Kid Braids with Beads

20 Stunning Kid Braids with Beads for Your Little Angel

Braiding your hair is a long tradition that has been maintained by the community of the Black people. But to make it more fashionable, many attempts were taken time by time. Adding beads to the braids has become the most prominent idea to design the braids. It actually brings a whole new level of elegance especially if it’s been worn by a baby girl.

If you are looking for a great Braided Hairstyle ideas for your Kiddo so that her hair keeps neat and clean even after she has gone to the school, take a look at our 20 best chosen braiding hairstyle ideas for your Kids with Beads.

Thankfully, the age-old practice of black women decorating their hair with these decorative objects has developed and evolved into its own distinctive hairstyle. Beads make it simple to make locks, twists, and other defensive patterns better. To further vary your look, try experimenting with various bead sizes, colors, and shapes.

Artistic Collection of Kid Braids with Beads

If you were looking for some ideas to style your little princess’ braids, these wonderfully braided hairstyles are surely going to make your little girl’s face happy. You can try beads on Tribal braids, lemonade braids, Afro puff braids and what not.

You can try any one of the styling ideas to design her hair which are discussed below for your kids.

What’s more, this article will be helping you learn how to wear beads on braids and moreover maintaining them.

Tribal Braids with Tubular and Round Golden Beads

Tribal Braids with Tubular and Round Golden Beads

If you are already on the way to design your kid’s hair with gorgeous looking Braids and want to add some Beads too, you can give a try to a Tribal Braid at least once. And after making a Tribal Braid, we are pretty sure that you are gonna love it.

You can also add some golden tubular beads if her hair is Blackish starting from the frontal skeleton part like in the photo we can see above and finally adding some round ball like transparent beads will more likely multiply the beautification.

Different Shaded Pink Beads on Feed-in Braids

Different Shaded Pink Beads on Feed in Braids

Feed in Braids has been a popular method to style your hair with braids. It is quite identical to cornrows. But the thing that makes them identical is the braiding technique. The feed in braids seem to be thicker than that of the cornrows and braided in identical rows.

Using the Feed-in braid technique, you can create such a stunning look like you see in the image on your child’s hair too.

Not only Braids but also using proportional Beads on the tip of each braid, your kid’s hair can increasingly look beautiful. Here, you can see that this cute little girl added four different shades of Pink beads on each of the tails of her braided hair and you can repeat the same pattern.

Sidewise Butterfly Designed Braids with Pink Stitches

Sidewise Butterfly Designed Braids with Pink Stitches

Braids have been a very popular hairstyle technique to protect your hair from dusts and other factors. The main reason behind its popularity is not only the tradition but also its versatility that it offers to your hair. You can create any design that you wish with a braid.

A butterfly, stars or different heart shapes are getting increasingly popular in terms of the design. You can already see how beautiful the braided butterfly looks on this kid. You can either make a design on your own or ask your hairstylist to apply it on your kid’s hair or you can simply download this photo and clone it. Your kid must love it.

Apart from the design, keep in mind that you are going to make a tail on each side after making the design and you can use Beads on both of the tips of the braided tails to create a stunning look.

Lemonade Braids with White Beads at Tips

Lemonade Braids with White Beads at Tips

Awww! Look at this adorable kid with such an appealing hairstyle! The symmetrical distribution of the Braids on her Hair creates such an eye soothing beauty. And it’s going to help your daughter not worry about her hair anymore with these white beads at the tips.

If you are thinking of getting this hairstyle on your kid’s hair, let me help you. If you look at the above photo, you will see that six lemonade braids are done on each side with the same length and width. And also there is a single braid which climbs down at the back along with two braids at both sides of the braid that climbs all the way down from the middle.

White & Transparent Beads at the Tip of Box Braid

White and Transparent Beads at the Tip of Box Braids

This is a very conventional idea to style your hair with braids that is primarily used by people of African descent. This type of style is referred to as a protective style and can be worn for an extended period of time to protect the hair tips in particular and to let your hair develop organically.

You can have a box braid with square-shaped sections on your hair if you enjoy dressing traditionally in your hair. Simply make numerous thin braids, and then, if desired, lock the tip with white or clear beads.

Butterfly Braids with White Beads at the Tail

Butterfly Braids with White Beads at the Tail

Another Butterfly on the go! Earlier, we discovered a very exceptional kind of braiding in this article where a butterfly design was seen. The idea is the same here with a few exceptions which you can easily identify on your own.

The difference is on the Butterfly itself. Here, no other color than Black is used here and the design is now at the back. And the rest of the hair creates a fluffy top bun at the sides which combined with braids give a very first-class look.

Kid Braids with Beads on the Mullet

Laid Back Kid Braids with Beads

Have you ever seen Afro textured hair styled in a Mullet-like fashion with braids laid at the back? Even if it’s quite unusual, you might have already noticed it. Whether you have or not, you need to give your kid this lovely and modern hairdo someday.

You need to create an illusion in order to achieve such great laid-back braids and seemingly shaved sides. You heard it right!

