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The Evolution and Rise Of The Joe Dirt Mullet!

If you’ve heard of David Spade, we assume that you’re surely aware of Joe Dirt, especially his iconic mullet. The hairstyle, typically dubbed as “The Joe Dirt Mullet,” doesn’t just have a following for the laughs. In fact, the regular mullet with an extraordinary blowout on top has a number of hair fanatics that have welcomed it as their own.

Moving on, since Halloween is almost days away, and winter is also knocking on the door, growing out your hair could very well be a good decision to take into consideration. Additionally, if you’ve always been a fan of the mullet, perhaps stumbling upon this article was written in the stars! Make sure to stick around to learn the basics of the Joe Dirt mullet and acquire knowledge on how you can mimic the look entirely!

What Makes Joe Dirt’s Mullet So Special?

What Makes Joe Dirts Mullet So Popular

Appearance-wise, Joe Dirt’s mullet is very alike to the ones that were invented, revolutionised and glorified when mullets first came into existence in the 70s. On top of having the signature “Business in the front, party at the back,” look, the hairstyle had a relaxed combover that only paired well with David Spade’s hair and Joe Dirt’s character.

In addition to bringing back the 70s signature mullet in the early 2000s, Joe Dirt’s mullet is also prominent due to the fanbase that the movie garnered after it was released.

Joe Dirt is an adventure comedy film that was released in 2001. The main character comprises Joe Dirt, a janitor, who is in search of the parents that he lost in the Grand Canyon when he was just 8 years old. Although he ultimately fails to track them down, he does find comfort in the new friends he makes along the way.

The movie is mainly known for David Spade’s portrayal of Joe Dirt, but also very special because of the mullet that he wears as a helmet throughout the story.

A Step-by-step Guide On The Joe Dirt Mullet

While the iconic look was revealed to be a wig, Joe Dirt’s mullet can easily be replicated in real life if you have enough patience to grow your hair! Once the main task is carried out, the next best thing to the Joe Dirt mullet can effortlessly be brought to real life as long as you ask your barber to follow these steps!

Start with a taper around the sides

Use a 6 mm guard, or a 3 guard around the sides to give the sideburns more shape and the overall hairdo a cleaner appearance. In addition to making the visuals more presentable, the taper will also give the density on top a slight boost.

Get rid of split ends

If you haven’t noticed already, the mullet that Joe Dirt wears is extremely healthy in addition to being voluminous. While the appearance of it is consistent as it is a wig, this aspect can also be mirrored in real life. All you have to do is ask your hairdresser to chop up and trim the ends of each strand. In addition to looking cleaner and healthier, the strands will now be more manageable to style and maintain as well.

Dampen the hair and use a pre-styler

A special attribute about Joe Dirt’s mullet is how perfectly messy it looks at all times. While it does look natural from afar, the consistency and firmness of it can only be created with the help of hair products. However, before implementing any kind of hair product, make sure the hair is a bit damp so that it’s cooperative to change.

Additionally, while using hair serum will be sufficient, products like hair mousse and sea salt spray will be better if you’re seeking to replicate the texture and coarseness of Joe Dirt’s mullet.

Use a blow dryer and round hairbrush to create the look

While your hair is still damp, use a blow dryer to give your hair a blowout to make the strands all poofy and less vulnerable to breakage. Use a round hairbrush to create the polished and densely-packed combover.

If you’re not the biggest fan of the side part combover that Joe Dirt has, you can totally create and settle for a gentleman’s combover by brushing the hair down the middle.

Use hair wax and hairspray to create the texture

To mimic the messy texture of the Joe Dirt mullet, take a dime-sized amount of hair clay and apply it throughout the front and the back of the temple. Use your fingers to create the unique and piecey streaks of hair and scrunch the strands to make them more curvy and relaxed.

To seal the look, apply a handful of hair mousse to your hair and let it dry naturally. Furthermore, if your hair is on the finer end, replace the hair mousse with texturizing powder for best results. You may even use sea salt spray if you want a subtle boost in volume.

