High Top Dreads

High Top Dreads: A New and Exciting Variant of Dreads Style

The high top dreads style is a fresh and new addition to the long list of dreadlocks styles. This hairstyle is rapidly becoming a hugely popular hairstyle and pretty soon will win over everyone.

It won’t take too long before it becomes the go-to dreads style for modern men. It has changed the dreads scene for sure and has made dreads attractive and exciting again.

It’s also a very versatile and adaptable style. There are plenty of ways you can carry high top dreads and there are styles for all types of lengths.

We have crafted this article to provide you with all the information you need regarding this style. We will explain what the style exactly is, describe some cool ways of styling your high top dreads, and answer some of the questions that you guys have about this style.

So, stick around to learn everything you need to know.

What is the high top dreads style?

What Is The High Top Dreads Style


This is a style where your hair is only partially dreadlocked. In high top dreads, you will only have dreads on the front and the top of your head.

There won’t be dreads on the sides or the back. The hair on those areas is usually shortened. That’s why it’s pretty common to see a fade or a taper with high top dreads.

There are basically two ways you can get high top dreads. You can let only your top hair lock up and turn into dreads. It will take months and meanwhile just keep shortening the sides and the back.

The other way is first having dreads and then shortening the sides. It is plausible if your dreads are still short. But, it will get tricky if you have long dreads.

The first one is actually the better way. You will not be locking all your hair for no reason. Also, you’ll always have a clear idea of how your high top dreads will eventually look. So, we would recommend this process.

14 Attractive High Top Dreads Styles You Must Try

We have gone through all the ways you can style high top dreads and have chosen the top 14 styles for you. Read through the list to learn about them in detail.

Dreads with a Fringe

Dreads With A Fringe

We are starting this list with a pretty modern dreadlock style. You wouldn’t have seen this style even a few years ago. But, our bet is that it is about to become one of the most trending hairstyles of our time.

To get this style, you need to really shorten your hair on the sides and the back. You will only have long dreads on the front and top. Then, you have to make all your dreads come to the front, sort of like a reverse mullet style.

Finally, you have to work on the fringe. Your front dreads need to come down to your forehead and go beyond your eyebrows. The front fringe will create a striking contrast with the shortened back.

Twisted Dreads with High Fade

Twisted Dreads With High Fade

This high top dreads style is for men who love twist hairstyles. Twisting your dreads is not a completely new idea. However, combining that with a high fade can really take this style to a new level.

You can try the two strand twist or the three strand twist style. It basically means that you’d take two or three strands of your dreads, depending on which style you choose, and then twist them together to create this look.

You then have to add the high fade, which means you would start shortening the sides way above your ears. The shortened sides can really make your twists look livelier and more dynamic.

High Tapered Dreads

High Tapered Dreads

If you do not like shortening your hair too much and revealing skin, then you can try out this high top dreads style. Most of the styles on this list will include a fade. But, now we’ll talk about a taper.

A taper is much like a fade where you have to shorten your hair on the sides and the back. The main difference is that you won’t have to expose your skin and you can keep some hair.

So, in a high taper, you will only have long dreads on the top. Because of the shortened sides and back, all the attention will be drawn towards your dreads on top and how you’re styling them.

Messy Top Knot

Messy Top Knot

Let’s take a look at a really interesting top knot style. This high top dreads style sort of looks like the pineapple hairstyle and you will need longer dreads on the top to pull off this style.

You first need to take all of your dreads and tie them at the top of your head. Do not tie them too close to the scalp, because you will need some height for this style.

Also, tie your dreads a bit closer to the front, so that a few dreads can fall down to your forehead. Finally, make sure that the shortened sides are visible. That would make the dreads falling down from a height look even more impressive.

Barrel Rolls

Barrel Rolls

Until now, all the high top dreads styles we have discussed are fairly easy to get. This one however will require some work. To get the barrel rolls, you have to braid your hair in a certain way.

First, you need to decide how many barrel rolls you want and then divide your dreads into that many sections. Take two dreadlocks from a section and twist them together. Keep holding those two together, take another dreadlock and wrap that over the other two.

Then, you have to take another dreadlock and keep repeating this action until a section is done. Watch this video if it sounds a bit confusing. Though it would need some time and work, the end result will surely make it worthwhile.

Viking Dreads

Viking Dreads

This high top dreads style is inspired by the Vikings. So, this particular style has a long history and legacy. It sort of looks like the undercut style. Let’s break down what you have to do to attain this style.

You need to completely shave off the sides and the back for this style. You will only have hair on the front and top, and that obviously needs to be dreadlocked.

The most important factor is that you need long dreads for this style. You have to sweep back all your dreads and they need to reach down your neckline. Some go for even longer dreads and sometimes they tie them at the back.

