Johnny Depp Haircut

Johnny Depp Haircut: 32 Unforgettable Looks Of The Hollywood Megastar!

When it comes to fashion, Hollywood celebrities could be the most reliable sources to take notes from. By replicating their dressing sense and additional components like hairstyles, revamping one’s social life and enhancing the physical appearance should be as easy as pie.

Among some noteworthy actors who are also style icons lies Johnny Depp, an American actor, model, and musician. While he’s mostly acknowledged for his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, 21 Jump Street, Fantastic Beasts, and Edward Scissorhands, the actor is also glorified for his involvement in Blow, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and The Rum Diary. 

Although his legacy as an A-list celebrity has already been sealed due to his impressive resume, another feature that makes Johnny Depp so likable and a fashion mogul amongst men is his hair, which he has experimented with multiple times throughout his career. Buckle up and stick around until the end to learn about the versatility of Johnny Depp’s haircut and how you can make it a crucial part of your life!

32 Timeless Johnny Depp Haircuts That Have Fashion In The Palm Of Their Hands!

At the end of the day, it’s quite difficult to invalidate or discredit Johnny Depp’s contribution to the fashion scene. His unique dressing sense could be the reason behind the brand deals that he’s signed with prominent luxury brands. and one of the crucial components that makes him an inspiration in the eyes of trendsetters.

However, his impact would easily have gone unnoticed without his luscious head of wavy hair, which he has exploited to the maximum by replicating thirty-plus looks over the course of three decades. Remember to read through the next segment to find each design’s visuals, backstory, and creation process under the Johnny Depp haircut!

Cropped Wavy Shag With Choppy Bangs

Cropped Wavy Shag with Choppy Bangs

Johnny Depp wasn’t a child actor, but we wouldn’t have been surprised if he had been one! The Kentucky-born native was also the youngest in his family and wore a cropped wavy shag with choppy bangs that many can replicate today!

To make the strands soft and shiny, condition your hair more often. You may also use hydrating masks to obtain similar results!

Laid Back Quiff with Face-framing Fringe

Laid Back Quiff with Face framing Fringe

Johnny Depp initially wanted to pursue a career in music, but eventually got his start as an actor, in the 80s. One of his first roles was in A Nightmare on Elm Street, where he was a recurring crew member. His acting wasn’t necessarily on point, but the laid-back quiff he wore after the release of the movie can surely be a great hairstyle to try out with wavy hair!

Replicating this look shouldn’t be too difficult. All you need to do is create the structure while the hair is still damp. However, consider using hair clay to introduce the face-framing streak and add a firm hold to your look.

90s Surfer Cut With Deep Side Part

90s Surfer Cut with Deep Side Part

Johnny Depp’s hair aged like fine wine, but it all started in the 90s. The legend in Hollywood sported this 90s surfer cut with his auburn hair, which was typically showcased using a deep side part.

Forming this hair is easy. Although we believe that Johnny only used some pomade to secure the positioning of the hair, one may also use hair mousse for a natural texture. The side part won’t just make you more appealing in a room full of people, but will also highlight your jawline and cheekbones like none other.

Wet Look With Curtains

Wet Look With Curtains

Since Johnny Depp’s taste in fashion heavily revolves around the subculture of hard rock, this wet look he wore during the 90s feels just about the perfect component for his persona! Since the actor was born with good hair genes, installing a jet-black hair dye was all that he had to do for this look.

On another note, if you’d like to make this a part of your arsenal, create the curtains with a round brush while the hair is still damp. Once the structure is set, use a diffuser to seal the visuals. To incorporate the gloss seen in the wet look, apply a dime-sized hair gel throughout your hair.

Natural Bro Flow with Wavy Ends (21 Jump Street)

Natural Bro Flow with Wavy Ends

Growing out wavy ends was probably one of the best decisions Johnny Depp made in the mid-90s. The natural bro flow that eventually formed didn’t just add to his charismatic persona and generate more acting gigs, but also brought forward a look that can easily be replicated.

For mimicking the visuals, using a hair mousse is a must. However, prior to creating the look, allow yourself to have some patience, as you can only create this look once the strands pass your shoulders!

Cropped Textured Cut (1995)

Cropped Textured Cut

Textured cuts have tons of personality and appeal and are masculine. The look is easy to maintain as it is to style, a claim that can be backed up using this look of Johnny Depp.

Johnny slayed this look during the 1995 Golden Globe Awards, where he was hoping to add individual accolades under his belt. Although the actor left the venue without a trophy, the cropped texture that he wore remains iconic to this day!

Mimicking the look is quite easy, especially if your hair is currently short. The structure can be formed using fingertips, but has to be finalised using hair gel, mainly for the polished appearance. 