Other Dominant Mullet Variations That Are Trending For The Joe Dirt Mullet!

Joe Dirt’s mullet is clearly a hot topic right now, and while it will forever remain an iconic creation amongst the community of mane addicts, the hairdo has also paved ways for other mullet hairstyles that are currently garnering a fanbase in the fashion scene. From high-spirited mullets to mullets from the early 90s, here are all the variants that are on the same wavelength as the Joe Dirt mullet!

Billy Ray Cyrus’ Mullet

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet

Since the Joe Dirt mullet wouldn’t have even existed without this hairstyle, it’s only fair if we give credit where it’s due. Billy Ray Cyrus is mostly known for his successful music career and being Miley Cyrus’ father. However, during the release of his 1992 hit single “Achy breaky heart,” on top of becoming successful for the song itself, Billy Ray became an overnight heartthrob because of the mullet he wore at the time. In fact, it was so memorable that his mullet had its own name for a while!

Relaxed Joe Dirt Mullet

Relaxed Joe Dirt Mullet

Embracing the natural flow of your hair can also bring into existence a remarkable mullet, like this laid back look right here! Unlike the mullet of Joe Dirt, this hairstyle is free of hair products and contains a relatively short installation process. It is the perfect look to rely on during casual settings and a safe option to bet on during semi-formal events.

Pastel Pink Mullet with Skin Fade

Pastel Pink Mullet With Skin Fade

Since the trend of wearing vibrant hairstyles is on the rise, a mullet draped in pastel pink is creating quite the buzz at the moment. The fade, while optional, tends to increase the contrast even more and can make even the finest head of hair seem full. It also fits like a glove with the colour and enhances the cleanliness of the hairdo.

Joe Dirt Mullet with a Quiff

Joe Dirt Mullet With A Quiff

Since lazy day hairstyles are more common these days, a look that caters to that occasion and is very much pleasing aesthetically is the modern mullet with a soft and lightly textured quiff alongside the Joe Dirt mullet.

To create the quiff, comb the hair while the strands are still moderately damp. You should use a wide toothed comb if your hair is susceptible to breakage, but can even use a detangling comb if you want to add more fullness to the look.

Curly Joe Dirt Mullet

Curly Joe Dirt Mullet

A primary requirement for creating Joe Dirt’s mullet is having straight hair. However, if you don’t meet that criteria, don’t stress yourself out! Just create a look that is as similar as this hairdo, which involves a curly mullet!

This look won’t just allow you to embrace your curls and give your face a flattening effect, but will also enable you to carry out experiments with your wardrobe. For best results, apply curling cream to seal the volume and texture.

Additionally, if you liked this look, reward yourself with more options by checking out our article on curly mullets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions regarding the Joe Dirt mullet that we have successfully tackled and solved! We hope it allows you to learn more about the hairstyle and relieves you of your concerns regarding the look.

Q: What is Joe Dirt’s mullet actually called?

A: Though the title of it was renamed to “The Joe Dirt Mullet” months after the movie was released, prior to achieving an overwhelming amount of success, Joe Dirt’s mullet was called a BIlly Ray Cyrus-Doug Flutie mullet.

Q: Is Joe Dirt’s mullet real?

A: Joe Dirt’s mullet surely was the star of the show when the movie rose to prominence in the early 2000s. However, a little known fact that the producers as well as David Spade himself refused to unveil before 2010 was that the mullet was fake. In reality, Joe Dirt was wearing an actual wig the entire time!


Even though the movie was released over 2 decades ago, the legacy of Joe Dirt is very much alive and engaging to this day. While the popularity of David Spade is surely a contributing factor behind its success, the primary cause of its ever growing popularity is the main character’s mullet, commonly dubbed as “The Joe Dirt Mullet.”

On a separate note, we hope you had fun reading this article on the Joe Dirt mullet and give the look a go in the future! If you liked our content, make sure to show us some support by reading the issues on our website!

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