seen her carrying this hairstyle most of the time, and seriously, what’s not to love about this haircut? The cute and compact haircut makes her look ravishing without the touch of any accessories, so the beauty of this style doesn’t even require much explanation.

If you are a woman who loves short haircuts, then this pixie style is a great pick for your next visit to the salon. Helen has carried this style on the red carpet, so you can surely opt for this look at any upcoming fancy events. And a pixie haircut is always great for regular wear, so there’s another reason to give it a definite try!

Short Bob

Short Bob

When it comes to wearing a short bob with ultimate elegance, Helen is literally the queen! As she loves to wear her hair short most of the time, a casual style like the short bob has been carried by her on many occasions. So for all the short hair lovers, here is a picture of Helen rocking her short bob!

We love how she has styled her short bob along with the bangs at the front. The length of her hair is complementing the bangs pretty well. We also admire that she has gone for the side part style with her bob because it truly brings out the beauty of her haircut. This hairstyle is totally approved from our side!

Fancy Updo

Fancy Updo

If you think that keeping your hair short limits your options of styling your hair, then think twice because Helen is surely going to prove you wrong. As much as she loves to rock her pixie haircut, Helen has also opted for updos on occasions, and the beauty of those styles is indescribable.

Here is a picture to show what we are talking about. This fancy and elegant updo worn by Helen has been done to perfection. We love how the hair has been styled keeping elegance in mind, and the silver accessory that has been used to create the updo looks totally stunning. Helen looks like a princess in this picture, so we are sure this one’s going to become one of your favorites pretty soon!

With Headband

Helen Mirren Hair With Headband

Did you know that Helen loves to wear a headband every now and then? If you follow Helen on social media, then you might have seen her carrying hairstyles with headbands quite gracefully. And she often loves to match her headband with the colors of her dresses. So cute, isn’t she?

In this picture, Helen is wearing a beautiful powder pink headband with her elegant hair bun. We love how she has matched the color of her headband with her gorgeous dress, and incorporating the headband with the bun has surely created a great statement. If you think that wearing headbands are not an option when you are over 50, then look at this picture and you will be grabbing your own headbands in no time!

Pink Hair

Pink Hair

One of the perks of having lighter shades of blonde hair is that you can try out different hair colors without the damage of bleach. Especially if your hair is gray and you are willing to go for a funkier look, then cute and vibrant colors are always a good option. And to prove our point, here we present Helen with her gorgeous pink hair!

To be honest, this hairstyle has become an inspiration to young ladies as well as ladies over 50 because the style looks ageless and breathtaking! The pink color has given Helen a cooler vibe, and we totally love how gracefully she’s carrying the style. This one is undoubtedly a great pick for women with short hair!

Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob

Talking about Helen Mirren’s hairstyles definitely asks for the inclusion of the classic vintage bobs that are still in trend. Vintage bobs are fancied by many women who love to try out the classic looks with bright red lips. So if you are in your 50s and looking for something fancy to wear to a formal event, we suggest giving Helen’s classy vintage bobs a try.

This style is all about elegance and charm. Words will fall short to describe the beauty of this hairstyle, so we are not going to elaborate much. The beautiful curls on her hair have added great volume to the style, so this one is a must-try from our side!

Graceful Blonde

Graceful Blonde

Although we do not see much of her long hair nowadays, Helen surely knew how to flaunt her blonde hair in her earlier days. Her old photographs are proof of how charming and elegant she looked in her younger days, and we are totally in love with each and every style from those days.

Take this photograph for instance. Young Helen is wearing her beautiful blonde hair in this picture with absolute elegance. Apart from her gorgeous red dress, one of the first things that you notice is the beauty of her blonde hair, and we love how graceful her hair looks even with such a simple style. This style is a must-try for ladies having similar blonde hair.

Brushed Back

Brushed Back

We often associate the bold and short haircuts with men, but many women have proven us wrong many times by slaying short haircuts with grace. From Katy Perry to Kristen Stewart, the list is long and so are the varieties of styles. Helen Mirren has also participated in the same, and she has surely left some treats for our eyes!

This amazing and bold hairstyle that Helen is rocking in this picture is simply giving us those baddie vibes that every mature woman needs. You can be in your 50s or in your 70s, but this hairstyle is surely going to make you look like a bold diva. We love the brushed-back situation that is going on here, and this entire style is an inspiration for mature women who want to showcase their confidence through their style.

Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

Helen occasionally rocks a curly or a wavy hairstyle to upgrade her hair game on different occasions. Her style is simple but it looks quite elegant because of the way she carries herself with confidence. She has worn regular wavy hair at glamorous events, and her hair has always been a matter of attention.

We have recently seen many women trying out the short wavy hairstyles that are super trendy and popular. Our favorite lady Helen also has carried this style with her to fancy events. As you can see in this picture, this simple side part style consists of waves that we totally love. The wavy appearance has added volume to her hair, and we love how everything is working together!

