Jennifer Griffin Haircut

Stylish Jennifer Griffin Haircut to Look Fabulous in Your Fifties!

Years after years, women have marked their excellence in the fields of politics, journalism, and peace. The spaces once exclusively permissible to men have now seen the humongous contributions of women, and the scopes keep getting bigger with every passing day.

Many women have showcased their brilliance when it comes to journalism, and one such name is Jennifer Griffin. Working as national security correspondent at the Pentagon for Fox News, Griffin is known for her courageous journalistic abilities that make her one of the most successful names when it comes to American journalism.

Along with her praiseworthy career life, Griffin is a mother of three and married to her husband Greg Myre, who is also a journalist and national security correspondent at NPR. For many aspiring female journalists out there, Griffin has been the biggest inspiration. Even in her 50s, she balances both her professional and personal life in the best way possible.

Successful women have inspired hundreds and thousands of women out there with their wit and style, and Griffin is also not an exception. This is why her personal attributes have also become a space of curiosity for many ladies. Especially, her super short haircut has become quite popular in the recent times, so today we are going to talk about Jennifer Griffin’s stylish haircut in detail.

Why Does Jennifer Griffin Wear Her Hair Short?

Jennifer Griffins Short Haircut

If you are a dedicated follower of Jennifer Griffin, then you might have noticed that she wears her hair quite short and natural. Previously she used to have medium-length blonde hair with dark highlights, but the complete transformation to this super short haircut has a heart-touching story behind it.

Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage III Triple-Negative Breast Cancer in 2009. This was a life-changing situation for the her, but she never lost her hope. Instead, she had the willpower to transform her look and did something many of us never would have imagined in the first place.

Griffin was able to fight off cancer after undergoing 17 rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy. Her hair was supposed to fall off eventually, but she decided to shave her entire head and opt for hair wigs so that the falling out of her hair couldn’t take away her spirit.

On another note, Griffin advised us not to take a wig as a sign of sickness. True words of inspiration of you ask us anyday!

At present, she wears her hair short with a cropped haircut, which can be a great inspiration for women in their 50s to embrace the natural beauty of their hair without any hesitation.

Jennifer Griffin’s Cropped Gray Hair

The American journalist now wears a modish hairstyle with a stunning short haircut that goes perfectly with her age and personality. And if you ask us, we totally love it!

The cropped hairstyle of Jennifer can be a great pick for pixie haircut lovers because honestly, it looks super cool! Her perfectly gray strands with the touch of black here and there have made her look super cool everywhere.

Jennifer Griffins Cropped Gray Hair

The best thing about this hair look is that it can be paired with both formal and informal attire. Jennifer has done the same, and we simply cannot get enough of her gorgeous looks from time to time.

For women in their 50s who have lost the confidence in wearing their natural hair proudly, Jennifer’s hairstyle can be the biggest inspiration! She battled cancer and came back as a champion, making the statement that beauty and style shouldn’t be restrained by sickness.

Jennifer Griffins Short Pixie Cut

Moreover, the style is quite versatile and comfy for regular wear. So for fearless women who love to wear their hair short, this haircut can surely be a great option!

Jennifer’s Blonde Hair Can be Your Pick Too!

Before being diagnosed with cancer and shaving off her hair, Jennifer used to have the perfect blonde hair that she loved to wear by parting on the side. This particular style consisted of medium-length blonde hair with dark highlights.

Jennifer Blonde Hair

Blonde hair with brown highlights is quite popular at present, so you can take inspiration from this picture to try out a similar look. To make things more sophisticated and fancy, curling the ends can go a long way!

Final Thoughts

It’s not possible to wake up every day and find your hair in its best shape. So how you make the best out of your hair is what actually matters. Jennifer Griffin has shown us that a disease like cancer could not stop her from looking beautiful, so there are literally no limits to styling your hair in order to look the best even on your most challenging days!

That being said, we hope this article has inspired you to try out Jennifer’s amazing hairstyles. The short-cropped hair can be your partner for warm weather, and the medium blonde one can surely make you look stylish on any occasion.

So choose your preferred hair look from the ones we have mentioned above, and wear your hair with pride anywhere you go!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Yahoo

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