34 Iconic Jane Fonda Hairstyles To Recreate

Jane Fonda, a renowned American film icon is celebrated for her versatile hairstyle and color ranging from bob cuts to buns, blonde to redhead.

Her legendary sense of fashion has awe-inspired her national and international fans for its voluminous distinct retro vibe making it a staple even among the young generation.

Most of Jane Fonda’s hairstyles are a safe bet that looks timeless and gives a powerful feminine vibe providing a boost of confidence.

Moreover, the iconic political activist’s hairstyles deserve appreciation for providing phenomenal looks from every side.

Hence, in this article, I will introduce you to a long list of Jane Fonda hairdos that includes a brief intro to only the best ones helping you to feel inspired and get one yourself.

Let’s have some beverages and scroll through the styles to find the one that will suit you the most.

34 Hairstyles To Look As Stunning As Jane Fonda

Due to all the hairstyles possessing a unique vibe and a lot of layers, they can be worn by people regardless of their age, face shape, hair type, etc which is an uncommon trait for a celebrity’s hairstyle.

Without further ado, let’s go back in time and get inspiration from one of the best retro fashion icons of all time.

Messy Pigtails

Messy Pigtails

In Jane Fonda’s earlier years, she was seen sporting a type of messy voluminous pigtails that stole the hearts of millions.

I have always been a fan of 90s hairstyles and Jane Fonda’s iconic looks. Hence, trying out this hairstyle was a must for me.

To recreate this look all I did was make long side bangs and created low ponytails. That’s it.

You might not be able to sport it in your workplace, but you can definitely wear it on a fun day out with friends or on a self-date.

This hairstyle sounds pretty easy, right? So why don’t you try this one right now?

Blonde Low Ponytail

Blonde Low Ponytail

Low ponytails are timeless and can instantly level up your whole aura making you appear fabulously polished.

In the case of Jane Fonda’s low ponytail, she sported her blonde hair and as a part of her staple look added a lot of volume on the crown.

The volume on the head makes your hair appear thick and provides a face-framing effect while enhancing your natural features.

I have tried this one for a lot of my clients and each of them rocked this hairstyle in every aesthetic from professional to vintage.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that screams elegant and retro then I suggest you go for this one.

Vintage Rounded Pony

Vintage Rounded Pony

Jane Fonda’s vintage pony is the epitome of a retro look that seems alluring while providing a Lana Del Rey aura, an American singer also famous for her amazing sense of style.

In my opinion, to perfect this hairstyle, you might have to add extensions to your ponytail. This will help you achieve the desired rounded effect.

The vintage pony is perfect for a black tie event and will make sure everyone’s eyes are on you.

I have yet to try this hairstyle out. However, as a devotee of both Jane Fonda and Lana Del Rey, I can assure you that this hairstyle will be on my next to-do list.

Claw Ponytail

Claw Ponytail

The use of claw hair bands has made a comeback and taken the internet by storm thanks to TikTok trends.

Claw hair clips were part of a necessary accessory in the 90s, and Jane Fonda sported her claw ponytail like a diva.

I don’t usually go for this look in formal settings rather sport it in a more casual one as it provides a messy voluminous look.

It’s one of the easiest hairstyles on the list. To create this hairdo, all you gotta do is get your claw clip and tie half your hair up like a loose ponytail.

This specific type of claw ponytail provides a lot of movement and gives a bohemian vibe.

Get in touch with the trend and get your claw clips out now!

Twisted Retro Bun

Twisted Retro Bun

Almost all of the hairstyles done by Jane Fonda have been super iconic. But this specific retro bun made everyone thrilled beyond belief.

I can assure you that if you sport this hairdo, you will be the center of attention in any event you attend. The sleekness and classy extravagance it provides are truly phenomenal.

Moreover, one of my clients told me to sport this hairstyle for her because of its magnificence and because it looked like a perfectly made pretzel.

So create this look today and look like the main character straight out of a classic movie.

High Retro Pony

High Retro Pony

The high retro ponytail is now more famous because of the American singer-songwriter Ariana Grade, but Jane Fonda did it before her.

However, as Jane Fonda has sported more diverse hairstyles, she is more known for her short hairstyles from her later years rather than the mid-length ponytails.

I have lost count of how many times I have sported this look for its low maintenance.

Moreover, If I sport this one and go to my workplace I don’t have to think twice about my hairdo while joining an after-party.

