Jennider Lopez Pixie Haircut

Jennifer Lopez Pixie Haircut And Other Glamorous Hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez is a sensational queen who rocks every hairstyle out there. Her beautiful bronze mane can make any hairstyle look like a masterpiece, and she did not let us down when she came forward with her pixie cut.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J.Lo, is an American singer, dancer, and actress who stepped foot in this industry back in the 90s. She first debuted in a film in 1986 and got her break in television in 1991. Since then, people have loved and accepted J.Lo.

Jennifer rewarded her fans with amazing movies and wonderful songs. She became immensely popular and successful during her run.

Madame Tussauds placed a wax statue of the said artist which was unveiled back in 2015. This ultra-talented artist was also honored with the Hollywood walk of fame star in 2013.

J.Lo, with all her fame, got even more inspired and gifted us with wonderful movies and music albums. She inspires people and preaches to live a happy and healthy life.

She is active on her social media, and her fans don’t miss a thing about her. Whether it is a change of scenery or hairstyle. They catch it all.

Recently Jennifer Lopez created a buzz when she got her pixie cut. The town was all about her new hair, and people were swooning over her style.

J.Lo, who has always rocked beautiful, long, and wavy hair, suddenly got a pixie, and her fans did not fall short on complimenting her on her new look.

Jennifer Lopez Pixie Cuts And Short Hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez wore her pixie cut like a crown. People absolutely loved her sudden change in style and appreciated her look to the extent where they got the style hairstyle like her.

Jennifer Lopez has quite an impact on her fans, and they go ballistic for her. People get inspired by her, and they feel encouraged. Jennifer Lopez makes sure that her fans feel the love she exudes, and she is happy to say that her fans are here for her even after all these years.

Jennifer first appeared in a pixie in 1986 when she was a young girl, the next time people saw her was in 2021. So, in the last 35 years, Jenny did not get a pixie cut, and this is the first time in 35 years that she appeared in this boss-lady look.

Below are a few Jennifer Lopez Pixie cuts and other short hairstyles that you will enjoy going through:

Vintage Pixie

Jennifer Lopez Vintage Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lopez first wore a pixie cut back in 1986. She was 16 at that time. Lopez shared a picture from her school yearbook reminiscing her days and had a chat about her hair.

35 years ago, when Lopez debuted in a film with a small role, which did not go quite well, had a pixie cut. ‘Her fans had no idea when the next time would be for them to see Jennifer in a pixie cut.

Seems like she made them wait only 35 years. So, the next time you want to see J.Lo repeating a style, you better know the waiting period.

Short Bob Pixie

Short Bob Pixie

Jennifer Lopez tried out the short bob pixie back when people were just trying to catch up with the latest trends. Her hairstyles made it to the cover of many magazines and newspapers.

The short bob that she wore here is a beautiful hairstyle for people who have short hair. This hairstyle gives you a very elegant and posh look.

Because the hair is slicked back here, the entire face is visible. If you have soft features, then you should try out this style as it helps to give you an illusion of sharper edges, and it will complement your facial structure.

Bowl Pixie

Bowl Pixie

Jennifer Lopez wore this bowl pixie solely for the look of her character Slim in the movie “Enough”. This was the second time we saw J.Lo wearing the pixie cut, but it was only for her movie, and she was not spotted in this hair outside of her movie.

Not a lot of people know about this hairstyle that Queen B wore for the movie. Unless you have watched the movie you probably aren’t aware of this style that she wore.

She rocked this style just like every other hairstyle that she ever wore.

This is a great hairstyle for you if you want to get a pixie cut. It is very easy to maintain and look after. You do not have to deal with tangles with the bowl pixie. This style is suitable for any age group. Not only that, but it is also quite trendy and very modern.

Blonde Pixie

Jennifer Lopez Blonde Pixie

Jennifer was spotted in this blonde pixie hairstyle in her music video. She wore this exotic, Malibu look in the music video for “Get Right”.

The song was a hit at that point, and all her fans loved her look. J.Lo is seen in this look for a few seconds only, but it was worth it because people noticed her in those few seconds.

Her blonde hair was very eye-catching, and it made her look fabulous. If you are inspired by this blonde pixie, you can get it quite easily.

You just have to show this style to your hairstylist and ask her to hook you up. You then have to seek a good colorist who can help you achieve perfect blonde hair, just like J.Lo.

Retro Pixie Cut 2021

Retro Pixie Cut 2021

The latest Jennifer Lopez pixie haircut has made the headlines, and people are talking about it everywhere. All the social platforms, newspapers, magazines, and even fashion YouTube channels are discussing the amazing retro pixie cut that Jennifer got.

She wore a pixie cut for herself after 35 years, and no one is complaining. Jennifer showed up in this beautiful pixie cut in an interview. This was a total 180 from her hairstyles. It is the opposite of long and wavy, and yet she wears it like the superstar that she is.

If you think this hairstyle will suit you, don’t waste your time and get this hairstyle now. Show this picture to your barber and ask them to give you the exact haircut. This low-maintenance haircut is very easily achievable, and you can keep it looking good with very little grooming.

