John Cena Haircut: Why Should You Get One This Summer?

John Cena is considered the ultimate face of WWE. The megastar is everyone’s favorite 16-time World champion, actor, author, and former rapper regardless of their age. He has done it all with his short hair and is the king of having versatile short hairstyles.

In today’s article, we are going to go through some of his fan-favorite haircuts that you can try out yourself or mix and match to make your own unique version. We will also give some answers to frequently asked questions.

Without further ado, let’s get you some inspiration for your short hair to match your favorite WWE wrestler and your extraordinary personality.

Trying Out The Legendary John Cena Haircuts

Maintaining a neat and sophisticated look with a bit of edge can be tricky for those with a busy schedule. In this case, short hair is here for the rescue! Short hair offers versatile options to choose from and a whole lot of convenience for its maintenance. John Cena is mostly known for his amazing buzz cuts. However, from taper fade to pompadour he has done it all with his hair.

He has been seen to play it safe with his hair most of the time. However, to match his ever-changing role in life he did try out some risky haircuts as well and “embraced the uncomfortable” looking absolutely dashing in all of them. Hence, he has been in the news a couple of times for his outstanding haircuts.

Let’s dive deep into the phenomenal John Cena haircuts to make you ready for any occasion!

The Classic John Cena Buzzcut

Classic John Cena Buzzcut

The classic John Cena Buzz cut involves a regular buzz cut on top but with a nearly bald undercut on the sides. The low-maintenance yet stylish look made every man go crazy for this haircut.

Moreover, the way this hairstyle is done, even if your hair grows out it would not look awkward at all. So the maintenance is almost little to none apart from your basic hair care. For this reason, moms almost all over the world preferred this specific haircut for their little boys.

Hence, the John Cena buzz cut is appropriate for people of all ages on every occasion. The professional aura it presents can make you look rugged and effortlessly dashing in any outfit.

So, go get your John Cena buzz cut without any hesitation.

The Fade

John Cena Fade

The fade might look a bit similar to a buzz cut but can be trickier to achieve. Because with this haircut you don’t just shave off a part of your hair. You have to make it look like the sides are fading as John Cena has done with his mid fade.

There are endless possibilities with a fade. And John Cena has been seen rocking all kinds of fades from taper fade to mid fade on various occasions.

The taper fade will gradually fade away while keeping the top of your hair with longer hair. Mid fade, on the other hand, starts from the top of your head and the fade stops somewhere in the middle from the top part to your ear and the rest is shaved off.

This John Cena haircut will give you a neat refined look with a suit. So get yours that portrays your personality in the best way.

The Powerful Mohawk

The Powerful Mohawk

If you are bored looking casual, then John Cena’s powerful Mohawk can definitely turn things around for you. Not everyone can pull off this powerful look so make sure to ask your stylist about it.

John Cena’s powerful Mohawk kept only the top part and shaved off the sides fully. The edgy haircut would certainly give a boost to your confidence.

However, if you are not sure whether you would be comfortable with giving off such a strong appearance then you can always add a bit of fade and turn it into a modern Mohawk to suit your test.

Unlock your vibrant personality by getting a powerful Mohawk soon!

The Prince Charming Hair

The Prince Charming Hair

Cena, the American professional wrestler spent most of his career with short hair. But when he grew out his hair occasionally he looked charming like a prince.

The New York best-selling author tried out this prince charming hair in one of the events where he back brushed most of his hair. However, he left a couple of wavy strands on his temple making him look absolutely gorgeous.

If you want to make everyone swoon at an official event, then this could be your go-to hairstyle.

Don’t wait and charm everyone with your presence today with this hairstyle.

The Classy Look

The Classy Look

If you want to look classy and expensive by showing off your beautiful forehead, then get this John Cena haircut today.

Like most other hairstyles mentioned previously, this is an easy one as well. You just have to have 4or 5 inches of hair and back brush all of them to create this elegant look. This will help the top of your head look voluminous.

You can wear this business-style haircut on an official occasion or on a date to bring out your gentlemanly appearance. This is simplicity at its finest. Create this look today and bring out your inner suave.

The Professional Look

John Cena Professional Look

This is the perfect corporate look that will look quintessential for any occasion you can name. A captivating combination of side part and back brushed hair is enough to create this office look.

John Cena absolutely rocked this hairdo. You can get the effortless sophistication like a professional with this hairstyle easily while sitting at home and captivate everyone’s heart.

This can help you look classy in your everyday look in the workplace. Moreover, this is a perfect hairdo if you want to create a great first impression. Suit yourself up and get this amazing hairstyle done today!

The Striking Undercut

The Striking Undercut

John Cena is known for his famous striking undercuts. This has been famous among people regardless of their gender.

With this haircut, bringing out your edgy rebellious self is easy as pie. The striking undercut will suit your goth aesthetics as well as your casual hangout look. Moreover, the low maintenance it offers is hard to beat.

So if you want to try out something different and a little endearing then this haircut should do the job. You can get this haircut at home. But having professional help is recommended if you want to combine undercut with longer hair.

The Peacemaker Haircut

John Cena Movie Peacemaker Haircut

John Cena gained immense popularity this year starring in the HBO Max superhero fiction series called “The Peacemaker”. His haircut in the series quickly became the talk of the town.

The hairdo portrayed in the series is a classic one. The side part adds a bit of gentlemanly aura to the whole look. It might look a bit similar to his hairdos with a side part in the past. However, if you look into the details they are not exactly the same.

The hairdos in the past were all the same size. But in this haircut, there is a bit of layer going on at the front giving off an elegantly messy vibe.