Get this hairdo and be sure to make everyone swoon over your effortless hairstyle everywhere you go.

Retro Wave In Mid-Length Hair

Retro Wave In Mid-Length Hair

No one thought mid-length hair could look so ethereal until Jane Fond sported it looking like a goddess.

The hairstyle looks pretty simple and easily attainable at home but its impact on your whole vibe will make you appear like the cover girl of a 90s magazine.

I have done this look countless times for my clients and every time they left my salon with a happy and gorgeous face.

To recreate this look, I have two tips for you that are, using A LOT of heat protectants and setting spray. These two products will help you achieve this look in no time.

Look like a fashion goddess with retro wavy hair.

Crown-High Pony

Crown-High Pony

Jane Fonda in her crow-high pony looked enchanting ready to bewitch everyone with the waves on her ponytail.

I haven’t done this hairdo in a while but I can tell you how to do this.

All you have to do is create a high ponytail as high as you can preferably on your crown and secure it. Then curl the ends on the opposite of your face and use a setting spray to secure your curls.

That’s all there is to it.

There’s not much to it but it creates a memorable look. So, feel like a 90s pop star with your crown-high pony now!

Fluffy Layers

Fluffy Layers

After coming across the glamorous fluffy layered hairstyle, I felt like I still have a lot to learn as a hairstylist from Jane Fonda.

With the perfect face-framing side bangs and voluminous layers, everything about this hairstyle screams sensational sophistication.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend additional time trying to add volume to your hair every day. This haircut will provide you with enough fluffiness effortlessly.

I haven’t done this hairdo. But I can’t wait to recreate this one.

Thick Chinese Bangs

Thick Chinese Bangs

Thick Chinese bangs hairstyles always had their separate fanbase making everyone feel energetic and youthful.

In the case of Jane Fonda’s Chinese Bangs, the specialty lies in its aesthetic asymmetric part.

You can not fully call it a side bang or a Chinese bang but one side is definitely a bit longer than the other and it surprisingly looks visually pleasing.

In my opinion, the best part about this hairstyle is that you can sport this with any type of hair in any length and look super fab.

Take cues from this charming hairstyle and create one of your own while being a trendsetter.

Back Brushed Bangs

Back Brushed Bangs

If you are looking for a suave hairstyle that will make you appear as a style icon right from the 90s then I strongly recommend you to try out back brushed bangs.

Jane Fonda has sported this hairstyle like a prima donna and you can think that it would be hard to achieve.

However, it is so easy that you don’t even need to see a hairstylist.

If you already have bangs then you don’t need to get one, but if you don’t then I am pretty sure you are capable of cutting one by yourself since we are all experienced with this haircut for our time spent during lockdown.

Now all you have to do is back brush your bangs and your ends. That’s it.

Get a gorgeous chic look and show everyone who’s the real fashion queen with this hairstyle.

Pixie With Side Bangs

Pixie With Side Bangs

Jane Fonda is more celebrated for her short hairstyles and I think her love for this length started after sporting this specific pixie with side bangs.

I have recreated this hairstyle only once and it made my client look like an edgy rockstar.

The key point of this pixie is keeping all the hair side swept so that and maintaining a nice sideburn.

Sideburns are pretty uncommon for women’s haircut so getting this hairdo will make you appear as a rebellious trendsetter.

Moreover, you will gain a sense of self-assurance about your appearance.

Create a sensational pop idol-like hairdo and make everyone nod their head with approval with this hairdo.

Retro Headband

Retro Headband

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to go with your gym outfit or retro aesthetic then I suggest you go for this one.

You might think that having a gym aesthetic and retro aura in one hairstyle is not possible. I mean it sounded crazy to me as well when I thought about it.

However, Jane Fonda has made it possible just by adding a retro headband.

The side-swept hair and wide hair band are enough to make you feel like a queen. Jane Fonda has sported this hairdo with a one-colored headband but you can always wear a more bold patterned one and customize the look.

Moreover, you won’t even need to style the rest of your hair except for maybe brushing it properly.

So be a go-getter and create this look right now.

Vintage Wavy Bob

Vintage Wavy Bob

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will add texture, volume, dimension, and movement to your overall look with a soft and natural aura, then I suggest you opt for a vintage wavy bob that’s similar to Jane Fonda’s.

I have tried this haircut for clients of different ages and everyone looked inexplicably graceful.