Matte Blowout with Elevated Root

Matte Blowout with Elevated Roots

Johnny secured his rise to stardom once he landed prominent movie deals. To further add to his already impressive resume, he also took up multiple modelling gigs, some of which were with the likes of Rolling Stone, an American magazine.

While the timeline of this matte blowout remains a mystery, the visuals of his hair are, for certain, a feature that could be an appealing factor to many. Mirroring the variant is quite simple, as all you need is a blow dryer to introduce the elevation!

Spiky Black Hair (21 Jump Street) (Punksploitation)

Spiky Black Hair

21 Jump Street is currently acknowledged for the influence of its film series, but it initially started in the 80s as a tv series with Johnny Depp.

The show took the town by storm during the late 80s and early 90s, and Johnny’s involvement was easily the main reason behind that outcome. Officer Tom Hanston, Depp’s character, was easily the heart of the show. He never shied away from going above and beyond his abilities to solve a crime, and even changed his hair to form these liberty spikes to get the job done.

 Polished 90s Pompadour

Polished 90s Pompadour

Although Cry Baby failed to make its mark among top-notch musicals directed in the 90s, Johnny Depp’s character had a polished pompadour that most greasers can easily incorporate into their aesthetic today!

The look has tons of volume and requires the use of hair gel for shine. The formation of the design doesn’t just make the hair more appealing, but it also highlights sharp jawlines magnificently.

While creating the look could be easy with coarse hair, try using hair mousse and sea salt spray if you have fine hair, as using hair gel will only make the strands more slippery and thin.

The Red Carpet Wet Look

The Red Carpet Wet Look

The wet look entered the fashion scene during the 90s due to being effortless to create but it became a monumental figure when it entered Hollywood. Although it was initially more popular in women’s fashion and among female celebrities, it became a must-have trend for men when Johnny Depp wowed everyone with this wet look!
While the layers are quite messy and all over the place, the strands are organized in a curtain-like manner. The visuals of it could be quite beneficial for many, since they can bring out the distinct features of those with diamond-shaped, oval-shaped, and heart-shaped faces!

Classic Frosted Tips

Classic Frosted Tips

Frosted tips don’t always suit everyone, but the look paired quite well with Johnny Depp’s aesthetic appeal. Moreover, if you’re bold enough, you, too, can take notes from the components of this look.

This design usually caters to edgy teens and those invested in streetwear fashion, but it can also be an effective hairdo for those with thin hair. The texture typically enhances the existing thickness of the hair, while the highlights introduce the liveliness that healthy strands typically comprise.

Induction Buzz Cut

Induction Buzz Cut

Since a buzz cut is low maintenance, masculine, and gives one’s hair a fresh start, giving the look a chance could work wonders for your schedule and social life. And if you’re looking for inspiration, get a glimpse of this induction buzz cut, which was worn by none other than Johnny Depp!

An induction buzz cut requires zero styling products for staying put and adds more fullness to the hair. The visuals can be created in seconds by professionals, but you can also do it yourself if you’ve got a hair clipper with multiple comb attachments at home!

Stress-free Flow Haircut

Stress free Flow Haircut

From the late 80s through the early 90s, Johnny Depp was known as a certified Hollywood heartthrob. His down-to-earth personality was typically the driving force behind his appeal. However, this stress-free flow haircut really managed to steal the hearts of his fans and fellow colleagues.

While replicating this look is possible for those with wavy hair, you can also give it a shot with your straight-cut strands. Using a curling iron can help replicate the bouncy ends of this cut, while a hot air brush can be used to intensify the density.

Edward Scissorhands Haircut

Edward Scissorhands Haircut


Edward Scissorhands is definitely a movie that will be remembered until eternity. The plot beats most modern-day films due to how engaging it is, with the help of Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder’s characters.

Johnny Depp’s physical appearance in this movie is definitely something to behold. While using scissors as hands was definitely a good decision, adding the gothic black textured cut was just as important. Producers of the film used a wig that paired well with Johnny’s facial features, but the hairstyle can be created in real life by using thickening powder, texturizing powder, and hair wax in real life.

Soft Wings Cut

Soft Wings Cut

If you’re preparing for a high-profile event, consider keeping it light on your strands by wearing this soft wings cut, a look that was demonstrated in a sublime manner by Johnny Depp.

The soft wings cut lacks volume and texture, making it a dealbreaker for many. However, the look is effortless to create, can stay in place even without any hair product, and is versatile. The hairstyle pairs well with beards but looks comfortable with a Van Dyke beard.

Uneven Faux Hawk with Number 3 Fade

Uneven Faux hawk with Number 3 Fade

If your main incentive is to experiment with a look that has elegance, texture, and flair, this uneven faux hawk can be the best option for your cravings.

