Ja Morant Hairstyle: A Flashy NBA Superstar with Majestic Dreads

The 2019 NBA Draft brought an exceptional amount of talented players to the organization. While the majority of them possess traits that definitely remind us of NBA players that are now addressed as legends, there are very few that are creating their own legacy and caving their own path to success. Amongst them lies the incredibly bouncy, aggressive, and go-getter, Ja Morant. Over the past 3 years that he’s spent in the NBA, Ja Morant has not only showcased his undeniable talent against the veterans of the league, but he’s also blocked out all the noise and proved his haters wrong in style by winning the 2019/2020 NBA Rookie of the Year.

While the sky remains the limit for the 22 year old prodigy and there’s more than a decade left in his career as a basketball player, Ja Morant is without a doubt second to none in his class and definitely one of the most entertaining players to watch in the association today.

Apart from being the newfound face of the NBA, Ja Morant is known for his taste in fashion as well as up to date hairstyle, which seems to be as bouncy and as effortless as his style of play.

Today’s write-up will feature all you need to know about the hairdo of NBA hotshot Ja Morant and why the look deserves to gain worldwide recognition. We’ll be covering all the variations that he has pulled off over the past few years as an NBA player and will also look back to the hairstyles he rocked during his time at Murray State College.

A Dive Into Ja Morant’s Hairstyle and Hair Type

In simpler words, Ja Morant’s generic hairstyle is called free form locs. It is commonly picked up by those with 4b type hair and is as natural as they come. Perhaps the best part about this hair is the routine it comes with, as it doesn’t require much attention or care for positive results. The strands are extremely resilient, which could explain why Ja is often seen wrapping the dreads against each other to form multiple thick and wavy coils.

6 Dreadlock Ideas of Ja Morant that Scream Style and Elegance

Although most players achieve recognition through their talent and skills on the court, achieving fame off the court could be a difficult task to complete. For Morant, however, it was the complete opposite. With the flamboyant attitude and the head of hair that he has, achieving recognition outside of the NBA was as easy as Sunday morning for the Memphis Grizzlies megastar.

Moving on, here are the various hairstyles that Ja Morant has reinvented and presented to the screens of many throughout the course of his NBA career.

The Blowout

Blowout Haircut

Worn by Ja during his days as a teen mastermind, the blowout hairstyle is a great option for those with afro hair and is suitable for all occasions. It has the perfect amount of volume that will surely come in handy for those that need their hair to give their face shape a flattening effect, as voluminous hairstyles usually result in a narrower face shape.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to take care of and comes with a simple manual for recreation. With the assistance of styling tools such as a blow dryer, a pick for afro hair, and an ample amount of curl enhancing cream, one can easily mirror this playful look. If hair products aren’t really your thing, you may skip the last part. While it will make it harder for your hair to stay in place, the blowout will have a more natural and wavy appearance, which is one of the most universally appealing looks today.

Middle Length Dreads

Middle Length Dreads

This hairstyle was showcased by Ja Morant during his rookie year. It involves middle length dreads that are wrapped into multiple coils and is an excellent hairdo for those that are growing out their hair. Not only will this hairstyle allow a wearer to successfully avoid the awkward stages, but it will also allow the wearer to showcase the growth and density their hair contains.

Additionally, recreating this look is super easy. All you have to do is let your hair be. For a more manageable look, you may also incorporate finger coils. Doing so will keep the dreads in place while enhancing the texture of the cuticles.

For best results, make sure to invest in a nourishing shampoo and curl enhancing conditioner. You may also use rods of different shapes and sizes to your hair to enhance the texture without hampering the natural appearance of it.

Part Cornrows

4 Part Cornrows

Cornrows always look desirable and look best on naturally thick and curly hair, which might explain why Ja Morant styled his hair in such a manner during his first year in the NBA. Not only is this look an excellent way of presenting dreads, but it also pairs well with those that have a personality that is as flamboyant as Ja Morant’s.

