Jalen Hurts Dreads

Jalen Hurts Dreads: A Closer Look with 7 Knockout Styles

Jalen Hurts has been a hot prospect in the NFL for years now. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback has shown more qualities beyond his sporting abilities since his arrival. Especially with his hairstyles, Hurts has displayed an impressive sense of fashion many times. And his dreadlocks have been a huge part of this experience.

Jalen emerged as a gem when he started playing college football for the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team. Along with his rapid playing style, his dreadlocks soon started to grab the attention of the followers of football. After quite a while, his dreadlocks got to be known as simply Jalen Hurts Dreads due to their distinct characteristics.

In this article, we will strictly focus on Jalen Hurts Dreads from various angles. We will begin our journey by exploring whether Jalen’s dreads are fake, as many suggest. Then we will show you 7 stunning Jalen Hurts Dreads that are and will stay attractive for years to come. And the FAQ section will have additional information too regarding Jalen Hurts Dreads.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Are Jalen Hurts Dreads Real?

Jalen Hurts’ Dreads have constantly attracted many NFL followers as well as non-NFL people. In fact, hair has been an important part of Jalen Hurts because he likes to express himself through his hairstyles. Before getting Dreads, Jalen had frequently worn short haircuts.

Now, the question of whether Jalen Hurts’ Dreads are real or not comes from the super-perfect appearance of the dreadlocks he used to sport. Those dreads were so neat and clean that many onlookers thought of those locks to be extensions.

However, we would like to ensure that Jalen Hurts’ Dreads have always been real. Before Jalen got into college, he wore short hairstyles like a Buzz Cut, except for a period when he rocked dreadlocks. But when he started playing college football for the Alabama Crimson Tide Football team at the University of Alabama, he dedicated himself to growing dreads yet again and for a longer time now.

But this time, after wearing the dreads for almost two years, Jalen Hurts chopped off his magnificent locks as a result of losing a bet to Josh Jacobs, a Running-Back from Hurts’ former college team. Hurts took a picture of his severed dreads and posted it on Instagram, proving in the process that his dreads have indeed been real.

7 Trailblazing Variations of Jalen Hurts Dreads

Jalen Hurts may have rocked his tremendous dreads for two years as the longest spell, but by the time he was done with the style, he displayed his wonderful taste in hairstyles through his various dreads. Some of his dreads have even become a part of NFL history!

In this part of the article, we are going to discuss 7 sensational dread styles that Jalen Hurts showcased during his dreadlock days. Let’s check them out!

Short Pulled Back

Short Pulled Back

Jalen Hurts donned this variation of dreadlocks when he was still in college. It was during the early period when he was growing his hair for dreads. The hair was relatively shorter at that time to get big, prominent dreads.

Hurts wore his short dreads here in a crown shape. The dreads were pulled towards the back in a rolling manner to create a semi-barrel look. Then those dreads were tied together by using hair bands and mini clips.

Pulled Back Bun

Pulled Back Bun

When Jalen Hurts’ dreads grew long, he flaunted various versions of a specific style depending on his preference. Take this Pulled Back Bun, for example. Jalen maintained the Pulled Back style from his early experience with dreads. But he improved the style by tying the endings of his dreads into a sizable bun!

Sometimes, Jalen opted for knots instead of buns according to whatever occasion he was in. If he was feeling funky, he wore knots for the extra groovy vibe.

Swept Bob

Swept Bob

This dreadlock variation had Jalen Hurts flying with its dazzling presentation. Mr. Hurts showed off this style right after his dreads reached his shoulder length. He was still in college back then, so it was way before joining the NFL. Yet, people got the wind of this style and consequently, Jalen received much praise for his excellent choice of hairstyles.

Jalen Hurts went for a side-swept style bob in this variation. His dreads were already long enough to maintain a balanced sweep. It also produced a Layered Dreads look as a byproduct. Considering everything, Jalen’s Swept Bob does deserve much applause for producing a glorious dreadlock style!

Mega Knot

Mega Knot

Jalen Hurts’ slight obsession with huge Knot dreads began early in his career. Before even getting into college, he grew nice and long dreadlocks. And when those were long enough, he tied them into a big knot on top of his head. The knot worked great with Jalen’s diamond-shaped face.