Moreover, this hairstyle provides the illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

Not that the mainstream beauty standards matter that much, however, this hairdo will check all the boxes for being the perfect one.

Furthermore, as the current trend is all for short haircuts you can easily sport this one and be trendy with a retro vibe.

Get in touch with the ethereal feeling of vintage aura with your wavy bob.

Back Brushed With Scarf

Back Brushed With Scarf

Are you in search of a hairdo that will protect your hair but want a simpler solution than getting a protective hairstyle?

Then I urge you ardently to get a scarf right this instant and wrap your head around it.

Depending on the scarf pattern you can easily change your aesthetic.

If you want a bold look similar to the one Jane Fonda has worn, then I suggest you go for one colored scarf. But to elevate that boldness I usually back brush my hair and then wrap the scarf.

However, if you want a more cottage-core vibe then you can always opt for a more colorful or flower-patterned scarf.

So style and protect your hair fashionably with a scarf and look like a runway model.

Voluminous Curly Ends

Voluminous Curly Ends

Have you come across something so simple and powerful that has the ability to change your overall look? Jane Fonda’s voluminous curly ends are that exact thing.

It has the perfect subtle elegance that is hard to achieve with most other hairstyles.  And as per its name, all you have to do is curl your ends. That’s it.

This looks even better with additional volume. So adding some extensions is a must to get the perfect look.

When my clients want something natural looking that will turn heads I do this one.

If you haven’t already gotten your extensions then I suggest you buy them today and try out this hairstyle.

Messy And Fluffy Waves

Messy And Fluffy Waves

Messy and fluffy waves have never looked better till Jane Fonda wore it. I mean the volume, the aesthetic, and the visuals it provides just make the whole hairstyle look otherworldly.

Jane Fonda looks like she was born to have all the fluffiness in the world on her hair and looks utterly phenomenal.

Moreover, it provides a lot of movement helping you to get the summer air in your hair.

As I am not that big fan of messy hair I have yet to try this one out. But after seeing how great it looks on Jane Fonda, I am excited to try this out.

Be sensual and alluring with your fluffy waves.

Sleek Low Pony

Sleek Low Pony

Sleek ponytails have been in the trend for a long time. I think it’s time for a little change now.

To be the trendsetter, I recommend Jane Fonda’s version of a low sleek ponytail that has a balanced sophistication and glam.

I mainly sport this hairstyle when I have a party to attend after work or a hangout with friends.

In my opinion, it looks best if you have the same length of hair all over or long side bangs.

It provides the face-framing effect you need in your life to enhance your mood, your outfit, and your everything.

Get your confident spirit out with this hairdo!

Retro Bob

Retro Bob

Nostalgia for past eras doesn’t always work for hairstyles. However, in the case of retro revival, Jane Fonda’s Bob is equivalent to the rebirth of an art masterpiece.

In my experience, I have observed only girls and women in their 20s preferring this hairdo for a cool contemporary extra look.

When asked about their preference, my clients said that they go for this hairstyle as it exudes youthful chicness which is hard to achieve in sophisticated hairstyles.

Almost all types of face shapes look stunning in a retro bob hairstyle as it enhances your best features and makes your jawline look sharper than ever.

Be the classy style icon with your retro bob.

Back Brushed Bob

Back Brushed Bob

Some hairstyles can exude an effortlessly expensive vibe without doing anything.

Jane Fonda’s version of a back-brushed bob haircut is the perfect example of this type of styling.

I have done a lot of versions of bob hairstyles, however, I have yet to try out this simple yet exquisite Jane Fonda’s version of a back brushed bob.

But you can easily sport this one. All you have to possess is a bob cut and a headband.

This is a great hairdo for the ones who don’t want to spend more than a minute styling their hair.

So, back-brush your bob today and look like a timeless diva.

Bangs And Curls

Bangs And Curls

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will perfectly portray your playful and young spirit then I suggest you go for Jane Fonda’s version of bangs and curls.

I sported this look for the first time when I went to prom and the rest is history.

The number of compliments I got just from doing this simple hairstyle was beyond belief and the reason why I became a hairstylist myself.

Hence, whenever I sport this one, it only brings back good memories and makes me feel good about myself.

Look cheerful and approachable with this alluring hairstyle.