Contrasting Colored Dreads

Contrasting Colored Dreads

Dying your dreads in a cool color is an exciting way of styling your dreads. There are a couple of ways you can color your dreads. We want to recommend you the two-toned style for the high top dreads as that would complement this style the most.

You will only dye your dreads on the front and top in a color of your choice for this style. The rest of your hair won’t be colored and will be shortened.

You now have an amazing contrast. The long and colored dreads are creating a striking contrast with the natural color of your shortened hair.

Short Shape-Up Dreads

Short Shape Up Dreads

When you have just started your dreads journey and are still in the beginning phase, your dreads will be pretty short. In that phase, it is difficult to find a great style for your dreads.

That is when this high top dreads style can help you out. You just have to incorporate the shape-up style, also known as the line-up style, with your dreads.

You will need a tidy and crisp front hairline for this style. You can also add a mid-fade to this style to further elevate your look. This is a really easy but impactful way you can style your short dreads.

Dreads in a Bandana

Dreads In A Bandana

You can think about all sorts of headwear, but nothing else can complement your high top dreads like a bandana.

However, there is only one drawback. If you are really eager to show off your shortened sides and if that contrast is very important to you, a bandana will pretty much hide that.

What you can do is wear your bandana in an angular way. That way your shortened upper sides and the upper crown area will still be visible. Otherwise, tie it wherever you want, and just let the top dreads stick out of the bandana.

Side Swept Dreads

Side Swept Dreads

You can go for the side swept style and that will give you a really endearing appearance. You sort of need to create a side partition to get this style.

Then, you just have to sweep all your dreads in the opposite direction of the partition. The hair on the sides and the back will be shortened.

This style looks the best when your dreads have a short or medium length. The most attractive length is when your dreads fall on your eyebrow from one side.

Patterned Scalp Braids

Patterned Scalp Braids

We have already talked about barrel roll braids. You can also try out scalp braids for your dreads. There are a few types, cornrow being the most popular one.

We want to suggest you patterned scalp braids. That means, your dreads will not be braided in straight lines. There will be different types of designs.

Some would be straight, some would have a zig-zag shape, and some would have curves. You can tie the loose ends and turn them into a small man bun.

High Top Dreads with Ponytail

High Top Dreads With Ponytail

Speaking of the man bun, let’s not forget about the ever-dependable ponytail. A ponytail can work really well with your high top dreads.

It’s not just a practical style. The ponytail has an appeal that has kept it a relevant and trendy style for a long period of time.

You just have to sweep back all your dreads and tie them at the back of your head to get this style. This is actually a great way to display the contrast with the shortened sides.

Accessorized High Top Dreads

Accessorized High Top Dreads

Accessorizing your dreads is always a fun idea. It’s no different with high top dreads as well. The question is, which accessories to use?

We have two in mind that we absolutely love. The first option is hair rings. Attach a couple of hair rings and they will always make your dreads look stunning.

Beads are also excellent. They have been dependable hair accessories for dreads for a long time. Adding beads to your dreads is one of the easiest ways to get a charming look.

Designed Sides

Designed Sides

We have not done much with the sides on this list. It makes sense because you would usually just shorten the sides for high top dreads.

However, you can actually utilize the hair on the sides as well to highlight your dreads even more. You just have to go for designed sides.

You can choose any pattern or design you want. You’re free to make the design as subtle or as flashy as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

People are getting more interested in high top dreads and there are quite a few questions about this style that are asked frequently on the internet. We’ll answer some of them in this section.

How many dreads should you have for high top dreads?

There is no exact number that you have to strictly follow. It depends on the volume of your hair and how thick or thin your dreads are. The number can vary from 20 to 75.

How long does it take to grow high top dreads?

This also varies from person to person. But, you do have to keep patience because it’s going to take a while. To have matured dreads with a decent length, you have to wait for 10 to 24 months.

How do you wash high top dreads?

You actually don’t need to do anything special. You can take a shower and just wash your dreads with shampoo. Also, use a conditioner to moisturize your dreads. Make sure the products you’re using suit your hair.

How should you sleep with high top dreads?

You should sleep on a silk or satin surface. It’s better to tie your dreads before you go to sleep. You can also wrap your dreads with a durag or wear a sleep cap.


After reading through the entire article and learning about some amazing styles, we really do hope that you have decided to give high top dreads a try.

We just don’t want you to miss out on a great hairstyle. Everyone will start jumping on this bandwagon really soon. You should adopt this style while it still feels fresh.

We have two final suggestions for you. One is to be patient. Having dreads is unlike any other hairstyle. It is a journey. Do not worry about how long it’s taking and enjoy the journey from the beginning to the end.

The other suggestion is that you shouldn’t neglect the maintenance and care that your dreads need. Having dreads is a big responsibility but the result always makes the hassle worthwhile.

Finally, we wish you all the best if you are about to embark on this beautiful journey.

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