The peacemaker hairdo might need a bit of professional help. But we can assure you that it is all worth it.

The Transformers Haircut

The Transformers Haircut

Haircuts play an important role in signifying a character’s personality. In the Transformers movie, John Cena’s haircut played an impeccable role in portraying his strong character. He starred as a powerful agent working for the government dealing with the transformers.

The haircut is quite iconic. Hence if you decide to get it then people might end up recognizing the similarities. Moreover, it looks close to a military cut which is easy to achieve even at home.

If you are ever unsure about yourself then getting this haircut might be a great idea to give a boost to your confidence.

Classic Combed With Fade

Classic Combined With Fade

John Cena in a commercial looked utterly dashing with classic combed and a fade. His fans could not help but swoon over his new phenomenal look.

The classic combed back hair gives a traditional aura. However, fade is a rather trendy and modern haircut. The sleek combination of both traditional and modern make this hairdo more exceptional. The amazing contrast makes it easier for the haircut to look good with every outfit.

This is the ultimate hairstyle for any event. So don’t fret over how to style your hair and just go with this looking like an absolute king!

The Induction Buzz cut

The Induction Buzz Cut

If you want to keep your hair longer then this might not be the one for you. The induction buzz cut has traditionally a military background that requires all your hair to be the same size and nearly bald. This traditional buzz cut is famous among other celebrities like David Beckham, Nick Jonas, Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, etc.

The famous uniformed haircut is the simplest and most money-saving option among all the hairstyles mentioned in this article. This haircut will feel quite liberating and refreshing for its length.

If you want to bring a fiercely striking change to your look then this hairstyle is the one to get.

The Marine Haircut

The Marine Haircut

A marine haircut is a form of high and tight haircut. It is one of the military adaptations of crew cuts and the most preferable John Cena haircuts.

The distinctive style is quite eye-catching and sure to turn eyes anywhere you go. You won’t even need to add any styling product to maintain this haircut. It will create a naturally cool and rugged look for you.

So pair your marine cut with a leather jacket and get it today! With this haircut and outfit, you will get the feeling of being the protagonist of an action movie.

The Lineup

The Lineup Haircut

The lineup is a commonly worn hairdo among both men and women. In this hairstyle, all you have to do is maintain a specific hairline that will help accentuate your face shape beautifully.

Nowadays this haircut is more popular than ever. The solid lines will provide you with an ultra-neat look. You can always grow a beard or add a bit of fade to match your cool haircut.

This haircut might be tricky to be perfected at home. If you want to get impeccable edginess, then having professional help is highly recommended.

Show your rough and tough personality with the lineup today!

The Jarhead

The Jarhead

The jarhead is another form of high and tight haircut that keeps the fade from the top of your head. People with thin or thinning hair prefer this type of haircut the most.

This haircut will help you look elegantly stylish with any attire. The military-inspired haircut provides a clean refined look with minimal effort.

Moreover, it will help your face shape look more defined. Depending on your experimentation with accessories to go with this haircut you would look both chic and strict at the same time.

You will just need a bit of grooming once every other week and your hair will look good as new.

The Square Cut

The Square Cut

The overgrown buzz cut with a bit of spike at the front if maintained properly can make your face appear deliberately more square. All you have to do is maintain the proper hairline for your square shape and you are good to go.

This haircut will make you appear and feel strong and powerful like the legend. Moreover, it will certainly give you a clean and modern appearance. It will help accentuate your stunningly sharp jawline as well as make your features look more angular.

This hairdo goes well with any kind of outfit. So get the legendary hairstyle today and look sharp without having to think twice about your outfit!

Adding The Hat

Adding The Hat Haircut

Having a unique go-to accessory for one’s hair is common for celebrities. For John Cena, that signature accessory is a hat. It has been part of his casual wear as well as his airport wear.

In this climate, any person regardless of their age or gender can add a hat to their everyday wear and look stylish. Besides, hats work as a protector from extreme weather and bad hair days.

The versatile options from hats are limitless. They are easy to carry and make you look like an effortless fashionista.

Hats are always a trendy choice. Moreover, they can match retro to any aesthetic you want.

So if you are fretting over your hairdo just add a hat.


John Cena’s haircuts are quite simple and straightforward. So there are rarely any questions regarding his easy-to-achieve-at-home hairdos. Hence you can be a go-getter and get the John Cena Haircut of your choice without any major difficulty.

In the meantime, we are going to answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Question: What is John Cena’s haircut called?

Answer: John Cena’s most famously known and faithfully worn haircut is the buzz cut.

Question: Can I get the basic John Cena Buzz cut at home?

Answer: Absolutely yes! Just get the basic tools for a buzz cut and you are good to go. But be patient with your tools and cut your hair short every week or every 10 days to properly maintain your hair.


We hope that this article will help find the perfect haircut of your choice matching with none other than the legendary John Cena. In one of his interviews with GQ, a men’s fashion magazine he said, “Style and fashion are all about confidence.” So, be fearless like the legend with your haircut as well and face every situation with confidence while making a fashion statement.   

Don’t forget to put your own little spin on these hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to put your uniqueness along with these haircuts with enough color or accessories. Bring out your distinctive personality and quirkiness with the versatility of short hair.

Even though the above-mentioned hairstyles work regardless of any hair type, length, or face shape, finding the one most suited to your personality is highly recommended.

If you want to look fierce and sharp, then any of the haircuts in this article are suitable to perform that job for you. More importantly, they are sure to appeal to anyone and everyone and make you feel like the star of any event.

Most of the haircuts mentioned in the article are super low maintenance. So, choose your favorite one today and be a part of the legend.

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