Messy Buns

Messy Buns

Messy buns have been part of the trend for a while now and all kinds of people from Instagram influencers to celebs, almost everyone has been spotted doing their version of messy buns.

But no one can match the energy of the messy buns of Jane Fonda.

The perfect casual vibe and the high-spirited look are perfect for women of all ages. Even some males have been spotted wearing this one with confidence.

And I can tell you that every one of them looked gorgeous in the way.

I have explicitly done Jane Fonda’s version with my messy bangs and buns and no matter how messy I looked I got compliments.

Wear your best cottage core outfit and bedazzle everyone.

Finger Waves In Bob

Finger Waves In Bob

Ever since I came across finger waves I have been a die-hard fan. Everything about this hairstyle looks irresistibly bewitching.

Jane Fonda’s version of bangs in finger waves sported with a bob haircut looks like the epitome of a visually pleasing retro hairstyle.

I sported this style for a lot of my clients and everyone became a regular in my salon.

This hairstyle alone will help you make a fashion statement and I can guarantee that wherever you might visit you would be memorable and people would not be able to stop talking about your hairdo.

Be the vintage goddess and make everyone look at you only with admiration with this hairstyle.

Mid-Length Layers

Mid-Length Layers

If you are looking for something a bit fresh with enough movement and texture then I recommend you cut your mid-length hair in Jane Fonda’s type of layer.

This type of layer looks best if you have wavy hair but if you don’t you can always create some or sport it in your straight hair and personalize it.

This one is a bit difficult to achieve at home no matter how much experience you got during lockdown.

So make sure to consult your trusted stylist and get their opinion before chopping your hair off.

Mid-length layers are perfect for a summer makeover. So get this hairdo and slay the heat with fantastic styling.

Honey Blonde Bob

Honey Blonde Bob

If you are in search of a hair color that will soften your facial features while complementing your skin tone then as a safe bet I would recommend you to dye your hair in honey blonde and make it bob.

With this Jane Fonda’s honey blonde bob, you can join any high-end party without taking not more than 15 mins after your hairstyling.

Moreover, in my experience, whenever I did this for my clients they looked strong and intimidating.

So you can rock your villain era with a honey-blonde bob and feel the boost of confidence in your veins with this hairstyle.

Puffed-Up Half-Updo

Puffed-Up half-Updo

Jane Fonda’s puffed-up half-updo keeps making a comeback now and then. I first noticed it when it became popular in 2013 and everyone around me was wearing their hair up high.

Then after a while this trend died down and girls only sported when they wanted to wear something vintage.

However, after almost a decade, this hairstyle has woken up from the dead successfully and the nostalgic feel looks charming in my opinion.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is a bit youthful then I suggest you avoid this one. Because in my opinion, this hairstyle makes the wearer look a bit mature and sensational.

Get your hair puffed up and sport this updo to inspire everyone with your sense of fashion.

Red-Headed Bob

Red-Headed Bob

I have always adored red hair color as the color itself gives me a sense of empowerment. And Jane Fonda mixed the best of both worlds and had a red-colored bob.

Her bob haircut had the perfect amount of layers like the modern pixie and can look drop-dead-gorgeous regardless of your age.

This hairstyle just proves why every time Jane Fonda sports a new hairstyle it becomes the talk of the town.

With this simple go-to style, you will be able to just roll out of your bed and attend any party or hangout and it will look stunning.

Be the prettiest redhead to ever exist with a hairstyle!

Ice-Blonde Bob

Ice-Blonde Bob

Most of us will think that ice-blonde hair will make you look old, well I agree with this statement in a way. Because the hair color will give you a more mature look rather than a funky one.

However, I have to admit whenever I see someone sporting their natural ice-blonde color with confidence or dyeing their hair in this specific color I feel nothing but respect.

Because not everyone has the confidence to pull off this look.

So if you are looking for an intimidating and unique look then I would suggest you go for Jane Fonda’s version of it.

Be the ice queen and enter your villain era with this hairstyle.

Buns With Side Bangs

Buns With Side Bangs

Buns with side bangs is one of the hairstyles that exude elegance no matter which era you are living in.

I have lost count of how many times I have had to sport this hairdo for me, my clients, and even my family members.

Whenever I am confused about which hairstyle I should go for while attending a big event or someone’s wedding I always go For this one.

I have loved this look ever since I saw Jane Fonda wear it and I can not stop myself from recreating this hairstyle.

