Jake Paul Haircut: 10 Most Exciting Hairstyles of this Sensational Celebrity

Just like Jake Paul’s career, the Jake Paul haircut has seen some ups and downs over the years. What we mean by that is not all of his hairstyles, just like his actions, were loved or appreciated by his fans.

It is understandable because he has had some styles that were way too eccentric or ‘out there’ to attract people. However, do not let those styles make you overlook some of the really exciting hairstyles that Jake Paul has had throughout his career.

He actually has quite a few striking styles, especially for men with short curly hair and blonde hair. In this article, we would like to focus on these attractive styles that deserve your consideration.

These are some unique hairstyles and you can definitely try them out at least once. So, stay with this article to find out about those styles.

10 Jake Paul Haircut Ideas That Will Inspire You to Try Them

After going through each and every Jake Paul haircut, we have handpicked the most amazing ones for you. These ten hairstyles are the best that Jake has to offer. Read through the list and see which ones attract you.

Tousled Curly Top

Tousled Curly Top

We are starting with the most recent Jake Paul haircut. Ever since he has become a professional boxer, this has been more or less his constant hairstyle. With that thick beard of his, this style gives him a really intense look.

We would highly recommend this style to all men whose hair type is from 2B to 3A. To get this style you would need mid-length hair on your front and top.

You have to then add a high fade and make it skin deep. The almost shaved sides and back will bring more focus to your curly hair on top. For his curly top, Jake just goes for a messy and unkempt look.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

Let’s now go back a few years and take a look at one of the Jake Paul haircuts from his YouTuber days. You might have already guessed how to get this style just from the title.

Yes, you just need to brush up your hair. Your hair on the front and top should be facing upwards. Use a hair product to make sure that it stays up.

As Jake has curly hair, he has a huge advantage. If you also have wavy or curly hair, you will have a brush up style that looks way more textured than the usual one. So, do not miss out on this style if you are one of those lucky men.

Side-Parted Platinum Hair

Side Parted Platinum Hair

Remember the time when Jake Paul dyed his hair platinum blonde? He actually pulled off that color really well and looked extremely attractive with it.

If you also want to dye your hair and are looking for a cool color, this would be our suggestion. Almost any hairstyle would look stunning with it. As for this particular style, you have to create a side partition.

Then, sweep your front and top hair in the opposite direction. Finally, tousle up the hair on the side of the partition to complete this look. This little tweak elevates it from being a simple side part style.

High Taper

High Taper

It is pretty common to find a mid fade or a high fade in a Jake Paul haircut. But, he has tried out the taper a few times as well. Check out this article if you are not aware of the differences between a fade and a taper.

The philosophy is the same and you would shorten the sides. The basic difference is that you do not shorten too much and you do not reveal any skin like a fade.

This is a more sophisticated choice. Also, you would still have the shortened sides which will draw more attention to whatever you’re doing with your front and top hair.

Blow Out Style

Blow Out Style

Let’s look at another hairstyle that Jake had tried out when he had platinum-colored hair. This is a fun and quirky Jake Paul haircut that he doesn’t take too far. He actually looks pretty endearing with this style.

Ideally, your hair should look like that of an electrocuted cartoon character for this style. All of your hair will be facing up.

However, your hair will not be too sharp like a spiky style. Also, it would be difficult to get this look naturally. So, you would probably need to use a good amount of wax or gel to attain this style.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

Jake Paul tried out the faux hawk at the beginning of his YouTube career. He had this style for a short period of time and has not returned to it since then. But, he looked absolutely dashing with it.

A faux hawk is the modern interpretation of the classic Mohawk. Here, you do not have to spike up your hair from the front to the nape. Your hair will only be spiky from the front to the upper crown area.

The hair at the sides and the back will be shortened. This is actually a great modernization of a classic look and is more suitable for contemporary men.

Side Swept Fringe

Side Swept Fringe

This is one of the more recent Jake Paul haircuts. It has actually become one of his go-to hairstyles since he has grown a thick beard.

It is a really easy style to get if you have curly hair. You would need longer hair on the front. Then, you just have to sweep your long curly hair to one side.

Your fringe should come down to your eyebrows on that side. The hair length would be shorter on the sides and the back.

Two-Toned Hair

Two Toned Hair

We now have another great idea for the men who want to dye their hair. You guys can go for a two-toned style. That means your hair will have two different colors which will create a cool contrast.

There are actually two ways of doing it. You can just dye half of your hair. That would create a contrast with your natural hair color.

This is the route that Jake Paul has taken. The other option is coloring all your hair in two different colors. You can opt for that option as well.

Patterned Sides

Patterned Sides

This is a well-known Jake Paul haircut. Patterned sides are really trendy right now. Men are trying out different types of designs on the sides of their heads.

Jake has adopted two different designs. One was just two straight stripes. We prefer the other one where he had a mid fade.

He just created another curved line that follows his ‘fading line’. You can follow his designs precisely or come up with your own pattern or design.

Bandana with Wavy Hair

Bandana With Wavy Hair

The last entry on our list is actually a suggestion for an accessory. There was a time when Jake Paul was rocking a bandana with his wavy hair quite frequently.

It is actually a smart decision. You won’t find an easier way to style your wavy or even curly hair. It’s also a really attractive look.

You just have to tie a bandana on your forehead and make sure your wavy/curly hair is sticking out of it. You can make it more appealing by making a few strands of hair fall on the bandana.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be surprised to find out the huge amount of interest people have in Jake Paul’s hair. There are a lot of questions about his hair that are asked frequently. We will answer a few of them now.

How to ask for the Jake Paul haircut?

You have already learned from this article that there are a few different hairstyles that Jake has had. So, you will first have to decide exactly which Jake Paul haircut you want. Then, you have to properly communicate with your barber or hairstylist to make them understand. It is even better to show them an actual photo because then there will be no confusion.

Is Jake Paul’s hair curly?

Yes, Jake Paul has naturally curly hair. If you want to know about the exact type, we would say his hair type is probably 2C or 3A. The curls are even more visible when he has longer hair. He actually carries his curly hair pretty well and has a few cool ways of styling it.

Is Jake Paul balding?

Some recent pictures of Jake Paul show that he might have a receding hairline. It is only at the front and he still has voluminous hair in the rest of the areas. Some articles like this one also express the same thought.

Final Words

You might be a fan of Jake Paul who is deeply interested in his hairstyles and wants to have the same style as he does. But, we would also like to address those who are not a fan of this polarizing celebrity.

Maybe you do not like Jake or some of the problematic things he has done in his career. However, that should not stop you from taking whatever good this young man has to offer. And, there is no denying the fact that he has some amazing hairstyles to offer.

We hope that after going through the styles on our list you have found one or two which have attracted you towards them. Do not let your personal dislike for a guy make you avoid having an awesome haircut.

Finally, we just want to wish all of you the very best for your next cool hairstyle that will catch everyone’s eyes!

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