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14 Stunning Jake Gyllenhaal Haircuts You Can’t Miss Out in 2023

Jake Gyllenhaal has always had an endearing fashion sense and appearance. There is actually quite a buzz around his hairstyles as well, and his fans keep a keen eye on what the latest Jake Gyllenhaal haircut is.

It is not surprising at all, as he has had some dashing styles over the years. One reason Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles receive so much attention is because he offers styles that can be adopted by anyone.

He usually does not go for styles which are too edgy or extravagant, but they are not bland in any way. They just have that perfect amount of pizzazz which draws everyone’s attention to his hairstyle, but also which are suitable for almost any occasion.

We have gone through all his hairstyles, and we want to present you with the best of the best in this article, and also answer some of the questions that are frequently asked about his hair.

14 Most Amazing Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles in 2023

Jake Gyllenhaal has changed his hairstyle many times and in many ways throughout his career. We have made a list with 14 of his most striking styles. Go through this list and you’ll surely find something that will win your heart.

Comb Over with Side Part

Comb Over With Side Part

Let’s begin with the most recognizable Jake Gyllenhaal haircut. He has had this style for the longest amount of time. Especially since he has started keeping a lovely beard, this has become his go-to hairstyle.

It’s actually a really simple style, but it does wonders for Mr. Gyllenhaal. If you have mid-length hair, and some facial hair, you can also adopt this style.

All you have to do is create a side partition. Then, just comb your hair to the opposite side. Jake gives his hair a bit of height as well, and you might do it as well if you want to follow him precisely.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

Jake Gyllenhaal has not tried out this style in recent years. Still, we would argue that it remains one of his strongest looks, and we would recommend it to you as well.

As the name suggests, you have to brush up your hair for this style. However, you would need some length to really rock this style, as it looks best with longer hair. Also, this style works with or without facial hair, which is another plus point.

Remember that your hair does not need to be as sharp as a spiky style. Just making sure that they are facing upwards would be enough. You might need a hair product for that.

High Fade with Short Hair

High Fade With Short Hair

When you go through this list, you would see that a fade is almost never a part of the Jake Gyllenhaal haircut. That is actually quite surprising because fades are extremely popular among contemporary men.

Whenever Jake has gone for a fade, he has done it with short hair. He chooses the high fade, which means the ‘fading’ begins way above your ears.

Gyllenhaal never goes skin deep. It further proves that he is a fan of keeping some hair on the sides. He does not prefer exposing his skin, and that’s why does not go for a skin fade. You however are free to choose any fade that you want.

Long Straight Middle-Part

Long Straight Middle Part

This is the first style in this list which Jake has not adopted as a personal style, but rather for a movie he was doing. For the Prince of Persia movie, he kept shoulder-length hair.

Not every man can successfully carry this length, but it looks absolutely amazing on Jake Gyllenhaal. He does a simple middle partition and lets his long hair fall on his shoulders from both sides.

Also, the middle partition does not go all the way through and stops just at the starting point of the top area. Jake kept a bit of facial hair as well in the movie. You can read this article to find out what he had to say about this hairstyle.

Quiff Style

Quiff Style

This is one of the most charming Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles. We are actually surprised that he does not go for this style more often. Our words might not reach him, but we want to make sure that at least you are not missing out on this style.

A quiff is where your hair is somewhere between short and mid-length, and the front is made to face upwards. The difference with brush up style is that you don’t need to brush up all your hair, just the front part.

Jake also does something different, which is that his quiff goes a bit sideways. That makes this style even more attractive.

Messy Long Hair with Beard

Messy Long Hair With Beard

Let us be honest with you. Before looking at Jake Gyllenhaal, we did not realize that this style could rock so hard. He just absolutely owns this look.

The long messy hair flowing anywhere and everywhere, the thick beard, the laid back and chill vibe of it all, we just absolutely adore everything about this hairstyle. We would say this is Gyllenhaal on top of his game.

For this style, you obviously need to grow your hair and beard long. Then it actually depends on how you want to create that messy look. You can do it naturally with your fingers, or you can take the help of a hair product.

Undercut with Taper

Undercut With Taper

You can look at all the Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles, and you won’t find a haircut as intense as this one. He almost looks intimidating with this style. If you are a fan of sharp and stern looks, then you can definitely go for this style.

He had this hairstyle for the movie Prisoners. Like a usual undercut style, Jake has longer hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides. Men usually add a fade to this style.

But, it seems like even Jake’s characters are not fans of fades. He rather has a taper. It basically means your hair is shortened on the sides, without revealing any skin.

