13 Most Charming Julian Edelman Haircuts with Pictures and More

The former NFL star Julian Edelman has a strong hair game. He might have been a One-Team Man during his football career with the New England Patriots, but the case is different with his haircuts. He frequently changes his haircuts and always gives something new to his fans.

Edelman was a Wide Receiver throughout his NFL journey. He won the Super Bowl three times with his team. He also holds the accolade of being a prestigious Super Bowl MVP. But he is more famous for his astonishing hairstyles. He mostly wears short haircuts except for a few times when he decided to wear long styles as well.

We are going to talk about the best 13 Julian Edelman Haircuts in today’s article. We will include pictures of each style with their discussion. The penultimate section of the article will have FAQs to give you more information about the Julian Edelman Haircut.

Let’s begin!

13 Impressive Julian Edelman Haircuts

Julian Edelman is never satisfied with just one haircut. He regularly changes his style, and he does so only because he loves to try out new things. For this reason, there are now so many Julian Edelman Haircuts out there.

We decided to do the hard work for you and have selected only the best 13 of Edelman’s haircuts. We will now discuss them in this section. Stick around to explore the charm of all these magnificent Julian Edelman Haircuts.

Side-Swept Undercut

Side-Swept Undercut

Julian Edelman loves his Side-Swept styles along with the Undercut look so much. Besides being great haircuts, these two styles also go well with his face shape. Now, for the sides, he keeps the hair relatively short and usually follows the 1 On the Sides approach.

For the top part, Edelman’s natural wispy hair produces a stunning side-swept style. The length is kept medium so that it works out with the short sides. Sometimes, he changes the direction of the sweep to display a refreshed style. And he looks great in it too!

Skywalker Shags

Skywalker Shags

Through his tribute to the original Star Wars trilogy, Julian Edelman showed his massive love for the franchise. He showed himself wearing Luke Skywalker’s infamous shaggy haircut which was already acclaimed by both fans and non-fans of Star Wars.

Edelman’s slightly wavy hair in this haircut simply revived Mark Hamill’s legendary Luke Skywalker look. The shags covered the ears and the forehead with their excellent presence. The style naturally had a voluminous appearance that went along with Edelman’s taste.

Long Blonde

Long Blonde

When Julian Edelman made the jump into becoming an NFL pro, he had a glorious-looking long hairstyle. He wore significantly lengthy blonde hair back then which also gave him the perfect College Jock appearance. The hair had some waves to it which made his Long Blonde look fly high.

Julian does not wear long hairstyles often. For this reason, although it was in his early years, this long look stuck well with his fans.

Comb Over with Taper

Comb Over with Taper

There are only a handful of haircuts with the capabilities to give a man the look of a superstar. The Comb Over with Taper variation is one of those styles that does this job perfectly. Julian understood the potential of this style and decided to wear it a few times. Needless to say, he looked more handsome than ever with this style!

The sides had a Taper treatment for this haircut. And Julian kept his top hair between the short and medium length. Then he brushed it in a Comb Over fashion. This Comb Over and Taper together produced one of the most popular looks of Julian Edelman. And it is still appreciated by many of his fans worldwide.

Natural Side-Swept

Natural Side-Swept

Out of all the Side-Swept styles Julian Edelman rocked, this Natural Side-Swept look hit the bullseye! It was an effortless style that became almost iconic simply because of Edelman. The style got its strength from the natural sweep of the hair.

For the side hair, Julian decided to get a standard Taper. Also, this Natural Side-Swept is one of those few styles where he flaunted the right-to-left sweep instead of his usual left-to-right direction. It caused his hair to appear fluffier, and it made this style even better!

Spiky Quiff

Spiky Quiff

The Spiky Quiff is one of Julian Edelman’s best short hairstyles. His hair was about two inches long when he wore this look. The side hair was slightly shorter than the top and it had an excellent blending which worked superbly with short spikes.

Edelman arranged his top hair in a messy quiff look. And he coupled this haircut with a gorgeous beard which gave the Spiky Quiff some extra boost.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour

Julian Edelman’s Short Pompadour got much appreciation from his fans. It was mostly because there were more elements in the haircut than just a simple Pompadour look. He used silver highlights on his hair which also ensured an appearance similar to a Silver Fox style.

The sides had short hair for this style. Julian rarely gets fades for his sides. But in this style, he opted for a sharp High Fade, and it complemented the Short Pompadour seamlessly.

Medium Side-Swept

Medium Side Swept

In the later stage of his career, Julian Edelman wore a medium Side-Swept style. To maintain consistency, he got the sides trimmed down with a 3 On the Sides approach. His natural brown hair looked amazing and absolutely on point in this Side-Swept style.