During this earliest stint of Jalen’s dreadlocks story, he kept wearing large knots till he moved on to other hairstyles. Even today, his knot has a special place in the hearts of Jalen Hurts enthusiasts.

Twisted Dreads

Twisted Dreads

In 2017, Jalen Hurts picked a Twisted Dreads style for his look. It resembled his Swept Bob style but this time, the Twisted Dreads were creating a new history. The hair reached below his shoulder level when he decided to wear this superb style.

Jalen also colored his hair dark brown to try out something new with his hairdo. Needless to say, the combination of that dark brown and the Twisted Dreads was so charming that many of the Jalen fans decided to get the look themselves.

Ombre Knot

Ombre Knot

When we talk about Jalen Hurts’ colorful hair, we cannot help mentioning the time when he dyed his hair in an Ombre Copper. His dreads almost reached the waist level at that time. Jalen decided to get the lower part of his dreads colored in Copper by following the Ombre technique.

Guess what, he did not stop there. He further tied huge knots on top of his head with the Ombre dreadlocks. The contrast between the colors of his dreads was easily visible, and it made him look drop-dead-gorgeous!

Cornrow Dread

Cornrow Dread

Through this style, Jalen Hurts demonstrated many things in one. He combined two styles named Cornrows and Dreadlocks into one Dread variation. Jalen already had excellent dreads for his hair. He only needed to get his dreads braided in Cornrow style.

Jalen Hurts wore this style in recent times. It is also one of the best short hairstyles that he absolutely slayed! It may have taken others to get used to seeing Jalen in a short hairdo, but hands down, we must admit that it was one of his most impressive looks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People often ask various questions regarding Jalen Hurts Dreads. These questions include simple hairstyle-related information to philosophical aspects of Jalen Hurts Dreads. In this section, we will answer some of those frequently asked questions in order to provide you with more authentic information.

Q: Has Jalen Hurts ever mentioned the significance or meaning behind his choice of dreads?

Ans: As of today, Jalen Hurts has never mentioned any significance behind his dreads. He wears his dreads just because he loves those styles.

Q: Do Jalen Hurts’ dreads require any specific hair care routines?

Ans: Jalen Hurts Dreads require straightforward dreadlocks-related hair care routines. It includes washing the dreads with a good shampoo to get rid of all the residue.

Q: Do Jalen Hurts’ dreads require frequent maintenance during the football season?

Ans: Yes. In fact, for any football player, dreadlock styles require extensive maintenance when a season is ongoing.

Q: Does Jalen Hurts style his own dreads?

Ans: As per our understanding, Jalen Hurts does not style his own dreads. He takes services from expert stylists for his dreads.

Q: How do Jalen Hurts’ dreads affect his helmet fit?

Ans: Jalen Hurts always needs to customize his helmet based on the dreadlock style he is wearing at that time.

Q: Does Jalen Hurts tie up his dreads during games?

Ans: Yes, Jalen Hurts keeps his dreads tied up during all the games.

Q: Do Jalen Hurts’ dreads require any specific hair products to keep them looking their best?

Ans: Not really. Any good shampoo and leave-in conditioner is good for Jalen Hurts Dreads.

Q: Are there any superstitions or rituals associated with Jalen Hurts’ dreads?

Ans: So far, Jalen Hurts mentioned no rituals or superstitions associated with his magnificent dreadlock styles.


Jalen Hurts is a significant player in the NFL scene. He is having the best time of his life with his team Philadelphia Eagles. He has graced the NFL arena with his superb presence since he got drafted in NFL 2020.

But Jalen Hurts’ name goes beyond his sports career. His infamous dreadlock styles which are also known as Jalen Hurts Dreads have managed to intrigue so many people. The styles are already legendary enough due to their astonishing looks.

In this article, we began our discussion on Jalen Hurts Dreads with the question of whether his dreads are real. Then we talked about the 7 best Jalen Hurts Dreads that have almost achieved iconic status. Finally, in the FAQs section, we tried to include more information regarding Jalen Hurts and his dreads to complete your Jalen Hurts Dreads journey.

If you want to know something more about Jalen Hurts Dreads, feel free to ask in the comment section. We will get back to you.

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