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Timeless Jack Harlow Haircut Ideas To Explore In 2022

When it comes to having a drastic transformation, Jack Harlow’s one can’t be dismissed. The past two years have been rather monumental for the American wordsmith. Apart from dropping multiple unforgettable tracks and receiving various individual accolades, the rapper has garnered a massive fanbase due to the skills he possesses with the mic, as well as the aura of confidence that he carries himself with.

The Kentucky born rapper rose to stardom due to his playful wordplay, lyrical abilities and for his unique presence. Indeed, in this day and age, one can’t deny the influence of his craft. And while there are loads of content on the web that show appreciation for all that Jack Harlow has done for fans through his music, a distinct feature of his rarely gets any coverage; Jack Harlow’s Curly Haircut.

When Jack’s haircut is the main subject, it’s suffice to say that the growth of the texture was directly proportional to his music, which means that it too had a glow up. Don’t believe us? Be our guest!

In this article, not only will we uncover all the haircuts that Mr. Harlow has worn over the past few years, but also provide every compulsory material that one needs to recreate them. We will also answer each and every query regarding Jack Harlow’s signature look, often known as “The Jack Harlow Haircut”, which will be placed in the second half of this write-up.

All Of Jack Harlow’s Curly Haircuts Explained in One Guide

Jack Harlow’s music may be for everyone, however, the necessary requirements of his hair can’t be met by many. The curly bangs are only suitable for those with, well, curly locs. On the bright side, however, the texture of his hair is so bouncy yet fine, that anyone possessing type 1 curls to type 4a curls can recreate his haircut.

Although the singer hasn’t made drastic changes to the appearance of his hair, the curly bangs he rocks at the moment took quite some time for the rapper to become comfortable with. Prior to that, moreover, the singer experimented with loads of curly hairstyles that anyone at home can try out. So, without further ado, here are all the haircuts of Jack Harlow that one should definitely introduce if they’re seeking ways to improve their hair game!

Medium Length Curls With Side Part

Medium Length Curls With Side Part

Growing your hair is a challenging task to carry out, especially if you’re a curlyhead. Since the amount of awkward hair days one has to go through when growing their hair out is plentiful, finding a look that is easy to style and maintain could be tough. Worry no more, however, as this look is just what you need!

Featuring the visuals of a curly top with a subtle side part, this look is excellent in terms of presentability, and very convenient to watch over. The side part brings to the table a neater appearance for the curly ends, and can tone down the chubbiness of one’s cheeks.

To create this look, nothing, not even a comb is necessary. You can easily create the separation of this look through the implementation of your finger tips. To keep it in place for longer periods of time, you can use hair wax, or take a dime sized amount of hair custard and run it through your hair.

The Eboy Curls

The Eboy Curls

Young Harleezy even gave in to the eBoy trend by parting his hair down the middle, which brought to the table successful results.

The curtains allowed the face to look more defined, and trimmed. The messy nature of it also gave each curl the definition it needed to look healthy, which is often hard to find in uneven hairdos.

This curly eBoy hairstyle doesn’t even require much effort to recreate, which could be beneficial to those that are working around a tight schedule. All one has to do is use the scrunching method and use a diffuser to create the lifted shape.

Loose Curly Quiff

Loose Curly Quiff

Jack Harlow also dropped his signature curly top for this variant that involves a quiff with a somewhat messy pattern. The lengthy yet messy sides tend to give the face a flattening effect with its playful and defined texture, which can be a positive for those with a round shaped face.

Additionally, while this look is product free, the hold of it could be tough to get a grip on at times. However, this trait can easily be managed by spraying some hairspray or hair mousse around the ends.

Curly Caesar With Tight Fringes

Curly Caesar With Tight Fringes

After rising to prominence, Jack Harlow finally ditched his uneven and loose curls and incorporated this hairdo into his routine, which is relatively short in contrast to the other options that make up this list.

This curly hairstyle is also probably the best variation in terms of appearance and texture. The curls when combined with the caesar cut tend to shrink in terms of size, but also offer maximum definition. It is also a good look for those that are seeking a remedy to beat the unbearable heat of summer as well as an option that will encourage them to experiment with their wardrobe.

The definition of this look is usually sealed with the use of hair custard, but the strands can also be enhanced with hair wax, hair mousse, and can even be pre-styled with the combination of a diffuser and leave-in conditioner.

Dilute Medium Length Curls

Dilute Medium Length Curls

The reason that Jack Harlow’s hair has so much definition could be due to his habit of going product free on most occasions, which is why this option looks so fantastic!

Featuring medium length curls that are on the looser side, this look tends to cater to those that aren’t necessarily too bothered about their hair. It also comes with a lenient routine for maintenance, as it only requires the wearer to condition their hair on a day to day basis.

Taking into consideration the freeness of this option, this look might not be suitable for use on occasions. However, the visuals in addition to the relaxed aura the curls contain surely stand out during casual gatherings.