Julian alternated between this Medium Side-Swept and a Comb-Over look often. The hair length and the trimmed sides were versatile enough to try out different styles without getting anything extra done for them.

Classic Slicked Back

Classic Slick Back

Julian Edelman’s Classic Slicked Back style was so popular due to its polished appearance. It also made him look more like a movie star than a player. For this style, the standard recipe for a Slick-Back haircut was followed. His hair was brushed back cleanly, and the sides blended into the top hair through a perfect taper.

Edelman tried two looks with his Slicked Back style. The first one was with his natural hair without applying any color to it. Then he decided to get some bright highlights to elevate the appearance of his Slicked-Back beauty. Both variations were welcomed by his fans with much enthusiasm.

Messy Blonde

Messy Blonde

Everybody knows how much Julian Edelman loves changing hairstyles frequently. And also, he knows how to wear various styles with his short hair without changing anything too much. In one of the variations, he flaunted a Balayage Blonde on his short top hair. It was mostly a side-swept style, but the Blonde attracted more attention than the haircut itself.

Julian also let his hair dictate the look here. As a result, he got a naturally messy appearance. It was so effortlessly stunning that it can easily get into the top three list of Edelman’s haircuts.

Number 2 Fade

Number 2 Fade

Julian Edelman once opted for a mini spiky look that he combined with a Number 2 Fade. He coupled his hairstyle with his fine fluffy beard. Consequently, his fans got to witness yet another iconic Julian Edelman style. Everything was perfect about this outstanding look.

The hair on the top was not more than one and a half inches long for this style. And it was contained within an invisible circular shape that ensured enough area downward for the Number 2 Fade.

Scruffy Top

Scruffy Top

The Scruffy Top style of the former New England Patriots’ Wide Receiver was a piece of art for its spontaneous look. Edelman organized his hair perfectly to rock a semi-spiky messy look. And the sides had a nice Mid Fade doing its job.

When Julian donned this Scruffy Top look, he also had a wonderful short beard on his face. That beard and the Scruffy Top produced a brilliant combination that still lives on.

Side Part with Skin Fade

Side Part with Skin Fade

Although Julian Edelman is mostly seen wearing short sides with most of his haircuts, he rocked Skin Fade a couple of times as well. Especially, his Side Part with Skin Fade look will remain one of his most phenomenal styles.

The smooth and shiny hair of Eledman contributed a lot to the success of this Side Part style. And the Skin Fade was blended well into his top hair for the best outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Julian Edelman’s haircuts have been a constant source of interest for a number of individuals all over the world. Since Edelman changes his style often, people come up with different questions regarding those hairdos. In this part of the article, we will answer some of those questions.

Q: How does Julian Edelman’s haircut affect his helmet fit during games?

Ans: Since Julian Edelman almost always wears short haircuts, his helmet fit never gets affected by his hair.

Q: Does Julian Edelman cut his own hair?

Ans: No. Julian gets his haircuts from multiple hairstylists.

Q: Does Julian Edelman’s hairstyle change during the football season?

Ans: Yes. He changes his hairstyle many times during the football season.

Q: Has Julian Edelman ever received any endorsements related to his haircuts?

Ans: As of 2023, Julian Edelman never received any haircut-related endorsements from anybody.

Q: Does Julian Edelman’s hairstyle change frequently?

Ans: Yes. Julian changes his hairstyle often, but he does not change his hair length.

Q: How has Julian Edelman’s hair evolved throughout his career?

Ans: Julian Edelman began his pro career with long hair. But after a few months, he trimmed off his hair and since then, he always rocked short hairstyles.

Q: Does Julian Edelman’s haircut have any special meaning?

Ans: As far as we know, Julian Edelman’s haircuts have no special meaning. He wears all the styles only because he likes to wear those styles. There is no other reason behind it.

Last Words

Since the beginning of his career, Julian Edelman made cautious decisions about his hairstyles. But it did not hold him back from trying out new styles every now and then. As a result, the list of Julian Edelman Haircuts is really long at this moment.

We examined all his styles and came up with a shorter list consisting of 13 variations. These styles define Edelman’s excellence through his personal choices regarding his appearance. Considering all his long to short haircuts, we included only the best examples in this article.

If you want to only know about Julian Edelman or even wear one of his styles, this article is enough for you to understand different aspects of Edelman with his haircuts. And if you want to know anything more, simply shoot your question in the comment section below. We will get back to you.

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