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8 Stunning Jeff Wittek Haircuts That Are Great For Everyday Use

When the YouTube sensation isn’t garnering attention for his top-notch quality humor and memorable documentary-esque videos, Jeff Wittek receives an overwhelming amount of praise for his incredible haircut. The modern mullet, commonly dubbed as the Jeff Wittek haircut, will be the main topic of this article.

Amongst this article, one will not only find everything and anything regarding the infamous hairstyle of Jeff Wittek, but also get a brief of all the hairstyles he’s pulled off prior to the incredibly chic mullet he wears today. A segment containing a simple tutorial will also be mentioned along with a list of resolved queries on the web in hopes of enhancing the knowledge of our readers regarding Jeff Wittek’s hairdo.

Join us as we reveal how and why one needs to create this timeless hairstyle.

Why Jeff Wittek’s Haircuts Are So Popular

Versatile Jeff Witteks Haircuts Are So Popular

Apart from the perfect texture it contains, the modern mullet that the YouTube sensation currently wears isn’t just for the remarkable appearance it has, but also because of the versatility it brings to the table for any and every wearer.

In fact, apart from the fade haircut, which has been a staple amongst the hair industry for quite some time now, the modern mullet is the only hairdo that can enable a person to pull off multiple hairstyles. It can enable one to create a messy textured quiff as well as a polished, voluminous pompadour without bringing any drawback into the mix.

8  Jeff Wittek Hairstyles That Will Sweep Anyone Off Their Feet

Jeff Wittek’s hair was meant for carrying out experiments, and for pulling off voluminous hairdos. His hazel colored hair contains just the right amount of softness and density for making any hairstyle look effortless.

Moreover, due to his marvelous genetics, he rarely tends to use any kind of hair product. While he usually splashes water before changing the outlook of his existing hairdo, Jeff occasionally uses hair matte clay to enhance his hair’s volume and to give the look a firmer hold.

Moving on, over the past few years as a youtuber, Jeff Wittek has showcased some of the best hairstyles that are not only meant for casual settings, but also ideal for memorable occasions. From a side part quiff to a classic slick back, here are all the hairstyles that Jeff Wittek has worn that you too can recreate today!

Messy Mullet with Framing Locs and Taper Fade

Messy Mullet With Framing Locs And Taper Fade

Suitable for casual occasions, a messy mullet with framing locs is an excellent choice for those that want their hair to shape up their face. The framing locs and the volume will definitely give the face a flattening effect.

When wearing this look, make sure you’re dressed in chinos and a relaxed shirt, as it will pair well with the laid back approach of the messy mullet. Finish the look by applying hair clay to give it a natural appearance.

The eBoy Mullet

The EBoy Mullet

Having similarities to the traits of curtain style haircut, this mullet looks the same at the back, but different in the front. It features a subtle m-shape on top, which is a great look if you’re suiting up for a formal event or a gathering with family members.

For best results, create the look when your hair is partially damp. You may use a water based hair paste for enhancing the density, or you can also give it flexibility by using hair clay.

Classic Comb Over with High Blended Fade

Classic Comb Over With High Blended Fade

The classic comb over was worn by Jeff Wittek during his early years on YouTube. The length is slightly above 6 inches on top, and shaved with a 7 guard clipper for the fade. It’s a great option for those that have a knack towards polished hairstyles, as the comb over will always stay in place. For best results, you may create the look with hair clay for texture and finish it with hair spray for a firm hold.

Subtle Elephant Trunk Mullet

Subtle Elephant Trunk Mullet

The elephant trunk was a hit in the 80s due to how perfectly messy it was at the time. When mixed with the mullet, this hairstyle has a more modern effect. It has definition, volume, and looks extremely natural.  One can also give it an ample amount of shine by using a water based pomade on the final look.

Medium Length Side Part Quiff

Medium Length Side Part Quiff

If you’re seeking a hairdo that will bring out the best facial features that you have, you might want to look into this.
Consisting of a side-part combover with tons of volume, this hair will not only offer the wearer a neat look, but also make their cheekbones as well as jawline pop out more than usual. The side part can be created through the use of a blow dryer, or can be styled when hair is damp.

You may use a detangling hairbrush to enhance the volume and make the appearance more healthy.

Careless Curtain Shape Undercut

Careless Curtain Shape Undercut

If your aesthetic caters to fashion trends that were discovered in the 90s, you can definitely consider the visuals of this look and take it into account. It offers a relaxed look with a low-maintenance hair care routine, which can be ideal for those that are working around a tight schedule.

Furthermore, if you want to give this hairstyle your own twist, showcase it with a vibrant color scheme. You can either go for high-spirited colors like platinum blonde and baby pink,  or can go for a two tone color scheme like jet black with blonde highlights.

Glossy Faux Hawk

Glossy Faux Hawk

This faux hawk has the perfect amount of height, texture, and shine. Usually styled with water based pomade, it also offers a ton of hold and flexibility to the wearer. While it will look more apparent when paired with blends, you may also replace the length on the sides with a look that is slightly grown out to look more mature.

Furthermore, to maintain this look, you might need to get a trim at least once every 3 weeks to retain the presentability this look contains.

Matte Sidepart with High Taper Fade

Matte Sidepart With High Taper Fade

If you’re tired of growing your hair out and are seeking a look that will allow you to beat the heat, you can definitely recreate this look. The high taper fade allows one’s distinct facial features to be more apparent, which can give the face a slimming effect. It also gives a ton of density to the hair and offers the complete look a high amount of neatness.

High Faded Faux Hawk

High Faded Faux Hawk

Jeff Wittek Punk Haircut

Jeff Wittek Punk Haircut

Long Layerred Mullet

Long Layerred Mullet

Frequently Asked Questions

While we do believe that the segments mentioned above are more than enough for you to achieve a better understanding, we also feel that addressing certain questions will be just as useful. Therefore, mentioned below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the YouTube sensation’s hairstyle that have been resolved effectively in the most simple manner.

Question: How do you cut the Jeff Wittek mullet? 

Answer: To create Jeff Wittek’s mullet, ask your barber for blends around the temple. Use a one guard if you want to create a disconnection, or a 3 guard for blends.

You should also ask the hairdresser to get rid of the unnecessary amount of length at the back, so that it’s easier to style and has neater visuals.

The hair on top should remain the same, but can also be trimmed by an inch for allowing the hair to look healthy.

Question: What is the color of Jeff Wittek’s hair?  

Answer: Jeff has dark brown hair and his hair type is of the wavy kind. The current hairstyle he wears, which is a mullet, is an exceptional hairstyle for him as it goes hand in hand with the texture of his hair as well as the volume.

Question: Does Jeff Wittek have a barbershop?

Answer: While the YouTuber does specialize in haircutting and has a channel for it, Jeff does not take appointments. His clientele consists of social media influencers and celebrities with whom he shares a special bond. However, Jeff does have a website on which he sells hair products.


Overall, we hope you have not only enjoyed learning more about Jeff Wittek’s haircut, but are also looking forward to recreating one of the many designs. Indeed, the hairstyles he’s worn are not only ideal for special occasions, but can also be worn for everyday use.

Make sure to use hair products if you want your hair to have more flexibility. You may also use hair mousse or hair spray to ensure the hold of the final look.

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