With all of the hair, first create simple cornrows or box braids, and then bring the rows from the sides and secure them in the middle. Lay all additional thin braids at the back over the braids that were already attached, and then secure beads at the tip as desired.

Stitch Braids with Different Shades of Brown Beads

Stitch Braids with Different Shades of Brown Beads

While hearing the word “Stitch” with braids, what first came across your mind? Stitching threads on your head right? Though it seems creepy at some point, you will be happy to know that you won’t have to stitch threads on the head of your kid.

Do you know why the kind of braids that you can see above are called stitch braids? When you get this hairstyle, you see that your scalp is showing a stitch-like composition on your head. It gives you an illusion that it seems like that the braids are actually stitched at the scalp but it’s not the fact here.

Sideways Braided Pigtail with Black & Red Beads

Sideways Braided Pigtail with Black and Red Beads

Who wouldn’t enjoy twisting their hair into shapes? Although there are some exceptions, I believe that most of us wouldn’t mind if the design is temporary and your hair wasn’t trimmed. And if you have hair with an Afro texture, it is undoubtedly possible in real life.

You will adore this style for sure if you want to create a braided pigtail with a design you would love to see on your kid’s hair. Choose your own style, then go to a professional and ask them to add a unique design at the middle of the pigtails.

You can use some decorative balls on the side tails and you can also use some beads which may also beautify the tips if it’s of different colors.

Half Up and Half Down Braiding with Beads

Half Up Half Down Braiding with Beads

This braid is among the most innovative and fashionable ones you might discover online. Yes, it is really uncommon to get such a design where your hair is parted horizontally without using any hair colors. The distinction is made, as you can see, by the two unique segments that braids are formed of in this instance.

Remember that you must separate your hair from the center if you already adore this look. Make some thin braidings at the upper half and a bun at the crown without any beads. Create the same braidings with the remaining half, but let them hang loosely at the back with some vibrant yet clear beads.

Chunky Twists with Cream & Black Beads

Chunky Twists with Cream and Black Beads

Do you desire for your daughter to mimic dolls? If so, you must give this one a try, at least once in your lifetime. I’m sure your little princess will love it too. Chunky Twists is the typical name for this type of braid.

Isn’t it lovely?

If you already adore it, have your hair split down the middle, with each half getting approximately 8–10 wide, chunky twists that are laid off at the back. Make those Chunky Twists with the help of your hairstylist.

Braided Ponytail and Pink Beads

Braided Ponytail and Pink Beads

Have the thin twists on the braids grown tiresome for you? Don’t be depressed. We will discuss each of the expected styles. This is one of the thickest braided hairstyles you will find online and is also known as a stitch braid.

Here, stitch braids were used to create several Ponytails in a very delicate way. If you are already loving it, you have to separate the hair from the center and create 6 to 8 braids on each side. Depending on how thick your child’s hair is, you may choose to use fewer or more braids.

Reverse Ponytail and Transparent Beads

Reverse Ponytail and Transparent Beads

We already told you that you can literally create anything that you want with your braids. You heard it right! And this is the photo that says it all. Look at the design that has been braided out of her hair and I assure you that your kid is gonna love it too.

This hairstyle is known as the Reverse Ponytail. To get this hairstyle you have to make 12-15 cornrows with the upper half of the hair and bind them together at the middle designed with bigger Transparent Off White bead balls and lay the Ponytail at any side.

Make cornrows once more, this time lining with the lower half of the remaining hair. Use 5-7 identical, smaller beads at the tips for a touch of class.

Pink Beads on Half Down Fulani Braided Hair

Pink Beads on Half Down Fulani Braided Hair

Look at her cute princess look! She really looks outstanding with these braids, doesn’t she? If so, why don’t you give it a try on your kid’s hair. She is going to look stunning for sure. Those Pinky Beads will be adding more sparks on the other hand.

These three steps should be followed if you are already convinced and want to try it on your child’s hair on your own. The hair should first be divided in half from front to back. Make 7–10 braids on any one side, lay them off, and then gather the remaining braided hair in the front to form a Top Bun. You can design your own hairstyle using the remaining hair in the back.

Stitch Braids with Two White Overhead Ball

Stitch Braids with Two White Overhead Ball

Remember Stitch Braids we talked about earlier? Yeah, that very illusionist on the floor! Stitch braids are made with a special kind of stitching technique for braiding that makes it appear as though the braids are stitched into the head.

Though stitch braids look very awesome on your child’s hair, it requires a series of techniques to follow.

This kind of hairstyle requires a series of techniques to follow. To create such a fantastic hairstyle for your child’s hair, it is usually preferable to consult a hairstylist.

You can start with any foundation design, build thick braids that eventually form a reverse ponytail, and then add some Pink & White beads to the tips to achieve a braided pattern similar to hers.

Creative Braids Made with Beads

Creative Braids Made with Beads

As we promised that we will be featuring some unique braiding techniques with Beads, this is the unique of all uniques. And you can already guess why. This is trendy, fashionable and out of the world for sure and your kids must love it.