The faux hawk contains messy layers all over the top, which is a great way to bring some thickness into the shaft and overall hairdo. Adding a number 3 fade can also good way to have more control over the layout of the faux hawk, which you can easily create at home with the help of this guide.

Using hair products isn’t necessary, but could be a good way to add to the volume, secure the positioning, and introduce a cleaner appearance.

Deep Greasy Side Part

Deep Greasy Side Part

Since thick hair is pretty resilient to any hair product, teaming it up with hair pomade or any other water-based styling agent can be a remarkable decision to make, mainly for this deep, greasy side part.

This deep greasy side part caters to those with medium-length or long-length hair. The shape is also quite favorable in the eyes of many, enabling it to serve under any condition. While using some hair gel won’t do you any harm, replace the product with dry shampoo or texturizing powder to introduce natural-looking results.

Messy Middle-part with Low Taper

Messy Middle Part with Low Taper

Having lazy days is normal, but compromising your sense of style is a no-no in our eyes. While using styling tools and products could be difficult to carry out when you’re on the brink of exhaustion, relying on an easygoing look, like this middle-part haircut of Johnny Depp, can be a good way to keep your aesthetics in check!
The layers on top can be managed with a low taper, which might require bi-weekly maintenance cuts. However, the formation of this look can be mimicked by using a round-shaped comb and fingertips!

Shoulder-length Bro Flow With Hazel Tips

Shoulder Length Bro Flow with Hazel Tips

Making time for hair could be a chore and a half, especially when the strands are being grown out. Once it reaches a considerable length, you can either wrap your hair into a ponytail, or give this shoulder-length bro flow a chance!

The visuals of this look are probably ideal to rely on when you’re on vacation or at a party. By adding hair gel into the mix, this shoulder-length bro flow can also be a good companion at meetings and interviews.

Tousled Curtains With Framing Tresses

Tousled Curtains with Framing Tresses

Another excellent variant you can create with your wavy hair is this entry, comprising tousled curtains with face-framing tresses, which was initially created by Johnny Depp. The look is ideal for those seeking to get a grip on their awkward phase, and the perfect candidate for laid-back individuals.

Since this look doesn’t come with a handbook, you can adjust the formation according to your preferences. However, to play it safe, use sea salt spray to shower the hair with natural volume.

Medium Length Modern Slick Back

Medium Length Modern Slick Back

After taking the town by storm in the 90s, Johnny Depp went from being a teen idol to a mega superstar in the 2000s. One of the many contributors is the movie Chocolat, for which he wore this medium-length slicked back tucked into a low bun.

The look is a good way to manage lengthy strands, and a sublime way to avoid flyaways. Creating the bun only takes seconds, especially once the slick back has been formed. While you may add gel to the strands for some shine, you can also add more volume by using a hair mousse or texturizing powder.

White Blonde Faux Hawk

White Blonde Faux Hawk

A-list celebrity and Hollywood hotshot Johnny Depp had the world in the palm of his hand once again in 2018, when he secured his role as Gellert Grindelwald, a dominant wizard who feeds off on violence, hostility, and crime, in the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The attire of his character was quite fascinating, but often fell short against the white blonde faux hawk that he wore to add to the character’s personality.

If you’d like to replicate this look, bleaching should be the first thing to do. And if you’d like to bleach at home, find out how long you can leave it on your hair with our assistance!

Duotone Ponytail with Low Bun

Duotone Ponytail with Low Bun

The defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had us hooked from April to June 2022.  While viewers mostly tuned in to keep tabs on everything that happened prior to the huge falling out between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, many were also intrigued by the outfits and hairstyles that each party wore.

During the second half of the trial, Johnny Depp wore dapper-looking suits to match the energy of this duotone ponytail, a look that can cater to any occasion. While incorporating the highlights isn’t necessary for everyone, the hairstyle could be a good option if you’re having difficulty managing your strands at your 9-5 job!

Edgy Textured Quiff

Edgy Textured Quiff

An edgy textured quiff can also be the perfect match for you if you have a knack for the emo subculture. But, if you’d like some assistance regarding the creation process and the length of the look, this edgy textured quiff, which was a part of Johnny Depp’s aesthetics for one day, should be sufficient. 

To mimic the distressed texture on top, ask your stylist to use a razor method. You may also bring them to life on your own if you have a pair of thinning shears at home!

Dishevelled Dreadlocks With Highlights

Dishevelled Dreadlocks with Highlights

Johnny Depp is known for his role as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and many more. However, once he hangs his gloves for good, he will forever be recognized as Captain Jack Sparrow, the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

In addition to his accent, it’s his dishevelled dreadlocks that will be reminisced about. Although the look was nothing but a hairpiece, wearers of natural hair can mimic the visuals and formation.