Backcomb with Bangs

Backcomb With Bangs

We all had our backcombing phases going on at some point in our lives. Even now backcombing is in trend, and this particular styling can be paired with updos for elegant events. Helen rocked a red dress and a backcombed hairstyle at the Venice Film Festival that took place in 2010, and this style is still the talk of the town for her sultry and bold appearance.

At this event, Helen wore an amazing red dress that set the red carpet on fire! Her dress was carried by a beautiful updo with a backcombed style that everyone loved. She also had bangs at the front to accompany her elegant updo, and Helen proved to everyone that women can slay with their style even when they are over 60!

Angled Bob

Angled Bob

Helen has tried out almost all the trendy and classic hairstyles on her short hair, and it’s a message for mature women that age is just a number when it comes to flaunting your short hair. From the pixie to the vintage, Helen is our queen of short hairstyles, and she has even rocked the trendy angled bob that we totally love.

This picture of Helen carrying the angled bob with utmost grace is one of our favorites. This style is so simple, but she looks like a diva even within this simplicity. Many of us have already tried out this side part angled bob, so if you haven’t already, now is your time to shine!

Long Silver

Long Silver

There was one time when Helen stole the hearts of everyone with this amazing long silver hair, and this moment can never be forgotten. Although her typical hairstyles consist of short and compact haircuts casually accompanied with bangs, this one was literally out of the book!

The formal attire with the long and freely flowing hair looks quite amazing if you ask us. She has spoken for all the women in their 70s that your age doesn’t limit your styling options. If Helen can create such a statement, then what are you waiting for?

Casual Updo

Casual Updo

Just like us, Helen is also a fan of casual hairstyles. We have seen her wearing her hair quite casually with a simple headband, and she herself has said that she is actually quite undemanding when it comes to her hair.

To prove that point, here is a picture of Helen sitting gracefully with a simple and casual updo. This looks like a hairstyle we casually wear on our lazy days, and the touch of simplicity in this style is quite captivating. We love her bangs, we love her updo, and she is literally the queen of fashion!

With Scarf

Helen Mirren Hair With Scarf

For super elegant events, Helen has often opted for something fancy with her hair. Although she doesn’t wear many extravagant accessories, we have seen her carrying minimal items such as headbands and accessories for updos. Apart from that, she has also paired up a scarf with her hairstyles on particular occasions.

The hairstyle in this picture consists of an updo with a printed scarf. Her hair has been combed properly and turned into a bun at the back, which has then been adorned with the beautiful scarf seen in the picture. For any fancy occasions, this hairstyle is sure to make a statement!

80s Curls

Helen Mirren 80s Curl

Although most of us have witnessed Helen’s straight and short hairstyles on different occasions, she likes to go for the curls as well. Pictures from her earlier days reveal the beauty of her naturally long and straight hair, but she rocked a curly look for one of her films in the ‘80s.

This black and white picture with beautiful curls reminds us of the days when curls were quite in fashion in the film industry. Helen is wearing her hair in all curls, starting from the bangs to the ends. If you notice carefully, you will also find a hair clip on her hair. We think that this style is quite simple, yet the elegance has been defined by the beautiful curls she has.


We have gathered all the trendiest Helen Mirren hairstyles right in this place altogether, so you don’t have to look further. However, it’s common to have some questions before trying out these hairstyles, so here is a short guide to the answers!

Can I try out Helen Mirren’s hairstyles if I have fine hair?

Of course, you can. If you didn’t know this already, Helen has fine hair. Also, it is quite common to have thinning hair as you age, so trying out these hairstyles will be the best option for you. We suggest adding curls to your style for achieving volume, and you can even go for backcombing on particular occasions.

What is Helen Mirren’s hair color?

Helen had blonde hair in her earlier days and she surely knew how to flaunt them with poise. As for the present, her blonde hair has turned into a beautiful silver color, and she carries her style with grace at every event.

Does Helen often color her hair?

Helen likes to keep things natural when it comes to her hair. She has beautiful silver hair that she doesn’t prefer to dye frequently. Although we have mentioned one of her pink hairstyles, you will find that in most of the pictures, Helen is wearing her natural hair without the presence of any extravaganza.

Final Thoughts

Helen is our queen when it comes to embracing natural hair, and she has set the bar too high with her fashion and elegance. Her style and looks are all about being ageless even in her 70s, and we love the spirit she carries with her everywhere she goes.

Helen’s hairstyles have always been the talk of the town, so it’s high time you gave them a try. From short bob to graceful blonde, Helen has it all for us. She has been a queen since she stepped into the industry, and she’s still winning millions of hearts with her amazing smile, perfect hairstyle, and ravishing attire.

So what are you waiting for? Give the hairstyles we have suggested here a definite try. For women over 50, these hairstyles are surely going to add an element of style. Take care of your natural hair and opt for simplicity, and you will find yourself rocking a Helen Mirren hairstyle with grace like never before!

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