If you are loving it too, you must consult a professional who loves to play with Beads. Ask your hairstylist to make a braided design made with beads at any of the sides and with the rest of the hair, you can choose any layout on your own.

Threeway Ponytails with Beads on Zigzag Designed Braidings

Threeway Ponytail with Beads on Digzag Pattern

If you’re already certain that you’ll take your kids to a hairstylist sooner or later, you could think about going with these gorgeous three-way ponytails with Zigzag-designed braids. She can achieve some enchanted symmetry on her head by placing an equal number of beads in two different sizes on the heads and tails of her ponytails.

If you decide to get this hairstyle, symmetry must be preserved throughout. If you look at the Zigzag pattern, it must preserve symmetry in both of the Three Ways to the Ponytails and on its own. See, symmetry is everywhere in this hairstyle.

Cornrow Braided Hair with Tubular Orange Beads

Cornrow Braided Hair with Tubular Orange Braids

Are you prepared for the summer? This twist and cornrow hairstyle undoubtedly can strike you summertime! This hairdo begins with cornrows pointing backward and wraps up in a twist with rounded and tubular beads. Would you love to include this in your to-do list soon?

If you are, and you know how to braid cornrows, you can try this easy-to-do but delicate hairdo on your own. For the frontal half, you can choose the style from this photo for giving it a go and lay the rest of the cornrows at the back.

Afro Puff Bun Over Front Facing Ponytails

Afro Puff Bun Over Front Facing Ponytails

Are you trying to find a thanksgiving hairstyle for your young princess? Then stop your search. With those front-facing two symmetric Ponytails, your angel will undoubtedly look marvelous. Don’t forget to include the fire beads as well. She utilized a variety of colors to achieve this appearance on the tips, ranging from dark brown to glaring bright yellow.

Your Thanksgiving can go well with a frizzy and puffy Top Bun and the residual hairs from those Ponytails. To create the same flare effect, place some larger beads in front of the Top Bun.

Trendy Stitch Braid with Series of Pink Beads

Trendy Stitch Braid with Series of Pink Beads

Here comes our last but not the least of the collections. This is simple, this is delicate. You can see how amazingly Ten Cornrows are stitched at the scalp. This head must have gone through an expert’s hand!

If you were expecting something simple for your kid’s daily routine, this is going to be a great one to apply. But, as always, don’t leave the Braids live without Beads. You can use such a series of Bright Pink Beads at the tips which creates a contrast to the Black hair.

How to Put Beads on the Braids

The combination of braids and beads has always been successful. In addition to being utilized by adults as well as children, beads are also frequently seen on public figures and celebrities.

Some people take their time adding beads, string, and other materials by their own hand, which might take a while. In order to save you time, we wanted to demonstrate a simple method for adding hair beads.

Tools You Need:

  1. A Tool for adding Beads
  2. Hair Beads with holes that are proportional to the braids
  3. Rubber Bands


  1. At first, you are going to line up the series of beads that you are choosing to put on the braids. Keep in mind that the beads that you put at first are going to be the last one eventually.
  2. Now, you will be putting the braid at the crochet’s opening after adding the beads.
  3. Using the beading tool, pass your hair braid through the beads.
  4. Finally, you must now attach the beads to prevent them from falling apart after you have added them. You can prevent them from falling by using a rubber band. To achieve this, simply fold your hair towards the last bead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Braids are a very stunning way to polish your look and at the same time, beads multiply the delicacy of the hairstyle thousand times. But choosing a style with braids and beads also requires you to follow some crucial things that are related to your child’s hair health.

We’ve gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions and tried to answer them in the upcoming section.

At what age should children get braids?

The appropriate age to seriously consider braiding or using extensions is determined by the child’s hair health and maturity level.

However, we recommend that you wait until your child is ten or twelve years of age before having to introduce her to protective braiding hairstyles.

How long can you keep beads in your braids?

Avoid leaving beads in your children’s hair for not more than two weeks. After that, you’ll need to remove the braids or twists to wash and hydrate her hair before re-applying the beads.

Can braids damage your kids’ hair?

Breakage around the hairline can occur if your child’s hair is braided very tightly. Hair is lighter around the hairline, causing it to become more fragile, so hair stylists always make sure to braid your child’s hair carefully.

Last Words

We all must remember that young girls are also little women and they too want to look charming as well as beautiful. They adore picking out different hairstyles to wear on their head like they enjoy selecting their own clothes. You should also help her choose her dream hairstyle that can be both Easy and Fun to create and maintain.

Apparently, it can look a bit difficult to choose a go-to hairstyle for your kid. Thus we have given our every effort to create a series of unique hairstyling ideas with the beads for your kids’ braid. We hope that you and your children will have fun trying out these pretty hairstyles.

Choose your favorite one from the list but also remember considering what your child really wants. We hope that you have enjoyed our selections and you will have so many successful experiments one by one.

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