Burr Cut

Burr Cut

This is the shortest Jake Gyllenhaal haircut. It’s in fact as short as a haircut can get. This is actually a military inspired haircut. It is also known as ‘induction cut’, because your hair is cut in this way when you first join the army. It is often called ‘brush cut’ as well.

Jake appeared with his style in the movie Jarhead. He plays a U.S. Marine in the film, and that’s why he has this haircut.

Your hair length has to be around 0.5 inches for this style. You need to have the same length all around your head. It is an easy style to get at home, and you can just use a trimmer to do it.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut

A butch cut is basically a burr cut with more length. It looks like you had a burr cut, then your hair grew, and then you ended up with this style.

However, this is a more popular style because you have more length, and it is more appropriate for all occasions. Similar to a burr cut, all your hair needs to have the same length for this one.

Jake had a similar style in the movie Southpaw. He has adopted it as his personal style as well. With some facial hair, this can actually be quite a strong look.

Slick Back Hair

Slick Back Hair

Now, it is time to look at the classiest Jake Gyllenhaal haircut. We are talking about the ever-dependable, ever-elegant, slick back style.

Are you going to a formal party, and looking for a sophisticated hairstyle? Or, maybe you are going to a professional meeting, but you want a style with some zing. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a style that fits any occasion, which is also easy to attain.

If you’re in any of the above situations, just choose the classic slick back style without any hesitation. Just neatly brush back all your hair. This is one style that would never let you down.

Man Bun

Man Bun

Is it just us, or does it feel like every male celebrity has gone for the man bun at least once in recent years?  But, Jake Gyllenhaal makes a man bun look sexy, which is a really hard thing to pull off.

You will need long hair for this style. You just have to brush back all your front and top hair and tie them with a band on the upper crown area.

That is the basic difference with a top knot, where you tie your hair right at the top. As the man buns are really trendy right now, you can also give it a go.

Mid-Length Wavy Hair

Mid Length Wavy Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair has some natural waves. It is more visible when he has longer hair. Sometimes, he straightens his hair to go for a comb over or a slick back style.

Other times, he just lets his beautiful waves do what they do best, which is to make him look dreamy and gorgeous. By working together with his beard, his wavy hair creates something truly captivating.

So, this style is for all of you with wavy hair. Just let your hair grow out, and set your waves free. A bit of facial hair wouldn’t hurt as well.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

This is the coolest available hairstyle for those who prefer shorter styles. You can have maximum impact with your short hair by opting for a crew cut.

A crew cut is the longer version of a buzz cut. Your hair will be the longest on the front and top, but still quite short. Your hair will be even shorter on the sides and the back.

This will create a contrast, and give your short front hair some character. You can spike up your front down, or brush it down. Style as you want.

Spiky Top

Spiky Top

We’re ending the list with a blast from the past. In recent years, Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles have mostly been with longer hair.

However, he tried spiking out his shorter hair a few years back, and it turned out to be a lovely hairstyle. He just makes his front and top hair spiky, with the front hair being the sharpest.

As we have seen with most of the styles, he leaves the sides and the back as they are. Then again, it seems to work for him, and why mend something that is not broken?

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already discussed the best Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles. But, people have tons of other questions regarding his styles. So, we will answer some of them in this section.

What kind of haircut does Jake Gyllenhaal have?

As you have seen in our list, Gyllenhaal has had several hairstyles over the years. He has changed his style for his movies, and also for personal stylistic statements. From the crew cut to long wavy hair, and from a quiff to a man bun, he has tried out lots of styles. Currently, he has long hair and he usually goes for a side-parted or swept back style.

How to ask for a Jake Gyllenhaal haircut?

Firstly, you need to figure out which one of his hairstyles you want to get. Then, you need to properly tell your barber what exactly you are looking for. The barber might not be as aware of his hairstyles as you are. So, it is best to carry a picture on your phone to avoid any sort of confusion.

How do I style my hair like Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners?

You can check out the ‘Undercut with Taper’ style from our list because that is the Jake Gyllenhaal haircut in the movie Prisoners. If you are still a bit confused, you can watch this video to clearly understand how to get this style.


After reading this article, you are basically an expert on Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles. We hope that from all the styles we have discussed, you have found one that you want to try out immediately.

The great part is that it doesn’t matter whether you have short, mid-length or long hair. There is something for everyone in our list.

Also, you do not have to strictly follow any particular style. You can always put your own twists on any style to come up with something new.

Our final suggestion would be to not neglect the care and maintenance your hair needs. Because, without regularly washing, cleaning, and moisturizing your hair, you would be harming your hair no matter which style you are carrying.

After all that has been said, we just want to wish you all the best for rocking your next Jake Gyllenhaal inspired hairstyle.

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