Shaggy Short Hairstyle

Shaggy Short Hairstyle

We have seen the perfect pixies Jenny wore, but now it’s time to have a look at her short hairstyles that are not really pixie but aren’t too long either.

The shaggy short hairstyle is one of the short hairstyles our beautiful star wore during an award show. She looked amazing with her hairstyle and she flaunted the way she styled it.

It had a wet kinda look which elevated her entire style up a few bars. No one can possibly rock this hairstyle better than J.Lo herself.

It is a great hairstyle that you can adorn yourself with. If you are afraid that you might end up looking worse, then fear not because we are here to help you and inspire you.

Getting any haircut that Lopez wore can never be a bad idea because Jennifer always wears the best hairstyles and always looks fabulous.

Curled Lob

Curled Lob

Jennifer Lopez’s curled lob is a posh and elegant version of the beach waves. This hairstyle is too perfect to be called beach waves anyways.

This stunning hairstyle makes the hair look so volumized and full of life. If you think this is the “One” Jennifer hairstyle that you would like to try, then go for it by all means.

You need a proper haircut for this style and a great hand at curling your hair, or else it will be a total waste of time. The curling creates the volume, and if you are not able to create volume, then you didn’t get it right yet.

At the end of the day, your curled lob must look very fluffy and volumized, and like you have had the time of your life.

Side Parted Long Bob

Side Parted Long Bob

The side-parted long bob is a sensational J.Lo hairstyle. Her waves look great in this style, and bronze/copper tones make it more lively and vibrant.

If you like this style then there is no reason to not get it. This style is great if you have a round face as the side part adds dimensions to this facial structure.

The side part also creates volume towards the top which helps to make your face look more elongated, allowing the illusion of a smaller width of the face.

You can also add a few streaks or highlights to your hair and make it pop. The colors will take the focus off of your face, people will be more into your hair and will notice if you have any fine lines and wrinkles.

Straight Short Bob

Straight Short Bob

The straight short bob is a classic look, and it looks great on Jennifer Lopez. Besides the spectacular pixie cuts, J.Lo also rocked these short hairstyles.

The straight short bob is an alternative to the amazing pixies that we have seen earlier. If you don’t want to cut your hair too short but are keen on getting a new hairstyle, this is a great style.

It is sleek and modern. It goes with all outfits and is great for any event. You don’t have to spend hours styling your hair when you have a straight short bob.

All you have to do to look good is to just put on a nice outfit and comb your hair to make it look neat.

You can use a spray to make it stay in place, so your hairstyle doesn’t get ruined by the slightest blow of wind.

How To Get A Pixie Cut Like Jennifer Lopez By Yourself?

If you like the pixie cut I am sure you gave it thought by doing it yourself. You are not wrong to do so. A lot of people do their hairstyles and haircuts on their own, and they look pretty darn cool to me.

With the right set of equipment and proper tools, doing the pixie cut by yourself is like a piece of cake. Below are the simple steps that you can follow to get a pixie cut at home, all on your own.

Step 1: The first step is to have an idea of how you want your pixie to look and gather all the tools. You will need a pair of salon scissors, a comb, some clips, and a clipper.

Step 2: Secure your hair using a clip on the crown of your head.

Step 3: Trim the hair around your head using the clipper.

Step 4: Trim the hair at the back of your nape so that it hugs it.

Step 5: Use a pair of scissors to trim the hair on top. You can keep them as long as you want, or you can go short.

These are the simple steps to do a pixie cut by yourself. If you follow these steps you can easily cut your hair and rock your hairstyle anywhere you want.


The article covers everything about Jennifer Lopez and the era of her pixie hairstyles. There is nothing I have missed out on, but yet there are a few questions that people would like to know about.

Below are the questions that people usually ask. I have gone far and beyond to curate the answers for you.

Q1. When was Jennifer Lopez first seen in a pixie cut?

Ans. Jennifer Lopez got her first pixie cut during her debut role in the movie “My Little Girl” in 1986. She was then spotted in a pixie cut in a movie and a music video. She then appeared on screen with her splendid brand new hairstyle, the retro pixie cut.

Q2. How long did Jennifer Lopez have a pixie cut for?

Ans. Jennifer Lopez had a pixie cut for a few days in 2021. She had the hairstyle for a shoot with Allure and then she changed it back to her original style. She first appeared in a pixie cut back in 1986.

Q3. Does Jennifer Lopez have long hair or short hair?

Ans. Jennifer Lopez has always had long hair, except for the times when she needed to wear short hair for a movie, a music video or a shoot.  Jennifer proudly wears long wavy hair on a regular basis.


The pixie cut is a very famous hairstyle, and pretty much everyone loves it. Some might not get the hairstyle for themselves for the fear of losing their precious hair, but they still admire this look.

Jennifer Lopez has been caught up on the pixie trend since it began. You might as well think she started the pixie trend again, and people all over the country seem pretty hyped about this hairstyle.

And why not? It is a great hairstyle, and it makes you look at least ten years younger.

If you are confused about getting this hairstyle, you should be inspired by the above-mentioned styles and find the look that you like the most for yourself.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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