Get ready to be under the spotlight with your buns and bangs hairstyle.

Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are now part of the trend. People of all genders have currently been spotted recreating this hairstyle because of its popularity in various social media including TikTok.

Jane Fonda sported this hairdo and made her fans inspired by her looks before social media made it famous.

The way she wears it only enhances her mesmerizing ravishing aura. Every time I come across this look of hers I can not stop myself from admiring her.

In my experience, this hairstyle looks best in blonde like how Jane Fonda sported it. However, you can always dye it in your favorite color.

Chop everyone’s weird fashion sense and show who’s the boss with your choppy layers.

Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers

Jane Fonda’s face-framing layers are more like the stylized version of today’s popular butterfly cut but in mid-length hair.

I haven’t sported this one yet, however, I can not tell you how excited I was when I first saw this one on the internet.

This hairstyle has my favorite features with layers and subtle waves all in mid-length hair. I rarely have long hair and mostly prefer my hair in mid-length.

So this is the perfect haircut for me.

But I think this face-framing layer would look good on people with thick luscious long hair as well.

Because the layers will help you manage the additional weight of the hair while enhancing your best facial features.

Embrace your natural features and look like a goddess with this hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde Wavy Bob

Platinum Blonde Wavy Bob

If you are bold and experimental and looking for a hairstyle that matches your personality then I urge you to go for Jane Fonda’s version of platinum blonde wavy bob.

Getting a platinum blonde will need an extra dose of confidence but the result will be undoubtedly stunning.

Moreover, it creates a blank canvas where you can add any color you want whenever and wherever making it easy for you to change up your look in just a few hours.

I have done this hair color only once in my life and I think I was the happiest with this color in my hair. It just instantly removed all my insecurities and made me feel pretty.

Celebrate your hairstyle in platinum blonde and captivate the hearts of thousands.

Pixie-Layered Bob

Pixie-Layered Bob

Pixie-layered bob haircut is one of the most magnificent hairstyles of this era. Jane Fonda has been spotted doing this hairstyle a lot of times at various red-carpet events.

So I think this is one of the favorite hairstyles of the celebrity as well.

This one has almost become a mainstream hairstyle due to its popularity among the young generation and super fab low maintenance quality.

If you do decide to sport this one, everyone would be forced to compliment your looks yelling “WOW, What a hairstyle!” because of its stunning appearance.

Get a pixie-layered bob to flare up your aesthetic today!

Back Brushed Elegant Bob

Back Brushed Elegant Bob

Back brushed elegant bob sported by Jane Fonda looks like something straight out of the cover of a magazine.

I would suggest this hairstyle, especially for the ones who have a pretty hairline and a small forehead. Because it helps elevate your whole look by enhancing these two features.

Sporting this hairstyle will make you feel like the main character in everyone’s life and give you enough confidence to appreciate your looks out loud.

This has enough WOW-factor to make everyone awe-inspired. Moreover, I love how this hairstyle makes her look intimidating and powerful yet approachable.

Jazz up every outfit in your collection by getting a back-brushed Jane Fonda elegant bob.


In this section, I have gathered a couple of frequently asked questions and answered them to help you decide on your favorite Jane Fonda hairstyle.

Q: Does Jane Fonda have thick hair?

Ans: Yes, Jane Fonda does have thick hair that provides textured layers and a volume boost. Her fashion statement relies on her versatile shaggy hairstyles that look messy yet defined. Most of her hairstyles have a perfect balance of textured elegance that provides a harmonious look.

Q: What is Jane Fonda’s natural hair color?

Ans: Jane Fonda is known for her natural blonde hair which has been part of her identity for decades. From her early years, she has been spotted in beautiful shades of blonde, and currently even at the age of 85 she has luscious platinum blonde hair.

Concluding Thoughts

Jane Fonda is known for rocking hairstyles in every length, especially from mid-lengths to extra small pixie hair even in her later years. And now that you have reached the end of the article, you are now better acquainted with her hairstyles and recreate a similar vibe by personalizing any other hairdo.

If you feel you want to look more in touch with the short hair trend then you can get one of the layered bob cuts, but if you want to be a vintage queen then I will urge you to go for mid-length wavy hairdos.

No matter which one you choose, I can guarantee one thing: you can sport one of these styles from the recommended styles and look fantastic in any setting rocking any aesthetic from edgy to formal or cottage core.

So which one are you getting? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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