Apart from its presentable nature, cornrows are extremely firm and can be worn to any event without compromising one’s impression. Whether it’s paired up with the finest suit in your wardrobe or an outfit that caters to kickbacks with friends, wearing this hairdo will definitely make you stand out in a room full of people.

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Curtain Style Multi Color Coils

Resembling the classic eBoy look, this hairdo is the best possible option one can take into account if they want to showcase the laid back portion of their personality. The look is usually achieved by making two sections and dividing them down the middle.

The dreads are then merged to form coils, either through the use of finger tips or equipment such as spiral hair ties and rods.

While the process of achieving this hair will definitely  be time-consuming and painful, it is definitely a hairdo that most people will be able to experiment with and incorporate for longer periods of time.

Moreover, even though you can easily use the colors that Ja Morant picked for his coils, you can also pick other vibrant colors that you feel go well with your personality and traits.

Middle part duo tone dreads

Middle Part Duo Tone Dreads

Similarly to the previous entry on this list, this look involves a middle part with a twist, literally! The already formed coils are twisted and merged even further to give Ja’s hair more volume, definition, and texture.

Although you can use equipment to form the coils, you will definitely achieve the best results through the assistance of a professional hairdresser.

Make sure to ask your stylist for a slight trim around the edges of your hair to accurately represent the short length up front followed by a lengthier strands at the back.

Moreover, to create the framing fringes near the front, avoid using styling tools and equipment. Unlock a more natural appearance by twisting the dreads with your fingers instead!

Dread Bun

Dread Bun

The dread bun has been around for ages, and it’s a look that is regularly sported by athletes around the world. This is due to how manageable it is to wear. Ja Morant started wrapping his dreads in a bun sometime during this season, and the hair hasn’t changed since. Perhaps it’s advantageous for him since it doesn’t hamper his style of play or form by staying in place.

Apart from how convenient it may be, it is also a stress-free hairdo for his lengthy dreads. Not only do they stay in place, but they also don’t become strained when they’re worn this way for too long.

All in all, whether you play basketball or not, you can definitely incorporate this look to amp up your style. It will definitely improve your social life as well, since it’s a look that isn’t worn by many to this day and contains an ample amount of neatness.

Frequently Asked Questions

With every tricky hairstyle comes a new set of questions. While Ja Morant’s hairstyle can be directly mirrored by those with 4b type curly hair, one can also recreate the look through the help of the right hairdresser and stylist.

However, since we can’t directly help you with carrying the previous process out, mentioned below are some queries we have addressed regarding Ja Morant’s hairstyle that we surely feel will come in handy when you reach out to the right hairstylist.

Question: Why is Ja Morant’s hair so bouncy? 

Answer: Free form locs, also known as dreads, are usually achieved organically without the assistance of any hair product, styling tools, or simple equipment. They tend to be resilient and immensely voluminous only when the wearer lets their hair grow in their own way, on their own terms.

Question: How long did it take for Ja Morant to grow freeform locs? 

While the amount of time it took for Ja Morant to grow out his locks still remains unknown, on an average, those with thick afro hair can create freeform locs in the span of 5 weeks at most. The tighter your curls are, the easier it will be for them to adapt to freeform locs.

Question: Will my hair strands become weak if I wear dreads? 

While dreadlocks look stressful for the hair from afar and require the wearer to go through a painful process before achieving them, dreadlocks actually help the hair with becoming more resilient. Most people who have worn dreads in the past have said that wearing dreadlocks only made their hair more healthy appearance wise as well as made them more voluminous. Wearing dreads also allowed them to embrace the natural texture of their hair and made it easier for them to manage their hair growth.

Final Verdict

All in all, even though Ja Morant’s hairstyle can be extremely tricky to mirror accurately, with the right amount of time, the right set of products, and a reliable assistant, anyone can create their own version of the hair. Since most of the variations exclude the use of products, try to leave your hair be. Not only will it look healthy, but the cuticles will also become more resilient against damage and dryness.

The texture will also feel lighter and look playful. Also, to give it your own twist, pick your own set of colors when recreating the top knot dreads. Avoid choosing neutral colors to add to the playfulness of the hairstyle.

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