Slicked Back Undercut With Blends

Slicked Back Undercut with Blends

An undercut can be tough to blend with outside casual gatherings, but readjusting the design on top can be a good way to make the look more neutral at formal events.

Changing the hair on top with a polished side part can be a great option for those with fine hair. However, if your hair type falls on the wavier spectrum, consider experimenting with this slick back, created by none other than Johnny Depp.

In addition to growing your hair, you should always use the right product to nail the accuracy. For replicating this style, however, try siding with hair clay.

Gelled-up Slick Back With Face Framing Layer

Gelled up Slick Back with Face Framing Layer

Keeping it minimal can be a good way to style your hair. In addition to that, finding an option that pairs well with your face shape is also mandatory. However, if it’s tough for you to come up with a look that checks both boxes, get a glimpse of this glorious slick back, which has been parted down the middle.

The face-framing layer is quite important to incorporate in this design, as it gives the face a slimming effect. To make the strands more manageable, using hair gel is a must.

Shag Cut With Wavy Ends

Shag Cut with Wavy Ends

Avoiding awkward phases is challenging when your strands change in size and transform from short to lengthy. However, if you have this shag cut with wavy ends added to your list, looking out of place will be an impossible task to obtain.

To stay in place, this shag cut only requires some elevation around the roots. You may add that to damp hair with a hair dryer for a natural appearance, but you may also take help from gels or pomades to introduce more texture and hold.

Choppy Layers with Framing Side Part

Choppy Layers with Framing Side Part

Playing with layers is easy when your hair is thick, like Johnny Depp’s. You may trim the size of the strands down to a 1 to enhance the fullness of the look, but you can also showcase the choppy layers with a framing side part for maximum appeal. The look can be a good way to amp up your social life and pairs best with suits and formal clothing.

For ensuring the placement of the side part, using hair clay is necessary. However, if you’d like the layout to look natural and a bit more voluminous, use hair mousse.

Bedhead Bro-flow with Highlights

Bedhead Bro Flow with Highlights

Wearing a bro-flow could be the best way to grow out medium-length hair, as the visuals are natural and healthy in most cases. However, if your hair often becomes quite frizzy, take into account the pattern of this look, which battles frizz and any sign of hair damage with golden blonde highlights.

If you’d like your strands to look more full, use texturizing powder. You may even use thickening spray prior to styling your hair, which has been a go-to solution for thin hair.

Mohawk Undercut

Mohawk Undercut

Johnny Depp is definitely a great figure to look up to for upcoming actors due to the way he rose to stardom and his work ethic, but his presence will forever be remembered in the fashion scene as well.

Although the actor currently gravitates towards hairstyles with outgrown manes, he also loves designs with a little bit of spice, which he expressed by wearing this mohawk undercut!

Long Wavy Layers With Natural Middle-part

Long Wavy Layers with Natural Middle part

To grow your long layers gracefully, it is important to leave the strands be for a while. However, on special occasions, manipulate the strands to form this natural middle-part of Johnny Depp’s, to give the strands some natural volume and to highlight the wavy appearance of the ends. You may even install highlights around the tips to give the hair more fullness.

Frequently Asked Questions 

While taking a photographic brief is compulsory for being the recipient of successful results, finding a stylist who is experienced and has enough skills to bring the selected look to reality is just as important. Clear-cut instructions will also work wonders for you, especially if the look is texture-oriented.

On another note, if you’re having second thoughts regarding your desire to experiment with  Johnny Depp’s haircut, try tackling them with the help of the following questionnaire! 

Q: What is Johnny Depp’s natural hair type?

A: Although the actor loves experimenting with his hair by forming it in different ways and draping it with shades of color, the actor has natural waves with an auburn brown hair dye when the strands aren’t compromised or modified. 

Q: What products should I use to create Johnny Depp’s haircut?

A: In addition to nailing the haircut with the help of this video, give thought to using hair clay for replicating textured looks and water-based hair gel for wet looks with tons of hold. Additionally, for elevating the roots of your hair, using a blow dryer should be sufficient and necessary!

Bottom Line 

Considering the number of looks he’s left behind so far, we’re sure there’s definitely a look from the Johnny Depp haircut that will suit your aesthetics and preferences. While most hairstyles can be replicated to perfection by those with wavy and dense hair, you can also mimic each variant in an accurate way as long as you use the right tools and follow the right procedure.

Excluding the buzz cut and short textured cut, most designs are either medium-length looks or comprise length shafts, so be sure to give yourself some time if you’re seeking to pursue the latter set under the Johnny Depp haircut.

Additionally, if you’d like to incorporate glamorous waves into your straight-cut strands, consider taking help from curling irons. On the other hand, for natural waves, try taking the scrunching method under your wing!

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