Kevin Durants Haircut

Kevin Durant’s Haircut: The Perfect Solution To Male Pattern Baldness

Kevin Durant, also known as KD, is definitely one of the household names that occurs to us whenever basketball or the NBA is the subject, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Even before he was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder, previously known as Seattle Supersonics, his skills were no different than that of a young Lebron James, where the sky had no ceiling.

While the Brooklyn Nets Small Forward shows us exactly why he will go down as one of the greatest players in his draft class, he also appears to be a role model to those suffering from male pattern baldness because of his hair, which will be the main topic of concern in this article.

While the hairdo itself is pretty simple to create, by the time you reach the end of this article, you will find useful materials such as a step-by-step guide, and a brief description of KD’s hair type. The bottom half will contain questions that we hope to tackle and work out in the simplest way possible.

A Closer Look at Kevin Durant’s Traditional Buzz Cut

Kevin Durant’s Buzz Cut

While the 6’10 shooting guard’s talent and style of play is rather complex to explain, his haircut is the polar opposite. It is a normal buzz cut, which occasionally gets paired with a line-up or a shape-up. It is an extremely simple look which not only tends to give the wearer a masculine effect, but is also extremely easy to look after.

The traditional buzz cut is also pretty versatile and extremely manageable in terms of visuals, as one can wear it anywhere without having to worry about the hairdo being ruined.

Due to the short length it attains, one can also collaborate the look with the fade haircut to enhance the appeal, as well as pair it with a scruffy beard to make the look more distinct.

Embrace Your Hairline By Recreating The Look Today!

The veteran has received his fair share of fame for the memorable moments he created as an NBA player, but at times, he was also the recipient of immeasurable hate, which was mainly expressed with memes regarding his hairline. While we can only imagine how he must have felt when his hair started to decrease in terms of density, we know that people poking fun at it definitely didn’t make it any easier.

Kevin Durant’s Viral Bald Spot

So, in honor of KD and his haircut, here are the steps one can follow to recreate his effortless and natural traditional buzz cut.

Pick your desired guard

Before you choose to trim it all off, it is extremely important that you envision the final outcome. This will allow you to be more decisive about the kind of length you’d like to roll with when wearing a buzz cut, which will definitely affect the results in a positive manner. For instance, if you want your short hair to barely be visible, you may pick between the guards 0 and 1. A zero will give you a skin fade like buzz cut, while using a 1 guard will keep the length of your strands a bit longer.

Trim off excessive amounts of length

If your hair is longer than 3 inches on every side, use a pair of hair cutting shears before you glide the clipper down your scalp. Doing so will create a better guideline before the clipper creates its magic, which will result in a better buzz cut.

Furthermore, if you’re anxious about doing it yourself, invite one of your friends and ask them to provide you with assistance. You can also book an appointment and visit a hairdresser to decrease the possibilities of receiving a botched haircut.

Follow the 3-2-1 Rule

Whether you’re doing it yourself or achieving it through the help of a hairdresser, make sure to abide by the 3-2-1 rule. For those wondering, a 3-2-1 look involves using a 3 guard on the top, a 2 guard on the sides, and a 1 guard for the hairline. Remember that a buzz cut looks effortless when the length on top is slightly longer than that of the sides, and even sharper when a shape-up is given around the hairline.

However, if you feel that the 3-2-1 rule won’t be of any use for your hair, you may replace the method with the 2-1-0 rule; a 2 guard on top, a 1 guard on the sides, and a 0 guard for the shape-up.

Add a little flavor to the hair

Apart from being an excellent hairstyle with an ample amount of flexibility, the traditional buzz cut is also praised for how open it is to experimenting. Once the final look is created, not only can one make readjustments to the length, but they can also incorporate new colors to their hair without any inconvenience. Whether it’s a color scheme of 4 or consists of one high-spirited hair dye, a traditional buzz cut will always adapt to the new look instantly, changing the wearers’ lives for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite how easy it may be to achieve the look, to mirror Kevin Durant’s haircut precisely, one might need access to more information. To meet that requirement, listed below are some queries regarding Kevin Durant’s haircut that we have resolved effectively and competently.

Question: Is Kevin Durant balding?

Answer: While the NBA player still has a head full of hair which he showcases day in and day out, Kevin Durant is also a victim of male pattern baldness, which means that his hair might decrease in terms of density and his hairline might regress over time.

Question: What kind of hair does Kevin Durant have?

Answer: There isn’t much info on the hairstyle he had prior to the traditional buzz cut, but we believe that the small forward had 4b type afro hair which may have decreased in terms of thickness over the course of 15 years.

Question: Why did Kevin Durant grow his hair out?

Answer: When the pandemic took the world by storm, athletes as well as everyone else weren’t getting access to the basic wants in life. Even an activity as simple as a maintenance cut was a big ask around that time, which was an inconvenience that forced Kevin Durant to grow out his natural afro hair.


All in all, we hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as we did when inventing it. Remember that there is no shame with losing hair, because at the end of the day, it is what we have within that defines us; not the physical features we expose to the world. Embrace your hair till it fades, and learn to be comfortable with it regardless of how short or thin your hair might be. Get the Kevin Durant haircut today to restore your self-confidence!

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