Long Curls With Natural Locs

Long Curls With Natural Locs

Curls always look best when they’re grown out and embraced by the individual; a fact that Jack Harlow isn’t unfamiliar with. In fact, he expressed his love for that movement a few months ago, when he started growing his hair out.

To mimic this look, one must have to give their hair at least 6 months to grow out. While we’re unaware of the accurate length it contains, growing the strands until they’re 7-8 inches long on every side will be more than sufficient for creating this look.

Additionally, since the main feature of this variant is its length and definition, make sure to take care of your hair by using tools that will only benefit the strands. You can even ensure this requirement by incorporating a solid hair care routine. If you’re not sure about what you should purchase and aren’t necessarily aware of the hair care routine you want to follow to bring out the best in your curls, make sure to check out the next segment to relieve your queries.

Making Your Curls As Magnificent As Jack Harlow’s: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

It seems as though the texture of Jack Harlow’s hair is just improving with each day. When you take a look at photos from 2017 and compare them with that of 2022, you’ll notice how the musician’s hair is much more impressive in terms of appearance and more healthy than ever.

While his roots and genes definitely contributed to the success of his hair journey, we believe that the main component that ensured his bouncy locs to enhance over time is his hair care routine, which has everything to do with patience and a lot to do with the the products involved.

Even though we’re not sure of the supplements and the accurate products that Jack has incorporated into his hair care routine so far to strengthen his hair evolution, we have come up with a series of easy instructions containing a list of items that one could use to mimic the unbeatable texture and haircut of Jack Harlow, which you will find right below this segment.

Condition rigurously!

Conditioning hair can be a hassle on most occasions. However, if you have curly hair, then boy are you in for a treat!

Apart from providing each cuticle with moisture, conditioning curly hair tends to result in curlier locs. All one has to do is condition their hair before, during, and after every wash. While the progress won’t be apparent overnight, the glow up of your curls will surely be apparent 10 weeks after you start this technique, especially if you incorporate the scrunching technique with it!

To make things a little less hectic, you can even purchase a leave-in conditioner. In contrast to a conditioner, a leave-in conditioner is extremely light and tends to protect as well as moisturize each cuticle without weighing it down.

 Use The Scrunching Technique When Drying Your Hair

Jack Harlow Hair Scrunching Technique

The scrunching technique can also be a great way to enhance your curls. All you have to do is take clumps of hair when it’s damp and dry them by squeezing the strands together. Apart from looking completely different and more defined, the scrunching technique is often a more helpful way of drying curly hair, especially when going head to head against the blow drying technique.

Ditch Your Comb Permanently

While it’s essential to comb your hair to get rid of split ends and to increase blood circulation, following the same routine when growing out your curls won’t necessarily bring to the table beneficial results. In fact, as your hair grows in terms of length, it’s often better to comb as little as possible. Doing so will not just decrease the amount of damage induced by the hair when combing, but will also allow the natural texture of your curls to shine.

On another note, since bad hair days will be frequent during the journey, make things a little more manageable by using accessories like spiral hair bands. Additionally, for a more voluminous look, you can even tie your hair up in a bun.

Shampoo Only When Needed

Shampooing on the regular might clear up your scalp, but won’t help you with creating the same curls that the Jack Harlow haircut contains. As a matter of fact, since most shampoos tend to absorb natural moisture that is present on one’s scalp and the strands, chances are that your hair will deteriorate in texture.

Resolving that issue is quite easy, fortunately. Just make sure you shampoo twice every week, and conclude your shower by letting cool water run through the ends of your curls.

Get Rid of Dead Ends

To successfully mirror the haircut of Jack Harlow, you might have to invest in your hair, literally! Since having healthy curls is the main selling point of this look, one can meet that criteria consistently as long as they visit their hairdresser to trim off the edges. Chopping up the edges will get rid of split ends, which is the usually primary contributor to unhealthy looking hair.

Use A Diffuser

Even though using a blow dryer is simply efficient when drying hair, a drawback of that styling tool is its habit to ruin the natural texture of one’s hair due to the excessive heat it provides. To get rid of that, using a diffuser will be sufficient.

As opposed to a blow dryer, a diffuser has the ability to provide ample amounts of air without drying out the cuticles. In addition to allowing one’s hair to retain moisture, a diffuser also enhances one’s natural curls, which can work wonders for avid Jack Harlow fans.


Jack Harlow’s talent and the love he has for his craft can’t be mimicked, but the definition of his hair, and his signature look, The Jack Harlow Haircut, can be created as long as one improves their hair care routine. In addition to working on your hair care routine, we believe it is important that you give your curls at least 12 weeks before seeing apparent results.

On the other hand, if all else fails, you can always resort to getting a perm, which involves the use of spiral rods to create effortless, playful curls; two key features that make The Jack Harlow Haircut as desirable as it is today.

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